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Photos from Anna's B&B - Adirondack Park Retreats's post 03/06/2022

Taken by my photographer guest March 5: the Hudson River and Lake George


Winter hiking in the Adirondacks


Right now, really

The AuSable River was roaring yesterday! Caught this amazing light in the late afternoon.


February is a BIG FAT bike month. The Photo of the Month is from the January 23 Gurney Lane Fat Tire Bike Day, but on deck is the February 5 Empire State Winter Games XC and DS races followed by the Saratoga Fat Bike Rally on February 12. Needless to say, get your fat on!

PREVIEW: 2022 Event Calendar | Bike Adirondacks 01/19/2022

PREVIEW: 2022 Event Calendar | Bike Adirondacks

PREVIEW: 2022 Event Calendar | Bike Adirondacks We LOVE planning events just as much as we do putting them on. So, bust out your calendar and toss these dates on it. Registration for each will open early in 2022.

Dawn Patrol Ep 1: Mark 01/08/2022

Dawn Patrol Ep 1: Mark

Hiking at Dawn

Dawn Patrol Ep 1: Mark For Tupper Lake hiker Mark, ascending a mountain as the sun rises is an inspirational way to start the day. Follow along as he climbs and hear his take on wh...

Photos from Anna's B&B - Adirondack Park Retreats's post 01/05/2022

Is Another ADK Rail Trail Possible?

The Saratoga Springs north to Tahawus rail corridor has potential.

By Phil Brown

Cyclists are champing at the bit to ride the Adirondack Rail Trail in the Lake Placid region, but there are other prospects for off-road bike touring in the Adirondacks.

I’m thinking of the 90-mile rail corridor that runs from Saratoga Springs north to Tahawus.

If this were converted to a rail trail, you could hop on your bike in Saratoga and cycle 170 miles to Lake Placid, the entire way on rail trails or highways with wide shoulders. What a great way to travel between two tourist destinations.

To top it off, if you pedaled another 34 miles from Lake Placid to Westport, you could take an Amtrak train back to Saratoga, closing the loop.

Pie in the sky? Not entirely, but things are complicated.

The Saratoga-Tahawus line is divided into three sections. The town of Corinth owns the southernmost portion, the 20 miles from Saratoga Springs to Hadley. Warren County owns the 40 miles from Hadley to North Creek. The Saratoga & North Creek Railway owns an easement on the final 30 miles to Tahawus.

The last section holds the most promise for cyclists. The S&NC failed to commercialize the line and filed for bankruptcy. The state Department of Environmental Conservation has asked the federal Surface Transportation Board to declare the line abandoned, the first step toward creation of a recreational trail.

The Open Space Institute has offered to buy the corridor for $1.5 million. The non-profit group would keep the tracks in place for at least three years, but there is little hope that the long-dormant rail line would see a revival. Rather, the expectation is that the corridor would be turned over to the state and the tracks would be removed to create a recreational trail.

William A. Brandt Jr., the railroad’s bankruptcy trustee, has rejected OSI’s bid and seeks instead to auction off the line. In papers filed with the Surface Transportation Board, he asserts that “at least two other parties” have expressed interest in purchasing the railroad. He did not identify the parties.

State officials doubt that the rail line has a viable future. It has not been used to carry freight since the 1980s, when NL Industries closed its mine in Tahawus.

A spokesman for the Surface Transportation Board said he couldn’t predict when the board will rule on DEC’s petition for “adverse abandonment” of the line.

Warren County and Corinth had leased their sections of the rail corridor to S&NC for a tourist train, but the venture sputtered out after several years. In 2019, Warren County adopted a resolution in favor of commencing “abandonment proceedings [that] will allow the County to move forward with alternative uses of the rail corridor which may include recreational uses.” It will need to seek STB approval before abandoning the rail line.

Corinth is still trying to attract commercial users of its portion of the line. “Right now there is more than one party interested in using the rail for rail travel,” Corinth Supervisor Richard Lucia said in an email. He did not elaborate.

In short, it’s not certain that all or even any of the 90-mile corridor will be converted into a recreational trail. Nor is it certain that a recreational trail would be surfaced to accommodate touring bikes. The trail’s design would be decided by DEC and other stakeholders.

Another wrinkle is that on parts of the corridor a tourism company called Revolution Rail offers rail-bike rides that run on the tracks. Claudia Braymer, a Warren County supervisor from Glens Falls, thinks it may be possible for the rail-bike operation to co-exist with a rail trail. In this scenario, the trail would be built alongside the rail-bike tracks or leave the corridor when necessary to go around them.

Despite these obstacles, the potential for a long-distance rail trail traversing the heart of the Adirondack Park is real. So imagining what might be is not idle fantasy. Here’s one possible itinerary (distances are approximate):

Day 1, 60 miles: Starting in Saratoga Springs, ride north on the rail trail to the Adirondack foothills; cross the Sacandaga River and cycle along the Hudson River to North Creek.

Day 2, 50 miles: Continue cycling north on the rail trail along the Hudson; cross the river and begin paralleling the Boreas River. Leave the trail a few miles south of Tahawus and pedal east along Route 28N to Long Lake.

Day 3, 58 miles: Cycle north on Route 30 to Tupper Lake, then go a few miles on Route 3 west to the Adirondack Rail Trail. Follow the rail trail 34 miles to Lake Placid.

Day 4, 34 miles (optional): Cycle south on Route 73 through Cascade Pass to Keene, then take Route 9N to Elizabethtown and continue to the Amtrak depot in Westport. Take the train back to Saratoga Springs.

