Alpena: Sanctuary of the Great Lakes

Alpena: Sanctuary of the Great Lakes


I see any people today on Facebook offering help to the kids left without school meals, and the elderly who might need someone to shop for them. The school is offering food for the kids, but many can't get there. I know many people are willing to help, but getting something organized would be much more helpful for all involved. Any ideas? Who has contacts in the school to see if they are trying to organize something? I am more than willing to help anyone who needs it. PM me for my phone number.
I shot this video on Thunder Bay Alpena,MI near Bayview park...Ice Dragon... Feb 17,2020
Less then 5% of dairy operations account for milk sales in excess of 60% of the U.S. 36.5 billion dollar unprocessed milk market. These 2000 large operations consisting of 1000 head plus herds have come into existence because they have been able to exploit and abuse cheaper migrant labor to displace and replace traditional small family farms. The largest operations at the very top make up less then 0.5 percent of dairy farms, milking in excess of 5000 head, and consisting of approximately a mere 200 operation yet take home in excess of 20 percent of all milk sales. The consolidation is more severe then indicated in the above numbers as many of these mega operations have ownership in common and many produce under contract for milk processors and even retail conglomerates in systems that is dominated from store shelves to the farm by the corrupt few.
Own a piece of Alpena History. This building has private waterfront ownership that leads out to Lake Huron.
Happy New Year!
I was born in Alpena but now live in Lansing. Here are some photos I took over the Thanksgiving holiday when I came back to Alpena.
Lake Huron was quite upset the past few days...
If your Florida vacation is in February, check this out. Tickets already on sale🎟🎟
Lilac season!

Welcome to the official page of the community known as the Sanctuary of the Great Lakes. The historic Michigan port city of Alpena is nestled between a vast forest and an endless clear blue bay on Lake Huron.

Welcome to the official page of the community known as the Sanctuary of the Great Lakes. The historic Michigan port city of Alpena is nestled between a vast forest and an endless clear blue bay on Lake Huron.

Devonian Period Fish Found Alive and Well in Rockport Quarry!

Breaking news!!

Devonian Period fish found alive and well in Rockport quarry- Read more in the link below! ⬇️ You heard it here first! 400 million-year-old Dunkleosteus found alive and well in the quarry at Rockport State Recreation Area!

Can you still go fishing in Michigan under coronavirus distancing guidelines?

Good news, fishermen! Fishing IS permitted as long as you follow the social distancing rule of 6 ft. apart from other fishermen. However...

"Last week, the DNR confirmed that charter fishing and guide operations are not permitted under the order. Those operations are not scheduled to resume until April 13 at the earliest, but could be suspended further if the order is extended." Michiganders are being asked to stay at least six feet away from people who don't live in their home.

Austin Brothers is offering beer to go on this Take-Out Tuesday. Support local! ❤

Introducing the third Brothers Blend, Shooter Murks the Spot, a mix of our two latest NEIPAs. 7% and hopped with Lotus, Sultana, Cryo Citra, Sabro, Strata, and Mosaic hops! Also, please don’t drink it out of a light bulb, we just happen to be a bit bored today. Hours for to go beer are 12-6 today, and thru Saturday. We have a couple 4 packs left of Triple Berry Gose, grab them before it’s gone forever(?).

Court Yard Restaurant

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JJ's Steak and Pizza

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Grilled chicken wrap with fries for 8.99
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We offer our drive thru window in the alley
Or delivery to your house or business
989-356-1666 is the phone number
As always thank everyone for patronizing us
- Jon Benson

These young residents in Alpena have an important message to share, "We're all in this together"!
Thank you for the uplifting words of encouragement! We got this, Alpena ❤
📸 by @hollymariesosa
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A beautiful sun-kissed sky captured by Larry Johns at the breakwall next to Alpena's small boat harbor 🌅
#visitalpena #sanctuaryofthegreatlakes #alpena #puremichigan #sunriseside #lakehuron #michiganawesome #nature #boatharbor #downtownalpena

A beautiful sun-kissed sky captured by Larry Johns at the breakwall next to Alpena's small boat harbor 🌅
#visitalpena #sanctuaryofthegreatlakes #alpena #puremichigan #sunriseside #lakehuron #michiganawesome #nature #boatharbor #downtownalpena

Whatever you may be feeling right now, it's okay to feel it. To feel is to be human and now more than ever it is important to not lose our humanity.
💙 Call grandma and grandpa
💙 Skype your friends
💙 Take a walk
💙 Read
💙 Take deep breaths
💙 Watch the stars
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Community bath houses were seen as a center for cleanliness and health; a place where one can seek pain relief, limit stress, and cure illnesses. In most cases, bath houses were only offered to those who could afford memberships.

The Alpena Magnetic Sulphur Springs Bath House was built in 1892 between First Avenue and River Street. The Alpena Magnetic Sulphur Spring Company was organized with a $25,000 capital. One hundred and thirty-seven members in the community subscribed for stock, in order to build the bath house.

After the land had been purchased, the well was drilled 862 feet into the ground, and the construction of the building began. The bath house opened on August 3, 1892. It was a two-story stone and brick building, and held 40 bath rooms, 6 reception rooms, showers, and other health necessities.

