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Yesterday, I experienced my second tour with Tours of Cleveland. I joined the "Downtown HIghlights Cleveland Walking Tour " and the "Tales of Terror" tour. Scott is a wonderful story teller who keeps his audience captivated. Having lived in the Cleveland area my complete life, I continued to be amazed to learn details about the architecture of buildings and their history, as well as true details about murder and death in the city. This is a must for all, visitors and residents. You will not be disappointed.
What is the meet location for the downtown tour. And where is ideal parking?
Some more pictures from last night at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo...
I don't see Shirley's house.

Tours of Cleveland, LLC offers exciting and educational walking tours of beautiful and historic downtown Cleveland.

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The Cleveland Public Library has a new Superman exhibit on the second floor of the Main Building downtown. It contains pieces from the Mike Curtis Collection of Superman Memorabilia. It has everything from comics, action figures, lunch boxes and so much more.

The second floor of the library is where you will find the prototype of the statue of Superman by David Deming. It was supposed to be placed along the lake shore but hasn't happened yet. I have not heard anything recently about the placement. We shall see.

In the meantime, check out the free exhibit. The library is open 10 -6 Monday - Saturday.

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Joanne Siegel wanted to be a model and placed an ad in the paper looking for modeling work here in Cleveland. Joe Shuster and his partner, Joel Siegel hired her to model for sketches for a character in a comic book they were creating. That character would be Lois Lane in the Superman comics.

Shuster and Siegel would incorporate some more of Joanne into Lois Lane, in particular her ambition, intelligence and gutsy personality. Over the years, Lois Lane was recused by Superman, was his girlfriend and later wife. Lois Lane has always been a strong, independent woman with a career as a reporter and in some story lines even had super powers of her own.

She has been portrayed by Noel Neill, Terri Hatcher, Margot Kidder and Amy Adams, to name a few, but the original Lois Lane was Joanne Siegel of Cleveland, Ohio.

Learn more about her on our blog.

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Cleveland is home to one of the 100 Wyland Whaling Walls around the world.

These whale murals are painted on the outside of buildings all over the country and even the world by Robert Wyland. He began in 1981 with the first mural in Laguna Beach ,CA and finished the 100th mural in 2008 in Beijing, China.

The Cleveland mural is number 75 and was completed in October 1997. It is called "Song of the Whales". It is located on the side of the Cleveland Public Power building off I-90, east of downtown. Wyland returned in 2019 to touch up the mural.

Have you ever seen any of the other 99? If so, where?

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Today is International Women's Day. Here are some of the famous women from Cleveland we have highlighted in the past. Can you name them?

Guided walking tours of downtown Cleveland

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Tours of Cleveland: Walking through our city's history

Here is one of our clips from this morning on WKYC Channel 3 - Cleveland. This was so much fun! Thank you Lindsay Buckingham!

#thisiscle #visitmeincle #toursofcleveland #rediscovercle Take a stroll through Cleveland, learning about its rich history and the famous people who have lived here.


Check us out on WKYC Channel 3 - Cleveland this morning! We have been live with Lindsay Buckingham throughout the morning and one more time around 9:15am. I have had such a fun time talking about Tours of Cleveland, LLC with her.

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Margaret Bourke-White is known as a pioneer in industrial photography.

While living in Cleveland, she went to the owner of the Otis Steel Company, Elroy Kulas and asked if she could photograph his plant. He loved her photos so much he used them in the publication sent to his share holders.

Bourke-White would go on to photograph Terminal Tower. In fact, The Cleveland Museum of Art has many of her photos in their collection.

She would later be a photo journalist during WWII and would photograph Gandhi multiple times, with her last photos taken hours before he was assassinated.

Learn more at

Guided walking tours of downtown Cleveland

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The other week I was able to check out The Cleveland Museum of Art "Second Careers" exhibit. This exhibit looks at traditional African art beside contemporary African Art.

Take for example the photos below. The first is a huge panel made in 2017 from reclaimed electronic components by Elias Sime. Beside it is a hunter's shirt from the late 1800's - early 1900's also made of "recycled materials" - animal parts.

Other pieces include the two chairs below, a "Prestige Chair" made of wood from the late 1800's and the "Harmony Chair" made of welded weapons from 2009 by Goncaio Mabunda.

The exhibit is free but only lasts until March 14. Time tickets required.

Year round, guided walking tours of downtown Cleveland

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This week I had the opportunity to visit the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage and see the "Notorious RGB: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg" exhibit!

The exhibit is making its Cleveland debut. It looks at her life, not just as a lawyer and Supreme Court Justice but as well as her role in as a student, mother, partner and yes, a pop icon!

