Taste Cleveland Food Tours

Taste Cleveland Food Tours is a company provided to preserving and promoting the culinary history and cuisine of this historically significant city.

Our Food Tours & Culinary Events combine history, architecture, culture, & local cuisine from restaurants & shops in Cleveland's historic neighborhoods.

Culinary Challenges are one of the best and most fun team building activities! We had a blast hosting this awesome group last week!
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We have a couple of openings for tomorrow's Little Italy tour. Click the link above to book your place for our 10/6/2019 tour.
Mangiamo! We know food and we know Cleveland!

Looking for a fun team-building event right here in the heart of the 216? What about a scavenger hunt ? We can do that! Wait, we have done that! Imagine a "search and find" event designed especially for your team. Send us an email - [email protected] - see what can be discovered here on the north coast. And, of course, we always include food in everything we do! We know food and we know Cleveland. #thingstodoinCLE #funin216

Looking for a something that's fun to do with 6 or 8 of your best friends? Have you considered a private tour of Little Italy? We offer our public tour to private groups of 6 - 12 for just about the same cost. That way you can split a bottle (or two!) of Chianti, share an Uber, and catch up with your friends! Oh, and learn about Cleveland's own Little Italy. Walk with us as we taste some really authentic Italian food! We know food and we know Cleveland! #LittleItaly #TASTECLE #thingstodointhe216


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We have some good news and some bad news. First the good news - you can easily access our Cleveland tour calendar with one click: https://tasteclevelandfoodtours.com/tours.html

The bad news: 3 of our 4 tours this weekend are already sold out! If you are up for a Little Italy tour - we have a couple of seats available. But you better move fast! Because Conosciamo il cibo e conosciamo Cleveland!

Translation: We know food and we know Cleveland! #cle #tasteclevelandfoodtours #thisiscle #216foodtours #clevelandrestauranttours #clevelandculinaryevents

tasteclevelandfoodtours.com Walking Food Tours and Culinary Events in Cleveland's most historic and unique neighborhoods.


Laurel & Hardy - Who's On First?

While we really can't tell you who's on first, what we can tell you is who your tour guides will be for this weekend. If Tremont is on your list of something to do this weekend look for Julie to be leading Friday's tour. Hmmm, Saturday better for your tour? Then Ann will be your guide. Both Tremont tours begin promptly at 4:00. And then there is Little Italy - where Carol will lead Sunday's tour starting at 3:00.We still can't tell you who is on first, but we can tell you we know food and we know Cleveland!

Space is limited: www.tasteclevelandfoodtours.com


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Laurel & Hardy - Who's On First?

What are you waiting for? This weekend weather is going to be perfect - that's what AJ Colby from WJW promised! So, why not go on a food tour? Tremont tours still has 6 spaces left for Ann's Friday night tour, but only 4 spaces left for Barbara's Saturday.tour. But, alas, you waited too long for Julie's Little Italy tour on Sunday - that tour is totally sold out! We know food and we know Cleveland! #cle #tasteclevelandfoodtours #thisiscle #216foodtours #clevelandrestauranttours #clevelandculinaryevents #thingstodointhe216

[08/16/19]   Just a heads-up for this weekend - no tour of Little Italy this weekend as this is the weekend of The Feast. But tour guide Julie will be leading our next tour on Sunday, August 25. Why not join her as she highlights this wonderful part of the 216 and its rich history? For more information check out our website: TASTE Cleveland Food Tours. We know food and we know Cleveland! #cle #tasteclevelandfoodtours #thisiscle #216foodtours #clevelandrestauranttours #clevelandculinaryevents #thingstodointhe216

Tremont is one of Cleveland's hottest areas - but you already knew that. What you may not know is we offer food tours of the area every Friday and Saturday. Join us as we walk, talk and taste some of Tremont's delicious tidbits. But first, stop and take a selfie at the Abby Road Cleveland sign. We know food and we know Cleveland! (photo: thisiscleveland.com) #cle #tasteclevelandfoodtours #thisiscle #216foodtours #clevelandrestauranttours #clevelandculinaryevents #thingstodointhe216

[08/03/19]   Carol Wertheim - one of our premier tour guides here in the 216! Carol also is a docent at the Cleveland Museum of Art. When Carol's not showing guests the Monet's, Dali's, Warhol's and more at the CMA, she is leading tours of Little Italy and the West Side Market. Check out our website to find out more. We know food and we know Cleveland. #cle #tasteclevelandfoodtours #thisiscle #216foodtours #clevelandrestauranttours #clevelandculinaryevents #thingstodointhe216

