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Casbohm Maple & Honey is a well known Pure Pennsylvania maple syrup and honey producer in Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Casbohm Maple and Honey | Northwestern Pa Pure Maple Syrup

Folks, Syrup season was a busy time as usual. The Taste and Tour Maple Open House was awesome! We had a great time.
Early April was the end of our syrup season. We have restocked the shelves with Amber,, Dark and Very Dark syrup. The Maple Sauces are always a favorite of folks for the upcoming grilling season too.
Please check out our web site at
We are very proud of the new web site and online store! Thanks Adam for all the tech support!
Current projects include upgrades to the maple syrup evaporator and another Allis-Chalmers WD45 tractor refurb. Casbohm Maple and Honey is a leading producer of Pure Maply Syrup and Maple syrup and honey products. Chris Casbohm is the owner and president of he Northwestern Maple Association. Lending his years of maple syrup knowledge and expertise to fellow sugar makers.

We are still recovering from another great Maple Taste and Tour event! Many thanks to Cheryl, Adam, Betty, Kelly, Stacy, Dave, Marley, Michelle, and Addi for their help in the sugarhouse. I believe we had 350 to 400 visitors. As usual I talked a lot. But was great visiting with folks, and talking about making natural delicious maple syrup! We are still making syrup, and hoping for several runs this week. Currently we have made 170 gallons of Amber Rich and Dark Robust maple syrup. We should have syrup all year for our friends and family plus new and old customers too! Kelly is doing a excellent job with the bees and honey products. Visit her web site at
Also our new website is up and will be updated with products as we finish up syrup season and move into spring. Thanks Adam!

Casbohm Maple and Honey's cover photo

We are looking forward to a great Tour and Taste this year! Hope to see you all there.πŸ₯žπŸ


The 16th Annual Maple Taste and Tour will be here March 16 and 17 so we are celebrating by giving away this huge basket filled with yummy maple products all made locally! You will find a variety of syrup, candies, sauces, and seasonings from Howles Maple Farm, Boylan Farms, Hurry Hill Maple Farm and Museum, Casbohm Maple and Honey, Triple J Farms, Shumake's Sugar Shack, How Sweet It Is Maple Products, and Senita Maple Products!

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Merry Christmas to all our Facebook family and friends. We still have Maple Mustard, Spicy Maple mustard, Maple Ketchup (new) Maple BBQ and Spicy Maple BBQ available for stocking stuffers!

Kelly and I at local sales event (LORD Corp) Bee-ming Honey products and Casbohm Maple!

[11/28/18]   Folks,
Guess your going to hear from me more on facebook, Our web master has recommended that we move to facebook and leave the old technology behind!:) That means I need to get on here and let you know more about what is happening in our maple and honey worlds. Should be fun I like to chat so we will see how this works. Our products will be available using a a new e store beginning after the first of the year. But If some one need Maple or honey products just email me [email protected]
And we will try to help you. These natural products do make great stocking stuffers too! We have lots of honey from K&K farms too!
With the weather at 29 degrees and snowing its a good day to hunker down and throw another log on the fire!

[11/24/18]   Folks,
We are full of turkey and have many things to be thankful for this year! Including a brand new great grand daughter, Chloe!

On the maple side of things:
Our fire wood is cut and in the wood shed for making syrup next spring. The tubing is hanging from the rafters in the sugarhouse and will be strung on the trees in late January. We will have approximately 620 taps to install when the weather warms and the sap starts flowing. Cold nights and warm days can result in hundreds of gallons of 2% sap to be boiled into finished maple syrup. Hoping to make some of all syrup grades.
March 16 and 17 2019 we will have our Maple Taste and Tour open house and have maple and honey samples available. There are also 18 other sugarhouse open that weekend. Check on for Taste and Tour information and directions to each sugarhouse.

About our bees:
Our one hive produced several supers of honey during the spring and fall honey flow. We have had a bear in the yard, so we are a little concerned that our hive may be in danger. Our daughter Kelly (K and K farms) also has honey available from her two strong hives. The spring honey was darker and the fall goldenrod honey was a rich golden color. Natural pure honey direct from our hives. Great on your hot biscuits or toast.

[11/18/18]   Hi,
We have been busy with fall honey from the bee hive and also making many of our maple products. Our fall went very quick and hope yours was good too. We did have a bear visit our place a couple weeks ago. He knocked over some boxes of honey frames that had been extracted and were placed outside for the bees to rob out. He did not get much of a meal but did destroy the 20 frames and drawn comb!
We are looking forward to maple season in early February 2019. Since last spring was a difficult season, we hope for a better one this spring.

[03/19/18]   We had a great time during the Taste and Tour visiting with long time friends and meeting new ones too! The weather was perfect and we even made some syrup on Sunday!

Boiling syrup this spring. Wood fired 3 x 10 King evaporator.

Marly and Addi helping Grandpa on the biggest run this year 758 gallons of sap!