I highly recommend the exhibit. Timed tickets are required and are just $12. The museum is open Wednesday - Sunday.

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George A. Myers is often referred to as Cleveland's best barber. While working at the Hollenden Hotel downtown, Myers had the who's who of Cleveland and the country in his chair. Eight U.S. Presidents sat for him as well as Mark Twain.

Myers was very involved in politics and the Republican Party. Myers was named a delegate to the 1891 state Republican convention, that nominated McKinley to be Ohio's governor. He would also work on McKinley's presidential campaigns as well.

Learn more at

Guided walking tours of downtown Cleveland

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Wonderful news! The Cleveland Public Library reopened today for in person visits! The Main Branch downtown is so wonderful; one of my favorite buildings downtown.

Year round guided walking tours of downtown Cleveland

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Our walking tours are year round and believe or not we have had some brave folks this February get out and join us! Last weekend two local couples joined us on our Private Valentine's tour and this weekend we had two families visiting Cleveland take the tour!

A big thank you to all of them for braving the cold (and in one case, the snow)!

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In 1911, Jane Edna Hunter organized the Working Girls Association, which later would become known as the Phillis Wheatley Association. The Association worked with young African American women who were unmarried. It provided safe living quarters for them and helped many newcomers to the north avoid scammers who preyed upon them.

The Association would build a nine story building on Cedar Rd in Cleveland to serve the women. Eventually a scholarship fund was set up to help with their education. Jane Edna Hunter served the organization until 1948.

Learn more about Jane Edna Hunter (and Phillis Wheatley) at

Tours of Cleveland, LLC offers year round, walking tours of downtown Cleveland.

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Happy President's Day from some of the Presidents around Cleveland!

Guided walking tours of Cleveland


February 14, 1921 the Ohio Theater opened in Cleveland. Today we celebrate its 100 year anniversary! The Mimi Ohio Theater is part of Playhouse Square.

Ultimately it would be the first theater to be restored by Playhouse Square in 1982, although its lobby would not fully be restored until 2016. The ceiling in the lobby was recreated to look like it did in 1921 when it opened, as a fire in July 1964 gutted almost all of the lobby’s original interior.

Learn more at

We offer year round guided walking tours of downtown Cleveland

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It is cold in Cleveland these days and Lake Erie is freezing over. Just a week ago the lake was about 18% frozen, today it is up to 76%!

Erie is the shallowest of the Great Lakes so it freezes easily. These pics were taken down near the 55th St. Marina.

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The Nominees for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2021 were announced this morning. So happy to finally see my girls the Go Go's included in that class. Do you realize that this year could be a class of entirely female artists, that would be pretty cool.

Don't forget we can vote through the fan vote on or at the Hall itself.

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Tours of Cleveland, LLC celebrates Black History month by highlighting famous African Americans from Cleveland and their accomplishments.

John Patterson Green has the distinction of being the first African American elected to office in the city of Cleveland back in 1872. He served as the Republican Justice of the Peace for nine years.

He later would be elected to the Ohio State House of Representatives in 1881 and later to the Ohio State Senate in 1892, where he was the first African American member to serve.

Green is also known as the “Father of Labor Day”. While serving in the Ohio House he put forth a bill that would make Labor Day a state holiday in 1890. Later in 1894, the Federal Government will make Labor Day a national holiday.

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Continuing our highlight of The Cleveland Museum of Art, today we look at some of the greats from around the Europe. Pictured in this post, Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet and Dali.

The Monet is one of three paintings in a triptych. Cleveland is home to the left panel. What two US cities house the other two panels?

The museum is always free! Timed tickets are required. Open Tuesday - Sunday.

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So excited to get back to The Cleveland Museum of Art this week! My husband and were there for almost two hours and saw maybe a third of the collection. That just means some additional trips!

I thought I would share some of the various religious based art we saw at the museum. I will be highlighting the museum throughout the coming weeks. They are open Tuesday - Sunday. The museum is free but timed tickets are required.

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The State Theater opened on February 5, 1921 - 100 years ago today! It is the first of the Playhouse Square theaters to celebrate their 100 year anniversary. Set for demolition in 1972, we are so lucky to still have this amazing theater here in Cleveland.

The lobby is consider the world's longest theater lobby and features four original murals by James Daugherty as well as one other by Arnold Engandler. There is another mural behind Engandler's; it is believed to be a fifth James Daugherty mural. To expose that work would damage both pieces so it continues to remain hidden.

Visit our blog to learn more about the State

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The coolest building in Cleveland's skyline - Terminal Tower. Officially dedicated in 1930, it is 52 stories of awesome.

