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[07/09/19]   LOOK!!! Carnival's Journeys Cruises:
Featuring longer itineraries and new exotic locations.

Some of the extra activities you will experience on board- copied from Carnival info -

For those that have never done a Journey's cruise-
Academy of Fun
Who knew it would be fun to learn while on vacation?

You will be invited to attend a series of five classes, featuring a guest lecturer who will talk about photography, cooking art, stargazing, and technology and social media. Complete a lecture and you will receive a relevant pin.

Shipboard Team Member Connections
Here, Carnival Journeys participants can learn more about shipboard life held at different times throughout the voyage.

Q&A Sessions
Love getting the 'inside scoop' about the shipboard cruise life from your favorite crew? This is your chance to ask our team members anything about anything and everything! Throughout the voyage there will be three Q&A sessions to cover various topics from the following departments - Maritime, Hotel Operations and Entertainment.

Galley Tour
Ever wonder what it takes to prepare meals for an entire cruise? Join our Maitre d’ for a fun, behind-the-scenes experience of our massive galley, including facts about food operations and minor cooking and prep demonstrations. A Carnival Journeys exclusive!

Crew Meet & Greet Event
Get to know your crew on a more personal level. Following introductions of a number of selected crew, there will be time for you to interact and mingle.

50s Dance Class
Are you a dancing machine? Then swing down and get ready to bop, jive and boogie with our talented dancers in this easy and fun class for all levels! This activity is a crew connection with our onboard dancers. Once the dance is taught, the dance captain will select six guests who will receive two private dance classes with our performers to learn a simple one minute routine that you will perform in the ‘Back to the 50s’ show later on in the cruise.

Glee Club
Love to burst into song? Join our talented cast in this fun singing class for all levels and you will be singing like a star in no time! This activity is a crew connection with our onboard vocalists and dance captain. There will three singing classes (Glee Club) where you will learn songs and movement that you will perform in the 'Back to the 50s' show later on in the cruise.

Back to the ‘50s Crew Show
Swing into our one-of-a-kind show inspired by the Fabulous ‘50s and starring none other than your fellow guests and our crew as they rock, roll and sock-hop the night away!

The Crew Connections show is an interactive performance showcasing our singers and dancers and those guests that have been rehearsing all cruise long for the ‘big’ show. The show will also showcase some of the team members working on your ship.

At the Hop Atrium Party
A continuation of the ‘Back to the 50s' show, it is themed around a 1950s Sock Hop. This party will include guest competitions and line dances.

Throwback Sea Day
We are throwing ourselves back to 1987. Throwback Sea Day will turn the ship around to the wonderful decade of the 80s. All of our activities for the day will be recreated to resemble the way they were played in 1987 including a version of the old style ‘Carnival Capers’, the 1987 version of the Fun Times newsletter.

Dive In Movies and in-Stateroom Movies
Nothing better for an 80s-inspired Throwback Sea Day than some classic Action and Adventure flicks from circa 30 years ago. We have totally channeled that ‘Back to the Future’ vibe in addition to ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’. The in-stateroom movie channels feature ‘E.T.' and the original ‘Ghostbusters’.

Trivia 80s Challenge
Are you an everything-eighties expert? Put your knowledge to the test and join the Fun Squad as they take you through exciting trivia challenges! From sitcoms to dramas and everything in between, try our 80s-themed TV trivia and see if your rerun marathon days have paid off! Test your cinematic savvy from the days of big hair, big shoulder pads and big movies in our exciting 80s throwback movie trivia challenge! Or try our general knowledge trivia consisting of questions that would have been asked in 1987.

Morning Stretch and Walk-a-Mile
Working out has never been this fun! Join your Cruise Director and the Fun Squad for an exciting morning fitness class and start your day energized and invigorated! Recreating a morning from 1987 with a traditional Morning Stretch and Walk-a-mile with the Cruise Director.

