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Tourism Post-Coronavirus Recovery Plans, Travel and Tourism

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is calling on the entire travel and tourism community to play a hands-on role in the recovery plans once the coronavirus crisis is over. In a publication issued for all regions and posted on the organization’s website, the UNWTO says tourism is facing up to the COVID-19 challenge and public health is paramount due to the fundamental people-to-people nature of the sector. [ 386 more words ]

ibisconnect.com UNWTO is calling on the entire travel and tourism community to play a hands-on role in the recovery plans once the coronavirus crisis is over.

Best spots to visit in Brazil

Visiting the largest country in South America can be handful if you don’t have a prior idea of where you should go to in the country. That is why you should know the best spots to visit in the nation that covers over half of the entire South American continent. The vast stretch that is Brazil covers a lot of interesting places, from the Amazon forest to the fancy beaches scattered all over the country. Where are you supposed to visit in Brazil?
Christ the redeemer
With an outstretched arm measuring a vast 28 meters, the colossal art Deco statue of Christ referred to as Christ the redeemer stands at 709 meters from the summit of the Corcovado. The statue overlooks the former national capital and the view is simply breath taking.
Sugarloaf Mountain
If the Christ the redeemer statue doesn’t just do it for you, the Sugarloaf Mountain may be the next place to visit. The rounded rock peak is easily standing out from a distance; rising 394 meters above the beaches and the bustling city of Rio, tourists can take a cable car to enjoy the thrilling feel that comes with seeing the whole of the city while staying above it.
Heading to downtown Rio is an exciting experience, the elegantly planned Copacabana is a beautiful sight to behold. A wide expanse of beach, buildings and a broad pavement paved in black and white mosaic that is reminiscent of the streets of Lisbon; another of Brazil pointer to its colonial days. You can easily have all the fun you need at the beach and visit other attractions like the famed Copacabana palace.
The sharp rocky peak is home to the Christ the redeemer statue; overlooking the city of Rio, the mount is named after its hunchback shape. With the peak accessible by road and cog rail, there is no reason why you shouldn’t take the trip.
The neighborhood of Rio became widely popular after the release of the song the girl from Ipanema. The beach gained international acclaim following the release of the same song; known for its elegant development and the social life it exudes, the beach is a beehive of activities.
Cathedral of Brasilia
Everywhere may look like something else but not a church, right? You will be very wrong if you bring this mindset to the cathedral of Brasilia, it looks nothing like a church. The design makes it look more like an Indian tepee than a church. There is nothing traditional about this awe-inspiring cathedral.
Peluorinho, Salvador
As the historic center of Salvador, Peluorinho served as the first colonial capital of Brazil and is one of the oldest cities in the Americas. Visiting the old town is a lesson into the history of Brazil and an existing view of the future.
Visiting Brazil can be such a wonderful experience, there are so many things to do and you will definitely love it. Why not visit Brazil today?

The best places to visit in India

Visiting India can be a very smart choice to make, as a melting point of several culture and religion. Visiting India is to have a feel of Asia in one single place, and there are a lot of places to visit; from resorts to world famous landmarks, you can also try out several cuisines. Where are the best places to visit in India, how do you get there?
The beaches of Goa
The first port of call when visiting India should be the beaches of Goa; Young and energetic, the beaches of Goa is the party of the city. You can also find some respite if you visit some of the beach resorts. If your hotel is in the capital, you can catch a flight straight to Goa. If you would want to make a grand entrance, you can consider a ferry service to Panaji and then take the rest of the trip on a private yacht. What do you say to that?
The Taj Mahal
Agra is home to one of the seven wonders of the world; the Taj Mahal. The stunning edifice sees a massive number of tourists on a daily basis. While the resort might be quite crowdy, you can still enjoy the feel of the Taj. There are hotels in Agra that cater for the tourists and the Kheria airport is only a few kilometers from the city, making sure you can get flights at any time.
The spiritual capital of India is such a calm place to be at. While you might not get the five star hotel accommodation you deserve close to any of the Ghats, the solitude and the feeling of resorts that the city has can sure assuage you. From visiting temples to the cremation sites of several Hidus, the city of Varanasi can offer you a lot of time for introspection. Ensure you take a boat ride along the calm banks while you are there. There are regular direct flights to Delhi and Mumbai from the airport in the city.
Fort Amber
Visiting Fort Amber in Jaipur used to be an exclusive reserve for royals; as the royal palace, the king lived there with his wives and concubines. Today, fort Amber is a resort and you can even take elephant ride while you are there. You can also go see the Jaigarh fort which was built to protect fort amber. Getting flights into Jaipur is no problems and the city has an abundance of Hotels that you can check into.
Hauz Khas Village
A mixture of affluence and history, the Hauz Khas village in South Delhi is well known for its remnant of Islamic architecture and a charm that beats words. With bars, cafes and a nightlife that is boundless, Hauz Klaus is aesthetic and a destination for those who love the swing of life. You can easily ride into the village directly from the airport.
Pack your bags, India is the place to be.

