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"RIDESportation" is a non-emergency professional transportation service exclusively serving the elderly (62 and better in age) and school age children.

Mission Statement Creating Independence and Mobility One Ride at a Time! ________________________________________________________________________ Company Overview RIDESportation, LLC, “Responsive Individuals Driving Elders and School Age Children,” is a non-emergency professional transportation service exclusively serving the elderly (62 and better in age) and school age children in select cities of Northern Virginia offering transportation and mobility management that is affordable, reliable and convenient. Our professional transportation company is committed to creating innovative transportation services that can meet the growing and varied mobility needs of older persons and school age children in their communities. We understand that public transportation is not always a viable option due to various reasons. As a result, we want to ensure that present and future generations of older people enjoy numerous mobility options that permit them to live productive and independent lives. In addition, with the growing number of after-school activities, busy scheduling conflicts, and safety concerns, we want to ensure that the parents/guardians of school age children have the flexibility of transportation. Hence, RIDESportation offers transportation and mobility management. Need a RIDE? We provide the TRANSPORTATION!

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Beware of COVID-19 Contact Tracing and Government Employee Impersonation Scams - Fairfax County Emergency Information

BEWARE OF COVID-19 SCAMS!! Click the link below to learn about the new scams....

fairfaxcountyemergency.wpcomstaging.com Posted at 12:05 p.m. I n previous Scam Slam audios, Martin Bailey, who represents AARP Virginia and the Senior Medicare Patrol on Fairfax County’s Silver Shield Task Force, told us about scams related to the coronavirus pandemic and the federal stimulus package. Unfortunately there are more corona...


CareRing is a FREE program for the Northern Virginia 60+ years community. They provide people with daily phone calls to chat, remind them of their medications and appointments and make sure they are okay. If you, or a loved one, would like to find out more, click here: https://prsinc.org/carering/

Fairfax County 50+

We have COVID-19 information in multiple languages. This includes documents, videos and audio files. Please share it! View the information here: https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/covid19/language-portal

Are you tired of showing up for your revenue? Well, put the power back into your own hands during this COVID-19 quarantine!! If you’re serious & ready, then this webinar is for you...👇🏾👇🏾

*April 25, 2020*
1:00pm PST / 4:00pm EST
Click https://zoom.us/j/2381459812
Password: 540850

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April 24 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Daily Update: 171 New Cases, Support for Victims of Abuse, Rumor Control on Ingesting Cleaning Products
View today's daily update about COVID-19 in our community, including:
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☑️ Daily FAQ


--Call our Health Department Call Center at 703-267-3511 with Coronavirus questions; open 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays and 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends.
--Email questions or concerns to [email protected]. This email account will be staffed Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. through 6 p.m.

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For 50 years, Earth Day has raised awareness of environmental issues that affect everyone. From the air we breathe to the water we drink, each of us relies on natural systems to live and prosper. This Earth Day is focused on climate action and the small choices we can make that will make a big difference. For more information on how Fairfax County is planning for climate mitigation, and tips on how you can take meaningful action, check out the Fairfax County climate action news feed: http://bit.ly/30lf7Zx


Oh "SNAP!" What is It & Did You Know it's been going on for 50 years?

Oh SNAP! Don’t quality for Meals on Wheels? Don’t worry! Here is another free food assistance option...click here => http://bit.ly/2nPUGz8

Please share this w/ others because you never know who’s in need of help amidst this COVID-19!!
❤️🥦🍆🍇🍌🥗 #covid19 #foodassistance #snapbenefits #snap

ridesportation.com It has been 50 years since the Food Stamp Program, now known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (“SNAP”), has been in permanent effect. Since 2008, SNAP is the new name for the previous known federal Food Stamp Program. Did you know that in 1961 President Kennedy signed


Meals on Wheels!!

When I first started with Meals on Wheels in 2016!! It warms my heart that I can help out especially amidst COVID-19. ❤️ Do you or your loved one need help on getting food assistance? Are they elderly, sick and/or homebound and in need of free meals? If you answered “yes” to either of these, click here => http://bit.ly/2oNAT7R to read my blog re: “Meals on Wheels” on how to get free delivered meals. #covid19 #mealsonwheels #freemeals #gethelp

ridesportation.com What is one way to help older adults live independently? MEALS ON WHEELS (MOW)!! Have you considered MOW for you, your aging parent, or a loved one? I know our family has and it all started in 1996 when my grandmother (maternal) was diagnosed with kidney failure. At the age of 75 years old,

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Senior Store Hours!!!