Morning Show
Wake up on the fun side with your Cruise Director and special guests! What a great way to be in the know about all the exciting activities and events of Throwback Sea Day! The Cruise Director will take calls from guests who will reflect on their favorite part of the 80s.

80s Dance Class
From the Safety Dance to the Electric Slide, join our cast as they teach you the hottest dance moves from the 80s in this easy and fun class for all ages.

Swap the new with the old traditional bingo cage and balls.

Horse Racing
A traditional activity enjoyed by our guests in the 80s – six wooden horses lined up at the starting line of the track...with a roll of the dice, the horses move forward. First one to reach the finish line is the winner!

Ping Pong Bathing Suit Challenge
Dive in and collects the most ping pong balls in your bathing suit in an allotted amount of time, is the winner!

Frog Racing
One of the most exciting activities of the day. Purchase a frog for $5 USD, decorate him or her if you choose and race them across the pool.

Knobby Knees Competition
The guest with the most unique or knobbiest knees is the winner.

Glamorous Grandmothers Get-Together
Calling all glamorous, gleaming and graceful grandmas! Join our get-together to share photos and stories of what is surely one of your favorite topics–your gorgeous grandchildren!

Captain’s Cocktail Party
Join the ship’s senior officers in an unforgettable and fun night of dancing, food and drinks and get the unique opportunity to have your photo taken with the Captain! Just like the Captain's Cocktail Party from the 80s, guests will be greeted at the entrance of the main lounge for a photo opportunity with the Captain, followed by music and dancing. Waiters will serve the traditional cocktails and hors d’oeuvres from 1987, followed by the Cruise Director introducing the Captain and his senior officers.

Variety Show
Get ready for some awesome entertainment! Hosted by your Cruise Director, join us for an amazing evening of fun and excitement that will surely be the talk of the ship tomorrow!

80’s Night at the Disco
This 80s party won't be the same without you, so time to channel your inner Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey and hit the dance floor to show off those totally righteous moves!

Photo FunBooths
Relive the past to the max with fun 80s-themed backdrops and hilarious props in our outrageous Photo Fun Booths. Grab a prop and strike a totally bodacious pose!

Midnight Gala Buffet
Similar to our Midnight Gala Buffet from the 80s, the buffet will feature ice and fruit sculptures as well as a large variety of food and snacks.

Animation BOKA Vanguard dry docking Carnival Vista

Copyright Boskalis

Port Canaveral

CARNIVAL, WE HAVE A BUILDING! Things are really starting to take shape at Port Canaveral at the new CT3, soon to be home of Carnival Cruise Line's newest and most innovative ship, Mardi Gras. Both the terminal and ship will be here in 2020.....can't wait!

Why Use A Travel Advisor - WUATA

Local & Travel Website

Everything You Should Know About Amber Cove, Dominican Republic Find out everything on the popular Carnival cruise port of Amber Cove Dominican Republic. There are plenty of things to do at the Eastern Caribbean destination so let's take a look in preparation for your cruise vacation.

Going on a cruise is better for your well-being than any other kind of vacation If you're daydreaming about this year's big getaway and wondering where to head for some serious R&R, one study may have offered the perfect solution.

[05/17/19]   Enter for a chance to win a cruise!!!
Now through October 29th, Travel Advisors will be asking their clients to nominate them for the title of Most Trusted Travel Advisor by asking their clients
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Miracle September 29 2019 Journey Map Each item needs to be placed into the cart separately if they require personalization. If you need to order different sizes please order each size separately. You can put an unlimited amount of items in your cart before checking out to pay. Please contact us at [email protected] for assist...

[05/04/19]   $500 on board credit!
June 3rd, 5 days to Cozumel and Progreso. From New Orleans. Contact me NOW!

CHEERS! Beverage Program | Carnival Cruise Line

"Cheers" program full info. CHEERS! is an all-inclusive beverage program that allows guests to enjoy a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages by paying a flat daily rate. Guests must be 21 or older to purchase CHEERS! and each adult assigned to the same stateroom must purchase the program. If you are not intere...

