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Brand Strategist | Speaker| Italy Addict I help high achievers build personal brands and become go-to experts.

One Full Life International, LLC helps high achievers become the go-to expert in their niche and have a strong online global presence using branding, digital marketing, and personal development strategies. As a Marketing Strategist, Business Coach and Motivational Speaker, Tayloria Grant helps you transform and stand out in your business and career.

WOULD YOU RATHER get the Ultimate Brand Checklist, must-have IG apps or a consistency challenge?

I've been reading your DMs and there are 3 things that keep coming up. Getting consistent, Instagram for business and growing your personal brand online. Well, I'm ready to create a freebie to help you have more success.

The area with the most votes wins. And, I'll follow-up with the freebie next week. Deal? A few more details:

Consistency Challenge - Consistency equals success. If you've been struggling to be consistent with your social media posts, emails, exercising or other big goals, I have some resources to help you get unstuck + have more success.

5 "Must-have" Instagram Apps - From making your photos look better to scheduling posts to managing those unfollows, I have tools to help boost your engagement, grow your followers + improve your IG brand.
Ultimate Social Media Brand Checklist - Sometimes a roadmap to follow can help you know what it takes to build a sustainable, successful brand. The checklist will capture the exact questions I use to help my clients be more visible online + position themselves as go-to experts.

Sound like a plan? Yes, your feedback really makes a difference in me serving you. Please don't let me hear crickets. lol Thanks! Cast your vote below 👇🏽

So, my friend, are you washing with me? 🛀🏽
Remember you can't control other people or situations. But, you can control YOU! So, get ta washin!!! *in my Martin voice*
Thanks @jasminestar for the reality check!


I remember saying good-bye to my corporate job 6 years ago. Back then, I didn't really know how I would use my 20+ years of public relations, marketing and sales experience. But, I knew I wanted to make a deeper impact in the world.

It became clearer how I could use all of the methodologies, frameworks, and experience that I gained over the years. I saw solo entrepreneurs who knew they needed more than business cards and a website, but they weren't sure how to show up online, get clients and make sales.

I started to share my Fortune 500 marketing strategies in simplistic terms. It was rewarding to see clients get leads as we build their social media business platforms and email systems together. It filled my heart with joy when they told me the content we created led to more engagement and sales.

We can still serve others in different ways during this time of social distancing and self-quarantine. In these uncertain times, I enjoy being able to continue to support others. The beauty? I get to "walk together" virtually with you.
Share how you are supporting others? ⬇️

WELL, I DISCOVERED I DON'T OWN ANY GREEN CLOTHES! ☘ #StPatricksDay Ha! Now, let's talk about hashtags for your brand.

First, are you using them for your biz? Hashtags are a pretty big deal on Instagram. The use is different on Twitter and Facebook, but still valuable. But, today we're focusing on Instagram.

Yes, you need to use hashtags and use them correctly on Instagram. Not using them? Start. Using them? Continue. All my entrepreneurs, coaches and influencers? Make sure you have an Instagram strategy and check your insights regularly.

Today's tip. Use 11 - 30 hashtags to help grow your Instagram account. Why this number? A study by TrackMaven showed that interactions are the highest on Instagram with posts with 11+ hashtags.

Hashtags are going to help your brand be found. They will help you connect with your target audience. I want you to rock your content and build a sustainable, successful brand!

Your #LevelUpTip is to:

1️⃣ Use hashtags that are relevant to your niche or industry
2️⃣ Take a look at the hashtags that Instagram suggests as related
3️⃣ Be aware of what hashtags your peers, competitors and influencers are using

I'd love to hear how many hashtags you usually use on Instagram. ⬇️

As you begin this new week. In the midst of the coronavirus and the ups and downs of life. I want to remind you to stop being so hard on yourself and show yourself kindness.

