Závora Lodge Mozambique and Závora Divers

Závora Lodge Mozambique and Závora Divers

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Lagoa Poelela Lodge
Lagoa Poelela Lodge
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Zavòra beach
Only 2 days left. Leaving in Thursday.
A única coisa boa e bonita queolugar tem, é a praia. de resto,uma miséria franciscana... As casas não tem qualquer conforto, útensílios de cozinha a conta gotas. A limpeza nas casas é muito mal feita. Não há condições de arejamento no interior das casas. Na verdade,parecem mais é cabanas. E o local em si, muito mal conservado. É um roubo ovalor que cobram para nos oferecer condições péssimas. Foi a única vez que fui e não regresso...
I would like to on behalf of my husband Tony and myself thank the whole community of Zavora for their support ,concern and help recently. We had a tragedy and every one came together for us. A BIG Thankyou to Linda, staff and dive center of the Zavora Lodge for everything.nothing was too much trouble for them in assisting us. And making us all welcome.Also to Antonia and Fernando of Nhanombe Lodge they went above and beyond. Such a beautiful place and I'm sure we will be back. 💙
Hi zavora followers. I would like to Express our gratitude and appreciation too everyone at zavora. The community,Linda and staff at the Hotel as well as Antonnie and Ferando at Nhanombe Lodge. We had a tragedy on the onset of our holiday there and everyone in that community as well as the authorities were amazing. Such a beautiful destination.THANK YOU ALL.
A loggerhead turtle munching on macroalgae growing on the Rio Sainas Wreck. Check out the wrasse cleaning her at the same time. Ultimate luxury
A beautiful loggerhead turtle feasting on macroalgae that grows on the Rio Sainas Wreck. Marine Action Research has collected data on fish biodiversity, abundance, and substrate since the wreck sunk in 2013. This will help to understand the functions of wrecks as artificial reefs. Very cool dive site
Blotched fantail rays are benthic stingrays found in the indopacific region. They are listed as vulnerable on the IUCN as populations are decreasing from fisheries bycatch. We were lucky to see 3 on a cleaning station on Deans the other day!
Mating octopus, thank you Zavora Lodge
Mantas usually steal the show at Witches Hat, but there's lots of other amazing life on this reef, like turtles, and mating octopuses :-)

Zavora Lodge is a Mozambique tropical gem that offers budget-friendly accommodation and camping facilities on the beachfront with panoramic views. Its dive center, restaurant and entertainment facilities makes it the perfect holiday destination.

Zavora Divers is as unique as the bay we find ourselves in. Not only will you find unspoilt white sandy beaches you will also find two amazing wrecks within our bay. Catering for novice to the experienced diver. The staff will cater to your every whim and the experience within Zavora Divers speak boat loads. So come see for yourself, 8 hours from Nelspruit South Africa, makes us the perfect getaway location!

Hello all, you missing a wonderful day in Zavora #zavoralodge #zavoradiving


This is to brighten your day 🤣😂🤣😂

"I put sound behind this sea cucumber and I regret nothing."


Marine Action Research

You can’t do everything, but you can always do something!
Today we took 1 hour out of our day to clean a small stretch of our beach. We were able to collect a ridiculous amount of rubbish in that time, and although there’s still a lot of ground to cover, we are so proud of what we accomplished today ♻️🌍🌊
Thank you to @zavora_lodge for always lending a helping hand and supporting everything that we do 💙🌀

Thank you Marine Action Research

You can’t do everything, but you can always do something!
Today we took 1 hour out of our day to clean a small stretch of our beach. We were able to collect a ridiculous amount of rubbish in that time, and although there’s still a lot of ground to cover, we are so proud of what we accomplished today ♻️🌍🌊
Thank you to @zavora_lodge for always lending a helping hand and supporting everything that we do 💙🌀

Marine Action Research

Manta populations in Mozambique are declining at an alarming rate. Fishing and foreign development is on the rise. While we are still lucky to get a seasonal aggregation of manta rays in fairly high numbers, we worry that the pressure from these anthropogenic impacts is going to have a serious negative effect on manta rays and many other important species in the region.
We are currently identifying critical habitats in Zavora that are important for manta rays and other elasmobranch species, and teaming up with @marinemegafauna to try to solve the many manta mysteries in the Inhambane province. By collating our information we will be able to better understand movement patterns of our manta rays, and highlight the key areas that need protection.
Manta ‘season’ typically runs from July-November (coinciding beautifully with humpback whale season)
Interested in joining us ⁉️
. Our June- Sept months are almost full!! You don’t have to be a scientist to join our team. If you love diving and are passionate about marine conservation, we welcome all ocean warriors!
‼️Get your applications in soon (link in bio) to reserve your spot ‼️
📸: Dylan Kotze

Fresh fish caught from a kayak.....come fishing as there is plenty fish in the sea.

Me toll fees as of 1 Feb 2020


30 Stunning Winning Photos From The Ocean Art 2019 Contest

These photos are amazing....

boredpanda.com A selection of stunning photos picked by a talented jury is just the perfect way to find not only entertainment but also inspiration. Underwater Photography Guide just announced the winners of their 2019 Ocean Art Contest.

