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Had a great brew bus tour for my husband's retirement! Leslie was a great guide. She knows so much about the breweries and beers. You can tell that she's very passionate about what she does. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who enjoys beer and seeing unique breweries around Cleveland.
What are some of the hotels that you would pick up from for the Ohio City/Near West Tour?
Some Saturday morning love from a satisfied customer!
Don't know theses people but it was a blast. Thanks brew bus!
Loved Great Lakes tour.....on to Brew Kettle!

Cleveland's original and best craft brewery tours and tastings. The most enjoyable way to learn about our fantastic local beer scene. Tours every weekend.

Cleveland's original and best brewery tours and tastings! Fare includes: - Beer samples at three great local breweries - Pretzel Necklace - Water - Safe transportation - All the craft beer knowledge you can handle - Brewhouse tours - A super-fun outing with family, co-workers, friends or soon-to-be friends. Private and public tours available. Check back regularly for special events.

This Concerto red plum cider from @bottlehousebrew is delicious, and just gorgeous. Can you spot our sticker on the wall in the background?

How was your weekend? Ours was busy! We had three tours - one on Friday night, and two, back-to-back on Saturday. We helped some folks (including a set of twins!) celebrate birthdays, we facilitated a fun corporate outing, and gave a dad and daughters a night on the town! Brian had to drive all three trips, and watch everyone drink beer because our right-hand guy Dennis was on vacation, and Leslie (who had a cold earlier in the week) lost 80% of her voice, but everyone had a great time, as this positive review attests! Thanks Diane, and all of our fabulous guests! We do it all for you.

We are officially in LOVE with this Petite Passion Foeder Sour from @noble_beast_brewing. We’ve been in eight different breweries on tours this weekend, and we’ve tasted a LOT of great beer, but this is special. Get it while you can.

This photo isn’t Insta-fabulous, but it’s a big deal. We just made the final payment on our bus! It’s officially ours now, and no more monthly $800 bills! That’s a huge chunk of overhead for a mom-and-pop operation. This means we will (hopefully) have more cash to put back into the business to enhance and and improve our guest experience. We look forward to serving you even better. Cheers! (Sleepy dog in background for attention-getting purposes, and you know, ‘cause he’s cute.) #doingbusiness

In non-beer-related news: Here at Cleveland Brew Bus headquarters we get a LOT of donation requests, and we have to be selective in our giving, since we’re such a small business. One organization we never, ever hesitate to give to, though, is Friends of the Cleveland Kennel and City Dogs - they do amazing work, and in a short time have transformed the city shelter from a likely death sentence to a second chance at a great life for these pups. If you’re looking for a best friend please visit them, or one of their rescue partners! #adoptdontshop

We are very pleased to share with you our 2019 Year in Review!

2019 was a big year for City Dogs/Cleveland Animal Care and Control, and we are so grateful to everyone who helped us along the way. We are delighted that our live release rate is up over 1.5% from last year - this means that 91.9% of our dogs had a positive outcome (adoption, return to owner, or transferred to a rescue partner.) The various programs and factors listed in the graphic below helped contribute to this - along with, of course, the amazing people that comprise our team.

We could not do this alone - it truly takes a village to help save Cleveland's dogs, and fortunately we are surrounded by a great community. Our volunteers are dedicated and passionate, taking hours and hours of their free time to care for the dogs so they are ready for their homes. Our staff are constantly hustling, from the Animal Control Officers who rescue dogs from the streets to those who care for them day to day to those who track down owners and process the adoption paperwork for the dogs to leave the building. You'll notice that our dogs transferred number is significant - as an open intake shelter, we cannot turn away a stray dog from the city of Cleveland, so we rely on other groups to help us move dogs so we don't fill up too quickly. Fortunately, we have an amazing network of shelters and rescue groups that take on dogs (including many with serious medical issues). It's not limited to just northeast Ohio, either - we have worked with incredible groups as far as New York and Maine! Additionally, we have been repeatedly humbled by the generosity of our supporters - donations to our nonprofit partner Friends of the Cleveland Kennel have enabled us to treat more dogs with medical issues, expand our enrichment programs, and much more!

