Charter Boat Shock'n Yall, Destin, FL Videos

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Tiger City!
Beautiful tiger shark with his remora friends!

Catch & Release!
Good morning from the Charter Boat Shock'n Yall! A little catch and release to start the morning! We love our customers!...

Shark Week!!!
700 POUNDER! Happy Shark Week from The Charter Boat Shock'n Yall & our JAWsome anglers, Chris Price & Craig Huffman!!

Up close and personal with this beautiful catch & release HAMMERHEAD! Our customers rock, y'all!

SHARK Underwater Footage
Check out this cool underwater clip that our customers scored!

Let's Go Fishing!
Huge shoutout to our amazing customers for this JAWesome video from their trip aboard the Shock'n Y'all!!

Check out this footage from one of our SHARK FIGHTS on the deck! Huge thanks to our customers for this sweet video!