We started Safely to answer the two most pressing questions homeowners have when renting to ‘internet strangers’. Who’s sleeping in my bed tonight? What happens when something goes wrong?

Safely. Trust insured. Safely answers the two most pressing questions in the vacation home rental industry: Who is staying in my house? What happens when something goes wrong? Combining a rigorous guest verification program with the most comprehensive insurance available, Safely gives property managers and homeowners peace of mind that their homes are safe and protected. Headquartered in Atlanta at Georgia Tech’s technology business incubator, ATDC, Safely was founded in 2013.

We traveled. We listened. We laughed. We cried.

Your Vacation Rental Horror stories are incredible.
Do you have a story you just HAVE to tell?
Share your story and win BIG!

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Come by our booth for VRM Intel LIVE in Gatlinburg and tell us your Vacation Rental horror stories.

Top 5 win a prize and the glory that is the #worstguest horror story and featured online!

If you are in #Gatlinburg this afternoon join us for a cocktail at 6:30 at the Smoky Mountain Brewery.

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No matter what happens this Valentine's day, we've got you covered.

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Happy Valentine's Day from the Team Safely

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VRM Intel Live! is heading to Gatlinburg, Feb 26, with advanced-level education and discussion for vacation rental managers - VRM Intel

#FunFacts about #Gatlinburg #Tennessee

1) Did you know that Gatlinburg hosts over 11 million visitors per year, and yet the city only has about 4,000 permanent residents.

2) Gatlinburg is the 2nd most popular wedding destination in the U.S. (Las Vegas holds the top spot!)

3) The Safely team is headed there in less than 20 days for @VRMIntel. We're proud sponsors. In-between the advanced education classes we'll be discussing what to eat at the @PancakePantry

#Vacationrental #VRMIntel #safely #insurance #vacationrentalindustry #travel #travelsafe Vacation rental professionals are heading to Tennessee in a few weeks for VRM Intel Live! Gatlinburg. The conference will be held on Wednesday, February 26, from 8 – 5, at the Gatlinburg Convention Center. With 26 sessions covering marketing, strategy, operations, property care, technology, and re...

The Wild West and the Vacation Rental Industry - VRM Intel

Are you a Vacation Rental Pioneer? - From speculators to outlaws @VRMIntel breaks down the history of the vacation rental industry

"With rapid growth, the industry has its share of bad actors and businesses/investors looking for get-rich-quick opportunities.

But through all of this, the professional vacation rental industry, especially at the local level, has matured and proven itself as a sustainable, valuable, and thriving sector of travel." ##vrmintel #vacationrental #rentalproperty #Propertymanagement #vacations The 2020s: This new decade will establish law, order, and professionalism for the vacation rental industry. The vacation rental industry is like the Wild West. Over the past 15 years working in the sector, I’ve heard this comparison hundreds of times in articles, discussions, and presentations. Li...

Airbnb is giving 2 people the chance to sleep in Juliet's Verona house on Valentine's Day and live out a less dark version of 'Romeo and Juliet'

“But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east and Juliet is the sun.” @Airbnb is giving two people the chance to sleep in Juliet's Verona house on Valentine's Day and stand upon the most famous balcony in history. #RomeoJuliet #Airbnb #airbnblove #ValentinesDay The winning couple will be waited on by a butler, have dinner prepared by a two-Michelin star chef, and get a private tour of Verona, Italy.

Thank you @VRMIntel for the wonderful event. Kerry and Brian enjoyed hearing from property managers about their concerns for fraud, the true costs of a home needing unscheduled repairs and the best places for seafood! Sandestin Florida was wonderful. #VRMIntel #Sandestin #Florida

VRM Intel Live! - Sandestin, FL & Gatlinburg, TN

Are you headed to the Sandestin for VRM Intel Live? We are all geared up and ready for some warm weather in Baytowne Wharf. We'll join VRM Intel journalists, industry thought leaders, and local vacation rental managers.
@VRMIntel #VRMIntelLive #PropertyManager #VacationRentals

Airbnb to Tie Employee Bonuses to Guest Safety

Are you protecting your guests as much as your business? Airbnb agrees that keeping guests safe is important enough to tie employee bonuses.

Give your guests the best protection and let them know you care by insuring their stay. #Airbnb #vacationrental #Safely #TravelSafe #Travel #shortlet Ahead of its plans to go public, Airbnb laid out a strategy that emphasizes serving “stakeholders” that include hosts, guests, investors, employees and the communities in which it does business.

Average Length of Stay for Vacation Rentals Remains Largely Unchanged Over Last 3 Years - VRM Intel

Average Length of Stay for Vacation Rentals Remains Largely Unchanged Over Last 3 Years - @VRMIntel #VRMintel #Keydata #Vacationrental #Vacation #vacations #vacationhomes #vacationtime #PropertyManager #Propertymanagement Experts have been telling us for years that vacation rental guests are taking shorter vacations and that the average length of stay is shrinking. As you may have read in the article, “18 Months in Review,” we haven’t seen data supporting this claim, but we haven’t had access to actual data s...

