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Hi, We are Dwayne and Glori Cavin, owners and operators of Alpine Home Watch. We have been married since December 1989 and have lived in Colorado since 2001. Dwayne is a native of Colorado and Glori is originally from California. Choosing to live in Colorado allowed us to enjoy the outdoors, skiing/snowboarding, off-roading and hiking. About Alpine Home Watch

Since 1995 we have invested in proper

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[08/28/21]   Important to know, the Breck Town Council agreed on Tuesday to move forward with an ordinance to limit short-term rental (STR) permits in Breckenridge. The proposal would restrict STR permits for residential (non-exempt) properties to 2200. Condotels with front desks (exempt) are not included in this proposal as of now. The proposal would go into effect on November 5th. While the ordinance details are still to be worked out and can change, the Town has indicated that no one will lose the permit they currently hold. Upon implementation of the ordinance, no new permits will be issued until the number of existing licenses are reduced through property sales or owners choosing to no longer short-term rent. One important note is that the Town is still accepting short-term rental permit applications until November 5th, with no cap on issuing those permits.

Alpine Home Watch updated their phone number. 08/19/2021

Alpine Home Watch updated their phone number.

Alpine Home Watch updated their phone number.

Timeline Photos 08/15/2021

Timeline Photos

We hate even to have to mention this, but our fire and medical crews recently have encountered some animosity on the rec paths when responding to medical emergencies. Please know that they are not driving down those just for fun or to intentionally mess up your Strava KOM attempt. They are there to help those who need it, and they have to be confined to the pavement because of the soft shoulders, dropoffs and narrow passages through the trees. Please pull over and let them by, just as you would for any lights-and-sirens emergency vehicle on the road. Thanks for your understanding.

[08/14/21]   Critical break down of the Summit County daily article:
1. No deaths, people have flu symptoms.
2. 45% of those sick, took the jab ie experimental drug.
3. In 4 weeks only .00272% of the population got sick each day.
4. Doesn’t report hospitalizations
5. Doesn’t report if these are residence or visitors.
6. This is with little, if any masking.

“According to Summit County health officials, there were 88 new cases in the past seven days, about 45% of which were breakthrough cases. The county’s daily average incidence rate for the past seven days is 272 cases per 100,000 people. Over the past four weeks, about 19% of new cases were from the delta variant.”

Photos from Axel Contreras's post 08/01/2021


Weekly Poll 07/16/2021

Weekly Poll

The Summit Daily published a poll asking for input on a survey about the Petition in Frisco to place restrictions on short-term rentals. Short-term rentals employ so many in the community and allow homeowners to afford their home. All of these pay taxes that support the community.

Local officials frequently cite these polls in discussions and when making decisions. We must make our voices heard.

Visit the poll using the link below.

Weekly Poll Would you sign the petition to limit the option to short-term rent to owners who live in the residence full-time? Yes, short-term rentals need to be limited. No, short-term rentals should not be restricted. Yes, limiting short-term rentals will preserve community character. No, limiting short-term r...

[07/08/21]   Good to know:

Do you or your kids react to mosquito bites like they are an allergy?

This 3 step process will have the skin look almost bite free within 12 to 24 hours if you treat it right away. If you don't treat soon, just repeat the process.

1. Spray the area with peroxide. This makes the bite mark open a little more. (It eats away at the damaged skin, this is to help new skin cells grow in a semi-sterile environment.)

2. Dip your finger in Vicks v***r rum, THEN dip it into salt. (the more liberal, the better)

3. Rub the area vigorously.

What happens is the peroxide opens the bite, the salt is to draw out the poison, but it helps so much at satisfying the itch. The Vicks v***r rub heats up the area, as heating anything makes molecules move faster. It promotes the area to throw out the poison.

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Beautiful day


Important notice, especially for roadrunners beep beep

Important notice, especially for roadrunners beep beep


Call our governor ASAP. These policies are one sided. We don’t need state laws making things worse.

Call our governor ASAP. These policies are one sided. We don’t need state laws making things worse.


Beautiful weather, incredible view and a cup of coffee. Best morning this year.

Beautiful weather, incredible view and a cup of coffee. Best morning this year.

[04/14/21]   From the Red, White & Blue Fire District's Website

Homeowners can take a number of steps to protect their property and help alleviate the spread of wildland fires. Preventative measures include clearing excess fuel, creating defensible space around your home and using FireWise practices. Homeowners should be sensitive to the fact that fire is a natural part of our ecosystem.

Wildfire Defensible Zone:

Due to Colorado’s arid climate and fire-dependent forests, many homeowners and landowners may be particularly vulnerable to wildfires. Fire is unpredictable and if there are weaknesses in your home’s fire protection plan, fire can gain the upper hand due to some overlooked or seemingly inconsequential factor. By creating a wildfire defensible zone, homes are less vulnerable from this naturally-occurring phenomenon and the chance of spreading wildfires is greatly reduced.

