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Socially Conscious Luxury Safaris to Africa, India and other parts of the world to experience amazing widllife. for details.

Peter’s Photo Safaris helps to promote the conservation and preservation of Africa's wildlife by introducing our guests to the magical continent of Africa. We are able to enjoy these magnificent animals in their natural habitat. However, their lives are threatened and they need our help. If something isn’t done soon to turn the tide on the wildlife poaching and illegal wildlife trade, these animals might not be around for our children and grandchildren to enjoy. I believe that one person can make a difference and I’m trying to make a difference 6 people at a time. I am hoping that my guests will fall in love with Africa, just like I did, and want to try and make a difference in their own way. My goal is to provide a highly personalized safari experience. Whether you like to capture photos in your mind or with a camera, I can help you have the experience of a lifetime and create memories that will last forever.

Mission: Lead socially conscious luxury safaris in an effort to create awareness of the threats facing our world's wildlife.

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What’s your favorite African animal?

Human activity is one of the greatest threat to the survival of endangered species with poaching, habitat loss, and the effects of climate change causing a lot of these problems.

Which of these endangered wild animals in Kenya tugs at your heart? #wildlifeke

Elephant crossing the river in Samburu National Reserve, Kenya.

Africa is Calling!

Africa is calling! It’s time to start planning for the future. Watch this new video from my friends in Kenya and then let’s talk about your African safari.

Lioness with cubs

This lioness was moving her two cubs. At this age, the cubs are able to walk a fair distance before tiring. Eventually mom needs to help out and carry them for a while.

Lions on the Move

A couple of young male lions heading for a drink after their breakfast.

BBC Earth

This lion finds himself surrounded by a clan of over 20 hyenas. Can his ally save him in time? 🦁


There were two, month old serval kittens but only one was curious and allowed me to photograph. #serval #servalkittens #naturephotography #wildlifephotography #peterswildlifesafaris

This is Golden Boy, a large male leopard in the Masai Mara. We waited several hours for him to wake up from his nap, only to move to another branch and continue his nap. Was still worth the wait to see this shy leopard.

Lioness and her 3 cubs

Mom grooming her 3 cubs

2 month old lion cub

Came across this big guy early this morning.

Lilac breasted roller bird.

Elephant strut. #elephant #merunationalpark #peterswildlifesafaris #wildlifephotography

Kissinger pride.

Luluka is moving one of her two cubs about 1 mile to a nearby creek with lots of cover to keep the cubs safe.

Male Lion Roar

This is the Kissinger male lion interrupting his breakfast to respond to his brother on the other side of the valley. Turn up the volume!

Kissinger male at breakfast

Kissenger Pride Roaring

The Kissinger pride were calling to other members in the area. Turn up the volume.

Lion Cub Lunch

Young lion cub nursing.

Lunchtime! This approximately 6 month old cub took a break from his breakfast to check us out.

Black rhinos are browsers. Their mouth is shaped such that they are able to easily eat the leaves of bushes. Most black rhinos are shy, but this guy was relaxed and hung out with us for over 20 minutes before we left.

Retiti Elephant Sanctuary

Orphaned elephants enjoying a mud bath after their noon feeding.

Peter's Wildlife Safaris's cover photo

Small herd of cape buffalo, one of Africa's most dangerous animals.

Bull elephant grazing his way through the brush. A full size elephant can eat more than 300 pounds of grass, brush, bark, roots, and fruit in a single day.

There are many ways to enjoy an African safari, and walking is an excellent way to experience the bush up close and personal.

Schedule a call or video chat with me to learn more about designing the perfect safari for your family and friends.

During our morning drive we found this hungry cheetah. She has a slight limp which may explain why she hadn’t eaten in a while. Fortunately, when we found her later in the day she had hunted a dik dik. While not a large meal, it likely gave her the energy she need to hunt for a larger meal. #cheetah #samburunationalreserve #wildlifephotography #peterswildlifesafaris

This cheetah was very thin and in need of a meal. She had a slight limp which explained why she hadn’t eaten in a few days. Fortunately when we saw her later in the day she was successful in hunting a dik dik. While not a huge meal, it likely gave her the energy she needed to hunt larger prey. #cheetah #peterswildlifesafaris #wildlifephotography #samburunationalreserve

Serval kitten. #serval #masaimara #peterswildlifesafaris

Lorian relaxing after a big breakfast.

We’re in the Laikipia region of northern Kenya for our sundowner. Swipe photo to see the complete panorama.

We found Scar hanging around with his brothers enjoying 3 wildebeest for breakfast.

Peter Balunek, Wildlife Ambassador

I’ve always loved animals. Throughout my life, I have dreamed of going on a safari. Finally, I took the leap. In an instant, my life was changed forever. It exceeded all my expectations. I loved watching all the animals in their natural habitats but was surprised by how much I enjoyed the elephants. They are highly intelligent and emotional animals with a complex family structure. Seeing them interact in the wild was fascinating.

Upon my return home, I heard the tragic news about Satao. Satao was perhaps the largest tusker elephant in Africa at that time. His impressive tusks hung nearly to the ground, each one in excess of 100 pounds. We were born in the same year, and he roamed the continent for nearly 50 years fighting off lion attacks, surviving floods and droughts and avoiding humans until, in May 2014, he couldn’t dodge a poison dart and was murdered for his ivory.

While I never met or photographed Satao, his loss affected me in a way I could have never predicted. I realized in that moment that I wanted to do something to make a difference in the lives of wildlife and to become a voice for the voiceless. At that moment, I became a Wildlife Ambassador.

As your Wildlife Ambassador, I will take you on an experience you will never forget. We will venture to places where you can witness these magnificent animals in their natural habitat, and we will do it in comfort and style. And, maybe, in your own way, you too, will become an ambassador for wildlife.

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Africa is Calling!
Lioness with cubs
Lions on the Move
Lioness and her 3 cubs
Male Lion Roar
Kissenger Pride Roaring
Lion Cub Lunch
Retiti Elephant Sanctuary
Elephant River Crossing
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