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#MushkpuriPeak #Adventure #SnowHiking #Colleagues Thanks for just awsome trip to Mushkpori🙃.. its an awsome expiereance which i get from you people.. specialy came from karachi to explore this amazing experience and the way you guys welcome me was just amazing.. hope i will join more outstanding trips with you ppl. Love you all.

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سعودی وی لاگر رغدہ الھویش جنہوں نے پاکستان کا سفر بھی کیا ‏.مزید دیکھیں ایاز چوہدری کی ڈیجیٹل رپورٹ

Wild Free

Christmas in Moscow 🇷🇺✨

by @elena.krizhevskaya


Winter snow in Istanbul, Turkey ☃️❄️


Taste Life

Azerbaijani family is having a picnic in an amazing place and with great food.

Urdu News

بلوچستان کی ہزارہ برادری سے تعلق رکھنے والی صبیحہ نے اسلام آباد میں ’کوئٹہ‘ کے نام پر چائے کا ڈھابہ شروع کیا ہے۔ ان کے چائے اور پراٹھے میں ایسی خاص بات کیا ہے۔ آئیے جانتے ہیں حارث خالد کی اس ڈیجیٹل رپورٹ میں۔

ABC 7 News - WJLA

"I can't even feed myself in this situation." The Pakistani immigrant who went viral for feeding D.C's homeless everyday from his luxury restaurant is now struggling to survive.

More >>>

Shiffa Yousafzai

Meet Ibrahimov, an Azerbaijani who graduated studying Urdu and now is doing a PhD in the Urdu language. He also teaches Urdu in Baku State University in Baku, Azerbaijan.

ملیے ابراہیم سے، جو آزربائجانی ہیں اور اردو زبان میں گریجویشن کی اور اب اردو زبان میں پی ایچ ڈی کر رہے ہیں۔ ابراہیم باکو سٹیٹ یونیورسٹی میں اردو زبان پڑھاتے بھی
#Azerbaijan #Baku #Pakistan #Urdu

Business Insider Today

At 86 years old, Giorgos Hatziparaskos is one of the last bakers in Greece making phyllo pastryby hand. With the help of his wife and son, he keeps the business going thanks to tourists visiting the Greek island of Crete.

Peter Santenello


Come along with me on this very adventurous journey to Pakistan, one of the most interesting and friendly countries on the planet!
► Note, I posted this before but my account was hacked and swiped so here it is again. Filmed Dec. 2019.

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►Thanks, Robert Shaw for your excellent music!
On The Road

►LEMMiNO - Dubitation

►Chasms - Wandering Gaze

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#pakistan #lahore

Asia Tourism Ajk

When I started planting trees in Pakistan with seed balls
Please be my partner in this cause

Hunza Valley

Mahodand Lake is a lake located in the upper Usho Valley at a distance of about 35 kilometres from Kalam in Swat District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The lake is accessible by a four-wheel drive vehicle, and is often utilized for fishing and boating.

Visit Istanbul

Dolphins are coming back to bosphorus 🐬🐬😊

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Radio Watan ریڈیو وطن

لکی مروت کے علاقہ مغل کوٹ میں پانی کے چشموں سے پٹرول، ڈیزل اور مٹی کا تیل نکلنے لگا

Rosie Gabrielle

For the full video and to find out how PAKISTAN transformed my life -> CLICK HERE

people live their whole lives never really having lived a day in their life, only realizing once it’s too late.

It took falling to the pit of despair, losing all hope, and crying out for a miracle to dive head first into the great Unknown,

and little did I know what awaited me was home.

This wasn’t just a quest across Pakistan, this was a journey to the depths of my soul.

Breaking free the life of strain, finding peace releasing pain .
Through my travels I have witnessed truth.

From vast lands, kind hearts my minds been soothed

In finally knowing my life’s purpose, I could never find it on the surface.

But deep within
I had to go
To find my God,
my hope,
my home

My 2019 wrap-up of my Pakistan solo tour. 11,000 km, nearly 10 months and a lifetime of memories. But I gained more than just memories- this was a LIFE transformation from the inside out. Join me in this very special video that not only depicts my adventure across a country- but the journey within my soul.

THANK YOU for watching 🙏💗

Karakoram Adventure Holidays

The top of one mountain is always the bottom of another
(K2 "Bottleneck" 8350 meters)
Beautiful video source by Dave watson


First Pakistani Figure Skater Mallak Faisal 🇵🇰 😍
Altit Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan #VisitPK #Pakistan #GBPakistan #Travel #Sports

Best Destinations To Travel

The Amazing Disneyland Paris!

