FairLifts has access to a variety of helicopter services as well as a lengthy list of professional helicopter rental solutions providers we can place at your disposal. We have crafted this extensive catalog of affiliates to ensure you have multiple option


FairLifts Facilitates Helicopter Featured In New Chevrolet Commercial – FairLifts Helicopter Services

Planning a Chevy Commercial There are many aspects that go into planning a commercial, in general. Planning a Chevy commercial with a helicopter, however, requires a bit more thought and logistical preparation. In the beginning, the experts at FairLifts coordinated discussions with all parties involved, including: directors, editors, creative minds, pilots, and operators. Communication is key when facilitating a job of this caliber. [ 246 more words ]

fairlifts.com The new Chevrolet commercial on television features a helicopter that was facilitated by FairLifts. Learn more about our services today!


Aerial Video Production in Houston, TX - FairLifts Helicopter Services

Video Production in Houston FairLifts facilitates helicopter support to enhance aerial video production for Houston's thriving film production industry. Get the most experienced operators and pilots to provide an array of services including location scouting and access to cameraships. Aerially facilitated cinematography consists of video production made possible with high definition cameras and advanced high profile camera stabilization systems like… [ 207 more words ]

fairlifts.com Houston cinematography is made more compelling, more dynamic and results in finer quality results when facilitated with helicopters.


Helicopter Support - Frost Prevention - New York - FairLifts Helicopters

New York Relies on Effective Frost Protection Options The state of New York is one of the top apple producers in the United States. The state grows more apple varieties than all of its counterparts combined. Nearly 700 growers harvest from a combined total of over 10 million trees, making it easy to see how the apple industry contributes significantly to the states overall economic growth. [ 595 more words ]

fairlifts.com New York grows more varieties of apples than any other state. Helicopters assist apple farmers in frost prevention. Learn more from FairLifts today!


Helicopters Assist After Australian Bushfires - FairLifts Helicopter Services

Operation Rock Wallaby Matt Kean is the Environment Minister of New South Wales. Kean posted on Twitter last week about dropping thousands of pounds of food from a helicopter for the animals starving after the Australian bushfires. This helicopter-aided effort is one of the most widespread food drop ever conducted for these endangered wallabies. The wallaby, specifically, is able to survive the fires by either outrunning it or burrowing. [ 153 more words ]

fairlifts.com The Australian bushfires have left chaos in its wake. Helicopters are assisting in relief operations like food drops for wallaby populations.


Treeline Helicopters - FairLifts Helicopter Services

The 2003 Northeast Blackout In 2003, 50 million people in southeastern Canada and eight northeastern states were impacted by the largest electrical blackout in U.S. history. The blackout was caused by a fault from a high voltage power line brushing against an overgrown tree. On top of that, the alarm system that would have tripped an alarm in the control room also failed. [ 255 more words ]

fairlifts.com After the Northeast Blackout in 2003, treeline helicopters have been employed in order to trim trees back from powerlines. Learn more from FairLifts.


The ACH130 Aston Martin Edition - FairLifts Helicopter Services

The ACH130 Aston Martin Edition

fairlifts.com Airbus and Aston Martin have partnered up to make a sleek & sexy helicopter. The ACH130 Aston Martin Edition is a must-see!


Las Vegas NASCAR 2020 - FairLifts Helicopter Services

Helicopter Charters to Las Vegas NASCAR 2020

fairlifts.com Take a helicopter charter to Las Vegas NASCAR 2020. FairLifts has made the process easy! Learn more today by calling 1-800-318-8940!


Happy New Year From FairLifts - FairLifts Helicopter Services

Happy New Year From FairLifts - 2020

fairlifts.com Happy New Year! As 2020 approaches, the aviation experts at FairLifts would like to wish you happy holidays. We hope 2020 brings you success & happiness!


Which Helicopter Are You? Personality Quiz - FairLifts Helicopter Services

Which Helicopter Are You?

fairlifts.com Helicopters, like humans, have different personalities based on their capabilities. Find out which helicopter you are with FairLifts!


Helicopter Charter to NASCAR 2020 Races - FairLifts Helicopter Services

Helicopter Charter to NASCAR 2020 Races

fairlifts.com Going to a 2020 NASCAR race? Consider taking a helicopter charter to fly over crowds and chaos. Learn more with FairLifts.


Then & Now: Helicopter Logging - FairLifts Helicopter Services

Then & Now: Helicopter Logging

fairlifts.com Helicopter logging is an industry with lots of history and developments in recent years. Learn more from FairLifts today!


