Cycling Pakistan

Cycling Pakistan


That is first time I have tried to remove rust from anything, credit to quarantine though. And also to vinegar, lemon, thoothbrush and silver/aluminium foil ( quite effective ).
Hi all! Next April I'm back in Pakistan by bicycle (4th time). Question: is it now possible to cycle from Islamabad to Peshawar? Is there a nice alternative option instead of the highway? Pakistan Social Cycling Platform
Is there a good resource somewhere for the latest information about cycling through Pakistan. Specifically in regards to border crossings? Thank you
We both are resting and absorbing the fresh air. #Pakistan #KPK #TCKP #SharanForest #CyclingPakistan
if you want to do one can stop you. if you dont want to do one can force you
hi everyone! I am currently cycling from Hong Kong to England and will pass though Pakistan in around September. I have heard so many wonderful stories about Pakistan, and would really love to see it with my eyes. Is it possible for me to ask for help with the invitation letter for my visa here?! Thank you so much! And this is my little page which I share my feelings when traveling: Again, Thank you so much!!! Eddie
3 years Back while new area exploring...

Cycling Pakistan is an initiative to encourage people to explore beautiful Pakistan and promote peaceful Pakistan with the help of bicycling tourism.

Come and join hands with us in our mission to explore beautiful Pakistan and promote peaceful Pakistan. Pakistan has got a profound blend of landscapes varying from plains to deserts, forests, hills, and plateaus ranging from the coastal areas of the Arabian Sea in the south to the mountains of the Karakoram range in the north. These landscapes are ideal destinations for bicycle tourism. Small bicycle tourism activities have been done in past but, those activities did not receive proper appreciation and space in media. Cycling Pakistan aims to create a platform to promote bicycling tourism in Pakistan. We appreciate and encourage national and international individuals and groups to visit famous tourism destinations of Pakistan on bicycle.

Operating as usual

Cycling in the shadows of Passu cons

Autumn in Northern Pakistan - Passu

Cycling Nomads

Chapursan Valley Pakistan

Cycling to beautiful Chapursan valley, Northern Pakistan

Bicycle For Hajj From Pakistan To Saudi Arabia/National Cyclist/The First Cyclist Arrived In Samahni

#BicycleForHajjFromPakistanToSaudiArabia #NationalCyclist #TheFirstCyclistArrivedInSamahni #TourismNewsPk #AsiaTourismAjk #SamahniValley #MrPakistani #Samahn...

Travel Pakistan

Switzerland of Asia
Youtube: Dear Alyne

world cycle tourist on way to Deosai Plans Pakistan, we feel proud to see Pakistani Flag on there cycle presented by one of our member while hosting them in Mansehra

2018 On the way to Deosai plains, Pakistan

Astore valley Pakistan

Pakistan 2019, Astore valley

Tablighi Jamaat Voice

مجھے بھی کوئی شیئر کرتا
یہ بھائی رائیونڈ اجتماع کیلئے کوئٹہ سے سائکل پر روانہ ہوگیا ہے ماشاءاللہ

Mamories of wildernesse

سائیکل پر 43 ممالک گھومنے والے لیہ کے کامران علی کی کہانی - BBC News اردو کامران علی ایک پاکستانی سائیکلسٹ ہیں جنھوں نے لیہ سے اپنے سائیکل کا سفر کیا شروع کیا کہ اب وہ آرام سے بیٹھنے سے تھک جاتے ہیں۔

Drew Binsky

All over the city of Goma in Eastern Congo, I've been seeing these unique two-wheeled handmade bicycles made of wood.

They're called chukudus, and I learned that they're a major way that people transport goods around town.

The kicker? There is no engine or pedals!

Given that Goma is so hilly, chukudus simply rolls down the hills and then you need to manually push it up. Every single time.

It's a fascinating part of Goma's culture and I wanted to share it with you in today's video!

Follow Drew Binsky for daily travel videos. Instagram:

17بچے سائیکل پر بیٹھانے والا وہ پاکستانی جس نے ہینڈل اور بریک کے بغیر سائیکل پر 3476کلومیٹر کا سفر کر کے ریکارڈ قائم کر دیا

Memories of Cycling Nomads while they are in Pakistan.

when you are a cyclist and same time you need to a loader .