Weird World

11 Unbelievable Things Found On Earth We Can't Explain


Ahmed Foods | 2019

Concept & Production House: Wide Angle Films

Production Team Credits:
Producer : Zafeer Khan
Director : Ali Sohail Jaura
Cinematographer : Muaz Iqbal
Production Designer : Laeeq Ur Rehman & Haris Khatri
Associate Director : Iradat Siddique Dadi
Assistant Directors : Namra Fatima & Hudaib Haider
Wardrobe/Stylist : Sannah Rehman
Asst. Wardrobe/Stylist : Duaa Aftab
Makeup : Alam Hakim
Talent Cordination : Citrus
Music Producer : Shani Arshad
Vocals: Missal Zaidi
Sound Design : Sajjad Arshad Ali
Sound Mix : Anser Soomro
Editor: Sajjad Ahmed
Food Stylist : Yousuf Rajput
Colorist : Abdul Wahab Danka
Focus : Waqas Younus
Gaffer : Yousuf
Line Production : Asmat Ullah
Production Managers : Kamran & Ahmed
Location Manager : Imtiaz
Camera Team : Xpose Films
Lights & Grip : xpose Films
Post & Animation : Post Fusion

Brand Credits :
Marketing Director: Amin Sheikh

Visit Pakistan

Why is everything free in Pakistan?
YouTube Drew Binsky


In Istanbul, cats rule … and dogs drool 🐈 👑

Colors of Hunza

Salute to these 5 very brave youngsters from Karimabad, Hunza, who face DEATH everyday for their livelihood.

Asphaltum or Salajeet is a common word you hear from almost every Hakeem in Pakistan , specially in cities.
People know Salajeet as a common medicine for several diseases and weaknesses, but they dont know how its brought to them from the vertical cliffs of Hunza mountains.
BBC Urdu interviews Ghazi Karim , Shaukat, Bashir and Shah Ghareb in Mountains of Karimabad about their very dangerous job and how Asphaltum or Salajeet is taken out from the dark breaches of mountain cliffs.


Sar Zameen-e-Pak سر زمین پاک

#Balochistan Food lover Exploring #Pakistan

#Balochistan Food Love 🇵🇰
The amazing Food of #Balochistan the land of wonders #Pakistan
Baloch cuisine is the food of the Baloch people from the Balochistan region, comprising the Pakistani Balochistan province, the Sistan and Baluchistan Province in Iran and Balochistan, Afghanistan. Baloch food has a regional variance in contrast to the many cuisines of Pakistan and Iran
Here are some of the most mouth-watering, traditional and cultural food delicacies of Baluchistan.
Kaak/Kurnoo,Dumpukht,Landhi, Pirki,Khrud, Abgoosht, Chilaanch,Roosh,Khaddi Kabab,Khaddi Kabab,Butt o Maash,Tereeth

#Pakistan #Pakistanfood #Balochistanfoodovers #Foodies #FoodWorld #PakistanZindabad #SarZameenePak 🇵🇰

TRT World

“In the US, where people consume 400 million cups of coffee a day, unfortunately, very few people have heard of Turkish coffee.”

Americans are getting a taste of Turkish coffee thanks to the “Turkish Coffee Truck” that’s touring the US, offering free cups of coffee. The volunteer based project aims to build bridges between cultures.


Food or baby? Here is the most difficult choice in the world! What should I do, guys? (Po)

#HiPanda #BestJobInTheWorld


نیو جرسی کی پاکستان ڈے پریڈ میں کمیونٹی کا جوش اور ولولہ۔ گورنر نیو جرسی اور دیگر عہدیداران کی بھرپور شرکت۔

Sar Zameen-e-Pak سر زمین پاک

🇵🇰🇵🇰#Pakistan #PakistanZindabad #SarZameenePak 🇵🇰🇵🇰
* Minar-e-Pakistan, also called for some time Yadgar-e-Pakistan (Pakistan Resolution Memorial)
* The tower is also known as the “Tower of Pakistan”. It stands at a total height of 70 meters off the ground.
* The tower’s bottom half is shaped like a flower that rises 8 meters from the ground while the rest of the tower is 62 meters off the ground.
* The construction of the tower began in 1960 and was completed after 6 years at a total cost of Rs. 7,058,000
* The money was generated through increased taxes on the cinema houses and horse racing tickets on the request of the Akhtar Hussain, governor of West Pakistan at that time.
* The steps leading to the tower symbolically represent the Pakistan Movement. The first step is made from stone from Taxila, the second step from hammered stone, the third with chiseled stones and the fourth and final step is made of white marble.

Sar Zameen-e-Pak سر زمین پاک


To know more about the beloved country #Pakistan 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰 Since 1947

SAR ZAMEEN PAK is dedicated to institutionalizing the people of Pakistan. Pakistan’s culture is enriched in traditions. The Language, Sports, Food, Music, Handicrafts, Architects, Fairs and Festivals everything in Pakistan is spectacular

The Logical Pakistani

Arsalan Ash of Pakistan has won Tekken 7 competition at EVO 19 held at Las Vegas, EVO is the most prestigious and biggest Egaming fighting tournament in the world.

Imran Khan (official)

Join GB 8 days 7 night trip islamabad to GB. inbox us

A journey through the beautiful Gilgit Baltisitan and the stories from this area.

#BeautifulPakistan #TravelPakistan #TourismPakistan #SafePakistan

Pack your bags & Get Ready for #HUNZA

Balochistan Patriots

Watch the mesmerizing view of Ormara and let us know if you are planning to visit.

You love to #explore the #world.
share your# traveling #diaries, join #upcoming trips with googlees... join whatsapp group of #Googlees #Explorer with the following link

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