[02/28/18]   Maple syrup season is progressing. We may be near the endo of our season as our taps have been set for 4 weeks. The season is typically 6 weeks, depending on the weather. We have made Amber. Rich, Dark, Robust and Very dark strong grades of syrup. maple products are being prepared for our Taste and Tour event March 17 and 18 2018.
We will have some excellent fall honey from both our hives and from Kelly's too! Hope to see folks at the open house.
You can check for more details and other sugarhouses in the area. We are happy to have two more sugarhouses added to the tour in the Albion area!

[02/02/18]   Our Maple Taste and Tour event is scheduled for March 17 and 18th 2018 from 10-4 each day. We will have maple snacks and a warm sugarhouse. Several new sugarhouses on the tour this year, within 5 miles of us too! You can check out the tour @

[02/02/18]   We have started the sugaring season a little earlier than normal. Have been tapped about a week and have made 20 gallons of delicious Amber syrup. Also when it was warm I did get to check the bees and they are alive and well at this time.

[09/07/17]   Those waffles do look good! (Thanks Adam) Our syrup has won several ribbions at local fairs this year! Maple mustard and maple BBQ have been a big hit with folks too. We have syrup in all sizes ready for your fall breakfasts!
Our two colonies of bees are doing good. These were late swarms that I captured withing the last two weeks.
We are currently in the local fair mode. Which means tractor pulls and lots of visiting with friends too! Albion fair is coming up next week and we hope to see lots of friends there. Two of the food booths will have our maple syrup available for your breakfast pancakes or waffles at the fair. We are looking forward to Stacy, Dave, Dorsey, and Devin spending some time with us during fair week. We hope to go in the parade again with Nic driving his great grandfather's Allis WD. See you there!

Nothing like bacon enfused waffles to start your day! Let the fresh PA maple syrup soak right in.

Beautiful day for a syrup event at the Wellsburg (the Little Church on the Hill) 6N & 18 - stop down free samples! Amazing vendors! Free music and refreshments.

[04/01/17]   Our 2017 maple syrup production has come to a end. The sap collection systems have been cleaned and hung in the sugarhouse until next season. The evaporator has been cleaned and covered.
We finished with a very good crop of syrup, approximately 6500 gallons of sap made 145 gallons of amber and dark syrup.
Cutting firewood to fill the wood shed back up will be one of the things we work on this summer.
We will also enter several local fairs to show our maple and honey products.
I have to check on the bees and see how they did getting through the winter. There were several warm spells so that may have helped.

[03/21/17]   The Taste and Tour was awesome! I tried to visit a little with each of our many guests over the past weekend! I think there were at least 250 folks that came through the sugarhouse! Many friends neighbors and new maple sugar followers, on the tour this year. The Chocolate Dipped Maple Candy was a big hit! Thanks to Peters Chocolates of Albion for making these crystal coated maple sugar candy look and taste great with their delicious Chocolate! They also have some in there shop for Easter also.

[03/17/17]   Well i think we are almost ready for the Maple Taste and Tour this weekend March 18 and 19 from 10:00 to 4:00. The Maple cotton candy will be made tomorrow. Kelly brought a very nice selection of her spring and fall honey too.
I was recapping the 2017 syrup season;
- Burned 3.5 cord of slab wood
- Tapped 650 taps from Feb 4 to Feb 6 th.
- Boiled 14 times, starting Feb 7 ending March 9th
- Sugar content was close to 2%
- Gathered and hauled 6511 gallons of sap over 15 days
- Drove 800+ miles to gather sap and tap the sugarbush.
- Made 145 gallons of syrup, Amber Rich (early and dark Robust (later) Normal years we expect to produce 150 gallons of syrup so this was pretty good!
- So it took approx 45 gallons of sap to make a gallon of maple syrup. That's pretty close to average.
- Each tap hole in a maple tree produced approx a quart of maple syrup on average.
- We gathered approx 10 gallons of sap per tap (avg)
We may be done for the year? our equipment is still out there we will see what the weather does and if the sap runs again we may boil?

For the Taste and Tour weekend we plan to be boiling! Stop in a visit. The Chocolate dipped maple candy from our sugarhouse and Peter's Chocolates looks great!

[03/04/17]   Wow! Cold weather is back! It will be in the teens tomorrow night, and then back up to almost 50 degrees on Sunday. So we should get at least one more sap run.
The evaporator was starting to freeze up, so I placed a electric heater in the firebox to warm it a little.
Maple peanut-butter and maple cotton candy will be prepared when the weather warms.
If you have never had maple 'bark', stop by and try this delicious new maple and chocolate treat! Thanks to Holly at Peters Chocolate's of Albion for helping develop these maple and chocolate inspirations!

[03/02/17]   Our maple season is nearing its end. I feel we are less than 2 weeks away from closing out the maple syrup production. We are preparing for the Maple Taste and Tour on March 18 and 19. We will be featuring our crystal coated maple candies dipped in the best milk chocolate in the area. Be the first to come and try it. We think you will like it. Kelly and I will also have our local honey from our hives too. Our honey is gently heated and strained, but all the pollen is still in the honey. Some folks call this raw honey. The goldenrod honey from last fall has a tendency to sugar rather quickly. But sugared honey is just as good in your hot tea!
I have been busy making Maple Mustard, Maple BBQ, and Maple Salad dressing. We have new sugar containers for our very light flavored crumb sugar this year. Ready for your table great on oatmeal.
Maple cream has been made from our Amber Rich syrup and is ready for your bagels and toast!
Hope to see you on the Taste and Tour!