The Alpena Weekly Argus Supplement (Fall, 1891) reported: “The wonderful curative properties of the mineral water is no longer a doubt. The water is particularly adapted to the cure of rheumatism in its various forms, paralysis, neuralgia, gout, dyspepsia, etc.”
It was also believed that bath houses could help cure diseases in the bladder and kidneys, along with chronic skin conditions, and fevers.

Information Courtesy: Alpena County George N. Fletcher Public Library and “The Town that Wouldn’t Die” by: Robert Haltiner & Ann Taber

Dark Sky Parks in Alpena Michigan

While practicing social distancing, check out the Alpena area’s 3 dark sky preserves. Bundle up the family and visit a park on a clear night. If you have a smart phone, download a constellation app to learn more about the stars in the night sky. ⭐️🌙 3 dark sky preserve parks near Alpena, Michigan! With light pollution readings among the lowest in the Great Lakes region, Alpena is a prime location for viewing the cosmos. At night, the sky illuminates with the incredible glow of the Milkyway.

10 Things To Do While Social Distancing | Visit Alpena

For those of you practicing social distancing from home, here are a few ideas for entertainment over the next few weeks. For those continuing to go to work every day as part of our essential services, we thank you! Now more than ever, it is so important to stay calm and healthy during this period of social distancing. Here are 10 different ideas for you to do from home to help you stay focused and keep the boredom away. Meditate. If you have never meditated before, Studio Rubedo is offering “Meditate in the ...

APS Emergency Closure Meal Service Info

Updates below ⬇️ APS Food Service Emergency Closure Meal Service Information UPDATED 3/23/2020 Free meals to all under the age of 18. All pick-up locations are available for any child ages 18 and under, as well as any special education student ages 26 and under. A parent/guardian and/or child can pic...

The Bulldog

The Bulldog will remain open.

Starting tomorrow Governor Whitmer has issued that all non-essential businesses close until April 13th.

We will be closing just the comic shop during this time.

We however have a very unique business in that we are also a restaurant. So with that being said the Bulldog will remain open for take out and delivery.

----- Many of you take advantage of our food and book delivery options and we hope you continue to do so.----

We will bring your books if you order food. If you have not done this before it's very easy. Simply order food through the Bulldog 356-9558 and we'll tally up the books you ordered on your pull list and we'll bring the books with your food. You can also pick up your books if you are picking up your food. Just let us know when you are ordering food and we'll get them from the comic side for you and have them ready with your food order.

Customers will not be able to enter the comic side.

We will not deliver just books at this time. You MUST have food as well.

Above all is safety!!!
Starting tomorrow everyone delivering food will have gloves and a mask. We will also offer options of distance hand-off of deliveries. In other words a preplanned spot to set the food and money down for the exchange. We will also be double bagging orders so that it will be easier to dispose of outside bag product before entering your house.

Please support your local businesses during these times and stay safe to stay healthy.

Thank you so much from everyone working at Bullpen!!!!
The Bulldog hours are 11am. - 3pm.
356-9558 Option #1

Monday reminder: Remember to get outside and get fresh air! This too shall pass ❤
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Sunday Funday, get your brunch take out! ⬇️

Happy Sunday, Alpena!! Today we will be featuring our AMAZING breakfast menu as well as our Eggs Benedict from 9am-NOON. Monday we will be closed to regroup and restock so don't forget to stock up on our delicious Frozen Grab and Go Items and our authentic Polish menu, today. Can't beat the value, here, down by The River! Call us for CURBSIDE Take-Out or Delivery (989)340-0831.

We will reopen with our "normal business hours" 11-6pm, starting Tuesday. Thanks so much for your continued support, Alpena. We are truly blessed!!

Better On Draft

Show Alpena's local brewery Austin Brothers Beer Company some love by voting for them in the March Draftness! (To vote, tap on the Austin Brothers logo below)

It's time for #MarchDraftness2020 Round of 8! This week we have 4 match-ups. Voting will end on Friday at noon. Good luck! Don't forget to scroll down Better On Draft for your chance to win one of 8 gift cards to breweries!

Round 4 Match-up
Copper Hop Brewing Company vs. Austin Brothers Beer Company

See the original bracket over at

COVID-19 Resources | Visit Alpena

We are continuously updating our Covid19 resources page as information becomes available to us. You will also find a complete list of restaurants offering takeout/delivery and grocery hours of operation.

🔖 Bookmark this page for easy access. As we continue this unusual experience together as a planet, we will attempt to share any helpful resources that may be of use to travelers and our local business community. Visiting a community and the economic vitality of that community go hand-in-hand. Without visitors to a community there would....

JJ's Steak and Pizza continues to offer take out and delivery services!

Thank you to everyone who is continually supporting local businesses during this time. It is noticed and appreciated!

You can still get your JJ's fix delivered or pick up window! Full menu delivery and pickup! 989-356-1666 or 989-354-3854

DNR waives state park entrance fee amid coronavirus restrictions

🌳Great news, no recreation passport needed at this time to enjoy one of our state parks! State parks in the Alpena area include Rockport State Recreation Area, Thompson's Harbor State Park, and Negwegon State Park.