Of course, the itinerary could be modified to make the daily rides shorter or longer.

Incidentally, a spokesman for the state Department of Transportation told BikeADK that “carry-on bicycles will be welcomed” when the Adirondack train resumes service, presumably this year (it has been suspended because of the pandemic).

Now we just need to get to work on those rail trails.

Blades of Fun: Where to Ice Skate! | Adirondack Wayfinder 12/22/2021

Blades of Fun: Where to Ice Skate! | Adirondack Wayfinder

Where to skate in the Adirondacks

Blades of Fun: Where to Ice Skate! | Adirondack Wayfinder Did you know that the world's first skating club was founded all the way back in the 1740s in Scotland? Ever since then, people have been skating for fun, exercise, and even romance. Whether you're into figure eights, speed, or even a bit of pick up hockey, the Adirondack Park is full of great place...


Looking out from the living room today


December 19, 2021 after the full cold moon snow:

Juri Love - IMDb 12/19/2021

Juri Love - IMDb

I am lucky to have so many amazing guests at my home. This actress came here very recently to take part in a future Avengers movie.

Juri Love - IMDb Juri Love: Don't Look Up. Juri Love was born on September 3, 1976, in Japan. AKA "Goddess of Connection", Juri is a musician, model, actor, survivor of abuse and homelessness, motivational speaker, journalist, film and TV producer, Reiki Practitioner, and Rotarian. Juri is a scholarship recipient of...

A Tribute to the KING - Bruce Andrew Stewart - 10 minute promo 12/18/2021

A Tribute to the KING - Bruce Andrew Stewart - 10 minute promo

Two of my really fun guests:

A Tribute to the KING - Bruce Andrew Stewart - 10 minute promo A Tribute to the KING - featuring Bruce Andrew Stewart and the lovely Blaze"multiple costumes, exciting and interactive"

Dawn Patrol, Season 2 Ep. 4: Bobby (Full Episode) 12/18/2021

Dawn Patrol, Season 2 Ep. 4: Bobby (Full Episode)

For the really daring: coming up this January and February.

Dawn Patrol, Season 2 Ep. 4: Bobby (Full Episode) It takes a special kind of person to click the light on at 4 a.m. It’s the type of person that dedicates their life to their passions. Ice climber Bobby O'Co...

A new magical ice castle experience is coming to the Adirondacks this winter 12/18/2021

A new magical ice castle experience is coming to the Adirondacks this winter

A new magical ice castle experience is coming to the Adirondacks this winter A kingdom of icicles and snow will debut at the January winter carnival.

ESWG Winter Bike Races | Bike Adirondacks 12/02/2021

ESWG Winter Bike Races | Bike Adirondacks

ESWG Winter Bike Races | Bike Adirondacks The Empire State Winter Games Winter Bike Races Are Back! After a year-long hiatus, Winter Bike is returning to Mt. Pisgah in Saranac Lake on Saturday, February 5 with cross country and dual slalom racing during the 42nd Empire State Winter Games.

Winter weekend in Lake Placid: 10 fun things to do at this Adirondack paradise 01/30/2021

Winter weekend in Lake Placid: 10 fun things to do at this Adirondack paradise

Winter weekend in Lake Placid: 10 fun things to do at this Adirondack paradise Lake Placid was meant to be enjoyed in the crisp cold air of an Adirondack winter. 10/13/2020

America's longest mountain coaster opens in Lake Placid LAKE PLACID — Bobsledding is no longer just a wintertime activity here. Well, sort of...


Kayaking on Cedar Flow


Exploring Heart Lake and Mt Jo near Lake Placid


Guests finding Reishi Mushrooms in our woods.


Musician guests hanging out at the piano


Another kayaking and hike day for my intrepid visitors: Blue Mountain Lake at sunset and a view from above from Castle Rick Loop Trail.


Guests paddling on Henderson Lake June 10 - so quiet and secluded with only carry in boats


A guest kayaking on Pharaoh Lake - July 11


I was really exhausted but so happy that I had accomplished another one of the 46er peaks (above 4,000 feet) with two of my guests.


Anna's B&B - Adirondack Park Retreats


Full Moon Rising over our lake


What I strive to be: Happy 4th of July


Also, I follow the Airbnb COVID Protocol


Great exciting storms to break up the heat 07/01/2020

Airbnb: Adirondacks, Catskills, Hudson Valley top destination for July 4 vacationers | News Break ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)- Vacationers are headed into the serenity of the Adirondacks, Catskills, and Mohawk Valley for the July 4th holiday, according to Airbnb. They say these are some of the top destinations for people looking for some time away.


Hike Day 2: Indian Head and a beautiful stream on the way out


A guest hiking the Gothics - June 20 - and yes, I am open again. Everything here is slowly reopening for the summer.


Good Investments: When I lived in Ireland I got into a conversation with an old lady about house orderliness, visitors and priorities. She said, Don’t worry so much about mess or dishes. Just make sure the floor is clean. So I polished up my kitchen floor and had Jason Briggs the rug cleaner here for the 1972 s**g carpets. Here are the results:

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Musician guests hanging out at the piano
February 27 - more snow here (and even more on the ski slopes)
Hiking is fabulous up here as long as you don’t mind the bracing cold and a bit of snow.
This was the Hudson River at Lake Luzerne where the Hudson joins the Sacandaga two days ago, Nov 2
Guests having fun at my bnb




5 Palermo Rd
Chestertown, NY

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