Ability to Survive Wildfires:

2 factors have emerged as the primary determinants of a home’s ability to survive wildfires: choosing fire-resistant roofing material and creating a wildfire defensible zone. It is important to choose a fire-resistant roofing material that is rated Class C or higher when building a house in, or near, forests or grasslands. Avoid flammable materials such as wood or shake shingles.

Defensible Space:

Defensible space is an area around a structure where fuels and vegetation are treated, cleared or reduced to slow the spread of wildfire toward the structure. It also reduces the chance of a structure fire moving from the building to the surrounding forest. Defensible space also provides room for firefighters to do their jobs. Your house is more likely to withstand a wildfire if grasses, brush, trees and other common forest fuels are managed to reduce a fire’s intensity.

Tips to Protect Your Home From Wildfire:

Actively manage your roof. Clean roof and gutters of pine needles and leaves at least twice a year to eliminate an ignition source for potential fires. This eliminates an ignition source for firebrands, especially during hot, dry weather.

Beyond the initial 15 feet, thin trees to achieve 10-12 foot crown spacing. Occasionally, clumps of 2 or 3 trees are acceptable for a more natural appearance, if additional space surrounds them.

Create defensible space on flat ground a minimum of 75 feet around a home. Increase this diameter if the structure is located on a slope.

Dispose of all slash and debris left from thinning by either chipping, hauling away or piling and burning. Contact your local fire department or local Colorado State Forest Service forester for burning restrictions and/or assistance.

Mow grasses and weeds to a height of 6 inches or less for a distance of 30 feet from all structures.

Place liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) containers at least 30 feet from structures. Clear anything flammable, including vegetation, from within 10 feet of all tanks.
Prune tree branches within the defensible space up to a height of 10 feet above ground.

Remove shrubs and small trees or other potential ladder fuels from beneath large trees. Left in place, these fuels can carry a ground fire into tree crowns.
Remove unhealthy vegetation. Trees and shrubs that are stressed, diseased, dead or dying should be removed so that they do not become a fuel source for potential fires.

Stack firewood away from your house. Locate firewood at least 15 feet uphill from your home. Do not stack firewood under the deck.

Thin out continuous tree and brush (shrub) cover around structures. Remove flammable vegetation from within the initial 15 feet around structures.
Trim any branches extending over roofs, and remove branches within 15 feet of chimneys.

For more information visit our website.
Defensible Space Program

From Painfully Slow to Lightning Fast: SpaceX's Starlink Makes Rural Internet Usable 04/05/2021

From Painfully Slow to Lightning Fast: SpaceX's Starlink Makes Rural Internet Usable

Can’t wait till this is mainstream!

From Painfully Slow to Lightning Fast: SpaceX's Starlink Makes Rural Internet Usable Rural Americans have long dealt with slow internet. But in interviews, SpaceX Starlink beta testers in Montana, Idaho, and elsewhere report speedy service that has transformed the way they use the web.

[03/30/21]   Something to be aware of, from Summit Daily:

Nationally, the number of auto thefts grew from just under 800,000 in 2019 to more than 873,000 in 2020, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

“I have a high level of concern,” Summit County Sheriff Jaime FitzSimons said. “We’re not only working with our local law enforcement partners but state and federal resources, as well. This is happening from the Front Range all the way to the Utah border, and it could be beyond. … I think the spree that happened at the end of 2020 came into 2021. Arrests are being made across Colorado, but it doesn’t seem to be stemming the tide.”

There have been at least 27 stolen vehicles reported this year to law enforcement agencies in Summit County, according to data provided by the Summit County Sheriff’s Office. At least 16 of those vehicles have been recovered, either in Summit County or elsewhere.

Minor said there have been 10 vehicle thefts so far this year in Silverthorne alone. For comparison, the town had 27 total in all of 2020. Minor noted that based on trends the police department has noticed, the thieves have targeted certain kinds of trucks that are easier to punch the locks and the ignition cylinder on.

Officials also said they believed the thieves are targeting catalytic converters, exhaust emission control devices under cars that contain valuable metals, and that the efforts appear to be organized in some fashion.

“The trend seems to be continuing that they’re after the metals in these catalytic converters,” FitzSimons said. “… It definitely appears that it’s organized at some level, organized to the point where there definitely seems to be a pattern of stealing and recovering cars, and then cars having the catalytic converters stolen off. Could you have crimes of opportunity mixed into that? Of course, but it definitely seems organized by the sheer volume.”

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Country Boy Mine is allot of fun for the family.

Mobile Uploads 03/14/2021

Mobile Uploads


Are You Seeing Foxes Suddenly? This is Fox Pup Season!

People are seeing adult foxes near their homes and becoming alarmed. What they don't realize is that foxes are coming in close to people to raise their families because coyotes are in the further out areas. If a coyote finds a fox den, it may dig up the den and kill all the young. Foxes know this so they choose what they believe to be the lesser of two evils and come in closer to humans and away from the coyotes to have their litters. Please be kind and "rent" out your space to momma fox. You will be glad you did.

