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We are a cow/calf and chicken farm. We offer tours of our breeder/hen houses to educate people on where their food comes from and why we do what we do.


Dear AOC: Agriculture Isn't a Problem to Fix, We're the Industry to Follow - The Farmer's Daughter USA

thefarmersdaughterusa.com Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has only been in Congress for a couple months. But she’s already made quite a ruckus. And it seems like farmers keep getting dragged into the controversy. It happened again when this video of AOC discussing cows and methane came out (note: I’m embeding this tweet because...

Cracking open an unusually large egg that one of our chickens laid.

Cracking open an unusually large egg that came from one of our chickens 🐓

An egg inside an egg

Breaking open a very large egg laid by one of our chickens.

Looking for someone to gather eggs on Sunday only from 8am-11am and 1pm-3pm starting February 24.

Conservative Tribune by WJ

Making our farms great again!! Thank you President Trump!!

Sarah Sanders confirmed that China will 'start purchasing agricultural product from our farmers immediately.'

The crew "patiently" waiting for Clay to go to work! Now that the chickens are gone he doesn't have to get up at 5:30. These guys can't figure out why he's being so lazy and not going to work earlier. 😂😂🤣🤣

Chicken House clean out

It's that time of year again when the chickens go out and we clean the houses. Here is a video showing how we set the floor after the chicken litter has been pushed out.

Broke open one of our eggs this morning thinking it was a double yolk but instead found a monstrous yolk. #babyhueyegg

Hibbard Farms

Repairs are a daily occurrence on the farm. Today a belt broke on our chain feeder this meant a trip to Arkansas to pick up parts and then back to do repairs before tomorrow's feeding time.

Our motley crew at Hibbard Farms.


He has no idea what he's doing 😂


In 2006 bees started disappearing. Beekeepers reported to losing up to 90% of their beehives. And no one knew why. Nearly every news outlet raised the alarm, warning of an imminent beepocalypse that would devastate our food supply. But while alarm bells rang, things turned around. And bee colonies are now at a 20-year high. How did we get the beepocalypse so… wrong?

West Cattle Co.

Truth !

Hibbard Farms



It's time to stop portraying farmers as dirty, lazy, and stupid. -- Mike Rowe.

The Farmer's Daughter

Why do celebrities and environmental groups think it is okay to use parent shaming to promote their causes? Today on AGDAILY I call out the latest campaign aimed at making parents feel bad for not feeding their children all non-GMO foods.

Farm tour this morning with Pryor Elementary class.

Mike Rowe

National Agricultural Day!

Apparently, it’s National Agricultural Day. Personally, I’m not sure it’s reasonable to carve off a whole day to recognize the 1.5% of our population who somehow manage to feed 300 million people three times a day. Seems like two or three days would be more appropriate. Hell, maybe a whole week.

I’ve been thinking today, not just of the farmers who keep me fed, but of the ranchers as well. Right now, thousands of people are going through a kind of hell that’s hard to comprehend. The fires in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado are being called The Katrina of the High Plains. I have friends in Kansas who told me they spent much of last week shooting their livestock – putting countless maimed cows and steers out of their unspeakable misery. Why this hasn’t dominated the national headlines is equally baffling.

The sacrifices made by the people who feed us are too numerous to list, and beyond my ability to articulate. Paul Harvey got it right though, back in 1978, when he addressed The Future Farmers of America. Dodge turned his remarks into a commercial, but it’s still worth a listen, no matter what you drive…

The Farmer's Daughter

Great article that I wish everyone would read!!!!

Genetic engineering is a breeding method, NOT an ingredient.


Today we got a new flock of hens and we had some very special visitors to come watch the excitement. Thanks for visiting Lyla and bringing your grandpa Eddy Bob Mathews.

Peterson Farm Bros

We explain why we believe these are myths here: http://bit.ly/2i2Fxs3

Food Network

Great way to hard boil your eggs.

"Hard-boil" large batches of eggs in your OVEN for a fuss-free Easter!