Here are 6 ways you can practice self-compassion:
1️⃣ Pray, meditate &practice mindfulness
2️⃣ Give yourself permission to not be "perfect"
3️⃣Treat yourself like you would a small child
4️⃣ Talk to loved ones
5️⃣ Unplug from social media, TV and the web
6️⃣ Work with a supportive therapist or coach

Sending you lots of love, prayers, and positive vibes. Share one way you're going to share self-compassion this week below. 👇🏾

HOW DO YOU GET UNSTUCK IN YOUR BUSINESS? You take the first step toward clarity.
I get asked all the time about the perfect strategy to get more sales. I know it can feel overwhelming, but here's the secret:
Take a step back. Look at the big picture. Get clarity.
I offer clients a Virtual Power Hour to help with things like getting unstuck, brainstorming marketing ideas, developing a content strategy and conducting a brand audit. This month, there's a 50% savings. Link in bio.
After 25+ years of working in public relations and marketing, there isn't a cookie-cutter approach. Nope, I'm not 30. lol Just like clothes, there really isn't a "One Size Fits All". Sometimes, you could use some dedicated time with a business bestie for more clarity, advice or training.
So, get clarity and take action. Before you know it, it could be the breakthrough you need to get more engagement, get more clients and build a successful brand.

In addition to talking to someone, share a way that you find clarity in your business, career, and life? 👇🏾

🎬 What's the last movie you watched?

I'm not the best with sitting down to watch movies. But, when I'm not reading, listening to music or doing my 5 a.m. runs, I like to catch up on some.

So, I caught up on my last movies during my international flights. I saw Harriet, It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Abominable and 21 Bridges. And, I kind of cried during the first three. Yep, even the animated film. lol

I love a good movie. You know, relatable characters, an interesting story, a clear message, added details, and a good ending.

But, just like each one of these movies, you have a unique #personalbrand 📚 story. So be clear about your purpose and what you do. Be relatable to your audience. Share some details freely. The ending? Well, it's your call-to-action (what you want your audience to do).

Don't forget that you're always sharing your brand story. So, I'm looking for a good movie to watch. Drop your last movie below. 👇🏽

Good news? They're fixable. Need more help with social media and marketing strategies to grow your business? Send me a DM or schedule a free brand clarity session.

To all my beautiful and powerful ladies! Happy International Women’s Day! Buona festa della donna! 💖💪🏽💐


There's a saying that says that anyone can be a dreamer, but only true believers achieve success. It's actually the first question I ask my brand clients, "What's your dream?"

You see, when you have a dream, it makes getting up in the morning exciting. It makes doing the not so fun things, easier. It lights the fire under your butt, to put forth action.

But, it's not enough to just dream. You must also believe in the dream. Like really believe it is possible, no matter how big or daunting it may seem. You'll work toward something you believe in wholeheartedly.

Then, you can start mapping out what you need in order to begin making the dream become reality. Goals with tasks. Little by little, your dreams can become reality.

So, ask yourself the following 3 questions:
What exactly is my dream?
Do I really believe in my dream?
What do I need to make my dream a reality?

Ok, now tap like, if you're ready to follow your dream.

60-degree weather, espresso, cleaning + laundry can only mean one thing: Saturday morning in Bologna. Ha! But, an Italian restaurant tonight. Yummy!
How are you spending the day, my friend?

🛑 CORONAVIRUS CAUSED ME TO PIVOT --> Business Lessons via travel
I've been in Italy for the past week. I had vacation and business plans. But, overnight, there were more coronavirus cases. Schools, universities and museums were closed. And, public events have been canceled through March 1 in Bologna.

Don't get me wrong. Health is more important than attending any concert or museum. I'm able to work online with brand clients and I'm enjoying time with my love. I wouldn't trade being able to #workfromanywhere I've just had to pivot.

You may also need to pivot in business and life. I've found that travel can teach you some valuable lessons. Here are a few:

1️⃣ Expect the UNEXPECTED: Missed flights, canceled events and weather challenges. As an entrepreneur and in life, things will also not always go according to your plan. So, don't be surprised or caught off-guard. Expect that there may be some bumps along the journey.