Make a safe Distance while riding

4000 Miles of Portraits

"The vulnerability that comes with riding a bike is one of the most powerful ways to open yourself up to others."

Whether your bump in the road is diabetes, depression, debilitating fear, physical challenges, PTSD, or a little extra weight, riding a bike can lift you above it ALL. It just takes that first ride around the parking lot.

Everyone is invited to attend CYCLING WITH, a Virtual Summit, celebrating the bicycle, and its power to transform lives. The event brings together cyclists who experience different conditions or barriers to entry. Click the link to learn more, and see all the amazing storytellers... then register to attend September 18-20. Leo (he/him) lost his leg in a motorcycle accident 13 years ago. As Peter Flax tells us in Bicycling Magazine, his bicycle has become his prosthesis and his connection to the community. “Once you get to know Leo and ride with him, you’ll discover some of the beautiful things you can only find af...

Tree plantation Activity in Abbottabad

#TreePlantation Activity with tour cyclist at Abbottabad


Today #CyclingPakistan welcomed these 3 young #cyclists from #Multan in #Abbottabad and planted 3 trees as well.
These cyclists started their journey from #Islamabad towards #Gilgit with " Clean & Green Pakistan"
"ہر کدے آؤ جی". Welcome in local language
" Her lady aao jee"

#Cycling #TtourCycling #cyclist #cyclinglife #cyclingphotos

Pasta-Gorillas entering India after crossing Pakistan while there world cycling tour

India 🇮🇳 & Pakistan 🇵🇰 are arch-enemies. It is very surprising that the border soldiers of both countries meet every evening to perform an (extremely patrotic) show 💂🏾🥁👳🏾 At the most important border crossing, the "Wagah-Border", this bizarre show has been performed every evening since 53 years - the boarder closing 🗝️🔐 On both sides soldiers with manicured beards & parade uniforms are selected - they bring in the respective flag with a lot of hoopla 🇵🇰 & 🇮🇳 From the Pakistani rows thousands of spectators shout "Pakistan!“ - on the Indian side, men with Sikh turbans and women in the colorful saree „Hindustan Zindabad!“ (India). While the soldiers routinely perform their ceremony, the audience whoops each other for 90 minutes 💪🏼🔥 👳🏾‍♂️ 🎺🎉 Welcome to India 🇮🇳 🚲
Indien 🇮🇳 & Pakistan 🇵🇰 sind Erzfeinde. Um so verwunderlicher ist es, dass die Grenzsoldaten beider Länder jeden Abend zusammenkommen um eine (extrem patrotische) Show vorzuführen 💂🏾‍♂️🥁👳🏾‍♂️ Am wichtigsten Grenzübergang, der "Wagah-Border", wird seit 53 Jahren jeden Abend diese bizzare Show vorgeführt - die Grenzschliessung🗝️🔐 Auf beiden Seiten werden Soldaten mit manikürten Bärten & Paradeuniformen ausgewählt - diese holen mit viel Tamtam die jeweilige Fahne ein 🇵🇰 & 🇮🇳 Aus den pakistanischen Reihen brüllen tausende Zuschauer „Pakistan!“ - auf indischer Seite entgegnen Männer mit Sikh Turbanen und Frauen im bunten Saree „Hindustan Zindabad!“ (Indien). Während die Soldaten routiniert ihre Zeremonie durchziehen peitschen sich die Zuschauer gegenseitig über 90 Minuten auf 💪🏼👳🏾‍♂️🔥🎺🎉 Willkommen in Indien 🇮🇳 🚲
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Embassy of Pakistan, Bishkek

Foreigner in Pakistan | Behavior of Pakistani With Tourists | Tourism in Pakistan

What Pasta-Gorillas felt while cycling in Pakistan.