Helicopter Avalanche Control - FairLifts Helicopter Services

Helicopter Avalanche Control

fairlifts.com During the winter months, explosives are installed or dropped in mountain ranges via helicopters for avalanche control purposes. Learn more with FairLifts.


Erendira Vasquez Wallenda Planning to Hang by her Teeth Over Niagara Falls - FairLifts Helicopter Services

The famed circus performer, Erendira Vasquez Wallenda, is planning an attempt at breaking a world record. Her husband, Nik Wallenda, previously broke records after crossing the falls on a high-wire. On the anniversary of his feat, June 15, Erendira will hand by her teeth from a helicopter above the falls. What Erendira Wallenda Has to Say About Her Upcoming Stunt… [ 252 more words ]

fairlifts.com Erendira Vasquez Wallenda is planning to hang under a helicopter, by her teeth, and over Niagara Falls. The stunt is planned for June 15th!


Use Helicopters for Aerial Surveys - FairLifts Helicopter Services

Helicopters continue to be an efficient and viable option for ground mapping and surveying. Helicopters for aerial surveys are used for scientific, biological, utility, infrastructure, construction, census surveys, and more. The following are some of the direct benefits that come with utilizing helicopters for aerial surveys and other operations. Safety Helicopters provide a safer surveying option when located in densely populated areas. [ 253 more words ]

fairlifts.com Helicopters offer the perfect combination of versatility and efficiency for aerial surveys. Take you business to the skies with the help of Fairlifts!


The Sikorsky S-70 - FairLifts Helicopter Services

The Sikorsky S-70 series is full of next-generation, multi-mission capable aircraft. Sikorsky, now a Lockheed Martin company, has made improvements to the Sikorsky S-70 that will not only make missions easier but also keeps pilots’ workloads at a minimum. The S-70 changes the game for a multitude of industries, including firefighting and military. The following are a few of the most common variants of the S-70 that… [ 389 more words ]

fairlifts.com The Sikorsky S-70 has many variants to suit a multitude of industries, here are a few. Let Fairlifts handle all of the logistics for your helicopter needs!


Happy Earth Day! - FairLifts Helicopter Services

April 22 marks the anniversary of the modern environmental movement that began in 1970, Earth Day. At the time, the U.S. was utilizing leaded gas through massive V8 sedans. Smoke and sludge were discarded into the environment without a care about the consequences. Mainstream media remained oblivious to environmental concerns as the stage was being set for change. First, public awareness began to increase for living organisms and pollution. [ 490 more words ]

fairlifts.com Happy Earth Day 2019! Even though helicopters aren't the most environmentally friendly, they are an asset in many conservation operations!


Plan Ahead for the 2020 HAI Heli-Expo - FairLifts Helicopter Services

Scheduled for January 27th to 30th, the 2020 HAI Heli-Expo will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. If you are looking for a new aircraft, vendor, or another networking opportunity, this is your chance! There will be hundreds of education courses with 18,000 professionals from the industry and 700 exhibitors. The Helicopter Association International is an organization that provides programs to enhance safety and standards for helicopters. [ 251 more words ]

fairlifts.com Arrive at 2020 HAI Heli-Expo in style. FairLifts offers top-of-the-line aircraft and fully certified operators! Skip the traffic, take a helicopter charter!


10 Places to Take a Helicopter Tour in the US - FairLifts Helicopter Services

Helicopter tours are the perfect way to sightsee as much of your destination in as little time as you can! Their fixed rate fees make them beneficial for large groups looking to split expenses between passengers! Helicopters also are equipped with large windows that are perfect for sightseeing and photography opportunities. Here are the most popular helicopter tours in the US: [ 463 more words ]

fairlifts.com Helicopter tours are the perfect way to see every part of your destination and capture magnificent pictures! Contact us for more information about tours!


Texas Helicopter Hunting - FairLifts Helicopter Services

The human race continues to hunt, for as long as we have been in existence. It is no surprise that with the development of technology, comes more convenient methods of hunting. Helicopter hunting has recently been introduced as a method of population control. Specifically in Texas, where feral hogs can cause up to $800 million in crop damage. The unfavorable impacts of… [ 240 more words ]

fairlifts.com Helicopter hunting has recently been introduced as hog population control. Specifically, in Texas, where feral hogs caused $800 million in crop damage!