Northwest Pennsylvania Maple Association

The weather has been very warm for the last week. Sap flow has diminished.
The freeze on Saturday should restart the sap running again. We had made 111 gallons of maple syrup. Tonight I gathered another 250 gallons of sap but the sugar content has dropped to 1.5% which is rare for our big road side trees! I dint think sap was supposed to run at 70 + degrees? Guess I forgot to tell the trees!
I also heard the peepers tonight loud and clear. They say if you hear them three times, the season is over! :(
We are getting lots of maple product ready for the Maple Taste and Tour March 18 and 19 in Northwestern PA. We will debut a new maple candy product this year. Stop by the sugarhouse to try it! We looks forward to seeing old friends, and some new friends on the Taste and Tour.
We have a tradition of making maple syrup in our family since the early 1800's. Even with that said, I am still learning new things each season too!
You can find more info on the Taste and Tour at

[02/18/17]   The sap will run for the next few days as the temps will be well above freezing. Maybe even a little too warm some days? A good freeze one of the evenings early next week would be desired to stop the flow and then start the sap flowing again. The 55 gallons of Amber Rich syrup we have made has excellent flavor! I marked one of the containers for taking to the local fairs!

[02/16/17]   Sap is running and over the last week we have gathered crystal clear sap and made 55 gallons of Amber Rich Maple syrup! Thanks to Ryan for helping gather today on a cold and blustery raw day! We brought in 560 gallons of 2% sap and he learned how to run the evaporator and make syrup!

[02/10/17]   Folks,
The trees are tapped, we gathered 1100 gallons of 2.5% sap. Made 21 gallons of very nice golden delicate maple syrup on Wednesday. Next sap run should be Saturday afternoon.

[01/30/17]   We are in a normal late January early February cold spell. All our maple systems are up and ready to go. We will tap the 600 plus taps when the next warm spell comes along. I was able to get to help several other new sugarmakers in the Albion area. The Shumake's and the Soltis family will be making syrup for the first time this spring. Also traveled to Middlefield OH to visit the Miller family and see them make 100 gallons of syrup in a couple hours. Very impressive! The snow today is 8 inches deep and fluffy. A beautiful sunny winter day with temps to cold for sap to run well.

[01/17/17]   Maple Syrup weather has hit our area about 3 weeks sooner than normal. I am going to use this warm spell to get the evaporator ready and all the collection and holding tanks sanitized. Sap tubing will need to be strung and collection points set up. Still not sure if I will tap this early (next few days)? Lots of moves to make! We have a 6 to 8 week window for the season, and tapping this soon my shorten our production of late run syrup. Always a challenge to try to predict the type of syrup season!
I did check the bee hives and it looks like our strongest colony may not make it through to spring:(. Dont forget the Maple Taste and Tour March.18th and 19th! A dozen local sugarhouses will be open for free tours.

[11/17/16]   Have been working in the sugarhouse while the weather is warmer. They say we are in for some snow this weekend. The bees will be huddling trying to keep the tempos up in the hive. Our goldenrod fall honey is being gently heated so that it can be strained and jarred up to stock the shelves.
Some Maple syrup will be made into special maple products, including maple mustard and maple BBQ.

Now available for purchase on our website - fresh 2016 Amber Spring Honey!!

[08/30/16]   Folks, We have been busy this summer with maple syrup events, gathering swarms of bees and tractor pulls. Our bees have produced award winning amber spring honey and it is now bottled and available. We are into fair season and will enter syrup and honey at four judged events. Hope your summer was great!

[04/28/16]   We will be at Tractor Supply in Erie (off Peach street) on Saturday April 30th. 10:00 to 3:00 ish Come to the Demo days and taste some maple syrup samples!

[04/04/16]   Snow and cold weather make it seem like syrup season is back again!:) When we stopped making syrup on March 10th we had 180 gallons of syrup finished. A good season that was about 2 weeks shorter than normal. We should have a supply of syrup and maple products available all year. Please give us a call or a email to check or stock. We can ship product anywhere to your friends or relatives too.
I did get time to check the bees and we have one colony that has survived over the winter. Keeping bees seems to be harder than ever! If anyone hears of a swarm close by let me know. I would like to get some local honeybees established in our apiary again. They have much better chances of survival.

[03/21/16]   We had a great time hosting another Taste and Tour event! Fantastic turn out of people interested in maple syrup! Our sugar house was very busy all weekend! Thanks to all the folks that came out to spend some time with us!Thanks to Cheryl, Adam, Stacy, Dave, Dorsey, Devin, Kelly, Mike, Addison, and Marly for helping make this a maple weekend a success.

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