Year round, guided walking tours of downtown Cleveland


Looking for something different this Valentines Day for you and your sweetheart? Consider a private walking tour of downtown Cleveland.

See all the greatest sights, learn about our city's amazing history and get outside to explore.

Private Valentines Downtown Highlights walking tours are offered February 11 - 14. Multiple time options. Double dates welcome. Don't see a time that works - contact us and we'll see what we can do.

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After my visit to the Cleveland Botanical Garden the other week, I checked out the Peter B. Lewis Building designed by Frank Gehry on the campus of Case Western Reserve University.

The building opened in 2002 and is home to the University's School of Management. Gehry is known for buildings such as the Guggenheim Museum and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA. The buildings curves and shapes represent the innovative teaching style of the program at Case.

Peter Lewis was the CEO of Progressive Insurance and put up most of the money to build the $62 million building. Lewis had commissioned Gehry to design his home but that was never built.

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Best takeout in Greater Cleveland: Local foodies, notables make their picks for 2021

I was very honored to be included on this list offering my recommendations for great takeout in Cleveland! Check out the article for some new ideas for your dinner tonight!

Guided walking tours of downtown Cleveland - Looking to mix up your meals this week? Takeout is a great option for diners to still experience the best of what Cleveland’s dining scene has to offer, without reserving a table during the coronavirus pandemic. We reached out to a group of Clevelanders for their recommendations on favorite takeou...


Continuing my visit to the Cleveland Botanical Garden, we look inside the Eleanor Armstrong Smith Glasshouse and explore Costa Rica and Madagascar! The Glasshouse opened in 2003 and it 18,000 square feet of not just plants but native birds, insects and animals.

The Botanical Garden is currently open Wednesdays – Sunday, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm and they are offering discounted admission through February 7, 2021. Timed tickets are required.

Learn more about the history of the Botanical Garden at

Guided walking tours of downtown Cleveland -

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The other week on a rare "warm" January day I visited the Cleveland Botanical Garden. Now, I know it is the middle of winter and the stunning roses are not in bloom and the herb and vegetable gardens are pretty sparse but it was a change to get outside and still find some beauty amongst the grey Cleveland winter days.

The Garden is located on what was once the Cleveland Zoo. In fact the Japanese garden pictured below once was the bear pit!

Check out our blog post to learn more about the history of the garden,

Tomorrow we will look inside the Glasshouse and take a trip to Costa Rica and Madagascar.

Guided walking tours of downtown Cleveland,


So this week two of Cleveland's biggest attractions reopened - Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and The Cleveland Museum of Art!

The Rock Hall is open every day 11:00 am - 5:00 pm. If you live in the city of Cleveland it is free! If you live the surrounding areas you can get a discount. Advanced, timed tickets are required.

The Cleveland Museum of Art is open Tuesday - Sunday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm and is always free to all. Advanced, timed tickets are required.

If you want an outdoor activity, our year round, guided walking tours of downtown Cleveland are a great way to explore the city.

Guided Walking Tours of Downtown Cleveland

Tours of Cleveland, LLC offers exciting and educational walking tours of beautiful and historic downtown Cleveland. Our tours are offered year around. During COVID we have reduced the size of our tour groups and do require that masks me worn. Currently during the summer our Downtown Highlights tour is offered every day. Our Cleveland From the Inside tour is on hiatus as the majority of the buildings we visits are still closed. Please visit our website,, to see our latest schedule and book your walking tour.

Downtown Highlights Tour - The tour discusses a brief history of Cleveland, the buildings and monuments on Public Square and along the Mall, the Cleveland Public Library, the Cleveland Federal Reserve, the Cleveland Trust Company Building and Playhouse Square along with a visit inside the Arcade. This tour begins in Public Square and ends at Playhouse Square. The tour is 2 hours long. Reservations required. Tours are rain or shine.

Cleveland From the Inside Tour - (On hold for the time being) This tour focuses on the interiors of some of Cleveland's greatest buildings downtown! We take a look inside the Old Stone Church, the Society for Savings Bank Lobby, the Cleveland Federal Reserve, the Cleveland Public Library, the Arcade, the Euclid and Colonial Arcades, the Cleveland Trust Company Building and finally Playhouse Square including a visit inside one of the historic theaters. This tour begins in Public Square and ends at Playhouse Square. The tour is 2.45 hours long with a small break. Reservations required. Tours are rain or shine.

Virtual Tour Presentations - (On hold for the time being) We can bring our walking tour to you through our Virtual Tour Presentations. This program is a fun, interactive, one hour Power Point presentation bringing the walking tour to those who can not venture downtown. The virtual tour is great for retirement home communities in our area.

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