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Afghan Tours & Travel is the leading authorized sales agent for Ariana Afghan Airlines in the United States. We offer variety of discounted packages for all your travel needs to Afghanistan, Dubai and the United States.

Afghan Tours & Travel is an independent travel agency. Our main list of services include: • Air Tickets to Kabul and Worldwide • Reservations for Hotel, Car & Guides in Kabul & Worldwide • Cellular Phone Rentals in Kabul • Low Air Fares to Worldwide Destinations Our goal is to serve our customers above and beyond the standard service. We are proud of our long outstanding friendly service to our clients (friends) over the past 13 years of exceptional service. We are committed to provide our clients the lowest priced travel packages with the highest quality of personal service world wide and we are to helping you in every step of your journey. Your comfort is our highest priority. For your convenience, we have added express service for all your ticketing needs. You can purchase your ticket home, office or a quick stop at our office. You can order your ticket by telephone or email. We can also arrange for all your travel needs both here in the USA and Afghanistan. For your convenience, our associate Travel Agency in Kabul can prearrange all your travel needs in Afghanistan. Our new services include Car rental, Cellular Telephone rental, airport pick up and drop off, Afghanistan Visa arrangement, Hotel bookings and more. All services can be prepaid in the USA, without the hassle of taking bundles of cash to Kabul.

Mission: We are our own competition and we strive to maintain but improve the level of service to our clients every day. Our aim is to bring you the best service with the lowest fare.

Why Does Airline Food Taste So Bad? Blame Your Tastebuds - Afghan Tours & Travel

Research shows it's not the ingredients that makes plane food taste terrible... Why does airplane food taste so bad? However, it seems – surprisingly enough – the chef isn’t to blame. It’s not actually the quality of the meals served that’s at fault – it’s passengers’ taste buds, according to research. ‘At 35,000 feet, … Continue reading →

9 Exciting Day Trips You Need To Take This Weekend

Grab a friend and get out of town this weekend! #daytrips Get out of town this Saturday! Grab a friend, make some plans, and let Amtrak get you there in style.

8 Tips to Travel Solo - Afghan Tours & Travel

#Tips for the #solo #travelers! Loneliness is the number one complaint of the solo traveler behind safety. Most of us don’t actually complain about it that much; we enjoy our time alone. But even for the keenest solo traveler, loneliness can sometimes be an issue. Fortunately, … Continue reading →

Japan Proposes 'Super-Maglev' Train Connecting Baltimore to D.C. in 15 Minutes - Afghan Tours &...

How awesome would this be!?!
#supermaglevtrain How does a 15-minute trip between D.C. and Baltimore sound? Well, if you live in the Washington, D.C. area then you know how horrible traffic is, especially during rush hour! Japan is well known for its super-efficient bullet trains. According … Continue reading →

Heartwarming, hilarious: Most bizarre hotel guest requests

Seriously, is this list real?? What's the most #outrageous thing you thought you requested while away from home?

#bizarrehotelrequests Including: Kobe beef for the dog, life-sized chocolate statues and a Golden Gate Bridge proposal complete with mariachi band.

National Airport To Open A Spa - Afghan Tours & Travel

This will put travelers a bit at ease!
#washingtondc #nationalairport #spa Good news DC! Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport will get a little fancier next year when Terminal A is upgraded to include a full-service spa and publicly accessible iPads. The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority announced the changes today, saying that more food … Continue reading →

DC's cherry blossoms predicted to peak April 8-12

Today, more than 1.5 million people visit Washington, DC each year to admire the blossoming cherry trees and participate in diverse programming that heralds spring in the nation’s capital. Kite-flying, sake-tasting and blossom viewing are part of the three-week event.

What To Do If Your Flight Gets Canceled - Afghan Tours & Travel

Is anybody else over the snow just as we are? With so many cancellations and the possibility of more severe weather affecting your travel, consider taking these measures to ease the pain of winter travel. What a wretched start to the travel week. Winter storms had already forced the cancellation or more than 2,100 U.S. flights as of 9 a.m. ET Monday, according to, a flight tracking service. Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in … Continue reading →

Afghan Tours & Travel - - Ahmed Barak - Travel Packages to Afghanistan

Have you booked your spring break vacation yet? Ahmed Barak leading authorized sales agent for Ariana Afghan Airlines in the United States. Afghan Tours & Travel packages also includes airlines such as Afghanistan Airline, Air France, Delta, United, Qatar Airways, KLM, Luftansa, Kam Air, Fly Dubai. Afghan Tours & Travel simplifies our customers’…

Tokyo travel: 11 things to know before you go

Plans to travel to Tokyo? Here's some awesome customs you might want to know before you head over! From sedate gardens to boisterous robot cabarets, here's the vital knowledge you'll need before hitting the Japanese capital.

