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Kotla is a village and tourist resort in Bagh District, Azad Kashmir. Kotla is located at the height of 6560 feet. Kotla is also home to some of the rarest forests in the region containing pine trees that are hundreds of years old. It is located at a drive of 1 hours from Bagh. Kotla is the last station and end point of Bagh valley. Kotla is an example of vegetation generosity of the liberal nature. The spot is donned with all delicacies and niceties. Nature flirts here with fantastic environment. It has a sever season and heavy snow in winter, and winter season continue about 6 months starting from November to April end. In summer it is a worth place for tourist to visit.There is also a waterfall in Kotla. The Valley of the Bagh is the largest and most beautiful waterfalls., It is located at a height of 5798 feet above sea level. Nala.Ktola emerges from here in the valley and continue its journey till Saver Domail. Kotla is very beautiful and worth seeing place to "Visit Bagh Valley".
1 Tourist attractions
1.1 Danna
Danna is a hilltop area situated in Tehsil Bagh in the Bagh District of Azad Kashmir. Its approximate height is about 9400 ft above sea level. RWkot, MZD,Kazinag Glacier and Jhulem River can be viewed from Danna. Danna is the highest mountainous location in the northeastern area of Bagh,and near Kotla. it is the point of origin of three different mountain ridges. There are some remains of an old mazar on the highest hilltop. Danna is most accessible during the summer months; the weather is generally pleasant but becomes colder from October through March. The area's natural beauty is at its peak from April to September.
1.2 Kotla Waterfall
This waterfall is located in Kotla a village in northern Bagh., It is very large and beautiful waterfall. The Bagh is two hours away. The Valley of the Bagh is the largest and most beautiful waterfalls.It is located at a height of 5798 feet above sea level.
1.3 Danni Sar (Lake)
Danni Sr is a high-altitude lake (2,612 metres (8,571 ft) located in near Kotla Bagh Azad Kashmir.
1.4 Lakha Howa Phater
1.5 Nangay Ka par
1.6 Nogazi
1.7 Watermill
1.8 Air Hole

کشمیر کے پہاڈوں میں پایا جانے والا خوبصورت پرندہ۔۔۔۔


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سبحان اللّه

گاؤں کوٹلہ 😘
فوٹو : ۔ حسن خان

جھوٹ اور حرص کی دنیا سے پرے رہتے ہیں
چل مرے گاؤں جہاں لوگ کھرے رہتے ہیں

علی زریون
In marriage ceremony of Nabeel Mughal 💐
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حدِ خیال سے آگے ہے آستانہِ دوست۔
وہاں کا شوق ہے دِل کو جہاں رسائی نہیں۔

یہ دلکش ہیں سبھی منظر ،جنہیں دیکھیں جنہیں سوچیں
وطن میرا حسِیں تر ہے ،یہ جنت کا گُماں ٹھہرے 💕

ماجد ھاشمی
پاسُو کونز - اگست 2017 شاہراہ قراقرم - ہُنزہ .

into the valley of Haramosh , Kutwal ,

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Bagh Valley Azad jammu & Kashmir The Land of Beauty Village گاوں جبڑ باغ آزاد کشمیر کا خوبصورت منظر


Explore Kashmir Kotla Village Northern Bagh Valley Azad Kashmir 2017

Kotla is a village and tourist resort in Bagh District, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. Kotla is 6,560 feet (2,000 m) above sea level. Kotla contains pine trees that...

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The good news is
From 1 to 7 August Neelum Valley is declared as a rent free tourist destination, no guest housing, staying rent will be charged by both public and private guest house. Tourists will also enjoy the the colors of #PeaceFestival. Hurry up! Book your room before its close and too late.
Only food consumption bills will be mandatory to pay, it would be best if our guests (tourists) do not bring any food stuff with them and cooperate with their hosts in hotels and guest houses so that they can earn a bit, and help them out from any financial loss.
The people of Neelum Valley are palatial hosts, they proved it many times and they are again ready to prove it.
What we gain is peace and victory ✌on those insurgent people who don't want to prevail peace and tourism in beautiful valley
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Accident in kotla !!!

