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Videos by Cork and Keg Tours in Ashburn. Cork & Keg Tours The sophisticated and customized way to journey through the scenic Loudoun Wine & Craft Beer country! Safe passage in style, Cheers!

Families that floss together, laugh together! Fun with @corkandkegtours at @bearchasebrew when you
@visitloudoun !

#corkandkegtours #loveloudoun #flosslikeaboss #livelaughlove #drinklocal #drinkloudoun

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Families that floss together, laugh together! Fun with @corkandkegtours at @bearchasebrew when you @visitloudoun ! #corkandkegtours #loveloudoun #flosslikeaboss #livelaughlove #drinklocal #drinkloudoun

First, THANK YOU to everyone for all of your kind anniversary messages! We l <3 ve what we do because of people like YOU! Looking forward to a wonderful holiday season of pampering you and your friends on beautiful Winter Wine-derland tours to cozy wineries with juuuust the right atmosphere on a chilly day! You know how to find us...

TODAY IS A SPECIAL DAY for us, 25 years ago we said "we do" and we STILL do! ❀️ Together we've built a family, a business and a friendship that all mean the world to us. Thank you all for being part of our present and future, cheers to love, life and laughs! "Life is better with you!"

This testimonial from @luv2travel25 was spontaneous, humbling and do kind... we hope we make every guest feel this way! πŸ’– #attitudeofgratitude #corkandkegtours #loudounwinecountry #loudounwine #loveloudoun

Today's tour includes guests on their 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th tours with us, HOW GREAT is that!! thank you to Chrysalis Vineyards for getting our day off to a lovely start with a cave tasting! ❀️

Off to the Virginia Wineries Association annual meeting! The dog decided to hit snooze instead.... What's your day look like? Cheers y'all! Ps, no idea why Katie is tagged in this post.... But hi Katie! 😁

Cheers at @boxwoodwinery ! #loveloudoun #findyourvine #corkandkegtours #drinkloudoun #drinklocal #redredwine

SO EXCITED about another fabulous fall tour today! Who can guess where we are headed based on these pics...? If you see us- hollaaaa!!! I still have πŸŽ€gifts πŸŽ€to give if you say "CHEERS Y'ALL!" and post a tagged selfie with us on your social media!

DO YOU HAVE THE BEST TEAM? ok- if you play for the Redskins, the answer is NO. 🀭🀭 But if not, and you want to reward your to performers with a special day in wine country, book a Private Corporate Tour with us! Thursdays and Fridays now available! Contact us to discuss dates and itineraries, [email protected] or call/txt 5712675910 Or reserve now at this link: SHARE with your boss as a "hint hint"! πŸ₯‚πŸ»πŸ₯‚

Why you'll Fall in Love when you Visit Loudoun! This is why we absolutely adore Autumn tours!!! A few Sundays in November still available... Why wait! 🍷🍷

DID YOU KNOW October is Women is National Women's Small Business Month? Well neither did we just JUST NOW- Perfect timing to let you get to know Renee a bit better! - born in 1970, raised in Bellevue Nebraska, usually the first person from Nebraska that anyone has ever met - married to and dating Don Ventrice for 25 years <3 - proud mom of Gino, who just turned 21 and has 80% of her good characteristics and 99% of her bad habits - has unwavering and unconditional love for her Jack Russell Terrier Beemer... - her resume includes US Navy Cryptologist, Luxury Travel Account Manager, Deejay, Bartender, Atmosphere Dancer, and oh so much more... - the biggest Prince fan you will ever meet (yes she really DID dance on stage with him in 1991, and tells that story ANY time it can be worked into a conversation...) - has "invented" no less than 10 products that will one day make her a millionaire... if she ever actually writes them down - obsessed with the 80's video game Centipede - cannot ride a bike, has scars to prove it - makes the best deviled eggs in the universe, just ask her, she'll tell you - never intentionally matches her socks - will dance, watch Sideways and Singing in the Rain, drink red wine, write a never ending book and buy "someday-i-will-create-a-business-for-it" domain names until the end of her days Now, you know Renee a bit better so when she is guiding you on her tour when you Visit Loudoun, you know EXACTLY who you are hanging out with! CHEERS to Women in Small Biz!

Enjoying some wonderful family time in Nebraska for Pop's 80th birthday! No way to write this off as market research, so we're just gonna enjoy! ❀️

The big day before the BIG day is finally here! The Loudoun is for Lovers Military Wedding Giveaway kicks off with the bachelorette party we are treating the luck bride-to be to! She'll enjoy a spectacular day in wine country with her friends and family, courtesy of the generosity of three wonderful wineries: Zephaniah Farm Vineyard, Stone Tower Winery and Sunset Hills Vineyards! WOW! What a treat to be a part of this special event along with many other LoCo bizzes listed at this link! Can't wait!

Another gorgeous day in wine country with a really fun group of guests! Thank you Chrysalis Vineyards, Old Ox Brewery Middleburg and 50 West for your incredible hospitality!!

REWARD your team for a job well done! Private Tours available now on Thursdays and Fridays- PERFECT for team building and recognition for top performers! Https:// or contact is with questions at [email protected] or call/txt 5712675910

Pulled an audible on our tour today and ended up at Vanish Brewery, wow! Expanded a bit since our last visit, and a fantastic Oktoberfest beer discovered via market research! Throw in Jason Masi and Nollypop Mobile Boutique and it's a picture perfect fall afternoon!!

We don't just take pictures on Cork and Keg Tours, we CREATE MEMORIES! Just a peek at a few special moments from past tours... when are we going to take YOU to Taste the Memories? Cheers y'all!