The last few days we travelled through the Pakistani province of Balochistan 🇵🇰 🚴🏽🔥 We feel like we are in a gigantic open-air museum - there is always something to discover everywhere - really a lot going on and off the road. Balochistan is the largest province in Pakistan with an area of 347,190 km² - this is more or less the size of Germany. We are still escorted at every turn by paramilitary units 🚔🚨👮🏽 In the meantime we have crossed the more relaxed province of Sindh & are in the region of Punjab - we can almost see India 🇮🇳. You will of course see what to expect there very closely and in color 🍝🦍🚴🏽‍♂️
Die letzten Tage ging es quer durch die pakistanische Provinz Belutschistan 🇵🇰 🚴🏽‍♂️🔥 Wir fühlen uns wie in einem gigantischen Freilichtmuseum - überall gibt es was zu entdecken - ganz schön was los auf und neben der Straße. Belutschistan ist mit einer Fläche von 347.190 km² die größte Provinz Pakistans - dies entspricht in etwa der Fläche Deutschlands. Begleitet werden wir weiterhin auf Schritt und Tritt von paramilitarischen Einheiten 🚔🚨👮🏽‍♂️ Inzwischen haben wir die etwas entspanntere Provinz Sindh durchquert & befinden uns in der Region Punjab - Indien 🇮🇳 können wir quasi schon sehen. Was uns da erwartet erfahrt ihr natürlich hautnah und in Farbe 🍝🦍🚴🏽‍♂️
#pastagorillas #throwback #bikewander #rideyourbike #slowtravel #pakistan #pakistani #followers #neveralone #hospitality #friends #baluchistan #police #escort #truck #heavyload #sindh #lahore #bikepackinglife #wekeepmoments #bikearoundtheworld #biketravel #worldbybike34 #worldbycycling #biketravelofficial #touringbike #pastagorillasontheroad #getoutstaychallenged #bikeadventure #bikepacking @ Punjab, Pakistan

Mansehra News Live

A world cycle tourist is discussing about benefit of Naswar (wad) in Mansehra KPK Pakistan

مانسہرہ والے "نسوار" کا نظریہ "انگریز تک پہنچاتے ہوئے😆
First time Dangerous😂

Cycling Pakistan (Part 1) - Karakoram Highway - Ten Million Turns Episode 21

Pakistan is a safe country for foreigner tourist . Every year many of world cycle tourist also cross Pakistan. Here is another couple who crossed Pakistan . Unfortunately we @Cycling Pakistan could not meet them.
We as a Pakistani tour Cycling Community welcome to all world cycle tourist.

Cycling the Karakoram Highway in Pakistan, as part of our world trip by bicycle from Amsterdam to Auckland. See more on or instagram:...

Cyclist bedroom

Biketouring Pakistan - The Karakoram Highway

Cycling Adventure In Pakistan , 2nd Part will come soon

One of the most memorable adventures of our life came unexpectedly and blew us away!!! The highest road in the world which goes through glaciers and 8000 met...

Cycling Pakistan

Fish Pedicure

After Cycling so many days i had free Fish was really very relaxing.

Day 8,
i Spent day 7 in Hyderabad, Sindh after cargo my cycle to Lahore. next day early morning i went to famous Qeema Paratha by ( Hina Dairy in Tilak Chari ). i was really very Delicious, crispy and spicy.

Day 7,
Back to Civilization,had an memorable bonfire with Training Impact on 6th night.

Day 6,
Mattel road to narrow trail and reached at fairy ponds. had swimming , free fish massage and meetups with local community

Day 5,
The Sun is getting hotter but cold start from evening and nights was very clod ..i make fire every night to keep my self warm before go to my tent.

Day 4,
riding continued on different terrines , Mattel road, Sandy, rolling stones track,
enjoyed wide landscape, rocky steeps and dry water channels . its and amazing place to explore,

People Ask me why cyclist do camping and spend nights under the sky . did you ever stay in 5 star hotel ??? so i replied " we create our own 5 billion star hotel .....
Thanks to Zubair Nawaz for making such an amazing pic

Day 2, few pics,

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Tree plantation Activity in Abbottabad
Fish Pedicure
Day 1,  Assembling and getting ready for thrill
Steep and Bumpy Downhill ride
Downhill Thrill in Kaghan valley Pakistan
Cycle Touring to Soon Valley
Cycling at Gorakh Hill Sindh



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