Foxes may have a den under your shed, porch, barn or in the back yard in a hill. The family will likely be moved in a few weeks to a new place. When the pups are older (July, August) they will start to be seen less and less. By September, the fox family will be gone and everything will be back to normal. Red foxes will not live in a den year round. They only den to raise their families. Out of a litter of 6, it is likely that only two or three foxes will live to see September.

People are often alarmed, thinking their family pets and children are being stalked or will be attacked. Not so. Foxes do not want to kill or eat your child, cat or dog.They eat primarily mice, rats, rabbits and woodchucks. They may certainly watch your pets with concern, bark at them and may even chase your cat back into your yard or up a tree if it goes near the den. Of course, thankfully, many cat owners realize the many risks of allowing their cats to roam free, and that cats kill young wildlife, so hopefully, they keep their cats supervised when outdoors. Your 16 pound kitty will be able to hold his or her own against a fox, and in fact, foxes and cats often develop friendships and play. Remember, it is the nature, and the fox belongs there.

Please allow the mother fox to raise her pups in peace. Do not hire someone to "relocate the family" this will not work! The most that will happen is that one or two pups will be caught (and surely killed by the hired person) and the mother will get scared and move her family. Most states have laws that state captured wildlife must be killed. Be patient, enjoy the fox family. it is a lot of fun to watch the pups scampering and tumbling with each other. In fact, it is a lot better entertainment than most TV shows on these days. Enjoy the breath of fresh air and the beauty in your back yard- it may be a once in a life time event for you.

Many people are afraid they can't let their animals out to go potty now. keep in mind that before you realize the family was there, you let your pets out and everything was OK.

Red foxes are Not nocturnal! Momma works very hard to feed her family. She will work all day and night catching rodents, snatching roadkill and bringing it back to her growing babies. Foxes also eat a great deal of grasses and insects too. They are omnivores.

If you really can't have a fox family in your yard, you may place an object such as a punch balloon, chair or a bucket near the den, but not too close as to scare momma away from grabbing her pups and moving them away from the scary object. About 10 feet from the den should be enough to concern her. Think about this though, momma felt safe enough in your yard to have her pups there. Where else will she be able to move those pups where they will be safe?

Sharing from Wildlife Rehabilitation


Had to share this beautiful picture

Had to share this beautiful picture

Best practices to secure your home while you are away 02/21/2021

Best practices to secure your home while you are away

In the mountains it can be a little different, but great advise.

Best practices to secure your home while you are away Whether you are leaving for vacation, moving to your winter home or closing your beach home for the season, here are Home and Boat Watchdog’s top tips to help prevent major issues from occurring. Use and lock your deadbolts along with putting bars...

Starlink 02/10/2021


Check this out

Starlink SpaceX is developing a low latency, broadband internet system to meet the needs of consumers across the globe. Enabled by a constellation of low Earth orbit satellites, Starlink will provide fast, reliable internet to populations with little or no connectivity, including those in rural communities a...


Merry Christmas 🎄


Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Good to know!

A friendly but frank reminder, Colorado: stay away from moose!

Dangerous conflicts between people and moose are on the rise. This video provides some simple precautions to help avoid and minimize dangerous encounters.




September weather is always fun 08/13/2020

Summit County works to find solutions for potential $5.5M loss in revenue

Homeowners are going to foot the bill for the Democrat lockdown? BRECKENRIDGE — In an effort to avoid a more than $5.5 million drop in revenue in 2022, Summit County officials are considering a ballot question that would ask voters to allow the property tax rate to...


Extraordinary White Moose Takes a Dip in a Swedish Lake

What a beauty.

To purchase this video for media use visit For Storyful Newswire subscription inquiries, please contact [email protected] Credi...


“Squatters” want to invade your home. Let Alpine Home Watch do regular inside and outside property checks, for your peace of mind.


Testing Drip Edge Installations on Roofing | Ask This Old House

Good to know when you replace the roof.

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva demonstrates the importance of a properly installed drip edge SUBSCRIBE to This Old House:

[06/01/20]   The Summit County government has announced that their request has been granted for the resumption of short-term rentals in Summit County starting June 1, 2020. 05/24/2020

Arapahoe Basin Ski Area to open Wednesday, other county variance requests denied

Hope you have their pass!! ARAPAHOE BASIN SKI AREA — Arapahoe Basin Ski Area’s request for a partial reopening has been approved and will be effective on Wednesday. This was the only variance request from Summit County that was approved... 04/29/2020

Breckenridge 11-year-old catches 30-pound lake trout

How fun is this!! BRECKENRIDGE — Breckenridge local Tanner Wilson, 11, caught an estimated 30-pound lake trout, sometimes known as a mackinaw fish, while fishing with his father Tuesday, April 21, at a Summit County reservoir. It was a...

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Fun with the dogs!
Nice to see our beaver found himself a partner.




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