For anyone cruising Carnival and debating whether to purchase Cheers!

Frank Sinatra - Let's Get Away From It All


Two awesome cruise specials:
BIG On Board Credit!
1. June 3rd: 5 days RT N.O.
Carnival Valor: current prices on Carnival PLUS $200 OBC or more!
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Carnival Cruise Lines With Kathie Lee Gifford 1985 TV Commercial HD
My first Carnival cruise ship, December 2005, Honeymoon!

This is a 1985 tv video commercial from Carnival Cruise Lines and titled With Kathie Lee Gifford. We hope you enjoy the commercial, please subscribe and as a...

Behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to get the Carnival Fantasy ready to set sail What does it take to get a ship the size of the Carnival Fantasy ready to sail away for its passengers?

John Heald

Just talking to someone about working in the cruise industry before the world of the internet. He told me how he used to book through his travel agent from a little shop the agent had in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

He spoke of posters on the wall of the Carnival ships , all 5 of them and how the travel agent went through massive books of plane timetables before issuing him with loads of complicated paper documents with several sheets of carbon paper, all handwritten by the agent himself.

Today travel agents have changed to online for the most part but they still give their clients, our guests brilliant service and I thought I would say a massive thank you to all the travel agents for their terrific support and dedication.


Carnival Valor June 3rd 5 days from New Orleans. Prices starting at less than $599pp double occupancy plus taxes with $200 on board credit. Contact me now before prices increase!

Special!!! Cruise from New Orleans. More affordable than you think! June 3rd, Save over booking direct. PM me for more info.

[03/14/19]   An experienced Carnival cruiser tries Norwegian – the following is my opinion – I’m happy to answer any further questions -

At the request of several friends, this is a very detailed comparison/my opinion based on 43 Carnival cruises on every size ship from the Holiday and the Fantasy to the Horizon. Details below, but if you want the synopsis – we were pleasantly surprised by the quality and variety of the food, by the service provided by our cabin steward and others – but we did not like our cabin. Too small, bed too short, and issues with water. (Although they came many times to fix it.) Bottom line – for the money, we will probably not cruise Norwegian again. Their rates include internet and drink packages, which we would not normally buy on Carnival – so a comparable cabin/itinerary on Norwegian would cost us $1000 more. If you usually purchase Cheers, then Norwegian may be a more similar price.

We were on the Carnival Glory immediately before this cruise – I tried to compare NCL with the bigger Carnival ships we’ve cruised just to have a fair comparison.
We cruised Norwegian Epic the first week of March 2019 to Great Stirrup Cay and Cozumel – loved Great Stirrup Cay! In comparing to Half Moon Cay, HMC’s beach is flatter, water more accessible, but I think I like both equally. It did seem easier to find a quiet beach spot on GSC. Both have snorkeling and other amenities/excursions. GSC is building a zipline course, but it was not open when we were there. One BIG difference is that the NCL drink package is good on GSC – whereas the Carnival Cheers program cannot be used on HMC.

Drink Packages: NCL Ultimate – can order 2 at a time every 5 minutes, drinks up to $15 (for drinks over that, you are just charged the difference), no limit, bottled water not included, only some coffees included. You are not allowed to take any soda on – and they are a Pepsi ship, so no diet Coke for me!

Cabin: Seemed much smaller than Carnival – my feet hung off the end of the bed, and I’m only 5’5”. The sofa faced the closet – you couldn’t see the TV from there – no room to walk between if someone was sitting on the sofa, so basically we used the sofa just for storage. No wall space to hang anything – we normally bring magnetic hooks and hang things like hats, bags, etc., but this was not possible. On the Epic, the sink is in the cabin, and the toilet and shower are in separate very small enclosures – very exposed! We were told that this is the only NCL ship with this design – we hated it as did everyone else we spoke with. The balcony was narrower than Carnival but deeper. Chairs were just alike and neither reclined. On Carnival one chair usually reclines (great for naps!) Table was tiny – just big enough for a cup of coffee. I sometimes have to bring work, and my laptop would not have fit on that table. There was a stocked minibar with typical minibar prices.