Thank you so much to everyone who continues to support us at the Cleveland City Kennel - whether you adopt, volunteer, donate, or simply help spread the word - we thank you.

Of course, numbers do not tell the whole story! Stay tuned for another post recapping some of our favorite moments of 2019.

Finally checking out the Phunkenship. Last time we were in here, it was just raw space. What a transformation! This Motion Picture Soundtrack wild blonde ale is excellent, too.

What do you think? Should we add this as a tour stop option? All sour theme tours?

(BTW, PLEASE BE NICE IN YOUR COMMENTS, folks. We realize not everyone wishes to continue supporting Platform, post AB sale, and that’s OK. If that’s your opinion, please express it politely. Thank you.)

Is there any sight more glorious than a table full of freshly-poured beer flights, just waiting to be sampled? Maybe a table full of happy guests enjoying their beer flights!

Our table for Saturday still has lots of room, so if you’ve been considering joining us, book now! This could be yours! Tour kicks off at 3 p.m. and we’re extending promo code HOHOHO20 for 15% off tickets for an extra week, just for you. #hoponboard

Cheers and beers to you! Thanks to all of our guests and fans for another year in the books. Hope to see a lot of you on board in 2020!

Best Cities for Beer Drinkers - 2019 Edition - SmartAsset

Cleveland is in the top 10 best cities for beer drinkers... well, duh!

Want to see for yourself what the hubbub is all about? We've got you covered. Hop on one of our tours to visit some of the breweries that earned Cleveland its high rank.

Did we mention that we're hosting a special daytime tour on Boxing Day to help you entertain your pesky holiday houseguests? Did we also mention we're running a holiday special? Use promo code HOHOHO20 to get 15% off any tour between now and the end of February. What are you waiting for? For the fifth year in a row, SmartAsset collected and analyzed the data to find the best cities for beer drinkers in the U.S.

Working on some new images for our website. How about this for a cover photo for our Stamp Your Passport - West tours?

Hoppy Holidays, beer fans! We’ve got a stocking stuffer for you! You can get 15% off tickets for any tour we offer, from now until the end of February using promo code HOHOHO20. This is a limited time discount, so use it wisely. Hope to see you on board!

People sometimes ask why our tours are four hours long, when we visit three breweries, or why we don’t try to cram more stops into the same time frame. We, of course, don’t want to rush our guests or make them feel they’re being herded from place to place. And, of course, we believe in responsible drinking - our tastings add up to nearly 60 ounces of beer over the tour - we want people to pace themselves and enjoy food of their choosing along the way. Mostly, though, we’re just making sure everyone has time for EPIC giant Jenga. Get a load of these stacks!

Cleveland, Ohio: 10 of the best experiences and attractions

They're singing our praises all the way in the UK! We had a delightful time showing The London Economic journalist Jonathan Hatchman around Cleveland's brewery scene. You don't have to be a Brit to enjoy our tours, though, (we'll just find your accent charming, if you are) - we take all comers from every corner of Cleveland, and the globe. With its incredible local people, unique culture and rich history, we pick 10 of the best experiences attractions in Cleveland, Ohio.

17 ways to give locally with Cleveland food for the holidays

Have the foodies on your holiday shopping list been nice this year? Cleveland 19 News has a great list of local food and drink-centric gifts they might love, including tickets for one of our tours! Thanks to Jen Picciano Cleveland 19 for featuring us alongside such esteemed colleagues as Saucisson, Old Brooklyn Cheese Company, Pope's Kitchen and Six Shooter Coffee! Jen Picciano shares 15 things to buy for foodies on your list that will support the local food scene.

Got fam in town for the holidays and need some entertainment? We’ve got you covered. #brewtour #bestofcleveland

Why choose a Cleveland Brew Bus tour this holiday season?

• We are a true, local business - not a franchise, or part of a chain.
• We are family-owned.
• We’ve been doing this for five years and have incomparable beer and local history knowledge.
• We offer more choices - we have 26 partner breweries, and they love when we visit!
• Our bus can accommodate up to 20 passengers - we’re perfect for groups of all sizes.