Find out if a grocery store near you has senior hours using the county's interactive map at https://fairfax-county-covid-19-geospatial-resources-fairfaxcountygis.hub.arcgis.com/app/434ed0cdaeb34e3b99a14a3632c4123f

BEWARE of scams during the pandemic (COVID-19)! Check out the link below.....

According to AARP Virginia's Martin Bailey, 80% of scams right now are tied to the Coronavirus. Find out what these scams are about and how to stop them in their tracks. Tune in to Scam Slams now!


FairfaxCounty VA- need services??

Need services? We are here for you during this difficult time. Our Fairfax County Area Agency on Aging can be reached by calling 703-324-7948 or by visiting www.fairfaxcounty.gov/familyservices/older-adults.


SLAM THE SCAM! Registration

Did you know that Senior Citizens are the main target for financial scams? Check out this webinar called “SLAM THE SCAM” by AARP to learn how to combat it for you and your loved ones. Register with the link below!


onlinexperiences.com One of the most common scams is government impostors, where you may get a phone call, an email, or a visit to your home from someone claiming to be from the Social Security Administration, the Internal Revenue Service or some other government agency. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission recently re...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! #2020


Meals on Wheels!!

ICYMI: March is Nutritional Month!!! 🥒🍆🍇As today is the last day, let me end it with some key information for you. First, do you or your loved one need help on getting food assistance, and/or are they sick and homebound and in need of free meals? If you answered “YES” to either of these, please read my blogs on SNAP => http://bit.ly/2nPUGz8 for food assistance and Meals on Wheels => http://bit.ly/2oNAT7R for free delivered meals.

ridesportation.com What is one way to help older adults live independently? MEALS ON WHEELS (MOW)!! Have you considered MOW for you, your aging parent, or a loved one? I know our family has and it all started in 1996 when my grandmother (maternal) was diagnosed with kidney failure. At the age of 75 years old,

ICYMI: March is National Nutrition Month!! So, what’s on your plate? Let me inspire you and show you mine... #bestlookingplate #lentilsoup #chickpeapastawithvegetables #brusselsproutsandasparagus YBHT-Your Body His Temple Fitness


AARP is offering Free tax help with preference given to older adults. April 9, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at Sherwood Regional Library. Other dates available. Visit https://librarycalendar.fairfaxcounty.gov/event/3403853

Fairfax County 50+

Sometimes the holidays can be way too stressful for caregivers who are already dealing with a great deal of responsibilities. Find out how to lighten the load in this edition of Fairfax 50+ Podcast. https://soundcloud.com/fairfaxcounty/fairfax-50-plus-challenges-caregivers-face-during-the-holidays

Elder Abuse and ways to find help...

Adult Protective Services protects older adults and incapacitated adults from abuse, neglect or exploitation. Reporting just takes a phone call. If you feel someone is at risk call 703-324-7450 or visit www.fairfaxcounty.gov/dfs/olderadultservices/adult-protective-services.htm#report.

The New York Times - Well - Health

What can you start doing today to make your tomorrows the best they can be?

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Did you remember to set your clocks back? Daylight Saving Time is over until March 11, 2018. It’s also a good day to change your smoke detector batteries and update your emergency supply kit.

IT'S MINDFUL MONDAY! “Medicare Open Enrollment" is now open from Oct 15th to Dec 7th. Get the most out of your 2018 Medicare coverage- this is the time to re-evaluate your current plan, possibly find a better option that gives you lower costs, expanded drug coverage, or other benefits!! If this applies to you, take action. If you live in Fairfax County, Virginia and want to ensure that you are making the right choices, you can attend one of the county’s Medicare 101 courses. For more information, go to https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/calendar/ShowCalendar.aspx?C=10&keyword=Medicare&searchframe=annual
or call 703-324-5851. If you're outside of Fairfax County- VA, please visit www.medicare.gov for more information. Please share, tell or remind your loved ones, parents, and/or grandparents.

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CarFit is important for older adults!

