Grand Canyon via Utah


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Photos from Grand Canyon via Utah's post 02/09/2022

Hiking above Zion Great Arch in full moon, just before dawn.


Summer in the desert

Summer in the desert


SURPRISE. Kaibab Plateau at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Traveling by bicycle during the night and day in the middle of the snow storm.


In the landscape with appears to have no vegetation, there are actually wild flowers and restless hummingbirds.


Only in a cloudy day - it lasted only about 10 seconds when sun was able to do the magic. You can see images before and after.


Morning bicycle trip from Las Vegas to Blue Diamond. About 27 miles round trip. Single-Speed Bike.



Stand up and fall down over and over.
Unicycling for beginners.


After hundreds of attempts, multiple contusions and bruises 500 feet unicycle run in a beautiful spring morning


Raven, the predatory bird which loves Grand Canyon this time can be seen in artificial setting called Las Vegas


Same week Las Vegas is expecting to reach 75°F only three hours away in Utah ski conditions are excellent.


Pictures must all be in the same orientation for the video to upload correctly.


Trip report from the 15+ hours bicycle ride at the Kaibab Plateau.
Covering about 65 miles including 40 miles on the forest service roads.
According to the weather forecast for the base camp at the elevation of only about 7000ft, wind chill values during the day were expected to be as low as -5.
Forecast for the higher elevations of this trip wasn’t available.
Starting at 3:42 am.
Soon realizing that the water in the backpack is quickly freezing solid.
Transferring some of the water closer to the body to prevent all of the drinking water from turning into the solid ice.
Starting at night provided additional attraction - beautiful stars shining all over in the very dark sky, just one night after the new moon.
No wildlife encounters on that record low temperatures day.
Perhaps the wildlife was just waiting for the following day to get busy.
Despite that, entire trip was amazing.
Somehow furious nature was allowing itself to be felt even more profoundly.
Views were stunning and always changing specially with the elevation.
Thank you for reading.


Rattlesnake in the desert after showing on the trail and rattling decided to go hiding.


Hiking Maui volcano from above the clouds to subtropical lowlands. Wild pigs disappear in the the lush vegetation.


If you are heading to the Grand Canyon North rim please be aware that your motor vehicle including 4 x 4 may not get you there before the place opens for the season on May 15.
PLEASE develop a plan B.


Any color you like


Mojave Desert is out of control this spring!!!


First signs that the modern world is near - the power lines are reached at the sunset time. Desert is changing colors before it becomes dark.
Wildlife encountered during the trip was to quick for the close up pictures. Arriving at “The Base Camp” just before 9 pm. The Kaibab Paiute Tribal Campground is so clean that you may not find that level of attention to the details in most Las Vegas 5-star hotels.


Friday is the return day. Original plan to be shuttered back didn’t work. Hitchhiking thanks to wonderful people meet there reduced the total return mileage to about 38 miles. Constant headwinds on the way back are making the experience more memorable specially considering small contusion after falling off the bicycle.


About 1 mile walk from the tent it is all it takes to see the Canyon. No guardrails. Colorado River straight down below where you are.


Destination is reached around 5 pm. Time to set up a tent.


Vegetation and landscape changes with the elevation.
Almost every person you meet there checks on you as it is obvious that there is no easy alternative if help is needed. You can count 100% on rangers as you are mostly on the federal land leased to some cattle farmers.


Thursday, 2:21 am. Getting ready for an early departure. Temperature is about 24°F.
After sunrise when sun is very low bicycle shadow looks interesting. Road becomes very muddy after the rain or melting snow, often becomes absolutely impassable and displays multiple vehicle tracks specially on the incline sections of the road. On the horizon Mount Trumbull with pristine ponderosa pine forest gives you the chance to go back in time as being so remote shows no signs of civilization.


Trip report from the 3 day winter bicycle adventure to the remote areas of the Grand Canyon.
Please notice that each day report will be published with the 3 day delay as instant reporting wasn’t an option being totally off the grid.

Numbers on the maps before different market locations are the distances in miles from the “base camp” starting point


Extremely rare clouds at Las Vegas. Can you see Cosmopolitan eyes?


Hiking Waimea Canyon, Kauai - iPhone video


Rhyolite, Nevada






Rhyolite Nevada


106 days in Vegas without the rain. In Red Rock Canyon water still can be found.


Las Vegas Memorial. Charleston and Casino Center.


Trail map


Sandstone Quarry parking with the area views and Red Rock Canyon entrance - end of yesterday’s hike. 12 hours and 50 minuets hike in preparation for Utah to Arizona hike.


Arriving at the Turtlehead Peak from the north side to join regular hiking trail down.

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Summer in the desert
Morning bicycle trip from Las Vegas to  Blue Diamond. About 27 miles round trip. Single-Speed Bike.
After hundreds of attempts, multiple contusions and bruises 500 feet unicycle run in a beautiful spring morning
Trip report from the 15+ hours bicycle ride at the Kaibab Plateau. Covering about 65 miles including 40 miles on the for...
Hiking Waimea Canyon, Kauai - iPhone video
Climbing at South Rim assures great views
Harvey meadow and the cave at the north rim
Harvey meadow cave at the north rim
Seating at the Grand Canyon edge and listening to the stormy w...
On the Grand Canyon edge.




Las Vegas, NV

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