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Our ideal customer is anyone who needs to book 10 or more rooms at a hotel for a meeting, conference, school or church group, company incentive or retreat. We shop all hotels in your city and guide you to the perfect hotel for your needs.

Welcome to VenueQuest. If part of your job includes finding and booking hotels for department meetings and off-sites, then we are about to become good friends. VenueQuest is a free service, which enables Administrative Professionals, or anyone else, the ability to quickly gather proposals and availability from hotels all over a city. Your search is managed by a professional VenueQuest representative who will guide you every step of the way and can offer cost saving advice if necessary. We have no marketing agreements with any hotel company, so you can choose from literally every hotel in a destination, and you can count on getting unbiased advice and reviews from VenueQuest because we work for you, not for a hotel. Visit our website at to get started.

Happy Birthday America. 243 looks pretty good on you, and we love exploring your features from shining seas to majestic mountains.

If your hotel works with student tour groups, this is how a contract for youth groups is done right. Nice job Holiday Inn Rosslyn.

Help Us Get to Washington DC | project by Mrs. McIntosh

So happy VenueQuest and Crescent Hotels were able to work together to provide a portion of the funding this teacher needed to help take her class on a learning trip to Washington D.C. Check out to help teachers in your community get the extra funding they need for projects, classroom supplies and technology. Help me give my students a once in a lifetime experience. I am trying to create partial scholarships for deserving students with this project. I teach middle school history and geography in a K-12 ...

If you need a hotel for a meeting in Chicago, please let us know. We just received a really great special promotion from a hotel in downtown Chicago. I cannot post the name of the hotel here, but this hotel has promised to donate $5.00 for every room night booked, to the Ronald McDonald House of Chicagoland. Our free hotel search service is available to Executive Assistants and Administrative Professionals who need to find hotels for off-site meetings in any destination.

Southwest Airlines announces new rules for emotional support animals

Southwest Airlines has become the first airline to restrict the definition of emotional support animals to just cats and dogs. In recent months, people have used the proliferation of online Emotional Support-certification-for-a-fee services to attempt bringing on board peacocks, ducks, pigs, a rooster, snakes, big fuzzy spiders, turkeys, penguins, and a live lobster. Comedian Jim Jefferies documented on his show, how he registered a camel as an emotional support animal. We won't link to the video here because it is a little risque, but it happened! Beginning September 17, only one dog or cat—either in a carrier or on a leash—will be allowed per customer on Southwest flights.

Mexico’s Top Tourism Destinations Deemed Safe

Holding a company meeting, or association conference in Mexico, also exempts your organization and attendees from paying 15% VAT tax on rooms, transportation, meals, catering, audio/visual, and much more. Notice I said "exempt." This is not a situation where you apply for a refund. The VAT tax simply never gets applied to your invoices. Contact us if you would like to know more about holding a meeting in Mexico. The Department of State issued an updated travel advisory for Mexico.

Worth Meeting About Motion Graphic

It's true. It's not always the formal meeting, but when people are together in a room, or waiting in line, or sharing an elevator, or getting a coffee, things get done and progress gets made,

The campaign cycle has evolved, but face-to-face meetings remain at the crux of elections because when it's important, it's #WorthMeetingAbout. Learn more…

[05/21/18]   Busiest week of the year!

I just donated to KIPP Foundation. Do the same!

Love this organization! 8 KIPP School alumni (very possibly students who have previously travelled to DC on VenueQuest organized class trips), have been offered coveted Capitol Hill internships. These are unpaid internships, and the freshly graduated alumni must find a way to live in DC, without an income. KIPP Students are nothing if not hard working, so VenueQuest is pleased to help the KIPP Foundations effort to fund a fellowship which will provide housing and transportation while these students learn and work in our government. This is a great cause! Join me in my efforts to support them. Donate Now!

Need a one of a kind ultimate Warm weather escape for your team? Today I discovered Margaritaville Resort in Hollywood Beach, Florida is just the place. Ocean on one side, Intracoastal Waterway on the other side, truly luxurious meeting space and guest rooms, and a world class team of veteran hospitality professionals steering the ship. Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort

[11/13/17]   Good news from our friend Jamie at Sonoma County Tourism:
- Sonoma County is large — more than a million acres — and, fortunately, 90 percent of the county is undamaged.
- Top meeting, event, and conference hotels are in full operation

Is It Safe to Live in Mexico?