Travel Tip: Research the Place You’re Visiting! - Afghan Tours & Travel

Plans to travel? Check out our travel tip of the day! Doing travel research before you go, allows you to maximize your travel experience the best way once you get there. It prepares you for what you’ll see and do. Look over guidebooks and websites to get a sense of how … Continue reading →

5 Things NOT to Do When Renting a Car - Afghan Tours & Travel

Make sure you are not being scammed when it comes to renting a car! In 2012, industry estimates put the annual revenue of U.S. car rental companies at more than $24 billion, with 1.857 million cars at 18,293 rental locations. With so many folks renting cars so frequently, you would think the process would be straightforward … Continue reading →

Avoid Losing Your Baggage! - Afghan Tours & Travel

Don't let this be you at the airport! Every person’s worst nightmare while traveling is mysteriously losing your bags. You’re standing at a baggage carousel for what seems like an eternity waiting for your bags, but they never show up. Your bags are nowhere in sight. What do … Continue reading →

New York Hotels Raise Rates for Super Bowl

New York Hotels Charge Up to 326% More for Super Bowl! Were you planning on traveling to witness Super Bowl XLVIII!?!

#travel #SuperBowl #NewYork Football fans planning to stay in New York City for this year’s Super Bowl have both good news and bad news according to a new survey from Plenty of hotel rooms are still available, but Super Bowl attendees can expect to pay significan...

[01/09/14]   “Traveling outgrows its motives. It soon proves sufficient in itself. You think you are making a trip, but soon it is making you – or unmaking you.” • Nicolas Bouvier, The Way of the World.

How To Prevent Getting Sick When You Travel - Afghan Tours & Travel

Try these simple precautions before traveling abroad to protect yourself from illness!

#travel #vacation #prevention #sickness You’re super excited to get the chance to escape reality and relax for a week. All of a sudden you end up sick while on vacation! Vacation is about relaxing, and you don’t want to start it with the sniffles … Continue reading →

Unhealthiest and Healthiest Free Airline Snacks

What's your favorite (or not favorite) airline snack? It’s harder and harder to find free in-flight amenities like hot meals,

Why Traveling is Good for the Soul - Afghan Tours & Travel

There's always a purpose for traveling! 1. Provides learning and education about places and history 2. Connects us to other cultures and people 3. Gives us a break from our fast-paced lives 4. Expands our awareness and introduces us to greater diversity 5. Helps us break … Continue reading →

Where to Go in 2014: The Hot Destinations You Don't Want to Miss Out On

Start making travel plans for 2014!

#newyear #traveling #topdestinations #condenasttraveler To make sure you don't miss out on the next big thing, we've put together the Condé Nast Traveler 2014 forecast: a list of the most up-and-coming, must-visit destinations for the coming year.

Delta would continue to ban cell phone calls in-flight if FCC changes rules

We know you all have opinions on whether or not people should be allowed to talk on their cell phones on airplanes, something the FCC is considering lifting its ban on.

However, Delta's CEO is putting his foot down, saying that even if the feds lifted the ban, his airline still wont allow calls on their flights. Delta Airlines CEO Richard Anderson said in a memo to employees Wednesday that even if the FCC lifts the ban on in-flight telephone calls, his airline will continue to ban them.

The National Museum of Afghanistan - Afghan Tours & Travel

What’s a tourist without checking out museums?

#tourist #museums #afghanistan What’s a tourist without checking out museums? “Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul” offers the world a look at a selection of the contents of the Central Bank vault. It is a collection of some of the most … Continue reading →

To Disney or not to Disney?

How could anyone turn down the magical land!?! An interesting read... To Disney or not to Disney?

Lakes of Band-e Amir - Afghan Tours & Travel

The name Afghanistan invokes images of a dry and arid country with mountainous terrain, endless desert, thorn bushes and mud houses. But at the center of this depressing landscape is a series of spectacular lakes with water so blue that it looks almost like ink. Band-e Amir is a series of six incredibly deep blue lakes in the heart of the central Afghanistan. The lakes are situated in the foothills of the Hindu Kush, the second highest mountain range in the world, 80 kilometers from … Continue reading →

[11/28/13]   Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Good Reads While Traveling - Afghan Tours & Travel

There’s nothing like a good read to keep on hand in the midst of traveling... There’s nothing like a good read to keep on hand in the midst of traveling. Check out these three contemporary literary fiction and non-fiction to come out of Afghanistan, from both Afghan and international authors, and sees how these books interpret … Continue reading →