Thailand remains one of the hottest spots for anyone who desires to have an awesome experience of the fascinating culture, people and businesses. The paradise-like view of beautiful beaches, forests, high mountains, plateaus and refreshing waterfalls are significant sights that pull millions of tourists who travel Thailand every year. It is quite interesting that the rich cultural heritage here continues to speak volume and also the entertainment just will give a fun loving tourist the experience of a lifetime.
As the capital of Thailand, Bangkok is the most populous state in the country. The marveling city is famed for its hospitality, luxury malls, boutiques, hotels, restaurants and markets e.t.c. A taste of the cuisine will keep you wanting more; it will be a good idea to explore on other foods you may never have tasted. Some amazing foods like the tasty Tom Kha Kai (Chicken in Coconut Soup), Som Tum (Spicy Green Papaya Salad), Tom Yum Goong (Spicy Shrimp Soup), Gaeng Daeng (Red Curry), Pad Thai (Thai style Fried Noodles) and lots of yummy meals. You might also find nightlife here very adorable as Bangkok has thousands of exotic red-light districts, night clubs and night clubs.
A sight of this amazing edifice will confirm the reason why tourists troop into Thailand. The Grand Palace stands in the heart of Bangkok and has remained the home of the Kings of Siam since 1782. The architecture is a masterpiece and the expensive artifacts prove that this place is an empire. However, visitors are expected to be properly dressed to be allowed into the palace.
Explore about 30 amazing beaches and catch a glimpse of the amazing sight of fine white sand, nodding palm trees and enjoy exotic cafes, restaurants and bars in Phuket. Among the popular ones are the Patong Beach, Kata Noi, Karon and Kamala. There are some fines destinations that travelers can find very serene and enjoyable such as Banyan Tree Phuket, a place of natural beauty and luxury.
Chiang Mai is a historical city in northern Thailand and has diverse places every tourist must visit such as the Wat Doi Suthep's central shrine and in it is a small museum. There are so many beautiful things here worth mentioning such as the Night Bazaar where you can shop some fine clothes and scarves and all sorts of house wears. It is an eye-opening experience to behold the beautiful elephants at the Elephant Nature Park.
Would you love to see Thailand’s floating market? Goods here are sold from boats floating on water. A shopping experience here feels great as you get to have a taste of Bangkok’s best local foods, sovernir of different kinds, as wells as tropical fruits that have been locally harvested
Take a chance at visiting this magnificent island that displays the wonders of nature, moneys flying on tree tops, the elephants and the age-long rocks and mountains as well as the Big Buddha
The Chiang Mai Mountain Biking Hiking is extremely fun if you are a lover of hiking and biking. Tourists often find place a suitable place to have stretch a little while enjoying it.
Whatever you intend to do in Thailand, be it vacation, tour or business; you will never be wrong visiting this place. There are great hotels, resorts and affordable vacation rentals here that you will enjoy.

The story of China will never be as interesting as visiting it. The food, lights, sports, culture, shrines and temples are more reasons you must travel China. China has a very rich cultural heritage that a glimpse of the city both day and night is so magnificent. You do not have any need to worry about hotels, resorts and vacation rentals because China has lots of it-more than enough to suit any price that you will find affordable. It will definitely be a lifetime experience. These interesting facts will help you make just the right decision that will be worth it.
Beijing is currently the capital of China; however, it is one of the oldest cities in the world dating back to over 3000 years ago. Lovers of historical heritage will find this place very interesting; for its abundant historical heritage, Beijing has been included in the UNESCO Heritage Sites. The imperial ambiance that this beautiful city has, gives it the prestige for a country to reckon with. Chinese culture is so significant and noticed the instant you arrive; you will certainly notice this from the cuisines which are garnished with uncommon recipes like sichuan, shandong, jiangsu, zhejiang, anhui, guangdong, hunan cuisines.
The Great Wall of China is the most significant structure that has been identified with the country. The construction of the wall dates back to 770 B.C, under the rulership of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. The Great Wall of China welcomes over 10 million tourists every year with 10,720,000 tourists visiting the Badaling and Mutianyu areas of the wall in 2013 alone. This record makes it one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world.
You might also be wondering why the Palace Museum is housed in the Forbidden City and the reason for its name. The Forbidden City was the imperial palace during the dynasty of Ming and Qing; only imperial families were aloud in and out of this place. Commoners were forbidden from entering the city and need to be invited before entering it, hence the reason for its name.
This city is highly rated as one of the top most tourist attraction in China and regarded as the origin of Chinese civilization. If you travel China without visiting Xi’an, you would have missed the fun of a lifetime because some of China’s most significant historical symbol is located here. They include; the Terracotta Warriors which can be found at The Emperor Qinshihuang's Mausoleum Site Museum. Buried here, were thousands of terracotta soldiers which have become rich historical objects making it the largest imperial tomb in China. You will also find beautiful souvenirs to gift your family; the Terracotta Army Figurines are sold in Xi’an and tourists find them very attractive.
Tiananmen Square is among the list of top ten largest squares in the world. You will find the Tiananmen Square very interesting to visit as there are lots of attractions that draw tourists in their millions here. The square holds a great history dating back to over 5000 years and is approved by the Ministry of Culture; hence you will find artifacts such as the Chinese Buddhist sculpture, and the National Museum of China, and the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong.
In conclusion, it is nearly impossible to exhaustively write the wonders that the great “China” has, however, all that has been mentioned above are just little of the myriad of things you will experience on your next trip to China. We can help you find the perfect deals by finding cheap flights, hotels, resorts and vacation rentals that would