Looking for that special family Christmas gift? 5 reasons to give the gift of time with a family vacation (plus booking tips) - VRM Intel

Looking for a special family Christmas gift? Give the gift of time with a family vacation. - VRM Intel #vacationrental #travelgift #giftoftravel #traveling Choosing the right Christmas presents for family members can be challenging. We look for gift ideas that are meaningful, create joy, build lasting memories, build us to be better people, and make us stronger as a family. To cover all these bases, consider giving the gift of a family vacation this ye...

Vacation Rental Insurance and Guest Verification | Safely

When is your next vacation rental home disaster? Deborah Heather with @Quality in Tourism released a white paper that discusses the "lack of regulation within the sharing economy that is allowing landlords to rent part or all of their properties without any safety checks or assessments whatsoever"

When something goes wrong, are you and your homeowners covered?
We have insured over $16 Billion in liability coverage just this past year alone. Get the most comprehensive vacation rental insurance overage at no extra cost to you or your homeowners. Verify every guest staying your home.

Airbnb officially bans all 'open-invite' house parties

NEWS: Airbnb officially bans all 'open-invite' house parties #airbnb #vacationrental #insurance Airbnb has banned house parties and introduced new policies to deal with noise, cleanliness, parking and smoking.

VRMA : VRMA Connect North Carolina

We're in Chapel Hill for Vacation Rental Management Association - North Carolina

Can you trust the guests that sleep in your beds? Screen every reservation and insure their stay for up to $1,000,000.

If you will be there, let's grab a drink. Email us at [email protected]

#VRMA #ChapelHill #Insuretech #VacationRental #Safely #GuestVerification #GuestScreening #Insurance #vacationrentals In connection with the North Carolina Vacation Rental Management Association (NCVRMA), VRMA Connect – North Carolina will take place in Chapel Hill, North Carolina at the Carolina Inn on December 3, 2019.


Thank you Operto for mentioning us as a "great tools for pre-screening guests and doing background checks to ensure that a property is not being rented to a ‘bad guest."

With ever-increasing guest expectations and regulatory pressure, short-term rental hosts and managers are constantly challenged. Luckily there's an impressive ecosystem of tech that helps professionalize and grow the industry.

In this article, we discuss solutions that enable responsible management. Operto throws access control, noise/occupancy monitoring, and energy savings in the hat, amongst our many friends and partners' contributions towards a #SmartStay

Transparent Intelligence | Safely | CheKin | Check-in Scan | Touch Stay | HelloHere | Hostfully | Nuki | NoiseAware | Minut | ecobee | tado | Inman News

How new Airbnb restrictions could impact travelers

“There are some third-party companies that are getting popular in the professional vacation rental industry, such as Safely...making sure every guest is a legit guest" - Thank you for the mention David Jacoby, Co-founder & President of @hostfully_

#VacationRental #airbnb #safely #hostfully Airbnb, the $35-billion travel company set to go public next year, has appeared in a number of unflattering headlines recently, prompting a slew of new restrictions and regulations that could change how you travel with the short-term rental platform. For more TPG news delivered each morning to your....

VRM University Live

We're ecstatic to head to Orlando next week. Just in time to miss the cold front!

Join us on Nov 12th for VRM University's live training and workshop sessions.

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Virtual Resort Manager is starting up the action inside the beautiful and fun The Florida Hotel & Conference Center Live Training session with the VRM team in Orlando, FL coming November 12, 2019 from 9 am to 5 pm.

Chris and Kerry enjoyed their time at Vacation Rental Management Association - VRMA Connect in New England. Massachusetts is beautiful this time of year and Sea Crest Beach Hotel was a great host. #VRMA #VRMAconnect #Concierge #TravelTuesday

Our CEO, Andrew Bate, is speaking at HOST in #London. Join him and see over 100 exhibitors, 5 conference theatres and 200+ speakers. Want to get access? Our team has 5 tickets left to give out! Grab them and enjoy the conference on us. #Host #vacationrental

Flexible Rentals Investment Conference

Join us for the inaugural Flexible Rentals Investment Conference. Our CEO, Andrew Bate is one of the Innovators sharing his insights on how to keep your homes safe. Want to know who's staying in your home? Listen to Andrew at 4pm @ConferenceFLEX #Safely #FlexRentals The Flexible Rentals Investment Conference will be held October 22- 23, 2019 at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco CA (“FLEX”). Invited attendees will include developers, asset managers, operations and pricing executives, as well as investors, lenders and other concerne

Know which reservations you should keep an eye on.

Try out the Safely Score and see for yourself. Come to our booth 1115 for a demonstration. Look for the BIG elephant in the room. Vacation Rental Management Association - VRMA

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⚜️Our team @VRMA in New Orleans

🔺Who's staying in your home tonight? Are they a "Risky Guest"?

🔔Drop by our booth and see which reservations are the riskiest ones. Keep an an eye on risky reservations.

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Want to know who's sleeping in your beds tonight? Safely Score let's you know the reservation risk score and which guests to keep an eye on. Get a live demo at booth #1115

We're at @VRMA in New Orleans today through Wednesday. Drop by our booth and chat with us about how we can prevent, predict and protect your homes.

