FairLifts has access to a variety of helicopter services as well as a lengthy list of professional helicopter rental solutions providers we can place at your disposal. We have crafted this extensive catalog of affiliates to ensure you have multiple option


Airbus Corporate Helicopters Provides Customized Service

Now, Airbus Corporate Helicopters makes it possible for clients to customize their helicopter with any amenity they choose. Though helicopters tend to be convenient they have also earned a reputation for being uncomfortable. Airbus, however, wants to provide owners with the option to improve the comfort and style of their aircraft. Airbus Helicopters, formerly known as Eurocopter, is the leading helicopter manufacturing and support company in Europe. [ 399 more words ]

fairlifts.com Airbus Corporate Helicopters (ACH) allows corporate and private buyers to customize their cabin interiors as well as exteriors as they wish.


Navy Helicopter Rescues Impaired Cruise Passenger - Coast Guard Video

Things may have ended very differently, had it not been for an enhanced Navy Helicopter rescue operations in Hawaii. Roughly 150 miles offshore in Kaneohe, the cruise ship Emerald Princess was enjoying peak mid-morning climatic conditions. Minutes later, a rescue attempt by helicopter was well underway. At that time, an unidentified Canadian passenger aboard the cruise ship, 83 years in age, began to claim he was experiencing symptoms consistent with severe strokes. [ 499 more words ]

fairlifts.com Recently captured Coast Guard video footage recounts a harrowing offshore rescue. A Navy helicopter claims responsibility for rescuing an impaired cruise ship passenger, right off of Kaneohe in Hawaii. The 83-year old Canadian passenger was safely rescued after suffering from stroke symptoms.


Diversified Helicopter Support at Any Ski Resort Location

Ski resorts represent some of the nation's premiere wintertime recreation. The site of various ski services, ski resort operations and even emergency procedure packages, ski resorts are now provided the opportunity to function with enhanced capacities. With unrivaled helicopter support outfitting any well-known ski resort, you can expect an increase in seasonal revenue and efficiency alike. Rotorcraft are provided by well-respected helicopter providers, regional authorities in aerial transportation, ground support, emergency operations and more. [ 468 more words ]

fairlifts.com Install a helicopter into your existing operations at any ski resort, for instantly enhanced procedures on the premises. Providing search and rescue.


Quality ACH135 Helionix Helicopter Charter Flight - FairLifts

Discover a newly defined aerial advantage, together with the unrivaled in-flight accommodations exclusively through ACH135 Helionix charter options. Temperature-controlled cabins, operated by dedicated and professional helicopter pilots in full accordance with all FAA operations, can effectively deliver you a sustained transportation advantage. Arrive anywhere in a fraction of the normal time, with a helicopter first debuted in 2017. Enhanced for operation in a wide variety of residential and… [ 481 more words ]

fairlifts.com With a charter flight aboard the ACH135 Helionix, you can effectively take your corporate or private enterprises to the next level.


Helicopter Support for Hurricanes in Key West, Florida

FairLifts, in conjunction with a global network of helicopter operators, provides urgent helicopter support for hurricanes in Key West, Florida, including search and rescue, charters, surveys, emergency lifts, personnel transport, and much more. The 2018 hurricane season in Key West, Florida, began on June 1 and extends through November 30. Florida is hit by more tropical storms than any other state. [ 295 more words ]

fairlifts.com FairLifts, in conjunction with a global network of helicopter operators, provides urgent helicopter support for hurricanes in Key West, Florida.


Helicopter Hurricane Support in the Hawaiian Islands

Sustained helicopter-facilitated hurricane relief and support in the Hawaiian Islands. Hurricane-scale devastation can wreak havoc on natural landscapes and manmade architecture alike. When inclement conditions threaten to reduce housing and topography alike to square one, helicopters are the solution you're looking for. Proven helicopter solutions in the Hawaiian Islands can expedite the complete extent of your hurricane relief efforts… [ 540 more words ]

fairlifts.com Hurricane relief comes from a reliable source. Hawaiian Islands helicopter providers, who expedite support efforts no matter their scope.