Would you love to enjoy the beauty of life and nature in one the most attractive cities in the world? If your answer is yes, then we are glad to show you the most beautiful things that make Japan one of the top countries tourists desire to be. There are so many things to do in Japan that the opportunities are inexhaustible but the experience will definitely be worth it.
On your next vacation, you should travel Japan because right from your arrival to any city of your choice, you will enjoy every moment in Japan. There is a myriad of exotic resorts, hotels and vacation rentals that fit your taste no matter who you are. Here some unique places and things to do to make your Japan travel a fulfilling one.

Tokyo is a city that is blessed in all ramifications building a solid myriad of things that continue to attract tourists such as, infrastructure, architectural designs, music, festivals, and sports such as football, baseball, and wrestling etc. You get the kind of treatment that suits the royal ambiance that is never felt in other cities. You will find some of the most fancy restaurants and bars where you will be served with some of the most enjoyable meals and drinks.

Located about 40 km away from Osaka, Kyoto is a very ancient city having been as Japan’s capital city from 794 to 1868. Here, you can enjoy Kyoto cuisines, some of which are traditional delicacies with amazing taste. Kyoto has developed immensely into a city with high culture, politics as well as craftsmanship. The serene and awesome ambience of Arashiyama Groove makes it a unique tourist attraction; filled with monumental temples, shrines and parks as well as the bamboo forest, it is a site worth visiting. One of the most popular attractions in the whole of Japan is the Kinkaku-ji, a temple built with its top two floors covered with pure gold leaf. The sight of Kiyomizu-dera temple at night is so beautiful. This monumental structure as well pulls millions of tourists who travel Japan year-in-year-out.

Thinking of a visit to Mount Fuji? You are definitely going to have a fun filled time at this sacred mountain which for centuries has become a pilgrimage site. The Mount Fuji can be accessed through several routes but most especially in July and August when the mountain is officially opened.

Osaka has the perfect description of a modern city; at night, this city is a wonder sight with its trendy neon lights and over 75 amusement parks such as the Osaka Castle Park, Tennoji Park and Nakanoshima Park etc. Also situated here, are other attractive tourist sites such as the Universal Studio Japan. How about visiting one of the biggest aquariums in the world? The Kaiyukan Aquarium has a walk through and displays over 470 species of marine life in about 5,400 cubic meters of water. The sight of the manta rays and 2 whale sharks swimming is a very attractive sight to see here at Osaka

This city was briefly the capital of Japan and it might interest you to know that this city has been named World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The beautiful city of Nara is located very close to Osaka and Kyoto hence it might only take a day's trip to get here. It is famous for its temples and shrines. They include Todaiji Temple, Horyuji Temple, and the beautiful Tanzan shrine etc.
Your next vacation, tour and trip should be to Japan and you are assured to have a splendid experience. You will need and agency that is capable of making you exceptional travel deals at the fastest time possible. We have a solid modus operandi that will ensure you have a joyous experience in Japan.

As the Caribbean continues to rebound from last year’s devastating hurricane season, now is the time to explore the depth and breadth of experiences available in this diverse region. The Grenadines, a chain of dozens of islands south of St. Vincent, were spared by the 2017 storms (in fact, the last time they experienced a direct hit from a hurricane was over 60 years ago). But only recently has the tourism infrastructure and local economy come to match the archipelago’s raw natural beauty. This year, one island in particular — Bequia — will be in focus thanks to the highly anticipated opening of the Liming, a sleek resort that comprises nine clean-lined private villas and a luxe manor home. But other islands are also on the up and up. Mandarin Oriental recently took over the management of a luxe property on the island of Canouan, which officially rebranded in July with just 26 suites and 13 exclusive villas on a prime section of Godahl Beach.

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