Book your holiday party with us today, or gift an unparalleled beer experience to the brew lover in your life!

Immigrant Son, Lakewood’s First and Only Brewery, to Open this Spring

Over the past few years, so many new breweries have opened in Cleveland that it’s hard for us to get excited when yet another new one is announced, but this is an exception. We are elated, thrilled, over the moon for Cara and Jim, and absolutely can’t wait for Immigrant Son to open its doors. That logo is gonna look SWEET on coasters, too! Look for them to become part of our Stamp Your Passport - West route, just as soon as they’re ready. When Constantino’s Market closed its Lakewood grocery store, it was a sad day for the family-run business, which also operates stores downtown and in University...

Celebrate Small Brewery Sunday: December 1, 2019

Every Sunday is Small Brewery Sunday, for us! But you should celebrate anyway. We offer Sunday tours, if you didn’t know...

Small Brewery Sunday is coming! On Dec 1, stop in and show your support for small, independent craft breweries. By drinking indie beer, you celebrate local b...

Photographs don’t really do justice to the cavernous scale of @rsheabrewing’s new facility in Downtown Akron. Here’s wishing Ron and co. a future full of reasons to fill that space up with fermenters! #sundayoff #researchanddevelopment

Putzfrau Restoration Maiden Voyage 2019

Not directly beer-related, but we had to share. We at Cleveland Brew Bus are advocates for a clean and safe Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie, so we are delighted - tickled even - to see the Putzfrau plying the Crooked River once again.

If you don’t know the story behind this pioneering vessel that helped clean the river when it was at its filthiest, check out this link:

Great job West Creek Conservancy and all involved in restoring the old lady. Now, Luke, when is Collision Bend Brewing Company going to name a beer after her?

Led by West Creek Conservancy, PHASTAR Corp., and Samsel Supply.

We are pretty psyched to be part of this awesome Cleveland Beer Week event, featuring tastings of eight iconic craft beers, and the stories behind them. Our very own Leslie Basalla-McCafferty will be acting as emcee and timekeeper. This event takes place at Market Garden Brewpub and is limited to 54 tickets, so get on it now!

We are excited to announce that this year we will be hosting our first ever Beer Women Rock event for Cleveland Beer Week! This American Beer: Combining Storytelling and Craft Beer will be 10/22 at Market Garden Brewery at 6pm. We will be featuring 8 different craft brews and delicious food pairings! The proceeds benefit the Jimmy Malone Scholarship Fund, hope to see you there!

[10/14/19]   🦇 Raise your hand if you agree that Christmas ales should not be released in early October! 🦇

[10/05/19]   Huge congratulations to our local brewery partners who won big at GABF today! Fat Head's Brewery continued their dominance with three medals - bronze for Up in Smoke, silver for Hop Stalker, and Gold for Bone Head Red. Market Garden Brewpub took a well-deserved Gold for Prosperity, and we are especially excited for Noble Beast Brewing Co. who won their first medal today, a bronze for their exceptional Baltic Porter, Murder Ballads! Way to go, and way to represent #clevelandbeer! 🍻🍻🥇🥈🥉

Good luck to all of our friends competing at Great American Beer Festival this weekend, and bon voyage to all attending! What do you guys have in competition, and who will be simulcasting the awards ceremony in their taprooms this Saturday? Inquiring tour guides want to know. #GABF2019

Masthead Brewing Co.

We are proud to partner with Destination Cleveland again this year in promoting our city as a beer tourism hot spot at Great American Beer Festival. We won’t be attending the fest this time around, but we will be part of an awesome prize package for one lucky attendee! We can’t wait to squire the winner around to some of our favorite spots!