Ann Anderson is our featured Cleveland tour guide this week. Ann offers tours in Tremont - most often on Friday and Saturdays. Here Ann is on a corporate event tour with Nick and Brandon from Fat Cats. Contact us for more information. Ann, like our other guides, has a 216 story or two to tell you. We know food and we know Cleveland! #cle #tasteclevelandfoodtours #thisiscle #216foodtours #clevelandrestauranttours #clevelandculinaryevents #thingstodointhe216

This week's featured tour guide is Julie Woyar! Here she is with Yara of Mena's Produce - one of TASTE Cleveland Food Tour's stops on our West Side Market tour. We offer WSM tours on most Wednesday and Friday mornings. Why tour with us? Because we know food and we know Cleveland! Just ask Julie or any other of our tour guides. #cle #tasteclevelandfoodtours #thisiscle #216foodtours #clevelandrestauranttours #clevelandculinaryevents #thingstodointhe216

During this All Star Week here in Cleveland we remember the greats like Bob Feller. But what does Bob Feller have to do with Taste Cleveland Food Tours? One of our guides actually interviewed him for the News Herald! Join local tour guide Barbara Snow on a tour of Tremont or Little Italy or just about any other neighborhood here in the 216. She's got a story or two to tell you. We know food and we know Cleveland! #cle #tasteclevelandfoodtours #thisiscle #216foodtours #clevelandrestauranttours #clevelandculinaryevents #thingstodointhe216

We found another picture of tour guide Rob Anderson in the kitchen - this time with the 2009 Food and Wine's Best New Chef, Kelly English! Chef hails from Memphis where his Restaurant Iris serves some of the best food in the city. So, where is Rob Anderson when he is not in the kitchen? Giving TASTE Cleveland Food Tours, of course! Book a tour with Rob for Little Italy or Tremont. He's got a story or two to tell you. #cle #tasteclevelandfoodtours #thisiscle #216foodtours #clevelandrestauranttours #clevelandculinaryevents #thingstodointhe216

TASTE Cleveland Food Tour guide Barbara Snow knows food! Here she is featured in the Spring Cutco Knife catalog. Besides developing recipes, she teaches knife skills classes too. Like we said, Barbara knows food, and she also knows Cleveland. Tour West Side Market, Little Italy, Tremont, and more with us. Because all our guides know food and Cleveland. Book a tour with one of us today! #cle #tasteclevelandfoodtours #thisiscle #216foodtours #clevelandrestauranttours #clevelandculinaryevents #thingstodointhe216

TASTE Cleveland Food Tour guide Rob Anderson knows food! Here he is taking a break with Chef Hubert Keller at The Five Star Sensation. Like we said, Rob knows food, and he also knows Cleveland. Tour Little Italy, Tremont, and more with us. Because all our guides know food and Cleveland. Book a tour with one of us today! #cle #tasteclevelandfoodtours #thisiscle #216foodtours #clevelandrestauranttours #clevelandculinaryevents #thingstodointhe216

Yes we did! Mmm need chocolate now!

We hope ya’ll had as much fun as we did digging out. 🤪 We are OPEN for all your chocolate needs and wants until 7pm! #comeandgetit #snow #chocolate #oldbrooklyn #januaryvibes

[01/20/19]   Let it snow!!! Although our #foodtours were cancelled this weekend, we look forward to hosting you all again real soon! We run tours and events all year round, and can’t wait to enjoy the amazing food #Cleveland has to offer.
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Happy Holidays #Cleveland!! Not sure what to do for your loved ones for the holidays? Try a #foodtour!! Gift Certificates make a great and easy last minute gift! They are good for up to 2 years and you don't have to pick the date! You can chose a dollar amount or simply gift a specific food tour. http://www.tasteclevelandfoodtours.com/gift_certificates.html
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tasteclevelandfoodtours.com Walking Food Tours and Culinary Events in Cleveland's most historic neighborhoods.

WVIZ/PBS ideastream®

You don’t have to look far to find the “real Farmville” – 24 chickens, 15 colonies of honey bees, 3 goats, 3 pigs, and a garden are hiding in plain sight in the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland backyard.

Read more https://bit.ly/2CXpKIG

[10/09/18]   TASTE Cleveland Food Tours is all set for a challenging and fun scavenger hunt tonight in the heart of the 216. The envelopes with clues, supplies, and maybe a drink are packed and ready to go. Let the games begin!
CLE, yea, it's where we want to be!

