Muddyfoot Kayaks

Muddyfoot Kayaks

Launched in 2011, Muddyfoot Kayaks offers guided tours of the Portage Lakes, Nimisila Reservoir, Ohio & Erie Canal, as well as other local waterways upon request. Our fleet is comprised of the follow Perception brand models: Carolina 14 touring kayaks, Perception Swiftwater 10.5 creek kayaks, Carolina 12 XS kids kayaks, Perception Prodigy 14.5 tandem kayaks.

Pick a color, any color.

Check this POV video of a skyak jump

Skydiving in a kayak ... we wouldn't try that, but it sure makes for an entertaining video! Kayaking in the sky? Hop on board for a mad ride with Miles Daisher as he skyaks from a chopper.

Humpback Whale Breaches on Top of Kayakers

It's all fun and games until a humpback whale breaches on top of your kayak! This video is a must watch.

On our 08:00 am Sanctuary Cruises whale tour, just outside the harbor in Moss Landing, two kayakers on a tandam kayak were almost crushed to death by a massi... provided the most unique descriptive word that online daters in each state use in their profile. Gotta love Vermont, Oregon and Idaho!

Ice Kayaking on Mud Lake

Who says kayaking has an off-season in Northeast Ohio?

Barbie On-The-Go Beach Doll and Kayak Set

If you must get your daughter a Barbie for Christmas, get her this one! On-the-Go accessory packs include a Barbie doll and fabulous accessories for fun anywhere, anytime! With this stylish sports gear, Barbie doll is ready for a day of adventure! Fly across the waves on the bright pink and blue windsurfing board or ride the rapids in the colorful kayak. Each set inc...

'What were you thinking?': Police shocked at tourist driver

This may be worse than having the kayak fly off your roof! A tourist caught driving with a kayak tied cross-ways across his car roof told shocked police that he was just trying to preserve his vehicle.

Snow Kayak Race in Estonia - Red Bull Snow Kayak 2013

Bring on the snow!

For more snow sports visit Kayaking and canoeing are popular adventure sports in Estonia. This time the participants were challenged in ...

MLB Fan Cave on Twitter: "The @RaysBaseball honor Derek Jeter. #FarewellCaptain...

Before tonight's Yankees vs. Rays game in Tampa, retiring shortstop Derek Jeter received a 16-foot, Yankee blue, pinstriped sea kayak with his No. 2 on it. It's nice exposure for the America's pastime of kayaking! @ MLBFanCave : The @ ? ya Jeter we're were gonna give you a skim board That Zimmer jersey was a great idea. When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location.

Heaven is a place on earth ... here's a photo inside the distribution center for Confluence Watersports who make the Perception, Wilderness Systems and Dagger kayaks that we buy.

Kayak Dodgeball: A New Sport Is Born (and Not Just in Brooklyn): The Daily Details

Is this a future type of kayak outing that you'd sign up for? Kayak Dodgeball - Best Sports for Men

The Purple Martins are roosting on Nimisila Reservoir for the month of August. Schedule your outing now so you don't miss them this year.

This seems like a pretty reasonable thought process!

How to tell if you need a new kayak. The logic in this flowchart seems very well researched.

Let's play two! Headed out for a tour for four, followed by a tour for two. Great day for it!

Kayak Race with Cameron Diaz

Jimmy Fallon and Cameron Diaz race through The Tonight Show studio in kayaks while avoiding obstacles like Hashtag Panda and Benny and the Jetski. Jimmy and Cameron race through The Tonight Show studio in kayaks while avoiding obstacles like Hashtag Panda and Benny and the Jetski. Subscribe NOW to The T...

Does this sum up the existence of a kayak guide?

3 missing kayakers rescued from Green Bay

This story of a woman with two 9-year-old boys had a happy ending, but it shows how the weather can turn a fun paddle into a potentially deadly situation. Be safe and smart paddling out there. Woman, two 9-year-old boys found eight to 10 miles northeast of Chambers Island.

Dock Launch

Thankfully none of the docks we deal with around Portage Lakes, OH are anywhere near this high!

Our friends Alec and Sharon Bloyd-Peshkin recently posted some photos on how to launch from a high dock. One of the commenters asked how to land, well this i...

Bellyak Play Review

Paddling has moved from sitting in a kayak to standing on a paddleboard and now they've got a bellyak where you lay on your stomach. You've got to have some confidence to run rapids with your head leading the way! This whitewater boat review of the Bellyak Play is brought to you by Rapid Media.

We were happy to hook these two guys up with a great deal on new boats that they'll be using to paddle the entire length of the Mississippi River beginning in just a few weeks. Read about Evan, Tony and two others along their journey to support Habitat for Humanity. Here's their website:

Breaking the Canoe Waterfall Record - Canoe & Kayak Magazine

Incredible descent! Last November Jim Coffey broke the canoe waterfall record on Mexico's Alseseca River's Truchas Falls. This week the Esprit team released the video.

A beautifully designed 3D printed kayak

A full size 3D printed kayak has been created using a home-made 3D printer. The kayak was constructed from 28 different 3D printed sections, which took over 1000 hours (42 days!) to print. The finished boat weighs 65 lbs and includes 58 lbs of ABS plastic and 7 lbs of screws to keep the 28 panels in position and watertight.

More info - A kayak has been 3D-printed. Taking on a similarly colorful appearance to the storybook character Elmer the Elephant, this k...