2️⃣ There's ALWAYS a solution: Be prepared to adjust your strategy. Just like you can find another flight or find something else to do with the weather problems, you can adjust your business, marketing and sales strategies. There are other ways to find new ways to gain clients and build a sustainable, successful brand. I love Marie Forleo's mantra, "Everything is figureoutable".

3️⃣ You can ONLY control you: You can't control other folks, but you can control how you react. Maybe you've seen people acting a "fool" when they missed their flight or complaining loudly at a restaurant while traveling. Your brand is YOUR REPUTATION. I'm not saying you won't get frustrated as an entrepreneur. But, how you react says a lot. It may determine your customer's review or future speaking engagements.

I'm curious about your experiences. What is a lesson that travel has taught you as an entrepreneur or in life? 👇🏽

New Heights in Bologna 🇮🇹
Headed back to Italy today. Even though it's my home away from home, I'm reaching new heights *gulp*.

I'll be working with more global clients virtually during this trip. My love has organized every detail for a special weekend getaway for us (I'm a former control freak). I'll attend a local event by myself for entrepreneurs and start-ups (and it's all in Italian). As I write, my initial flight to L.A. has been delayed for maintenance problems for at least two hours.
I'm not sure if I'll make my other two flights, but with travel, there are always unknowns. In order to reach new heights, there may be some discomfort and unexpected events. But, in the midst of these changes, I know there are opportunities for growth and transformation. And, reaching and exceeding goals!
Maybe there are some things outside of your comfort zone that you need to do to have more clarity, transformation, and action in your business or career.

Whether it's helping you launch a product or service, creating engaging social media posts, automating emails or developing a visibility plan, you don't have to do it alone.
I have a few spots available this month to help high achievers - like you - learn how to get clarity and a roadmap to step into the "what's next" level of life. Send me a message to apply for a complimentary brand clarity call. The link is also in my bio.

You've got to do your part. Let's talk. 👇🏾
Building your personal brand takes time. It doesn't happen overnight. It also requires work.
I talk about branding, marketing, leveling up, freedom, money, and living life fully with my High Achiever Tribe. But, I also send weekly Love Whispers - words of encouragement. I believe mindset and confidence are key to building a brand, business, and life that you love.

So, I've included today's Love Whisper below. If you could use a little confidence boost each week, you can join the High Achiever Tribe, too. It's free and you can sign up at Now, let's get this week started, right!

"Good things come to those who wait."
This slogan was part of a couple of advertising campaigns.
But, does it really apply to real life?

I believe when it comes to...
your business
your career
your brand
it's so true.

Be patient.
Be persistent.
Be actionable.

Continue to stick to your big plan.
Work at making good, even better.
In time, you're going to see your results pay off.
'Cuz, good things CAN come to those who wait.

Live fully,

Post an emoji below if you’re ready to continue doing the work! 🎉💯🙌🏽

You don't have to do it ALONE! 🤷🏾‍♀️ Listen.
Maybe you're in a period of transition. Do you want to level up in life, but you’re not sure how? Is fear or the lack of knowing how to do it holding you back from doing bigger things?
This morning, I was coaching one of my personal brand coaching who has done phenomenal things, but I shared this with him and I thought it might help you, too!
Don't be afraid to ask for additional help.
What has served you in one season may not be all you need in this next stage. Remember, you are leveling up. And, with growth, it's going to require more. It may be more time, energy, money and/or resources.
Ask yourself: What area of life am I supposed to take to another level? What do I need to do NOW to make an impact?
Take this week to focus on just ONE thing that can help you accomplish your goal. Read a book, do a Livestream, take a course, hire a coach or book that trip.
Don’t overthink it, just take action.
It's time to level up and live your purpose. THE WORLD NEEDS YOU!
I'm here to help you too. As I leave for Bologna this week, please share with me ONE thing that you're ready to take to the next level.

Whether it's to stop procrastinating on your goals, launch a new product or service, travel more this year or be more visible online, you can do it!