The weather is cooler - perfect for a walking tour of Little Italy! There are a few tickets left for Sunday, September 23. Walk, learn, and taste LIttle Italy with one of Cleveland's best tour companies. You won't go away hungry!! http://www.tasteclevelandfoodtours.com/little_italy.html

Another great private corporate event! Showing off the 216 is something we love doing - E ieri sera Little Italy era il posto giusto! Il cibo, la gente, il tempo - è stato meraviglioso!

Fun with the AXS team as they discover the 216 in a downtown scavenger hunt. #ThisisCLE

We're cooking in Cleveland! Sherwin Williams: you rocked it! #ThisisCLE. #TASTECLEVELANDFOODTOURS

There's room for you on Sunday's Little Italy food tour! Forcast is 86 and partly cloudy - perfect weather for a walk in a historic neighborhood of the 216! Enjoy tastings at three restaurants and a great dessert from one of the best bakeries in Cleveland. http://www.tasteclevelandfoodtours.com/

Great time showing the John Carroll international students a few of the tasty and interesting places in the 216! #ThisisCLE #TASTEClevelandFoodTour

Walk, learn, and taste Tremont! For more information and to purchase tickets click here: http://www.tasteclevelandfoodtours.com/

[08/10/18]   Only 4 spaces left for Saturday's TASTE Cleveland Food Tour in Tremont. And Little Italy is sold out! To those who are already registered: COME HUNGRY!

Have you ever been welcomed to Tremont? Well, here it is! Come and join us for a Food Tour on a Friday or Saturday at 4:00. Lots of food, stories, and fun!!


Fun times on our #culinary #scavengerhunt! #cle #teambuilding

[07/12/18]   Beautiful weather predicted for this weekend in the 216! Perfect for a restaurant tour of Little Italy or Tremont. Give us a call for more details.


Produce is starting to pop up in Lincoln Park Today from 4-7pm

Happy Tuesday! For those of you on our Tremont Tours who asked about the Tremont Farmer's Market - here is the info:


Bobo and Chichi

Travel bloggers Bobo and Chichi were in Cleveland last week and we gave them a tour through the West Side Market.

Thanks for the shout out guys! We love this city too!

Check out their page and check out this article about their trip through Cleveland.

(by the way, Taste offers tours in Tremont and Little Italy as well...)

[New Post]
Check out our one stop guide for the coolest things to do in Cleveland!

It was seriously so fun getting to know my old hometown city and share it with Scott! With a killer beer and food scene and tons of fun murals Cleveland is going to be the US's next hottest city! See more in our latest article!



What a beautiful night for a Little Italy Food Tour!

What a great day for a Tremont Food Tour!! 75 degrees and blue skies!! Join us next week...


There's SO much to eat in this town!! Come and Food Tour with us!!


[07/16/17]   #SundayFunday indeed at the #TasteofTremont today!! #cle #food #tremont #thisiscle #cleveland #clefood
#SOFULL #yum

Lilly Handmade's Double Chocolate Mousse with house-made Salted Caramel, Whipped Cream and Jimmies!! (and a fresh cherry)

Taste Cleveland Food Tours's cover photo

This week on ABC's The Chew, Chef Michael Symon talks Strawberry Cassata Cake. Especially cake from Corbo's Bakery in Little Italy! You can eat this cake on our Little Italy Food Tour!!

Get your tickets here:

Floats with Smuttynose Cherry Wheat beer and mango sorbet and a Shweetie Pie truffle
(salted caramel surrounding a whole roasted almond in Valrhona white chocolate). Only at lillytremont.com .

Join us for a tour here:


18 Cleveland Tours You'll Actually Want to Go On When You Have Out-of-Towners

Big thank you to Scene Magazine for including TASTE CLEVELAND in their Cleveland Tour list. Check it out, then get your tickets!!



It was fun having Jen Picciano Stocum on our Tremont tour on Saturday!

What an interesting and fun evening in Tremont with Taste Cleveland Food Tours. Walking tour complete with history and generous tastings at Prosperity Social Club, Parallax Restaurant, TY FUN and Lilly Handmade Chocolates.

Passion fruit Chantilly topped with strawberry orange sauce and Maui Wowie truffle paired with Cider Boys Raspberry Apple hard cider. Only at lillytremont.com.

What a way to end a food Tour!! Come join us for your own tour!!


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