Forget The Car Keys — This Commute Requires A Paddle

It's a bit long to do it on a regular basis, but the occasional paddle home from work through the Ohio & Erie Canal to the Portage Lakes is a nice change of pace. Here's a story about someone who regularly paddles to work. Rather than traffic jams, kayak commuter Stephen Linaweaver has to look out for container ships.

Stamford School pupil kayaks across the Channel

A 14-year-old girl braved choppy seas in crossing the English Channel as part of a kayaking expedition that has raised more than £7,500 for charity. A girl of 14 braved choppy seas and the world’s busiest shipping lane in a kayaking expedition that has raised more than £7,500 for charity.

Paddler Breaks 24 hour Paddling Record

Last week a paddler in Washington State broke the Guinness World Record for distance paddled in 24 hours by covering 151 miles! At 7:38 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 21, an air horn sounded at Lake Padden in Bellingham, signaling that local paddler Brandon Nelson achieved his goal of breaking the Guinness world record for most distance traveled on flat water in a canoe or kayak in a 24-hour period.

Reservations for six ... our guides Jean and Brooke headed out for a Saturday morning tour.

The Yak Hack

Check out the “Yak Hack,” a sharp little 250cc Vespa scooter cus­tomized to carry a kayak. Green to the beach, light on the wallet.

Huge shark gives kayak angler the surprise of a lifetime

Be careful out there when fishing from your kayak! Isaac Brumaghim was fighting a small tuna from his kayak Sunday when all of a sudden the fish became “heavy” and he could no longer [...]

Paddling to the Public

Who Owns the Water? Water rights are complicated issues in many states. This article details a landmark case where the New York Supreme Court recently upheld the paddler's right to paddle through private land. The New York state Supreme Court's recent ruling re-opens the paddling access debate, determining that the Adirondack waterways which canoeist-author Phil Brown traversed are navigable and open to the public

Portage Lakes Polar Bear Jump

The Portage Lakes Polar Bear Jump is next Saturday. Beat the lines and register online by Tuesday at 8PM: WANTED: Warm-hearted people willing to freeze their bodies to raise money to feed people and fight hunger. All proceeds will benefit the Akron-Canton Regional F

Kayaking with Kids: A Practical Guide To Paddling With Children

Only advisable for very experienced paddlers, "All of my kids started riding with me in the kayaks from 2 months on so all of them were basically born into the sport."

Duracell Batterien Werbung Paddler 1993

We got a laugh out of this international commercial for Duracell featuring a kayaking bunny.

Duracell Werbung Hase in Paddelboot

A Pennsylvania Jailbreaker Thought He Could Kayak To A Foreign Country To Escape Justice

Another reason you should know how to kayak! He was free for nearly a month.

's cover photo

Snow Kayak

Something to look forward to in the winter ... An amazing snow kayak video from

New mobile office was picked up yesterday. Got to use it for two tours today!

Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Since its inception, the kayak pond at the ODNR Natural Resources Park has been one of the most popular attractions at the Ohio State Fair. More than 16,000 guests have experienced the thrill of rowing a kayak in the last five years since the pond opened! In 2011, more than 3,800 people enjoyed kayaking in the kayak pond over the 12 days of the fair. The pond is roughly 7,000 square feet and nearly three feet deep. Kids and adults have the opportunity to paddle a boat around the kayak pond under the supervision of trained ODNR Division of Watercraft officers and volunteers.

Before youth or adults climb into kayaks, they must attend a short safety orientation presented by the Division of Watercraft. During the orientation session, boaters learn about boat safety and receive instruction on how to row a kayak. Boaters are required to wear a safety jacket while in the pond. While spending time at the Ohio State Fair, stop by the kayak pond and paddle away! And don’t forget the Ohio State Fair begins July 25 and goes through August 5.

Crews rescue 62 kayakers swamped in Chicago River during storm

The importance of wearing life jackets, especially for novice paddlers or in adverse weather conditions. Chicago police and firefighters rescued more than 60 people, including children, whose kayaks capsized when high winds hit the North Branch of the Chicago River during this afternoon's storms.

Had a fun group of 5 adults and 5 kids out yesterday morning for a lovely paddle.

Lovely day for a paddle!

Kayak shark attack: California kayaker claims great white rolled him over

Glad snapping turtles are the worst we have to worry about on Portage Lakes! Summer is a little over a month away--and that means shark story season is just around the corner. California got a jump on the perennial wave over the weekend, when a kayaker off the coast of Cambria claims a 14-foot great white shark flipped and knocked him out of his kayak.

[05/09/12]   The nouns oar and paddle are not synonymous, neither are the verbs row and paddle. You row with an oar, while you paddle with a paddle. The technical difference between and oar and a paddle is that an oar requires a fulcrum attached to the boat whereas a paddle uses one of the paddler's two hands as the fulcrum.

Try Something New in 2012

You do a lot of kayaking? Try something new this summer. Muddyfoot Kayaks is open for business this paddling season. Watch what happens when Aziz Ansari gets a kayak paddle in his hands.

Free Kayak Launch Site iPhone App Available

Pretty cool app to find launch sites wherever you may travel. Locate launch sites for your canoe or kayak using the iPhone app or the online map. Indicate your own launch points as always on the website so everyone can share. Start searching and adding today!

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