Cabin Steward: Was amazing! No assistants that we knew of – and I don’t know how many cabins he was responsible for, but he was always right there when we needed him. We had some issues with water in our cabin (both sink and shower were often scalding – so hot that we could not even use them), and he kept calling Maintenance to try to get it right. They came and worked on it several times, but it was still not right when we left. No robes, but there was no question of when we would have service – cleaned in the morning, turndown service at night – and you had ice twice a day without asking.

Food: With the exception of omelets, we were very pleasantly surprised at the quality, taste, and variety. We have omelets every morning – on Carnival we usually find our “Omelet Ninja” the first day and stick with him or her and then tip them at the end. On NCL, we tried 5 different omelet stations and none were as good – we found out that part of the reason is that they use pasteurized egg mix and it was sometimes partly frozen and lumpy when they started. All the other food, however, was great. We did not try any of the paid venues, but all the complimentary options were great. We especially liked the sports pub that was available 24 hours a day. There are two main dining rooms – both with the same menu. One is always dressy attire, the other is resort casual. The Lido buffet had great variety, and there were stations all over Lido Deck. On their version of Serenity, there was a snack station with chicken wings, etc. They have the stands with hand sanitizer as you enter Lido buffet area, but they also always had a cute peppy person (usually young lady but once a young man) with a spray bottle offering to spray your hands. She would smile and say, “Washy! Washy! Time for lunch! Yummy for your tummy!”

Speaking of Serenity – or NCL version – the adult-only area on Epic, Spice H2O was somewhat disappointing. The bartender was great, but this area was noisy and no shaded places to relax. This is also where the big movie screen is, but they took all the loungers up by 8pm every night – so although they advertised movies under the stars, where were you supposed to sit?

The water slides and rock wall looked amazing – but these bones and joints are too old for that!

Entertainment: One show in the main lounge was comparable to those on Carnival, although the lounge was smaller. Reservations were recommended but not required. Burn The Floor – lots of dancing and some singing – okay but not outstanding. Included in the cruise fare. There is a Cirque show – Dinner and Dreams – it was great! There is an extra charge of $48 for premium seats or $35 for regular seats. I opted for the premium and ended up so close to the performers that I could see them sweat. Many times they brushed by me on their way in. Dinner was excellent as well.

Photos: They take just as many as on Carnival! They were more expensive but possibly less tempting. They are not out for everyone to see, but rather you have a binder whose location is identified on your ship card. For example, our binder was in bookcase #6, binder #304 – all our pics would be found in there, but other than the embarkation photo we never even went to look. We have been on Carnival ships with the digital pics – we would look at them on the Hub app and then purchase and download to our phones. I was surprised that the Epic did not have anything like that.

App: Norwegian does have an app similar to the Carnival Hub app – but I do like Carnival’s better. The app, at least on the Epic, did not have menus for the dining rooms and you could only look at activities for that day. I like looking ahead and planning what I don’t want to miss out on later in the cruise. We also like that the Carnival Hub has info on the ports including emergency contact info – none of that was available on the Norwegian app.

We also felt that the Cruise Director did not do a great job of communication – like when the gangway was open in port, where the gangway was, how to get off the ship, etc. There was no debarkation presentation, and there was some confusing information given on the paper left in our cabin. I did like the staggering of the luggage tags – if you purchased the airport transfers, your luggage tag zone was based on the time of your flight. Otherwise, it was the first come – first serve pickup of tags like you currently have on Carnival.

So, unless there is a great deal or itinerary, we probably won't choose NCL again. We are looking forward to trying the other cruise lines -

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