Aerial Video Production Services by Memphis Helicopters

Memphis helicopters deliver unrivaled aerial video production solutions. Recent innovations in the film industry demand a new way to remain at the top of your game. Fortunately, rotorcraft can effectively deliver that sustained advantage into your hands, when you obtain your next shot from the side of a helicopter itself. The difference is obvious, even before you watch the footage back, you can identify the superior shot quality, all facilitated by dedicated and trained helicopter providers in… [ 571 more words ]

fairlifts.com Capture sustained video footage above Memphis, Tennessee, with the freedom that an aerial video production helicopter alone can provide.


Helicopter Set to Transport 60 Horses from Colorado Range

While in the old days, people used to use lassos to catch wild mustangs, there are other methods used today. Recently, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Cameo, Colorado opted to use helicopters to transport wild horses from October 14 to October 21, 2018. A spokesperson, for BLM, Emily Davis confirmed the use of helicopters. Davis said there is not enough land for the… [ 471 more words ]

fairlifts.com Around 60 horses needed to be removed from the wild in Colorado. The Bureau of Land Management choose a helicopter to transport the horses.


Helicopters Offer Assistance After Hurricane Michael Hits Florida

Hurricane Michael left streets and docks swamped and endless damage. The most powerful hurricane on record to hit Florida's Panhandle left extensive destruction and at least one person dead before crossing Georgia into the Carolinas, which were still recovering from epic flooding resulting from Hurricane Florence. Helicopter search and rescue crews were expected to intensify efforts to reach badly affected areas and check for people trapped or incapacitated by the storm debris. [ 396 more words ]

fairlifts.com FairLifts coordinates search and rescue, emergency operations, and survey operations in the aftermath of hurricanes in Florida.


Unrivaled Aerial Prowess, with the Airbus H130

Welcome to an era where industrial authorities pride themselves in accomplishing more in less time. Whenever the need comes for you to optimize the extent of your operations within the United states, make the easy decision to take your aspirations skyward. Introduce an Airbus H130 into your existing procedures, to accomplish more in less time, an advantage that can't be understated in today's… [ 500 more words ]

fairlifts.com Whatever your individual or corporate ventures, an Airbus H130 can transform your output in a fraction of the normal time.


Kopter Expects SH09 To Be Released in 2019

Back in 2007, a Swiss company set out to deliver a new helicopter design. While it has been over ten years - with constantly changing release dates and $430 million later - the time is soon approaching. Kopter, which was formerly known as Marenco Swiss helicopter back in February 2018, says that they will put out the first… [ 466 more words ]

fairlifts.com Kopter, a Swiss helicopter company, hopes the SH09 will arrive in 2019 after it first started over 10 years ago. Learn more about the SH09’s delay and upcoming release.


Immediate Hurricane Support by Helicopter in Savannah, Georgia

Today's tumultuous weather conditions necessitate a better relief solution. When devastating hurricane forces make short work of neighborhoods, corporate settings and even natural surroundings, you need to employ a dedicated network of hurricane relief specialists, who have experience in the situation and who can take definitive steps toward sustained support and relief. Sometimes, ground damage is only repaired via… [ 496 more words ]

fairlifts.com All of the hurricane support services you need in Savannah, from aerial survey performance to flexible personnel transport.


Aerial Video Production in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - FairLifts Helicopter Services

Oklahoma City is the largest city in Oklahoma, and it offers quite a bit, especially in the array of aerial filming. The city is known for its cowboy culture, and this growing city boasts lots of local economies including oil and natural gas. The Great Plain Region the city lies on offers unique filming possibilities. Helicopters can assist… [ 522 more words ]

fairlifts.com If you are looking for a bird’s eye view in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, FairLifts can help. Our vendors use the latest technology in aerial filming.


Helicopter Support for Hurricanes on Grand Isle, Louisiana

FairLifts, working with an international network of helicopter operators, provides life-saving helicopter support for hurricanes on Grand Isle, Louisiana, including search and rescue, charters, surveys, emergency lifts, personnel transport, and much more, ensuring immediate response during hurricane season in Louisiana. The 2018 hurricane season on Grand Isle, Louisiana, began on June 1 and extends through November 30 with the peak period from early August through the end of October. [ 320 more words ]

fairlifts.com FairLifts, working with an international network of helicopter operators, provides life-saving helicopter support for hurricanes on Grand Isle, Louisiana.


