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Thank You so much Cycle Vegas!
Bob is the best offering great product and service, with excellent advice. He even came and picked up my bike when I told him I was absolutely gassed.
Cycle Vegas is way to go if you are in the area and want to tour or rent a bike.

Cycle Vegas Bicycle Tours offers private guided road and mountain bike tours that are customized for riders of all levels from beginner to expert.

Cycle Vegas Bicycle Tours offers guided road and mountain bike tours that are designed for riders of all levels from beginner to expert. Explore the Las Vegas country side on two wheels with an unforgettable experience that's a great addition to your vacation, bachelor party, corporate event, or any other event. Our ride routes vary from day to day and depend on both the fitness level of the cycli

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Meet Brian and Megan Fisher, they are in town to attend a wedding. Megan wanted to show Brian some love, because he has been doing a lot of wedding type of they wanted to get off the strip and see the other parts of Vegas. They both were blown away with the beauty and peaceful surroundings of Red Rock, so much that Brian and I went on a hike a couple of days later. The wedding was Friday, 04/15 - I hope the evening was fun and we get to see you guys on your next Vegas, holiday - Cheers!

Photos from Cycle Vegas's post 04/11/2022

Meet Alberto & Marcia Casz Pecegueiro, they were in town celebrating Marcia's 50th birthday! Venturing all the way from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil…they have traveled to Vegas many times in the past, however this was the FIRST time they ventured off the LV Strip. They were taken back by the beauty and challenging terrain of Red Rock Canyon, it was one beautiful day, the weather was incredible!!! Also, they said on there next trip to Vegas, another bike tour is going to happen. Later that night they were going to check out "Shin Lim" the magician that's all the rave right now, I'm sure it was a magical night! See you guys next time, Cheers and Happy Birthday!

Photos from Cycle Vegas's post 04/05/2022

First timers riding the scenic loop at Red Rock, all smiles


Meet Bethany Sneed, she was in town from Huntsville, Alabama. She will be attending a convention this week and wanted to get a ride in before the hectic schedule begins. She's a Real Estate Attorney with a beautiful family, (we shared pictures) three little girls and a great husband - back home they like to run and ride the bike as often as they can, She said next trip to Vegas, she's going to bring her associates for a little tour. Cheers, I hope the meetings go well.


Meet Luis and Vicki Hernandez, they were in town from Houston, Tx for the weekend. They usually ride mountain bikes, but wanted to experience Red Rock Canyon, let's say, they were not disappointed - the weather was fantastic!
They visit Vegas a couple of times a year, they now have another reason to return...the cycling! It was a fast trip this time, next time they'll make more time to ride. I hope the birthday celebration was fun too! Cheers guys, see you in March!


Meet Mike and Steve, (The Jersey Boy's) they were in town attending a convention, they are starting a carwash company (one of many businesses) and while attending the convention, they also got to see Sting and ride the Red Rock Loop. These guys loved the tour, we also rode out to Cottonwood Station for lunch, it was the longest ride they've done in a long time, but they enjoyed the journey and thanked me for the training ride! lol Good luck with the new business venture boys!

Photos from Cycle Vegas's post 11/14/2021

Antony from France has ridden with us many times, glad to see him again!


Meet Lenny and Toni, they are in town celebrating Lenny turing 60! Happy Birthday Lenny. Part of the celebration was to ride bikes in Red Rock Canyon, they (like many) were amazed by the natural desert beauty, it was a spectacular day, no winds or heat, just a beautiful day on the bike, although they were affected by the elevation of 4,700'...seeing they live at sea level (Long Island New York) but it didn't stop them! I hope the rest of the birthday weekend was spectacular as well! Cheers guys!


Klaus and Antonio from Germany enjoying our abundant wilderness

Photos from Cycle Vegas's post 10/29/2021

Meet Pete, he's from Juno, Alaska and is in town with his wife for a little work (her) and play (him). While she's attending a conference (restaurant/hospitality) he's out riding some dirt and exploring the other side of Vegas! He works for the U S Forest service as a Biologist, helping keep the ecosystem in check, he's very passionate about the environment and dedicated to making it better for generations to come, hats off to you Pete! He has some mad handling skills and employed them while tearing up the trails and crushing me along the way. We had a blast, I hope they can come back in the spring, he said he'd really like to see the desert in full bloom, plus the cycling window in Juno, is only 4-5 months, I didn't have to express how fortunate we are, we're pretty lucky being able to ride outside 365 days a year! Cheers Pete, see you in the spring?!?

Photos from Cycle Vegas's post 10/27/2021

Meet Jennifer & James Callaghan, they were in town for a little holiday with the family, they live in London, England. Part of their Las Vegas experience was to ride mountain bikes and explore the beauty this valley has to offer. James was experienced and familiar with mountain biking, Jennifer has never ridden a mountain bike, NEVER! She did a fantastic job and never crashed once...James was like most teenage boys, flying up and down the trails with a huge smile on his face. They were so impressed with the panoramic views (Barry the burro) and the amazing weather, two things they are lacking in England. Her words, not mine! lol Have a safe journey back over the pond, hopefully next time we can get the whole family out. Cheers!


