Haunted Alton / Antoinette's Haunted History Tours

Sharing authentic haunted & historical locations from 1992-2011. I'm Antoinette's daughter (Alixandria) and I started my own company, Haunted Alton.

Operating as usual

[09/01/18]   There are currently no tours or events scheduled for the 2018 season. Please do not confuse this page with the Alton Haunted Tours with Gary, David and Chad. I am sure they are having tours.

[09/13/16]   Only a few $40 for $50 deals left on our Yelp page!

[07/24/16]   Now taking reservations for Hallowe'en Season tours. Yay!
September - (Fridays) 16, 23, 30 (Saturdays) 3, 10, 17, 24
October - (Fridays) 7, 14, 21, 28 (Saturdays) 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 and Monday, Halloween night.
Other nights may be requested during the season.
Tours must be have at least 6 people, but no more than 13 people.
To make a reservation, send an email to [email protected] with the number in your party, your phone number and the date you want. $50 per person.

Some info about the upcoming tour on Sunday, May 29.

CREEPY ALTON TOURS (C.A.T.S) heh heh heh

Ghosts are not the only beings that are rarely seen - angels, fairies, imps, demons, elementals and shadow people are here, too. Who can prove that vampires, shapeshifters, and wesen DON'T exist?
Most ghosts are nice enough, but supernatural beings may not be. Come visit some places that are known to be haunted by spirits, and see what else may show up. Let Alixandria lead you on a journey where you could have a pretty unsettling experience.
Are you brave enough to give it a try?

All tours are limited to 14 tourists. For this tour ONLY, the price will be $40 per person (price will be higher for following tours). Must be at least 21. There will be walking on uneven ground and up & down several stairs.
Payments can be made through PayPal. For other payment arrangements, contact Alixandria at [email protected].

Shown is a vampire killing kit from the 1800s. We *probably* won't need one. Probably.

[04/19/16]   The "interesting thing" I've been working on is a tour! Yay! All details will be posted as soon as everything is 100% finalized.
I will say that the first tour is scheduled for Sunday, May 29th and there is space for only 14 tourists.

Haunted Alton / Antoinette's Haunted History Tours

Is there anyone in the greater St. Louis area who might want to be my tour assistant? If yes, "Like" this post and send an email to [email protected] with the subject "Gosh, Yes!". Don't send a mess of info about yourself yet, just your first and last name, the city you live in and the best phone number to contact you. If you send me your resume, I will snort derisively at you. This is NOT a typical job and typical qualifications aren't necessarily relevant.

Is there anyone in the greater St. Louis area who might want to be my tour assistant? If yes, "Like" this post and send an email to [email protected] with the subject "Gosh, Yes!". Don't send a mess of info about yourself yet, just your first and last name, the city you live in and the best phone number to contact you. If you send me your resume, I will snort derisively at you. This is NOT a typical job and typical qualifications aren't necessarily relevant.

[03/27/16]   Working on something interesting...

[09/02/13]   I don't know if I'll be able to have any tours this Halloween. A whole lot of life has been in the way. If I can, I will post them.

[01/23/13]   Do you believe in demons? Why or why not?

[11/05/12]   Well, the Halloween season tours are over. I don't want to wait a whole year before more ghost stuff, so I might come up with something in January or February.

[10/23/12]   The last location on this season's tour has been changed to the Confederate Cemetery. The house on High & Dry will be used in the future as an investigation location with a very small group. The Cemetery is good and creepy and has only one headstone. Yep, only one.

[10/21/12]   The Iron Gates trip is open to ONLY 12 people. If you like a small group with other ghost hunters and like to walk around in Nature, this is for you!
Notice, I did not say in your Nature suit. Nudity is not an option for this event. :)

Iron Gates Day Trip


Iron Gates Day Trip


Join Alix and a small group of people on a scenic ride through farm country, over to Greenville, Illinois. We'll meet up with David McCracken (a particularly Adventurous Gypsy, then stop for lunch at a local fast food restaurant. After lunch, we'll go to Iron Gates and see what manifestations occur. The legend about the property is that decades ago, a family of 5 lived there, then quite unexpectedly one night, the father killed them all, then himself. The house has since fallen down but the spirits of the murdered family, the father and all sorts of other entities are there. Many people have had really strange experiences there at night and in bright daylight. We'll explore for a couple hours then head on back to Alton.
Make sure to bring a camera, any ghost finding equipment you have, and your own natural psychic ability. We'll be in a heavily wooded area with uneven terrain, so dress appropriately for the weather and for the woods.



[09/29/12]   Ghost Tours! - Saturday, Oct. 6th already sold out! 12th & 19th going fast!

Meet at a Masonic Lodge, board a short bus (just for my special tourists) then take a ride through Alton on your search for ghosts. The first stop is the famous McPike Mansion wine cellar that has been the site of hundreds of manifestations. The next stop is the Torture Museum inside the Mineral Springs Mall. In addition to the straight-out creepy factor of the Museum is the added bonus that there are ghosts throughout the entire building. The tour then proceeds to the Dry Street House; the home of a living person, a few entities and some ghosts.
Make sure to bring a camera, a flashlight and your own natural psychic ability.
Antoinette may be along on some tours, as her health permits.

WHEN: Every Friday and Saturday night in October.
TIME: Door opens at 6:15, board bus at 6:45, return approx. 9:30.
WHERE: Masonic Temple 1513 Washington Avenue, Alton, IL 62002 (The same one that Antoinette's Haunted History Tours used for the last years of business.)
COST: $35 per person
RESERVATIONS: All reservations will be accepted on a first PAID basis, so it is best to use PayPal. Send your credit card payment through PayPal and use [email protected] for the email address. If you need to send a check, make sure your party size and tour date are included. Send checks to: Adventure Gypsies, 2200 N. Rodgers Avenue, Alton, IL 62002. No refunds.