Penn State Low-Flying Helicopter Prompts FAA Investigation

Penn State Tailgating A low-flying helicopter issued from Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) has prompted a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) investigation. The incident occurred on Saturday, September 29, 2018, at Penn State University. The helicopter was attempting to control unruly tailgaters. On Thursday, October 4, Penn State local news said that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating the state's use of helicopters to curb tailgating. [ 442 more words ]

fairlifts.com The FAA has launched an investigation of Penn State Police’s use of a Pennsylvania State helicopter during a rowdy tailgating party.


New Zealand Actor James Rolleston's Rescue Helicopter Service Ended

James Rolleston, one of the New Zealand's most highly-regarded actors, known for the films Boy and The Dark Horse, is heartbroken the rescue helicopter that was on hand to save his life will no longer be operational. James Rolleston, who received life-saving assistance from Rotorua Air ambulance after a terrible car accident two years ago during which he suffered critical injuries, has expressed his dismay that the… [ 401 more words ]

fairlifts.com James Rolleston, one of the New Zealand's most highly-regarded actors, known for the films Boy and The Dark Horse, is heartbroken the rescue helicopter that was on hand to save his life will no longer be operational.


Bolster Your Output with a Kamov Ka-60 Helicopter Today

Welcome to the next chapter in sustained helicopter flight Put world-class flight amenities to work for you! No matter your plans with regard to sustained aerial transportation, you can depend on the fact that a Kamov Ka-60 helicopter has you arriving ahead of time. Now, it's easier than ever to depart and arrive at a time most convenient for you. [ 472 more words ]

fairlifts.com Discover the newest in sustained aerial flight today, in the Kamov Ka-60 helicopter. The helicopter is already optimized for both speed and efficiency.


Italian Made: The AgustaWestland AW109

A Flexible Helicopter AgustaWestland AW109 is a great helicopter that can serve many purposes, including transportation, emergency medical transportation such as medevac, search and rescue missions, and some military roles. The AgustaWestland AW109 is considered the first mass-produced Italian helicopter. The AW109 is known for being fast, providing an elegant ride, and being easy to pilot. [ 402 more words ]

fairlifts.com The AgustaWestland AW109 is an Italian helicopter that has been in production for over 40 years and has served a variety of different purposes. Learn more here.


Helicopter Support for Hurricanes in Tarpon Springs, Florida

FairLifts coordinates life-saving helicopter support for hurricanes in Tarpon Springs, Florida, including search and rescue, charters, surveys, emergency lifts, personnel transport, and much more. Our global network of helicopter operators guarantees and cost-effective response during hurricane season in Florida. The 2018 hurricane season in Tarpon Springs, Florida, began on June 1 and extends through November 30 with the peak period from early August through the end of October. [ 275 more words ]

fairlifts.com FairLifts coordinates life-saving helicopter support for hurricanes in Tarpon Springs, Florida, including search and rescue, charters, surveys, emergency lifts, personnel transport, and much more.


Hurricane Helicopter Support in Saint Augustine, Florida

Hurricanes are perhaps unrivaled in their capacity to wreak havoc on planet Earth. These tropical storms inflict intense winds and heavy rains, and threaten homes and lives alike. Even if you have safely evacuated by the time that the hurricane hits land, your properties can be adversely affected by the immediate and/or the lasting consequences of the storm itself. However, the… [ 479 more words ]

fairlifts.com Provide your rescue or relief capacities the vertical leverage you need to make a lasting impact today. Thanks to world-class helicopter solutions, you can expedite the complete extent of search and rescue, charters, aerial surveys, emergency lifts, personnel transportation, aerial footage and more.


It's time to enhance the complete extent of your aerial video production enterprises. Today, you can have a helicopter in the Chicago air whenever you need it most, thanks to cutting-edge videography technology put to use by air. It's easier than ever to discover what industry leaders already know: the quickest distance between you and increased operations is a portfolio of helicopter-facilitated… [ 590 more words ]



The Boeing MH-139 Set to Replace Air Force Helicopters - FairLifts Helicopter Services

The Boeing MH-139 helicopter is expected to be the latest in aviation technology for the United States Air Force (USAF). The helicopter will replace the existing one and offer the latest in military advancements to stay ahead of its time. Boeing and Leonardo are partnering together in the creation of the MH-139 designed specifically for USAF. The MH-139 is derived from the civilian Leonardo AW-139. [ 420 more words ]

fairlifts.com The Boeing MH-139 will replace the almost half-century old, Bell UH-1N “Huey” helicopter from service. The United States Air Force has already ordered 84 MH-139s.

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