Afghanistan Offers a Rich Selection of Handicrafts - Afghan Tours & Travel

If in Afghanistan, be sure to check out the wide selection of handicrafts they have! While in Afghanistan, be sure to check out the wide selection of handicrafts they have! For centuries, Afghanistan has been a mosaic of people with diverse cultures, religions and languages. Luxurious Afghan carpets, karakul coats, fur overcoats, embroidered material, caps, and … Continue reading →

Appy Traveler: Best new apps for travelers

Definitely essential to download a travelers app or two if you're constantly on the go! Three great new travel apps, including a last minute hotel booking app, offline city maps and the ultimate roller coaster guide

Gobble up these 6 Turkey Day destinations

Are you planning an escape for Thanksgiving break? Take a look at a few suggestions below for a not-so-typical Thanksgiving norm! Here are some yummy options you might want to consider for Thanksgiving if you're not going to Grandma's.

[10/21/13]   The holidays are coming up, have you already purchased your airline tickets in advance?

Eid in Afghanistan | Afghan Tours & Travel

Celebrating Eid in one’s country, such as Afghanistan, is a time when the whole Muslim community come together with nothing but offerings of love. Celebrating Eid in one’s native country is refreshing. Eid in AfghanistanPosted on October 15, 2013 by adminThere is nothing more beautiful than celebrating Eid Al-Adha, the Festival of Sacrifice with your loved ones in Afghanistan.Muslims celebrate the 3- day holiday to honor their belief in Abraham’s compliance to follow God’s command to sacrifice his...

[10/15/13]   Eid Mubarak to those who celebrate!

Afghanistan Wins 1st International Soccer Title | Afghan Tours & Travel

Don't forget to add the Ghazi Stadium to your bucket list while in Kabul! #afghanistan #kabul #soccer Aside from the distressing news we?re used to hearing about on the news, for once, Afghanistan has something positive to celebrate.�Afghanistan

Transportation in Afghanistan | Afghan Tours & Travel

What transportation should you take while traveling in Afghanistan?

Find out here: Transportation in AfghanistanPosted on July 29, 2013 by adminTransportation can be tricky to get down when you’re a tourist in a different country. You may be used to riding the buses and trains where you live, but it will be a completely different experience in another country. To make it easy for…

Top 5 Must-See Middle-East Destinations | Afghan Tours & Travel

Don't know where to go on your vacation to the Middle East?

We've made a list of our favorite destinations in the Middle East! Top 5 Must-See Middle-East DestinationsPosted on July 22, 2013 by adminThe Middle East is the birthplace of civilization, so it’s no surprise that there is a variety of destinations to visit. It can be overwhelming for a tourist to pick out of so many options, so we’ve made it easy for you. We’ve co...

The Flavors of Afghanistan – Afghan Cuisine | Afghan Tours & Travel

Don't know what to eat?

Try the variety Afghan cuisine has to offer! The Flavors of Afghanistan – Afghan CuisinePosted on July 1, 2013 by admin Afghanistan cuisine is so undeniably unique in the way that is perfectly reflects the ethnic and geographic diversity of the country. Afghancuisine is harmonious fusion of the regions surrounding Afghanistan and the cooking s...

Afghanistan: A Cuturally Diverse Destination | Afghan Tours & Travel

Think you're ready to book your next trip to Afghanistan? Here's what to expect in this culturally diverse region of the Middle East. Afghanistan: A Cuturally Diverse DestinationPosted on June 25, 2013 by adminYou have your bags packed and you’re ready to go. But aren’t you forgetting something? Understanding the culture of the country you are about to visit is just as important as remembering to pack your toothbrush. Afghanistan…

Costs of Tourism in Afghanistan | Afghan Tours & Travel

Want to know the ins and outs of Money/costs in Afghanistan?

Visit: Costs of Tourism in AfghanistanPosted on June 17, 2013 by adminIt’s important to know the ins and outs of one important thing when traveling to Afghanistan — Money.Afghanistan’s currency is the afghani (Afg). Paper notes come in denominations of one, two, five, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000.Daily li...

[09/04/12]   The 5 Most Common Items travelers forget to pack: first aid kit, electrical adapters, extra pair of glasses/contacts, hand sanitizer and tooth brush! Do you ever forget to pack these things?

Burj Khalifa Fountain Show at Dubai Night

Did you know we travel to Dubai too? Check out this gorgeous panoramic picture of the Dubai Fountains! The fountains are choreographed to music and they even shoot water as high at 500 feet which is equivalent to a 50 story building!!! Click the link below to see!,-3.96,70.0

360° panoramic photography by Visit us to see more amazing panoramas from Dubai and thousands of other places in the world.

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