Each tour is limited to only 20 people. Age limit is 14 years. No alcohol. No smoking on bus or in buildings. There are several stairs on the tour.



I just remembered that Fred wrote about us in his blog last season. http://freditorials.freedomblogging.com/2011/10/31/altons-oldest-haunted-tour-is-laid-to-rest/

freditorials.freedomblogging.com “It has been a lot of fun, and I have enjoyed it tremendously,” Antoinette “Toni” Eason told me. “I have had a wonderful business partner, wonderful people working for me, and I have seen some awesome things in the last 20 years.”

Haunted Alton / Antoinette's Haunted History Tours's cover photo

[09/08/12]   I just updated the site with the tour locations. Unfortunately, there's been unexpected annoyance about my transportation, so I'm STILL waiting for final word on the dates.
I also added the info that I'm now available for psychic readings.

Antoinette and ghosts again! If you can't see the image well, here's the link: http://ymlp.com/zgFtT1

[06/27/12]   Even though Antoinette retired from her business, I'm keeping her kind of busy. Adventure Gypsies had a Ghost Stories event at the Mineral Springs Mall last Saturday night and Antoinette shared some really cool experiences she's had in different haunted places.

Ghost Stories

Antoinette and Alix will be on hand, and maybe David, Chad, and Gary will be too! Janet will be there and some of her crew will probably have stories too! FUN!


[11/08/11]   Many people have asked about getting on the Adventure Gypsies mailing list. If you want to make absolutely sure to get on the list, send your information to: [email protected].
As Antoinette's Haunted History Tours season has now ended, I am in the process of adding all the names & emails of folks who added their email addresses to the liability waivers they signed for the tours. Once that is complete, I will be sending out emails to everyone. Marlene will also have a copy of the full list in case she decides later to do events or a business of her own.
If you are already on AHHT's email list, you don't need to send me your info. -- Alixandria

[11/08/11]   The very last tour ended at 2:30 a.m. on November 6th, 2011. As November 5th was the 34th wedding anniversary of one of our location owners, we had a little extra energy and more manifestations than usual at the Fuchs (Fox) House. The McPike Mansion wine cellar had a lot of manifestations typical for that place, except for one - one of the big, heavy, rusted, iron cellar doors opened all by itself! Yay! There were several manifestations on the main floor of the Noll Steam Bakery & Confectionery Company building; one of which may or may not have been ghost-related: a few times there was a very bright, quick flash of light. I can't guarantee it didn't somehow come from a boat on the river, but it was neat to see. The underground section of the bakery building had some of the same type manifestations as throughout the season - spirits of possibly assembly line workers patting women's bottoms and touching hair. It was a good tour with some really good tourists.


Dead End Tours

Our very last tours are the "Dead End" tours and are being offered for a new price! They are the same tours we've had all season, but for less money!
They are offered November 4th and 5th only.

Dead End Early Tour/Entity Express is $35 (Friday only.)
Dead End Late Tour/Witching Hour is $35 (Friday & Saturday only.)
Dead End Dinner Tour/Eating with the Entities is $50 (Saturday only.)
(Those who've already made full-price reservations for these dates will get a refund of the difference.)

All tours include a 3-hour trolley tour of actual haunted locations lead by a psychic guide. The 3 investigation locations are: The Fuchs House, The Noll Steam Bakery & Confectionary Company, and the wine cellar of the McPike Mansion.
The dinner tour includes a yummy dinner catered by Tony's of downtown Alton. All tours begin in the Franklin Lodge, 1513 Washington Avenue, Alton, IL and include the chance to visit the Robert Wadlow Museum.
Make sure to bring cameras, ghost hunting equipment and your own natural psychic abilities.

Please do NOT use PayPal's eCheck feature to pay for your reservation. Our system will cancel your reservation before your eCheck would clear. Please bring a copy of your PayPal payment confirmation email with you as proof of payment. Your reservation confirmation from us is NOT proof of payment.

* *
The locations we visit may have several steps. This tour is not recommended for people who can not easily travel stairs, stand or walk for long periods of time.


[09/29/11]   BIG, big news! This is Antoinette and Marlene's 20th year of doing the tours and this is also their last. Marlene has had a full-time job that requires a lot of her time and she would like to devote more of her free time to her family. Antoinette wants to retire from work and focus more on just having fun. I (Alixandria) will be taking over the ghost tours and incorporating them into my own business that I am starting. The name of my business is Adventure Gypsies and I will be doing tours and events of all kinds, not only ghosty stuff. I don't have anything up on my website yet, but when I do, I'll post it on Facebook.

[09/08/11]   GHOSTS! Tour dates are posted and calendar is open for business! www.HauntedAlton.com

[09/07/11]   I'm really wanting to change a policy and have people bring in a printed copy of their PayPal payment confirmation email as proof of payment. It will be a lot easier for us to have verification of their payment, but not everyone in the general public has a 3-digit IQ... I'm afraid it would just end up being a real clustermess.

[09/07/11]   Yay! Finishing opening our calendar for reservations and updating web site! I'll be sending out a mass email (probably tonight) also to tell everyone to sign up for a tour.

[08/17/11]   We're going to have a house on our tour this year that has never been on a ghost tour before! Yay!

2010 Civil War Tour - Antoinette's Haunted History Tours

This is a video one of our tourists made from our Civil War tour in 2010.

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2010 Civil War Tour - Antoinette's Haunted History Tours




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