[01/14/20]   Rescuing a baby eagle ray from our rock pool......Soooo cute!


Please be on a look out for these little things in the rock pool while snorkeling....

Don’t be fooled by these sea slugs' stunning colors. Nudibranchs sometimes use colors as a warning to predators! Learn more: http://bit.ly/2N7htGc



Happy New Year to all, 2020 is going to be fantastic. Thank you to all for the support in 2019. Make sure to make a booking soon.....

Merry Christmas!!!! The Zavora team wishes you a festive day!!!

Sunrise and beach walks all to your self 🙌🏼🌞🌊

Untitled Album

Untitled Album

Závora Lodge Mozambique and Závora Divers

[12/09/19]   Pieter Naude will be singing in the restaurant 10/12/2019 from 6pm and don't forget another show later in the week. No entry charge just give a donation. Hope to see you all.......💃🕺🎤

Marine Action Research 2020 Internship 🐳

Want to be a part of our awesome team? We are looking for aspiring biologists and passionate conservationists to assist us in our 2020 projects.
Next year will have a strong focus on our manta ray project as we try to solve Mozambique’s manta mysteries and protect this severely threatened population.
Along with our manta research, our other projects include humpback whale surveys, nudibranch taxonomy and ecology, predatory fish research, wreck colonization, and seahorse monitoring.
Interns will get experience in all of our projects (although humpback whales are seasonal), while diving in one of the most incredible, yet fragile regions in Southern Africa. By interning with us you are contributing to critical research in the area and helping us to provide the information needed to protect Mozambique’s threatened species and habitats. Come join us! 💙🦈🐠🐋🌊💙

Note the border times.....

SCUBA Instructor Southeast USA

#NAUI WORLDWIDE A great line up of NAUI Seminars at DEMA Check is out

Marine Action Research

An eventful morning here in Zavora! At 4:30am a leatherback turtle came to nest on our beach. Head chef, Basilio, from Závora Lodge Mozambique and Závora Divers was able to watch the nesting event and take this photo of her returning to the sea. We were then called to the scene to help secure the nest from poachers. We have built a barricade, made signs, and hired a local night guard to watch the nest until they hatch.
We haven’t had a nesting event here in years, despite regular night patrols and attempts to work with the local fishermen. This is a positive sign that there are still turtles coming back to these beaches (sea turtles always return to the same beach to nest from which they hatched). The important thing now is to make sure the eggs are safe.
Leatherback turtles are CRITICALLY endangered here in the Southwest Indian Ocean where they are thought to have

Amazing 4am this beautiful leatherback turtle decided to lay her eggs infront of the lodge!


Can you spare a minute to help Linda Cooke?

Please spare a minute and help our ocean life!

change.org 1195 signatures are still needed! Stop Seismic Testing by SASOL in Mozambique

Andrea Marshall

I am on my knees. I need your help and I need it now. I don't ask for much from those that follow me but I do need your help today.

SASOL, an oil and gas company from South Africa, has announced plans to conduct seismic testing and drilling on the northern boarder of our treasured Bazaruto Archipelago National Park in southern Mozambique. I have been researching marine megafauna off this coastline with Marine Megafauna Foundation: Western Indian Ocean for the last 17 years. As a regional expert, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this area of the coast represents a global hotspot for some of our most iconic and endangered marine species, including humpback whales, whale sharks, manta rays, bull sharks, sea turtles, hammerheads, marlin, guitarfish, and dolphin. The Bazaruto Seascape is also home to the LAST viable population of dugongs on the African continent. This region is the blue heart of coastal east Africa. It is not a coincidence that I have made my home along this coastline and my husband Janneman Conradie and I plan to dedicate the rest our lives to safeguarding this region from exploitation.

I cannot express to you how profoundly important it is for us to stand up against dangerous, extractive, industrialized projects in this particular region of Africa. In addition to it being a critically important area for threatened marine megafauna, this coastline may well represent one of the most biodiverse coastlines left in the Western Indian Ocean. It is an epicenter for marine tourism in a country that is desperately trying to develop a more sustainable blue economy around tourism. There are hundreds of coastal communities that depend on the ocean here for jobs and food security. We can predict some of the effects of this project, but sadly the the widespread and long-term damage that a project like this could have on this coastline can scarcely be imagined.

The community here is gearing up for the fight of our lives and while many NGOs, including African Parks, are standing shoulder to shoulder with us... we face a mighty opponent who doesn't play fair or by the rules. We urge the government to carefully consider what is at stake and take an extreme precautionary approach to the the development of projects like this along the Inhambane Coastline. Globally we are fighting to protect more of our world's oceans and pristine environments, not jeopardize the ones we already have.

It would mean so much to me if you would take 30 seconds of your time today to sign this online petition below. Please share it as well if you can.

PLEASE sign the petition here:

To learn more about this project or to get involved

To donate to this cause through @MarineMegafauna click here (and specify PROTECT BAZARUTO:

Manta Trust

WATCH TO THE END! Check out this incredibly rare footage of mating reef manta rays filmed yesterday in the Maldives. We often record a peak in courtship behaviour around this time in the Maldives but to catch them in the act is very rare.