As Valentine’s Day ends, remember that real relationships are also important during the other 364 days of the year.
As entrepreneurs and professionals, we often work a lot! Don't use work as an excuse to ignore relationships, people and family.
Do what you love + love what you do. But, stop often, to love life + the people in yours too.
Tonight, I cheered my son on at his basketball game along with my daughter.
It only takes one small act to share feelings of love and kindness. What can you do this weekend to spread love?

🛑 STOP SCROLLING - Ciao! 👋🏼 Now that I have your attention, tell me 1 thing that made you smile today?
I used to be ashamed that I had a gap between my teeth. A little self-conscious about my slight overbite. Even covering my mouth because my teeth weren't pearly white (before the days of filters and photo editing - lol). Fast forward, I've embraced my perfectly, "imperfect" smile and continue to imperfectly empower others.
So here are a few more reasons while smiling, believe it or not, is good for you and your personal brand.
- Make connections: When you smile, you appear more friendly, approachable and trustworthy. It could be a new IG follower, a great connection at a networking event or even a potential date (for my single folks, they just might swipe right. lol)
- Improved Mood: Smiling releases neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. It's like a natural anti-depressant and it doesn't cost a thing. You'll be a better career professional, speaker or solo entrepreneur. So, smile!
- Increased Productivity: Research shows that happiness increases productivity. So, you will be knocking out work left and right just by smiling. #bossmove
Can't wait to see what made you smile today! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Don't just leave things for people. Leave something in people. Are you in? #buildyourlegacy

Want more CHOCOLATE, CLIENTS & CASH? 🇮🇹 Italy Business Retreat --> “A GOAL without a plan is just a wish.” - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

For many women, we hold onto some kind of wish. I wish I could travel more. I wish I could lose a few more pounds (or kilos). I wish I could have more high-paying clients. I wish I could grow my business quicker.
The wish sometimes turns into a goal. But, often we don't have a clear plan to reach it. The crazy thing? You've reached other big life goals when you've focused, had a clear strategy and took consistent action.

Just a reminder that MORE FREEDOM is just around the corner. In your business, career and life. It will require clarity, an actionable plan and consistency. But, you KNOW it's POSSIBLE.
In August, I'm hosting an intimate, transformational brand and business retreat for female entrepreneurs in Bologna, Italy. How to have more FREEDOM in your business and life will be one of the topics discussed. For 6 days, you will have dedicated time to work on your branding, business and freedom lifestyle. We will be taking MASSIVE action before, during and after the retreat.

We'll also eat delicious food, take memorable, customized excursions in Venice and Florence. Oh, there will be chocolate, wine and shopping too. Drop me a DM if you'd like to schedule a call for more information.
So, how much more could you accomplish in 2020 with more clarity, a plan and action for your biz, career and life?

#onefulllife #workfromanywhere #locationindependent

My Story


You might think that I’ve always been a world traveler. Or maybe even that I have marketing and coaching superpowers. Although, I enjoy the freedom to spend time with my kids, experience travel adventures, teach others how to stand out from the crowd and live life on my own terms, this wasn’t always the case! I’m not going to sugarcoat things because my journey to become a successful international coach and entrepreneur hasn’t been easy. In fact, for more than 20 years, I was hustling for others in the corporate, government and not-for-profit worlds (building successful brands, training 4-star generals and helping to raise millions of dollars for research). However, after working 60+ hour weeks, missing out on my kids lives, going through a challenging divorce and knowing I had a bigger purpose in life, I took the plunge to use my marketing and mentor powers for a different good. Today, I teach entrepreneurs to get clarity, strategize, stand out and create a profitable, global brand + lifestyle that they love Since leaving my 9-to-5 and becoming my own boss, I haven’t looked back. I’ve shifted from a divorced mom juggling a hectic, full-time corporate job schedule that meant sitting in meetings all day, to a female entrepreneur who travels the world, but can also make school field trips, my kid’s games and create wealth. I’ve found my passion and purpose in this next journey of life. It allows me to spend more time with the people I love, make a difference in the world and live the life that I desire. What could be better than that? I can help you do the very same thing…

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