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Hope all of you will be fine there!
And doing Ur best with countless blessing of Ramadan kareem!!actully we are planning to organise a day trip after EID so plz suggest us some places and ur interest we will try our best!
Ur response will be appreciated 😊😊
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Beautiful view kotla

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Kotla is a village and tourist resort in Bagh District, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. Kotla is 6,560 feet (2,000 m) above sea level. Kotla contains pine trees that are hundreds of years old. It takes approximately 1 hour to drive from Bagh to Kotla.

Kotla is famous for its hiking trails that lead to Pir Kanthi 10930 ft (3331mt), Danna meadows, Panjal Mastan and Ganga Choti, a mountain peak about 9989 ft(3044 mt) high and one of the most famous tourist attractions in AJK, Pakistan. There is also a waterfall in Kotla. The Valley of the Bagh is the largest and most beautiful waterfalls. It is located at a height of 5798 feet above sea level.and Danni Lake.
Kotla features a subtropical highland climate (Cwa) under the Köppen climate classification due to high altitude. Kotla has mild to warm temperatures during the spring and autumn, humid temperatures during summer and cold to snowy during the winter. The temperature can rise as high as 38 °C (100 °F) during the mid-summer months and drop below −10 °C (14 °F) during the winter months. Snowfall can occur in December and January, while most rainfall occurs during the monsoon season stretching from July to September.


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Village Kotla Bagh Azad Kashmir

Ishtiaq Ali

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[03/21/17]   GOOD NEWS ...AOA... It is inform to all of you the selection for principal and staff for Read foundation school kotla will be on 24/03/2017 at CTC bagh near Girls college... all intrested candidates should come along with their documents and compete..... Best of LUCK

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Ganga Choti is a scenic peak near the towns of Sudhan Gali and Bani Minhasan in Bagh District, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.It is situated in the Pir Panjal Range and is the end point of the Panjal Mastan National Park which is well known in Azad Kashmir for its scenic landscapes. This national park is spread from Pir Kanthi to Ganga Choti and passes through the villages of Khawaja, Jabbarh Ratnoi and Kotla.

Ganga Choti is situated along and linked with Inter district road between district Bagh and district Muzzaffarabad.

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All about nature!
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#Beauty of #Shogran. Watch in #HD
پاکستان کے خیبر پختونخوا میں واقع ایک حسین تفریحی مقام جو سطح سمندر سے 2362 میٹر بلندی پر واقع ایک سطح مرتفع ہے۔ شوگران یا شوگراں کیوائی سے صرف 10 اور بالاکوٹ سے 34 کلومیٹر کے فاصلے پر واقع ہے۔ اسلام آباد سے کیوائی کا 212 کلومیٹر کا فاصلہ ایک ہموار سڑک کے ذریعے طے کیا جا سکتا ہے جس کے بعد شوگران تک بھی سڑک بنی ہوئی ہے لیکن چڑھائی کے باعث جیپوں یا گھوڑے خچر پر سفر کرنا زیادہ مناسب ہے۔ کیوائی سے شوگران تک کا راستہ انتہائی حسین و دلفریب نظاروں کا حامل ہے۔
شوگران میں کئی ہوٹل واقع ہیں جہاں مناسب قیمت پر رہائش حاصل کی جا سکتی ہے۔ علاوہ ازیں یہاں سے اوپر کی جانب سری، پائے اور مکڑا چوٹی تک بھی پہنچا جا سکتا ہے۔


Bagh Azad Kashmir Kotla Village



Beautifully snow view at kotla


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Beautiful Waterfalls in Kotla Bagh Azad Kashmir.


کوٹلہ میں برفباری


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میں کچھ عرصہ پہلے باغ میں #ترکی کی تعمیر کردہ مسجد دیکھنے گیا بہت ہی خوبصورت طرز تعمیر ہے یہ مسجد زلزلے کے بعد بنائی گئی.
#Turkey mosque in Bagh Azad Kashmir
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شمالی باغ میں گاؤں کوٹلہ اور جبڑ کے ایک مقام کے دلفریب مناظر۔


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