Fairfax County Police are doing a CarFit event at Hollin Hall Senior Center. CarFit is a program that checks the "fit" of vehicles to older adult drivers.


Celebrate National Senior Citizens Day everyday with discounts

ICYMI: Did you know that Former President Ronald Reagan declared Aug 21st as National Senior Citizens Day? Let's celebrate today and don't forget to get your senior discounts at stores, restaurants and many more!!! Find out more below..


tcpalm.com Monday is National Senior Citizens Day and it's time to celebrate with senior discounts.

ICYMI: If you live in Fairfax County, VA---FREE HOME REPAIR PROGRAM FOR THE ELDERLY & DISABLED HOMEOWNERS ... Check out the link below! #FairfaxCounty50+

Does Your Home Need Repair? Fairfax County will provide free minor home repairs to eligible low and moderate income elderly homeowners residing in the property, as well as accessibility modifications for disabled homeowners (one week's labor and up to $500 in materials). To see if you qualify visit www.fairfaxcounty.gov/rha/seniorhousing/hrep.htm

Meals on Wheels America

This is why I'm passionate in supporting Meals on Wheels and I will remain a volunteer driver until my body gives out! My grandparents of Mississippi were just as grateful as Carol. #savelunch #MealsonWheels #AdvocateforSeniors

Meals on Wheels helps feed millions of seniors, Carol is one of them.

Find out how you can help at SaveLunch.org.

Administration on Aging

Do you know where your papayas came from?? Please read for your health...

To protect yourself from salmonella, make sure you know where your papayas came from.

Administration for Community Living

From health problems to isolation and mobility issues, older adults and people with disabilities are a high-risk group for #HeatHealth problems. Learn about the signs, the symptoms, and how you can help keep family members and neighbors safe. https://go.usa.gov/xNk5K

SAVE THE DATE: If you live in Fairfax County, Va come learn about Medicare on June 21st.

MEDICARE 101 - June 21, 10-11:30 a.m.

Need free, objective advice on Medicare and health insurance problems you may have? Then this popular Medicare 101 course is for you.

Reston Community Center, 2310 Colts Neck Road, Reston. Find out more at www.fairfaxcounty.gov/calendar/ShowCalendar.aspx

Did you file your taxes only to learn that someone else already fraudulently filed under your SSN and collected your tax refund? Here’s how not to be fooled -OR- what to do if you’re a victim, click here => http://bit.ly/2qqPEPY #stayinformed

Home of the Free because of the BRAVE! #MemorialDay2017 #ThankYou4YourService #Honor #Bravery

Did you Know that May is Older Americans Month (OAM) and the theme this year is #AgeOutLoud? "I #AgeOutLoud because I am an advocate for the elderly in honor of my grandparents which inspired me to start my business named RIDESportation, LLC." Find out more about OAM, how it started, & the benefits to senior citizens => http://bit.ly/2qlltte

Fairfax County 50+

Aging and Hoarding... OH MY! Find out more here by listening to the link on sound cloud below.

Karen Hannigan, the supervisor of the county’s Aging, Disabilities and Caregiver Resource Line, helps us answer the question: When is collecting stuff or saving-things-for-later a problem?



Top 10 Scams Targeting Senior Citizens! | Creating Independence and Mobility One Ride at a Time!

The Crime of the 21st century is...FINANCIAL SCAMS targeting seniors!! Find out the Top 10 scams from my blog post: http://bit.ly/2oNYqFx #seniorscams #stayinformed #protectyourparents #adultprotectiveservices #eldercare #senateagingcommittee #NCOA

ridesportation.com Today, more than ever, our senior citizens are becoming more vulnerable to the target of scams. As technology advances and scammers getting more sophisticated, the Senate Aging Committee revealed the 10 scams that affect senior citizens the most.

TAX DEADLINE IS APRIL 18th!! Did you know that filing your tax return is FREE if your AGI is under $64,000? Go to: www.irs.gov/freefile. Find out more on how to get FREE tax services from my blog post at: http://bit.ly/2oOEbYM

TAX DEADLINE IS APRIL 18th!! Did you know that there is FREE help preparing your tax return for senior citizens, persons w/ disabilities, low income individuals, and/or limited English speaking individuals?? Find out more details from my blog post at: http://bit.ly/2oOEbYM

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