Meet the gang from ORACLE - An American multinational computer tech company based out of Austin, Tx - While in Vegas (this past Saturday) they wanted to do a team outing, is there a better place than Red Rock Canyon? No place beats out RR for an incredible place to bond as a team, or small group. There were 20+ extremely bright and interesting individuals from all over this planet. From Austin, Canada, Boston and Colorado, they were in town for meetings, team building and just having a little fun! After the ride, one of them approached me and said, this was a best company function she'd ever been too! And as one of the guides, we like to hear people say; it was a fantastic experience....Hat's off to the gang at for another satisfied client/group!


Meet the Calloway Family, they're here from Pittsburg, they are in town visiting family (brother Ron, far right) and wanted to explore the Red Rock area, along with the bike tour, Bob gave them a little tour of Calico Basin boardwalk.They were my FIRST eBike tour...can't say I was a little jealous watching them fly up the road (Bob and I were on regular bikes) when we finished the tour, the son Revail, was online looking at eBikes to buy, he loved riding it that much, we like it when we convert someone into the cycling lifestyle-Cheers to the Calloway's, I hope you guys have a great holiday!

Photos from Cycle Vegas's post 10/12/2021

Meet Stephanie and Alex, she's from Toronto, and works in HR for a talent acquisition company. He's from Dubai and is a risk management director at Deloitte. Steph was in town celebrating her 50th (earlier this year) birthday, she wanted to treat herself to a true Vegas experience, which included a couple of bike tours. We rode Red Rock on thursday and the neighborhoods on the Westside friday, it was a very wet ride, but she didn't mind, she was happy to be on the bike. Alex is in town for a little holiday, doing the Vegas experience too, he said it's been over 18 months since he's been able to travel-he's a repeat client and hoping to do another ride while he's in town. A belated Happy Birthday to Steph, we hope to ride with you again - Alex, let's RIDE!


Meet Doug, he's from Atlanta, he was in town with his family celebrating his anniversary. Along with doing all the fun family "stuff" he wanted to catch a ride in the Red Rock Canyon. When we were heading out, he mentioned that he's not fast (only riding 25 miles a week) well, when we hit the loop, he flew up the road, I did mention, "I thought you said you were slow" - he said today was a GREAT day on the bike, even by his expectations. We had really good conversations about family, the challenges of the pandemic on the tourism (he's a partner in a event company) and finding the time to ride more...he's thinking about getting a new bike, to make that happen. Hope to ride again, maybe mountain the next time? - cheers to Doug.

Photos from Cycle Vegas's post 10/11/2021

Meet the Montreal Canadians, We had a great group of mountain bikers (3 had never been on a mountain bike before) from Canada, they were in town for a little holiday, doing the whole Vegas experience. Mountain Bike Tour on Friday, caught the Boxing match Saturday and watched the Raiders play sunday. WOW, now that's doing Vegas right. These guys are all close friends (some were siblings) who have kids that have been playing organized sports forever! Besides cycling as a group, they also like to ski together, they love skiing in Colorado! I mean, who doesn't LOVE Colorado. We hope they become regulars, they were lots of fun...Freddy, enjoy your new bike from Bike Brain and your new "team" jerseys - Cheers guys!


Meet Shauna, She's from Fort Saskatchewan, AB Canada, she's a Power Engineer for Shell Oil. She was in town to commemorate October 1, she was at the concert that day four years ago, she was shot in the hip, yes-she's a Survivor of that deadly night. She said she's been back every year on that date. She told me that monster wasn't going to ruin her life! This woman has been through a lot, not only surviving that deadly night, but TWO explosions, one in college (Chemistry Lab) and one at the power plant where she works. I have met plenty of interesting people on the bike, her story is one of the most amazing. Her plans are to do her first Triathlon next month in Cali, and to do a TREK bike tour in Spain for her 50th birthday next year. Cheers to Shauna, I hope to ride with you again and share more stories, good luck at the tables this weekend!


Meet Margo and Kevin Winters, from Ann Arbor Michigan, they came to town after attending their nieces wedding at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Kevin is a repeat client of Cycle Vegas, we love it when we see old friends coming back to ride in the valley. Last time, Margo couldn't ride (work conference) but this time, she was loving what cycling in the valley is all about, even with the smoky conditions yesterday! They said they'll be back, we can only hope! Have a safe flight home, thanks for the awesome cooler! Bob and I really enjoyed your company. Cheers!


Meet Denise Koury - She had scheduled a bike tour back in 2020...we all know what happened last year! Fast forward to 2021, she wasn't going to be denied her tour this year!!! She's from the beautiful state of New Jersey, she has a law background and works for the state. I will tell you this, I've NEVER met anyone who loves to ride a bike more than her! I'm glad we got to "climb" the loop, but unfortunately we had to turn around at the parking lot at the 5 mile marker, you all heard about the accident on Saturday that closed the Red Rock loop. However, we did get to ride downhill at speeds she's never hit before, the smile on her face was priceless! She did say it was ONE of her best days on the bike "EVER". Hope to see her again! Cheers.

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