Spanish Immersion Camps

Youth ages 10-17 are welcome year-round for one week increments Sunday to Sunday $1500 per week includes villa,all meals,multicultural, sports activities.

A Multi-cultural, Educational experience exploring Nicaragua's Pacific Coast with camp director Karinda. Sports, Education, Culture, Arts, Community Service! Youth weeks for ages 10-17. Daily adventures with authentic meals, local instructors certified in yoga, surfing and Spanish. Luxury accommodations, fun staff and new friends you'll make memorable experiences with.

Misión: Leadership skills and core values are learned. Please visit the camp website for complete Mission, Vision and Values statement.

The best Video of Nicaragua

Managua - Granada - Isla Ometepe - San Juan del Sur - Leon - Somoto - Managua. We then flew to Little Corn Island in the Caribbean Sea, a must for anyone tra...

Responsible transportation option

Four Winds * Westward Ho

Best sailing camp experience you could ever send your child to!

After one week of the "Camp Moves Me" fundraising campaign, we have raised more than $2,200 through 50 pledges, and currently sit in second place of the 14 camps taking part nationwide. Our team now has 23 members who are completing physical challenges this month in
exchange for donations to our Financial Aid Program.

We have raised 11% of our goal of $20,000 so far.

Last year we raised nearly $14,000 from 131 donations during this event. Let's beat those numbers! Go to our team website to donate:

Love the beer names. The new Ochoco Brewing is awesome!

Come catch fish with us! Then Getty-up for some horseback riding, sailing, white water rafting and volunteering to make the village holiday party magical. December 3-15.

Upcoming adventure for ten lucky travelers. ...Join me in bringing Holiday joy to the children of Nicaragua. Arrive by 10pm into Liberia, Costa Rica with a 50# bag of loot and I’ll take care of the rest of the details (coming soon!) Depart Liberia (LIR) December 15.

Hacienda Eden

Summer time!

Zihuatanejo ( and a mention of Troncones) on the map again in Conde Nast's Traveler.

David Wolfe

Children Who Do Chores Grow Up To Be More Successful

Today’s adventure is fishing and cruising the coast to see turtles and dolphins!

Today was an art appreciation day!

Boys sunset ride

The Granada carriage ride is always a hit.

Riding down dirt roads in the back. No helmets required.

[11/05/17]   Give your kids a sense of adventure. Send them to NicaRinda for a week of cultural educational experiences.

Spanish Immersion Camps

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Spanish Immersion Camps

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First Look: Nekupe Sporting Resort and Retreat, Nicaragua’s Newest Luxury Resort Nicaragua, Central America’s largest country, is fast becoming a hotspot for luxury travel. Next up on our must-visit list? Nekupe Sporting Resort and Retreat, an eight-room luxury property s…


We love Rosita y Conchita bilingual books! MommyMaestra has the details!

Outside Magazine

These books will change your kid's life.


Top 40 Children's Picture Books To Celebrate #HispanicHeritageMonth by Hispanic Mama Enjoy!


Book review! Cinderella in Mexico, on Once Upon a World Series by Erika Grediaga of @MamiTales #BilingualKids

California Surf Museum

Our Annual Gala will feature legends from the '66 World Surfing Championships, including winners #NatYoung and #JoyceHoffman, plus #JockSutherland, #DavidNuuhiwa and many others as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of this memorable event. Join us! Tickets and info: PC: Ron Stoner; Steve Wilkings
#californiasurfmuseum #oceanside #sandiego #surfing

Todos Somos Nicaragua

Nicaragua Mía!

Con un pedazo de cielo
mi Nicaragua se formó,
por eso es lindo este suelo:
el suelo donde nací yo.

Sus lagos son serenatas,
maravilloso talismán,
son dos leyendas de plata
el Cocibolca y Xolotlán.

¡Qué linda, linda es Nicaragua,
bendita de mi corazón
si hay una tierra en todo el continente
hermosa y valiente
esa es mi nación!

Soy puro Pinolero,
Nicaragüense por gracia de Dios.
Soy puro Pinolero,
Nicaragüense por gracia de Dios.

La raza Nicaragüense
sabe de luchas y de honor,
y luce altiva en su frente
los esplendores de su sol.

Sólo en Darío se explica
la inmensidad de su creación,
tenía que ser un nica
del mundo entero admiración.

¡Qué linda, linda es Nicaragua,
bendita de mi corazón
si hay una tierra en todo el continente
hermosa y valiente
esa es mi nación!

Soy puro Pinolero,
Nicaragüense por gracia de Dios.
Soy puro Pinolero,
Nicaragüense por gracia de Dios.