The female manta in this clip is Tini (MV-MA-3345) who was first recorded in Ari Atoll back in 2014. Since then, she has been sighted 14 times across Ari and North Male Atolls, with her most recent sightings coming at the end of 2018.

Manta rays reach sexual maturity at around 10-15 years old with females only reproducing every 2-3 years in most places but it can be as infrequent as every 7 years. After just over a year gestation period, the female gives birth to a single fully independent pup!

The Maldivian Manta Ray Project - Manta Trust will be keeping an eye out for Tini over the coming year, tracking how her pregnancy goes, and fingers crossed there should be another little manta pup flapping around out there by Christmas next year!

Video credit: Steven Schollaert on board @themaldivemosaique

#mantaray #reefmanta #manta #matingmantas #maldives #courtship #marinebiology #mantatrust

So proud of our Springboks, celebrated Zavora style! World cup 2019!!!! Now we can move positively forward!


Image: How to watch the Rugby World Cup 2019 Final: England vs South ...

World cup Final.....Join us for 2 peppermint shots, 2M, boerewors roll with delicious sauce and fun that is priceless only 400mets.

google.com Found on Google from expertreviews.co.uk

SCUBA Instructor Southeast USA



The Local Lens: Engaging communities through participatory photography – Rare

Please suppprt

rare.org Rare inspires change so people and nature thrive.


The Local Lens – Engaging communities through participatory photography

Please support

give.rare.org We're addressing an important issue that affects many people. Our mission is to spread awareness and raise money for solutions we have identified. We created this event for everyone to contribute at various impact levels. Be sure to review the ways you can make an impact and please share this pa...

Fresh seafood......come enjoy with us.

This is how to do as sunrise at zavora

Blue glaucous sea slug on the beach at Zavora an amazing site!

SCUBA Instructor Southeast USA


Manny training some students, they are all doing so well. Happy students, happy days!

SCUBA Instructor Southeast USA


Marine Action Research

What an EPIC day out at sea!!! After diving with 30+ mantas for an hour, our wonderful skipper found a bait ball with 25+ sharks and tuna hunting!!! The surface was boiling with jumping fish and splashes and these beautiful predators were darting passed us in the water. An incredible day for our team and clients, thanks ocean! 🌊 and thanks to the wonderful crew at Závora Lodge Mozambique and Závora Divers come join us on the wild side! 🌀

DAN Southern Africa

At Zavora lodge we meet with Nikia and her team of Marine Action Research and they join the Zavora dive staff in a Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries workshop. We also performed an air quality test here and is happy to say the breathing gas you will use at Zavora is of great quality. Závora Lodge Mozambique and Závora Divers

Smile ..... And then come dive!

Come diving with us and meet our wonderful marine biologists from MAR and see the Mantas!!!! Great people and great diving.

Some Sunday humour!


Win two 8-night stays at Zavora Lodge in Mozambique, worth R44,000!

getaway.co.za Over the years Zavora Lodge has earned a reputation as one of the best fishing and diving areas in Mozambique.

SafariStream Travel

#WhatsON Závora Lodge Mozambique and Závora Divers #Mozambique
Win two 8-night stays at Zavora Lodge, #Inhambane Province worth over R44,000 !with Getaway Magazine
First prize: An eight-night stay in a self-catering cottage that sleeps 10 people.
Second prize; An eight-night stay in a self-catering cottage for eight people.
Both prizes include a complimentary ocean safari for all guests.

Over the years #Zavora has earned a reputation as one of the best fishing and diving areas in Mozambique. The lodge occupies a prime position above a pristine beach, with miles and miles of sand stretching off into the distance, and the morning sun rising out of the sea in front of your cottage or casita.
A coral reef makes for safe swimming, snorkelling and a protected launch site for ski and dive boats. Whether you are a first-time diver or an old hand, the professional NAUI team of instructors at the dive centre will reveal the underwater wonders around Zavora, including manta and whale-shark encounters and wreck dives on the Klipfontein or Rio Sainas. Or see migrating humpback whales on an ocean safari.
The lodge has a restaurant, bar and variety of accommodation including self-catering cottages, units, camping and backpackers http://zavoralodge.co.za/ #SafariStream

Save the ocean.....

One man's trash is another man's [art] treasure. An update on our mural: we are using pieces of plastic that we have collected on the beach during our clean ups to make a beautiful mosaic. We invited some of the local school children to work on this project with us and were able to make some amazing progress yesterday! The purpose of this project is to reuse pieces of plastic that would otherwise be affecting the environment while also raising awareness about a 'plastic ocean' that is all too common nowadays, with some fun and creativity! Watch this space for the next update on this! Thanks to @zavora_lodge for hosting us 💙 @ Závora, Inhambane, Mozambique

Zavora Lodge at its best.

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Zavora Lodge
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lento "corre" il tempo, il mare si tinge di oro, cantano gli uccelli, il cielo si accende di blu. Danzano sinuose le palme sul rosso orizzonte, elegante l

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