It is important to get as much fresh air as possible, as one of the best things you can do to maintain good health is getting out into nature and breathing in the fresh air!

How is social distancing going for you so far?🌳 The Recreation Passport requirement has been temporarily suspended.


Alpena is a town of resilience. In the 1920’s – 1930’s, during the Great Depression, thousands of people across the world were struggling to keep their families and livelihoods afloat, due to the economic catastrophe. Luckily, Alpena didn’t get hit as hard as other parts of the world. The demand for Huron Portland cement increased during the 1920’s, which thankfully, Alpena had an endless supply of limestone, which is a main ingredient in making cement. The Besser Company introduced the Automatic Plain Pallet Stripper Tamper, which was a key component in assisting with the production of concrete blocks onto one pallet. When the last remaining lumber mill (Island Mill) closed in 1926, the time of the cement industry began.

Many businesses started and ended during the time of the Great Depression, but also many others were successful, such as the Fletcher Paper Company, The Taber Tannery, and Thunder Bay Milling Company.

Thunder Bay Quarries opened their plant in the early 1930’s and hired many of the unemployed community members. In 1932, the Alpena Garment Company was built on the corner of Sixth Avenue and Chisholm Street, and employed about 1,200 people. Three years later, the company was known as the largest producer of aprons in the world.

Alpena managed to survive the hardships during the Depression, and became known as “the town that wouldn’t die.” Today, Alpena is known as The Sanctuary of the Great Lakes. It provides comfort for families rediscovering those things that matter most in life as they refresh and reconnect.

Information from: “The Town that Wouldn’t Die” by: Robert Haltiner
PC: Robert Kujawa


🎨 Looking to brighten up your days? Bring a little bit of Cobbygoose - the place to paint & more home with you during this phase of social distancing.

Browse and order your Pottery To Go box online, schedule a time to pick up and then head home to paint. So easy, so fun!

Over 150 items with more being added to include canvas and wood projects.

The 25th Pottery To Go box will have a FUN surprise from Cobbygoose! 🎨 the place to paint and more!

COVID-19 Resources | Visit Alpena

As we continue this unusual experience together as a planet, we will attempt to share any helpful resources that may be of use to travelers as it pertains to Alpena area attractions and businesses. We will also share resources for our local small business owners that depend on tourism for their livelihood.

❌ This will not be a place to find medical-related information.

For the most recent health updates please visit the CDC website. The health and safety of our people worldwide, and the health of our economy are of utmost importance to us! ⬇️ If you have any business updates you would like us to include, please message us. As we continue this unusual experience together as a planet, we will attempt to share any helpful resources that may be of use to travelers as it pertains to Alpena area attractions and businesses. We will also share resources for our local small business owners that depend on tourism for their live...

Court Yard Restaurant

Today only! Purchase a large to-go pizza from Court Yard Restaurant, get a loaf of their delicious homemade bread for free!

Wednesday we will be offering a free loaf of our homemade garlic bread with the purchase of a large pizza! We will begin taking orders and 330pm and orders can be picked up between 4pm-8pm. We still have a full menu available! You can also pick up a bottle of wine at half off! Bottled and canned beer available as well. Come pick up a freshly prepared meal or we will bring it out to your car!

Meal service information for children under 18 ⬇️

Everyone Is Irish On St. Patrick's Day! | Visit Alpena

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Alpena! 🍀

This day of celebration is very different from years past. We've updated this blog to include all the local restaurants that have advertised continuing take-out services on their FB pages. If you are able, please consider getting a to-go meal today to support local business!

Stay home, stay healthy, and stay positive! May the luck of the Irish be with everyone today, tomorrow, and in the weeks to come. 🍀🍀🍀🍀 On March 17th, everyone is Irish! This week we will celebrate the annual tradition of St. Patrick’s Day and our Irish heritage...

Alpena: Sanctuary of the Great Lakes

We are navigating uncharted waters. While the social climate may seem unfamiliar and scary, we have within us, the strength to prevail. The most incredible human quality is that of resilience. We can face incredible adversity and still wake up the next day with the desire to try again. The world is not ending, but it is changing. Now more than ever it is important to keep an eye on future plans, but also remain flexible enough to take things day by day.

We live in an amazing community. We would like to encourage everyone to get outside everyday that they can. Fresh air and the seclusion of a forest trail or shoreline park will do the body good and is recommended by health experts. Order a takeout lunch for a private picnic. Give yourself permission to pause if you don't feel your best. Please stay tuned to this page for ideas and inspiration during this time.

The Alpena Area Convention & Visitors Bureau and Welcome Center offices will be closed until the beginning of April to follow the suggestions of the state government. Staff will be working from home. Should you need any assistance please email us at [email protected].

From shipwrecks and biking to stargazing and painting, there is inspiration around every bend in the trail in the Sanctuary of the Great Lakes. From 400 million year old fossils to a Norman Rockwellesque community parade, Alpena is America's favorite small town adventure.

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