Visit Sanibel Island, Florida by Helicopter - FairLifts Helicopter Services

This beautiful gem is located just along the Gulf of Mexico. Sanibel Island is just a short flight from Fort Myers. You will experience nothing but beautiful sunsets, luxurious resorts, and by far the most delicious dining! Giving you a chance to be closer to nature, you will be able to relax and partake in one of the island’s excursions. [ 402 more words ]

fairlifts.com If you want to see as much of Sanibel Island as you possibly can, do it from a helicopter. Let FairLifts handle the logistics while you enjoy your vacation!


New York City Helicopter Charters - FairLifts Helicopter Services

Whether you are in Manhattan for business or pleasure, getting across the city in a timely manner can be a hassle. New York City has perfect placement, just a short flight away from a lot of other major cities. By letting FairLifts arrange your helicopter charter, we can cut your travel time significantly. You will experience the privacy and convenience of arriving at your destination quickly. [ 316 more words ]

fairlifts.com By letting FairLifts arrange your New York City helicopter charter, we can cut your travel time significantly. You will experience luxury and comfort!


Most Popular Helicopter Destinations from Los Angeles - FairLifts Helicopter Services

Business travelers with tight deadlines dread the Los Angeles gridlock traffic. Planning extra commute time into your trip can take away from the time you have to experience the destination. However, there is a quicker and more convenient alternative. Avoid the stress and cut your commute time in half by taking a helicopter charter with FairLifts. The following are some of the most popular helicopter destinations to visit from… [ 391 more words ]

fairlifts.com Avoid the stress and cut your commute time in half by taking a Los Angeles helicopter charter with FairLifts. More luxurious and affordable than ever!


Dodge Chicago Traffic with Helicopter Airport Transfers - FairLifts Helicopter Services

Chicago, Illinois, also known as “The Windy City”, is notoriously known for having dreadful traffic. Airport transfers can be a pain when traveling to, from, or through Chicago. However, the location of this city couldn’t be any better. In the center of everything, short helicopter flights have become a more popular mode of transportation, especially to the airport. A drive from the center of downtown… [ 299 more words ]

fairlifts.com Dodge the dreadful Chicago traffic with our helicopter airport transfers. Fly right past the long lines at the airport with FairLifts!


USMC Uses Kaman K-Max Helicopters for Autonomous Cargo Deliveries - FairLifts Helicopter Services

In 2011, the United States Marine Corps (USMC) began their first experiments with the Kaman K-Max helicopter in Afghanistan. The shortage of helicopter pilots has ultimately lead the USMC to further research autonomous operations. The unmanned flight control systems were developed by Lockheed Martin and Kaman, jointly. After initial trial runs were proven to be successful, the helicopters continued operations for another three years. [ 255 more words ]

fairlifts.com The Kaman K-Max was built as a utility helicopter to repetitively perform external lifts up to 2,722kg. The USMC is using them for unmanned operations.


National Lineman Appreciation Day! - FairLifts Helicopter Services

When it comes to maintenance on high-voltage transmission lines, there are many reasons why you should consider helicopters an indispensable resource. Inspections and other maintenance procedures can take days to complete with a large workforce on foot. April 18th is known as National Lineman Appreciation Day. FairLifts appreciates the hard work of all dedicated Lineman! On a daily basis, we look to make their jobs easier with helicopter assistance. [ 517 more words ]

fairlifts.com April 18th is National Lineman Appreciation Day. FairLifts appreciates the hard work of Lineman and provides them with helicopter assistance!


Vacation Transportation by Helicopter - FairLifts Helicopter Services

Finally! Vacation season is upon us! There are inconveniences that you may experience when planning transportation for your summer vacation. One of the most frustrating things is having to make a connecting flight at a completely different airport when your first flight landed late. This is where helicopter transportation comes in to save the day! FairLifts offer helicopter transportation anywhere in the United States! [ 253 more words ]

fairlifts.com Consider helicopter transportation when planning your vacation this summer. FairLifts transfers are affordable and efficient!


FairLifts Provides Helicopter Support for the Mining Industry - FairLifts Helicopter Services

FairLifts provides comprehensive helicopter support for the mining industry. We specialize in oil, gas, mining, and industrial sites across the United States. Helicopters in the mining industry provide a specific level of accuracy and efficiency that can help to cut operational costs! Benefits We service complex transportation needs to and from remote sites. Helicopters offer a reduction in transport times by nearly… [ 268 more words ]

fairlifts.com Helicopters in the mining industry provide a specific level of efficiency that can help to cut operational costs! FairLifts are the experts to call!

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