Less than a week until the Great American Beer Festival. 🍻

The Fab 5: Cleveland’s Beer Gems You’re Definitely Overlooking

First, plaudits to the author of this piece for using the word “gobsmacked” in the lede paragraph- it’s one of our favorites, and underused in American English. Second, we agree with every beer listed in here! Great minds... By: Angus Szilagyi Illustration by: Justin Michael Will Daily life is overwhelming. We all know. What’s worse is that the road to decompression is now flashier and inherently dumber than ever…

No plans tonight? Then you should visit our friends at Brick and Barrel Brewing and raise a pint in honor of our late friend Bob, whose birthday would have been today. A bunch of awesome breweries that Bob loved to frequent made a special IPA just for the occasion, and all the cool beer scene people are sure to be there to cheers a good man, true character, and genuine craft beer lover.

Bob Fest is tomorrow!! Please join us as we raise a glass to our dear friend, Bob. Friday would have been Bob’s 80th Birthday, and it’s only appropriate that we are releasing a special IPA, in his honor. BOB IPA will be tapped at 2pm tomorrow. We’ll also have guest beers from Terrestrial Brewing Company and Noble Beast Brewing Co., and a collab with Butcher and the Brewer on tap! See you at Bob Fest!

[09/10/19]   Hello Facebook-land. We've noticed that overall demand for our tours seems to be down, lately, and we are considering paring back our schedule a bit. We currently offer two tour times on Saturdays - 11 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. and run these back-to-back, when both book up. Recently, it seems like only the later tour is filling up. We are considering replacing the two times, with just one Saturday tour, starting midafternoon - sometime around 2 or 3 p.m. Tours last about 4-5 hours, so, if we started at, say 2:30, we'd be done around 7:30. Would you rather take an afternoon tour, or have a choice between a morning, or evening start time? Please share your thoughts in the comments, if you wish!

Right back at ya, Cleveland History Center! What a fun event to be part of! We’d be happy to join in again next year.

Thank you to everyone who came out to this past weekend’s History on Tap event! We couldn’t have asked for a better turn out. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves and maybe even found your new favorite beer while you were at it!

Another huge thank you to all the participating breweries and businesses! We couldn’t have done it without you: Brick and Barrel Brewing, Forest City Brewery, Bookhouse Brewing, Boss Dog Brewing Company, Great Lakes Brewing Company, Masthead Brewing Co., Noble Beast Brewing Co., Manna Food Truck, and the Cleveland Brew Bus! THANK YOU!

For those of you who missed it, don’t worry. We’ve got another one right around the corner that we know you’re going to like. Come join us Saturday October 26th for History on Tap: Cleveland's Haunted History! Trust us, you won’t want to miss it!


Masthead IPA wins Cleveland Oktoberfest Microbrew Competition

Congratulations to all who took home hardware in the Cleveland Oktoberfest Microbrew Competition - particularly our pals at Masthead Brewing Co., Noble Beast Brewing Co. and Market Garden Brewpub who scored multiple medals. Prost! Masthead IPA took home the Best of Show honors Friday night at the Cleveland Oktoberfest Microbrew Competition.The beer, made by Cleveland's Masthead

Twisted Explore

Feelin’ about this way right now.


People are singing the praises of our Cleveland Brewing History tours! Thanks so much, satisfied guest!

What’s the hardest stamp to get on your #ClevelandBreweryPassport? Lots of people say it’s the one missing right here - The Cleveland Brewery. This pint-sized powerhouse has to keep limited hours due to its small brewing capacity. It can be hard to catch them open, but we’re here to help. The Cleveland Brewery is a regular feature on our “Stamp Your Passport - East” route, and we could be going there this Friday - we just need a few more folks to sign up and hop on board. We do the driving, you get your stamp, and some awesome beers. Everyone wins! Visit our website to join in.
H/t to Dean Zarbaugh for the passport photo. Cheers!

Hop on Board!

Cleveland's original and best brewery tours and tastings! Offering 11 different routes, and 25 different local breweries.

Public tours available Fridays at 6 p.m., Saturdays at 11 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. and Sundays at 12;00 p.m.

Fare includes: - Beer samples at three great local breweries - Pretzel Necklace - Water - Safe transportation - All the craft beer knowledge you can handle - Brewhouse tours - A super-fun outing with family, co-workers, friends or soon-to-be friends. Private and group tours also available.

Check back regularly for special events.

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