Personally, I would feel safer stranded on the side of the road between Cancun and Cancun Airport, than in many US cities and highways. I receive at least one or two emails a day asking me about crime and/or safety in Mexico. The interesting thing is that the emails rarely ask about a particular city or town; rather, they are askin…

The most expensive hotel rooms in New York City -

And you thought parking in New York City is expensive. has just published a new report that ranks the 10 most expensive hotel suites in Manhattan. The most expensive suite costs more than many homes—a jaw-dropping $75,000 per night.

Marriott Hotel Rewards | Earn & Redeem Marriott Reward Points

Use your Westin points at a Renaissance, or use your Ritz Carlton points at a Sheraton. First, you must link accounts here.

Two Types of Travelers — The Cooper Review There are two types of travelers in the world, which one are you?

US Travel: Long security lines will damage the economy: Travel Weekly

Have you heard of any of your team members, bosses or attendees adjusting their travel plans because of the long TSA wait lines? I have! A survey of Americans planning to fly this summer showed that more than 20% will postpone or cancel air travel, or take another means of transportation.

Marriott to Buy Starwood Hotels, Creating World’s Largest Hotel Company

Holy Smokes! The $12.2 billion deal, expected to close in the middle of next year, would give the combined company more than 5,500 owned or franchised hotels with 1.1 million rooms around the world.

There is an odd flow or pattern to the cities our clients request for meetings. I haven't heard a request for Orlando in months, and suddenly this week...3 different companies requesting Orlando for their next meeting. Totally unrelated. One in December, one in January, and another in May. Maybe it's the full moon.

Has your company ever tried holding a meeting in ski country?

And so it begins!

[08/13/15]   I've been working on RFP's for meetings in Asheville, Gatlinburg and Savannah this week. "Nestled" has been used in almost every description of a hotels location. Some are nestled in the Blue Ridge, some in the historic district, but they are all "nestled." I'm wondering if they all use the same copy editor for their marketing!

Haircuts and Hall of Famers. The right partnerships can make all the difference in business...

New blog post on the website. My son is a big fan of retired Atlanta Braves pitcher John Smoltz, because, rumor has it they share the same barber shop. In this article we discuss how good partners can make portions of your job easier, and in some cases, lead to the baseball Hall of Fame.

Feels good driving home across "flyover states" after connecting with the great ladies of #IAAPsummit2015. See you next year

VenueQuest is giving away a Starbucks gift card every hour at #IAAPsummit2015. Stop by the marketplace on Monday or Tuesday and get in on the drawings. Or, add a comment to this post, and we will put an extra entry in the giant coffee mug for you.

Lovely night in Louisville as we prepare to meet the wonderful attendees of #iaapsummit2015 tomorrow morning.

This hotel has my favorite go-to quickie breakfast place right in the lobby. How awesome.

[05/29/15]   It's nice to get positive feedback from clients. But it's even better to get an email like the one I received this morning from my clients BOSS, "...thank you for the event. Very nicely done and appreciated by those participating."

They got the lobby right (and everything else) at Loews Hotels newest build in downtown Chicago. Very pleased with our first booking at this new landmark building right next to the river. Call us if you need to find space for your meeting in Chicago.

We've built a better mouse trap. If you need to find a hotel for a meeting with 10 or more people, start here. And for a limited time, get rewarded for starting here.

[02/20/15]   We do not measure the importance of your meeting in number of attendees or rooms, nor in how many dollars you spend. We measure it by how important it is that everything go right.

Napa's Most Beautiful Wine Tasting Rooms

Planning a company meeting or Board retreat in Napa/Sonoma? Ask VenueQuest how we can help you get hundreds or even thousands of dollars credited toward your hotel bill in wine country. Also, VenueQuest can connect you with the best private mini-coach tour guides and drivers in the region. From an art-filled atrium to a subterranean space inspired by Roman architecture, here are the most beautiful places to drink wine in the Napa Valley. —Amanda Pressner

2014 Top 100 US Meeting Hotels | Cvent Destination Guide

Our long time technology partners at Cvent have released a list of the top 100 most popular meeting hotels in America. We compared it to our records and our team has completed bookings or on-site inspections at 55 of these venues.