Bella y valiente de veras
es la mujer que aquí nació,
igual a Rafaela Herrera
que a los piratas derrotó.

Con un mantón de acuarelas,
con los paisajes de un tapiz,
con noches de lentejuelas,
así se viste mi país.

¡Qué linda, linda es Nicaragua,
bendita de mi corazón
si hay una tierra en todo el continente
hermosa y valiente
esa es mi nación!

Soy puro Pinolero,
Nicaragüense por gracia de Dios.
Soy puro Pinolero,
Nicaragüense por gracia de Dios!

Autor (Tino Lopez Guerra)

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[08/30/16]   Listen to the lesson

Outside Magazine

It’s never too early—or late—to raise girls to be fearless and adventuresome.

From Nicaragua

¡Así desayunan los Nicaragüenses!


Get involved in the community now! Check our updated education and sports schedules.

Mukul, an Auberge Resort

Nicaragua is hot hot hot for more than one reason. @sammyton75 caught Masaya Volcano in this bubbling state. We love seeing your #OnlyNica shots.

Nicaragua Ofrecer

Comparte con tus amigos .

Orgullo de ser nica.

CentroAmericanos Unidos

Chinandega tu surco es la vida!

El imponente Volcán San Cristóbal en el occidente de Nicaragua.

Spirit of Mukul

Epic shot of our nice bull from yesterday!!


Watch how 13-year-old prodigy Eli Hanneman is shaping surfing's future in the new feature from #HurleyYouth, "Chapter 1."

Travel + Leisure

"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list."


Batman vs. The Joker in a big wave surfing competition (Year: 1967)

Expat Guide to Nicaragua

Fabretto and FOMIN unite to support rural youth, the future of rural communities in Nicaragua

The Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), member of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Group, has recently approved a US$800,000 grant for a project that seeks to increase the employability and improve the income of 1,800 rural youth in Nicaragua. The project will be carried out by Fabretto, the only NGO authorized by the Ministry of Education to offer the alternative rural high school program proposed by this project, which mixes models for formal and vocational training that allow rural youth to improve their access and links to high-value supply chains and markets. The project will focus on youth living in three zones of Nicaragua: the Southern Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region (RACCS), Madriz, and Nueva Segovia.

With almost one third of its population between the ages of 15 and 29, Nicaragua is a predominantly young country. However, Nicaragua faces major barriers in training its young people. This problem is even more urgent in rural areas, where more than 40% of 15-29-year-olds live. These young people have limited or no access to secondary and/or vocational training, which diminishes their future career prospects. Without a degree or training, young people who live in rural communities survive by farming traditional products. This situation of subsistence farming pushes young people to migrate to urban areas in search of economic opportunities and income. Since they lack education, their possibilities of finding a decent job are limited. Therefore, migration depletes the most valuable human capital that communities have, perpetuating the cycle of poverty in rural areas.

Visit Nicaragua

#Matagalpa is located 65 km from Managua and has a very uneven topography. It’s located in the highlands of central #Nicaragua, next to Jinotega. #VISITNICARAGUA INTUR-Matagalpa

Visit Nicaragua

The largest country in Central America and the safest, #Nicaragua is reached in just over a two-hour non-stop flight from Miami, Atlanta and Houston. Bordered by Honduras to the north, Costa Rica to the south, the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east, the country offers a unique natural beauty ripe for exploration. Visitors may experience stunning rocky bluffs and emerald waters on the Pacific Coast or discover the time-forgotten tranquility, white sands and crystal-clear waters of Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast and Corn Islands.

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Rancho Santana

Información general

Spanish Immersion Camps, Inc. was founded in 2009 by Karinda Love. After spending 13 summers with her family enjoying the village of Sayulita and exploring Mexico's Nayarit Coast, she decided to share her passion with children and created an unmatched summer camp experience for children entering middle school through high school. With many tourists discovering the beauty of the area, the tranquil quaint village has grown to a small town. With the desire to share authentic, natural experiences with children, the camp location has moved to an unspoiled charming village on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. With a belief that learning another language is very important and to understand other cultures is a special gift, the camps mission is to provide a safe environment for children to learn new things. Morning yoga, Spanish or surfing lessons start the morning and a variety of cultural activities and community service opportunities are offered through the remainder of the day. Enjoy the beach, shopping at the Rivas market, sailing from San Juan del Sur, jungle hikes to view monkeys, zip lines, horseback riding on the beach, fishing, and more! Beautiful luxury villa accommodations with A/C, pool, staff and the ocean views are an added bonus to relax at the end of the day! The guides and student mentors are outdoor enthusiasts passionate about enhancing the camps educational value.
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