The Welfare of Livestock Today

Great article! https://petersonfarmblog.wordpress.com/2014/12/01/the-welfare-of-livestock-today/#comment-1288

petersonfarmblog.wordpress.com Up to this point, you have read about – why farmers raise livestock – and – what life in each segment of the industry looks like. This blog will discuss the welfare of livestock a…

It's clean out time again. Here the guys are finishing up. The floors have already been moved so poop can be scooped out and now the floors are being put back in place.

Farm Tours 2015

Enjoyed having the Oklahoma Agricultural Leadership Program class of XVII tour our farm!

A visit to Hibbard Farms to see some chickens! (Bock, bock-bock, bock)... #oalpxvii

[07/16/15]   This is from the website bestfoodfacts.org. My husband and I having been trying to get the word out about this for years. Here's what they say about food from organic and free-range farm animals.

The popularity of organic and other niche-market products has increased in recent years primarily boosted by consumer perceptions that they are healthier and of higher quality. There is limited scientific data to support or refute the safety of such products.
Studies have found that pathogen prevalence is actually higher in niche market/ free range antibiotic-free farm animal production systems compared to conventional confinement operations.
For example, a nationwide survey showed that conventionally-labeled milk had the lowest bacterial counts compared to organic systems. A pork-related study found significantly higher prevalence of Salmonella and other pathogens in free-range pigs compared to those raised in confinement systems.
One reason prompting the move to raising certain farm animals indoors beginning a half-century ago was control of pathogens – diseases from parasites in particular. A return to outdoor systems may contribute to reemergence of parasitic pathogens, some of which have been effectively eliminated from food animals.


Get Equipped for Summer Vacation

answersingenesis.org If your travels take you to breathtaking waterfalls or geological wonders, get equipped to combat the indoctrination of millions of years with truth before you go!


John Tyson on Tyson Foods' relationship with Farmers


We rely on more than 11,000 farmers and expect them to provide healthy chicken, cattle and hogs that have been treated properly and raised with modern, prove...

Hibbard Farms




When it comes time to clean out the chicken houses it is quite a process to move the slat floor from one side to the other, clean all the poop out and move the floor back. Clay invented a gadget to help the process much easier and with just 3-4 men it can be accomplished quickly. Here is a short video of the process.

[04/27/15]   Tyson has been reducing antibiotics to it's broiler chicks since 2011. http://www.growwithtyson.com/2015/04/tyson-foods-makes-progress-with-responsible-antibiotic-reduction/

Antique Tractor Club

This is impressive!

Take your partner out dancing tonight!

The group in the video was the Nemaha, Iowa group Farmall Promenade, the most famous group of square dancing tractors. They did the square dancing from about 1998 to 2008. It was an impressive sight. Would like to see other groups taking this on again today. :)

Estúdio Pirata


It's that time of year where we are gearing up for farm tours. These tours are completely free and start at our farm and end at a dairy farm. It lasts usually an hour to an hour and half.


The U.S. government is poised to withdraw longstanding warnings about cholesterol

We enjoy bacon and eggs every morning. Eat up!

washingtonpost.com One of the longstanding arch-villains in the American diet is being demoted.

Our birds are at 68 weeks and 4 days. They usually go out at 62 weeks but because Tyson is in need of eggs they have held them longer. Hoping they go out in a couple of weeks. Here are some photos of what it looks like when they gather over 25000 chickens by hand. These chickens will eventually end up in your soup cans.


4 frustrating agriculture messages we need to fix

An excellent blog post! Please read http://agricultureproud.com/2014/10/29/4-frustrating-agriculture-messages-we-need-to-fix/

agricultureproud.com Lately I have been involved in (and observing) some frustrating conversations. We have so many systems at play in the world of agriculture right now, and people are fighting tooth and nail to gain ...

Twice a week our eggs are picked up from the farm and taken to this hatchery where they spend 21 days before hatching and then taken to a broiler farm.

Twice a week our eggs are picked up from the farm and taken to this hatchery where they spend 21 days before hatching and then taken to a broiler farm.

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Hibbard Farms

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