You can book any one of these top 100 hotels through your agent at VenueQuest Over the past year, we evaluated thousands of meeting hotels, and below, you’ll find the top 100 most popular meeting hotels in America. To get more information about these and other outstanding meeting hotels, visit the Cvent Supplier Network.

[01/15/15]   $1.99 gas seems like a great idea...but here's an alternate thought. We have seen customers in the energy sector cancel 2 meetings this week, due to concerns about what impact cheaper oil will have on the profits of big oil producers and the suppliers who depend on them.

15 things travelers should know when planning a trip in 2015

Good news in here for many of our corporate customers who plan meetings in Europe. Our own anecdotal advice ready for climbing prices at hotels, and plan further in advance. At 3 months out, you will not have much selection for a mid-week meeting in most cities. Click below for the full article from LA Times. If we had a crystal ball, using its intelligence to figure out how to be a thriftier, smarter, trendier traveler would bring a big payoff. We don't have such an orb, but we do have some ideas on what the coming year holds for those who make the world their home.

IHG to Acquire Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Wow! We didn't see this one coming. InterContinental Hotels Group has agreed to buy Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants for $430 million in cash.

VenueQuest is part of American Express Small Business Saturday. If you are planning an All-Inclusive resort vacation, Disney, Carnival or Royal Caribbean cruise, or a ski trip, give us a call and support small business. There is no increase in the cost of your trip for booking through a licensed travel agency.

[11/18/14]   Does your company avoid travel in Mexico because of the crime and violence related to the ongoing drug wars? Here is an interesting fact, the distance between Ciudad Juarez (where much of the drug war is centered), and the tourist zones of Cancun and Riviera Maya, is equivalent to the distance between Houston, Texas and New York City

Meeting Planners Booking Bonus

Search for a hotel for your company meeting with VenueQuest and earn up to $400. We offer a free and easy way to find hotels in any city, for groups requiring 10 or more hotel rooms. Earn up to $400 by booking your next meeting with VenueQuest.

Meeting Planners Booking Bonus

Search for a hotel for your company meeting with VenueQuest and earn up to $400. We offer a free and easy way to find hotels in any city, for groups requiring 10 or more hotel rooms. Earn up to $400 by booking your next meeting with VenueQuest.

[10/31/14]   Do you think VenueQuest services are only for large meetings? I hope not. Most of our bookings are for customers planning meetings with 15 - 35 people attending. Where is your next off-site happening?

[09/28/14]   Good morning American Society of Administrative Professionals (ASAP) APC attendees. We are anxious to meet you this afternoon at the vendor showcase. "Like" this post and you will earn two extra entries in the giveaways at our booth before you even walk in the door!

Considering cruising for spring break? Give us a call. There are specials available on Disney, Royal Caribbean and Carnival.

I was traveling to a conference this morning and landed at Laguardia pretty early. I have obviously known what date I would be arriving in NY for several weeks, and my plan had been to just go to my hotel and carry on. But on the taxi ride into the city, we passed a fire station on 31st Street, and there were at least 100 firemen gathered out front on the sidewalk in full dress uniform, some with wives by their side and a few with children. That scene changed the mood for me. So I dropped off my bag and got on a southbound subway. Within about 20 minutes I was standing here. If you haven't seen it yet, this is the base of the new 104 story Freedom Tower. I'm glad I went.

You've Been Peeling Bananas Wrong Your Entire Life

You've Been Peeling Bananas the Wrong Way Your Entire Life. New blog post Chimpanzees teach humans the correct way to peel a banana, and VenueQuest suggest a better way to book hotels for company meetings and off-sites.

‘Yosemite HD’ will blow your mind

I often hear about individuals and corporate customers whose travel goals are focused on international "Wow" destinations. But there is so many sites packed with awe and wonder right here in the U.S. The national parks are not strictly the domain of families and overloaded SUVs. Would your company consider using Yosemite as a retreat if it also came with deluxe lodging and first rate food? Here is a timelapse that does justice to the massive majesty of Yosemite.

[08/06/14]   If you thought hotel rates seemed to be rising, you were correct. Starwood, Hilton and Marriott have all posted very strong 2nd quarter financials, with Revenues per Available Room rising by more than 5% in that quarter alone. If you need more than 10 rooms for a meeting or conference, get a professional on your side to negotiate rates (we recommend VenueQuest)!

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