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Elderly couple who have gone on the same holiday for 56 years get sweet surprise

Elderly couple who have gone on the same holiday for 56 years get sweet surprise #sublet #wholesome #wholesomenews #shortlet #shortletting #vacationrental #VRBO EXCLUSIVE: The Uthoffs have been going on the exact same holiday for 56 years in a row but this summer was extra special

🌵Property Managers are flocking to @StreamlineVRS Summit19 in Scottsdale, AZ

🔑 Join our Co-founder, Lui King, as he talks about building trust into your vacation rentals

#GuestScreening #VacationRentals #ShortTermRental #Streamline19 #StreamlineVRS

Agenda - Guestyval

🔑 Are your listings secure for you, your guests and your wallet? Safely's CEO, Andrew Bate, will tell you how today, Day 2 of #GuestyVal - The Future of Hospitality

⛺️ Sleep Better at Night: How To Ensure Your Listings Are Secure for You, Your Guests & Your Wallet

@Guesty #Guesty #Safely #ShortTermRental #VacationRental #RentalInsurance We’re looking forward to providing an enriching three-day experience designed to give attendees invaluable exposure to the leading influencers & solutions that are shaping the industry.

AirDNA Index | August 2019 | Health of U.S. Short-Term Rental Market

A new wave of travelers 🏖️looking for more unique and affordable 🏰hotel alternatives fuels short term rentals. Take a look at the health of 🇺🇸U.S. Short-Term Rental Market - AirDNA #vacationRentals #VacationInsurance #VRBO #AirBnB #HomeInsurance #propertymanagement #shorttermrentals How are Airbnb and Vrbo rentals performing in the United States? The AirDNA Index analyzes the top 50 short-term markets in a rental report each month.

Data Reveals Vacation Home Hot Spots Across the Country - IPX1031

Check out the top states for vacation homes in the 🇺🇸 Did your state make the top 5? 🏆👊😇

#vacationRentals #staycation #Airbnb #rentals #vacationmode We got our data courtesy of IPX1031 Investment Property Exchange Services, Inc. We researched vacation home data from more than 29,000 different census designated places across all 50 states and ranked the top three locations with the most vacation homes in every state.

Airbnb activates Open Homes program in Hurricane Dorian response

#Wholesome news coming from @Airbnb during times of crisis.

Would you open your home to evacuees from Hurricane Dorian or another similar disaster? #HurricaneDorian #Cat5 #HurricaneParty #VacationRentals Airbnb activates Open Homes program in Hurricane Dorian response: Read on for more information at our ShortTermRentalz website.

Homepage - Guestyval

We are happy to announce our CEO, Andrew Bate, will be speaking in Tel Aviv for GuestyVal.

Moderator Sheli Grumet will guide us through the topic:
"Sleep Better at Night" - How To Ensure Your Listings Are Secure for You, Your Guests & Your Wallet #Guesty #GuestyVal #VacationRentals #VRMA #Safely #VacationInsurance #VacationRentalInsurance What to expect? Days 1 & 2 Showcase what you bring to the industry, form valuable connections and attend enriching sessions & lectures from our dynamic program.

Senior citizens are the fastest growing and highest-rated host demographic on Airbnb? Is hosting for you?

Tips For Renting Your Vacation Rental to Loved Ones | TurnKey

Every vacation homeowner has friends and family who think they would be the perfect guest -- for a nice discount. How do you handle them? How do you say no? Learn more: If you want to let your friends and family use your second home, read these 4 suggestions to protect yourself and your rental.

Is your vacation rental family-friendly? Children can be just as comfortable as adults. For example, family-friendly trip suggestions, and little gifts for the kids. Learn more:

As a property manager, do you struggle with time management? Optimizing your time and maximizing your revenue at the same time is one of the biggest challenges that property managers face. Check out this article for tips:

Would you consider your vacation rental to be "Instagrammable"? Since travel photos are a big hit on this social media platform, you could be missing opportunities if you and your guests aren't sharing photos. Get the details here:

525 Gulfview Escape

Bask in the sun or relax in the hot tub under the illuminating moon in this Florida vacation rental [email protected] Thank you — we have submitted your request and will respond within 24-48 hours. To communicate with a vacation specialist now, you can:Have us call youChat with a specialist onlineCall us at…

Our Story

We started Safely to answer the two most pressing questions homeowners have when renting their property to ‘internet strangers’.

  • Who’s sleeping in my bed tonight?

  • What happens when something goes wrong?
  • Safely is a leader in modern vacation rental security. Through comprehensive guest screening and insurance services, Safely helps property managers and homeowners minimize anxiety and improve safety. By partnering with the world’s top insurance carriers and property management systems, Safely makes it easy to secure your investment in your vacation homes. Safely has covered over $16 billion in liability in the past 12 months alone. You can avoid the worst guests, understand the risk of every reservation, and protect your vacation rental when something goes wrong.

    Safely makes internet strangers your trusted guests.

    Want your business to be the top-listed Travel Agency in Atlanta?

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