VIRGINIA WINE MONTH is in full swing with harvest parties, new releases, all kinds of wonderful things happening when you Visit Loudoun... Thank you to for including us in their Wine Month display! JUMP ON THE LAST BLENDED TOUR FOR OCTOBER: Sunday Oct 13!

Surprise birthday parties are the BEST! Even better when it's for a neighbor and dear friend πŸ₯°πŸ₯° thank you for including us in this special day, cheers!!

Fall is phenomenal when you Visit Loudoun wine country! Join us on Sunday Oct 13, $99 per guest (tastings and lunch not included)

(with sound) now you know my job when I'm not on tours... Pet the Dog. The end. πŸ’–πŸΎπŸ’– #pawsonmyheart

CANNOT SAY enough great things about the Lovettsville Oktoberfest! Wow, great music, excellent grub, wonderfully well run- first class all the way! We are looking forward to sponsoring again and being a part of this fantastic community event. Fabulous job by a hard working committee!! Ausgehtzeichnit!

Quattro Goomba's Winery Quattro Goombas Brewery Boxwood Estate Winery and 50 West, see y'all soon! 🍻🍻🍷🍷

SMALL BIZ SHOUT OUT: Old Ox Brewery and Old Ox Brewery Middleburg What makes our job sooo easy and sooo much fun is the high caliber venues we take our guests to experience! The selection of beer at both Old Ox locations appeals to a broad spectrum of clients- from craft beer snobs (you know who you are! 😁) to experimental and new beer drinkers eager to try something different! Middleburg features a unique menu of beers aged in wine barrels that have delighted our "oh I don't drink beer" guests who gave them a try. 🍻 While the atmospheres at each differ slightly- Middleburg being smaller and more quaint, and Ashburn is much larger and always lively- both are welcoming with board games, outdoor pet-friendly seating, and an educated, friendly and professional staff to keep the suds coming. Unique educational nights and wonderful fundraising events at the Ashburn location set it apart from other local breweries as well! Thank you, Old Ox, for keeping that bar high for the LoCo Ale Trail breweries and for all the smiles you bring to us and our guests! Old Ox fans out there, share what YOU love about them!! Cheers y'all!

It was a beautiful day with the most lovely guests celebrating a bachelorette party! Just one more example of why we love our side hustle! πŸ’–πŸ’–

Moments like these are why we ❀️❀️❀️ what we do! Happy Monday y'all!

One of the wine-derful parts of our day is catching up with winery owners while on our tours! Meet Roxanne, owner of Winery 32! Ever wondered about the name...? COMMENT with your favorite reason that she shares in this video!

Winery 32 sangria boomerang. Come and get it!

Well THAT WAS FUN!! spent the day celebrating @Nessa's birthday and making a fun biz piece!! AR Workshop Loudoun was so much fun and Gabby was awesome helping me not make a huge mess! Will be back!!! Cheers y'all!

Our final stop on the Lovettsville Oktoberfest brewery tour was at the always awesome Ocelot Brewing Company! Looking at our table I think THATSALOT is an appropriate description of how much beer there was!! Thanks for the hospitality y'all, it was great!

Old Ox Brewery, thank you so much for the hospitality, education and laughs! From the Marzen, to the excellent production tour with Graham, and all the pours in between, our guests had an amazing time!

We're SO excited that today is finally here!? Hosting the Lovettsville Oktoberfest volunteer committee on their second brewery tour with us! Follow their page and check out the GIVEAWAY ALERT. Starting and ending the day at DΓΆner Bistro, and looking forward to a tasty day of suds and laughs at Crooked Run Brewing, Old Ox Brewery and Ocelot Brewing Company! Zum Wohl!

At the end of a great tour, cheers with a 2015 @tycatonvineyards Titanium! Cheers y'all!

FUN FACT! LABOR DAY is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. FUNNER FACT! It's the 125th anniversary of Labor Day this year! FUNNEST FACT! We still have availability for Private and Blended Tours Labor Day weekend! Celebrate YOUR hard work by raising a glass on a tour with us- YOU'VE EARNED IT! <3 $999 special applies for Sunday Private Tours! Learn more about our tours here, grab some friends and loved ones, and join us!

... When guests ask us to be a part of their celebration, who are WE to say no? He will wear the bride-to-be's tiara (and look adorable while rockin it!), I will share in enjoying a flight (market research baby!), take those selfies and make our guests happy with memorable pictures and moments! #loveoursidehustle STILL a few August dates open for booking! Grab a few friends and take a Blended Tour with us! Aug 17, 18 and 31, book today and Taste the Memories! Https://

Have you got a B&B that we need to see? today is the day send your info our way! [email protected] or call/txt 5712675910 Headed out to view some gorgeous properties today, if it fits our route, get on the list! Tag your favorite b n b y'all!!

Heartfelt thanks to Chrysalis Vineyards, Old Ox Brewery Middleburg, Greenhill Winery & Vineyards and Fleetwood Farm Winery for your hospitality on our lovely Saturday Hops & Vines Tour! Did some serious "market research" on the Middleburg Only brews at Old Ox, the perfect blend of fruit flavors and crisp light hops to please both experienced and new beer drinkers! Beautiful, dog friendly spot with a friendly efficient team too, welcome to the neighborhood!! 🍻🍻 Thank you to our lovely guests who became fast friends on this Blended Tour, it was like you all knew each other for years within minutes! Such a fun day- Cheers y'all!

Cheers y'all! Who doesn't love a toast with new friends in a Blended Tour! #corkandkegtours #loveloudoun #visitloudoun #findyourvine

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