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We customize travel for individuals & groups: from family reunions & milestone celebrations to making your bucket list a reality. Based in the cultural melting pot of New York with over 20 years in the travel industry, The Travel Nook is dedicated to providing you, your family and your group the finest attention to every detail, peace of mind, the highest standards in safety, service & product, and above all... A most memorable travel experience. The Travel Nook, Inc. We Make Memories

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Takin' a trip down under? Where would you rather visit between these two hot spots?

(Y) for Brisbane, Australia
❤ for Queenstown, New Zealand


Fill in the blank!

I really wanted to visit __________ when I was a child.

Let us know your answer in the comments! As a bonus, let us know if you ended up traveling there. We'd love to help get you there if you haven't been already!


📍 Maya Bay, Thailand!


Spring is a great time of year to visit this gem of a town in Colorado. It may be known for it's skiing and snowboarding, but Spring visitors will be able to enjoy ideal conditions for kayaking and whitewater rafting without the hustle and bustle of peak season.


So many beaches have different sand colors! Which destination is calling out to you?


Popular in Portugal and Brazil, Rabanadas are similar to french toast and can be served as a delicious breakfast treat or dessert - paired with wine in the evening! 😋


Travel Tip!

Don't forget to pack the essential, over-the-counter medications, such as antacids or ibuprofen - they may come in handy on vacation!


It's all in the details 💙


Ice drizzled with colorful syrups is a popular treat in many island countries. Japanese immigrants made the dessert a year-round favorite in Hawaii, but other nations have a similar version: The Philippines have halo-halo, China has bao bing, and Korea has patbingsu. Have you tried this frozen delight?


📍 Maldives


Yoga, surfing, exploring, relaxing, or wellness—whatever your definition of the perfect honeymoon, it’s waiting in Bali!


Talk about a beautiful drive! Circle entire lake by car to experience the stunning views from all angles.


Batu Caves are a series of caves in Malaysia that serve as one of the most popular Tamil shrines outside India. To reach the entrances, visitors have to climb 272 steep steps. It's so worth the effort to see the inside of this cave complex! Sometimes the struggle of the journey makes the destination even sweeter. What destinations have you found to be true for?


Fill in the blank!

I think everyone should travel to ________ at least once in their lives.


Have you considered stargazing in Namibia? Its sparse population leaves the sky with virtually no light pollution, rewarding visitors with some of the most spectacular views of the Milky Way.


Explore Bali.

An island vacation spot that is off the beaten path. Yet is so accessible and welcoming.

We can't say enough about the amazing people, creative craftsmen, Bali’s incredible tasting and food, lush jungle terrain, private beaches, and endless activities.

See for yourself why this island draws the adventurer and those seeking solitude.

If you’re seeking solace, sunshine, history, adventure, culture, artisan ship, snorkeling, serenity or surf, this is the place.

Ask us about Bali.


What's the one travel accessory you cannot travel without?!


How many countries have you traveled to? Let us know in the comments!


Étouffée became popular in Louisiana in the 1950s. Recipes vary in the region, but the most popular version is made with crawfish. The name is derived from the French verb meaning "smothered." Have you tried this famous Southern classic?


Is Thailand on your travel wish list?




Do you ever travel for special events like music festivals, sporting events you play in, or major sporting events to watch?

Traveling can be so much more than visiting the beach in the tropics; it can be experiencing some other favorite hobbies of yours!


Water you doing today? Dreaming about waterfall adventures?


What's the best way to see Egypt?

We think by river!

Take a river cruise down the Nile and take in everything Egypt has to offer: The 4,000-mile River Nile passes through sights like the Valley of the Kings, the Luxor Temple, the temple of Abu Simbel, and many, many more.

You’ll have exquisite service, the comforts of home, tasty meals & of course only have to unpack once!

Want to learn more?
Ask us!


One of our favorite landmarks!
This iconic bridge is the gateway to San Francisco and some of the most notable attractions and destinations in California!

Whether you’re a wine enthusiast, want to feel the grandeur of the California redwood forest, would like to visit Mission Valley, Sonoma, are thrilled by waterfront marine & wharf life, the haunting legends of Alcatraz, the cultural venture of Chinatown or the monumental breathtaking nature of Big Sur in Yosemite National Park. The possibilities are endless.

Treat yourself to the historic cable cars& the wonderful landscape of steep hills and architecture of colonial homes on Lombard street.

San Francisco has so much to offer.
California is truly an adventure!

Photos from The Travel Nook's post 03/25/2022

Did you know???

Cruise lines have found innovative ways & reimagined their ships to bring the inside, out & the outside, in! — Creating more opportunities for guests to enjoy open air activities & for healthy peace of mind.

How so?

* Easier check-in & muster drills
* Expanded utilization of deck space
* More lounging areas
* Open ramps for tendering & port embarkation
* Retractable roof spaces
* More Al fresco dining
* Infinity veranda staterooms
* Outdoor activities like movies under the stars
* Atriums with palm trees
* Balcony hammocks
* Staggered entry & less capacity
* Timing events for less bottlenecking
* Open deck gardens & greenery
* Wellness & Retreat areas
* Open deck yoga
* Glass elevators
* And so much more.

To top it off, with guests well-dispersed among the ship, there’s also a good chance of having an elevator all to yourself! You know, in case you forget what day it is!

Have any questions?
Wondering which cruise line is best for you?
We can help.

Photos from The Travel Nook's post 03/20/2022

Make Sunday a Fun day!

Come see me at The Travel & Adventure show for some inspiration today!

Let’s talk about your travel wishlist & how I can help! The show is open until 5pm at the Jacob Javitz Center in NYC!
We make memories.


If you had to pick one island to visit, which island would you choose?
1. Isle of Skye, Scotland
2. The Island of Grenada
3. Mahé, Seychelles
4. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Let us know!


Sightseeing in a new place? That means you’ll be doing lots of walking. Your trip will be so much better if you invest in a comfortable pair of shoes!

Although fitting for summer, a flip flop is not always the smartest choice. Sure you’ll bring a pair, but you need to pick a shoe offering good cushion that matches your travel needs.

Archeological landmarks and temples are huge. You don’t realize how big they are, how much you’ll be walking or how long you may be standing in your feet.

If you’re in Thailand, Bali, Ireland or Machu Pichu, prepare for climbing steps. Lots of them. And many are not concrete but built into the landscape.

Historic cities in Italy & Portugal have cobblestone streets & steep inclines. Religious places and ruins in Greece often have uneven pavement, rough rocks, where a secured shoe is really necessary.

If you’re adventurous and like the outdoors or plan on visiting a national park then a cross-terrain 3/4 or boot would be a smart choice. Especially if you’re taking an trip to Alaskas wilderness, hiking a volcano in Hawaii, trekking the rainforest in Costa Rica or on an expedition trip to the Galapagos.

These destinations can be muddy, wet, unpredictable, strenuous due to seasonal weather & hilly due to nature. You want stable footing here to keep your feet dry & your ankles and toes protected.

Lastly, don’t wait for last minute to go shoe shopping. Wear your new footwear for a months time to break it in. The last thing you want is to miss out on something because your new shoes gave you blisters.

This way they’ll be ready when it’s time to travel!

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