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Our qualified theraists and practitioners offer support, guidance, provide massages and Yoga lessons at our guests' villas while on holiday in Mauritius.

Neuroscientists Strongly Recommend That You Visit The Beach Regularly. Here's Why:

Why wait any longer? We all know that spending time outdoors is good for you, but the benefits of spending time specifically at the beach have just been revealed.

It cannot be explained ... But it can be understood ...

A great meditation video made in Mauritius

Only one can free one's mind ...

10 Signs That The Universe Is Trying To Tell That You Are Walking The Wrong Path In Life | TruthTheory

Very interesting article; "to the point" and very true. The Bookmauritius-Wellness team would be happy to help you find your track. Via Learning Mind Sometimes, when you find yourself in some awkward situations, this may indicate that you are walking the wrong path in life. Every person is walking their own individual path in life. There are more than a million different roads you can take, and neither one of them will be wrong;...

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Interesting... for those who like me love good whole-wheat bread.

We're playing with our health here ~ Don't get suckered in:

40 Utilisations et Bienfaits de l'Huile de Noix de Coco - Santé Nutrition

Et lors qu'on combine l'hile avec un verre d'au de coco matinal et surtout le repos à l'ombre des cocotiers... De quoi se refaire une santé... L’huile de noix de coco pourrait tout simplement être l’aliment santé le plus polyvalent de la planète. Non seulement c’est mon huile de cuisson préférée, mais ses utilisations sont innombrables, du déodorant au dentifrice et à la lotion corporelle en passant par une aide à la perte de poids. L’huil...

Deepak Chopra's 7 Myths of Meditation

This article could be titled "The seven self-made obstacles to my meditation".

Indeed, it is all the "good reasons" I hear from my entourage, for their escaping from a practice that benefits everyone with absolutely no side-effects. Despite the growing popularity of meditation, prevailing myths about the practice are a barrier that prevents many people from trying meditation and receiv

Coco Up

Coco Up. Pure and fresh Coconut water from Mauritius. Available in many stores in Mauritius and now in Europe. Taste the wellness people's favourite drink...

Coco Up. Eau de coco pure et fraîche de l'Ile Maurice. Disponible dans les points de vente locaux et maintenant en Europe. Goûtez à la boisson préférée des adeptes du bien-être.

L'eau de coco : la nouvelle boisson bien-être! Vous l'avez manqué ce matin? Découvrez en exclusivité la vidéo du reportage de Télématin sur France 2. Merci à Celina Maurel - Nutritionist et Yan de Maroussem pour leur participation! #cocoup #télématin #france2


We welcomed this nice post from a guest who was with us earlier this year. We are of course thankful to her and also feeling deep gratitude for "things turning our way". This is going with the flow.

A little something I have written about our stay:

Elephant Health & Wellness

* When I practice mindful eating, I consume about a third of what I normally eat:

How to Detox From Sugar in 10 Days

Come to us and have your health assessment done in 2 hours, then get advice from Tessa, our nutritionist about re-balancing your diet and... feel as good as new. Sugar is killing us. Not only is it the root cause of obesity, it leads to many of the chronic diseases that plague our country. Follow these 10 steps to help cut your attachment to sugar and improve your health.

Elephant Health & Wellness

Own the fall: having the strength to rise again.*

Dots Of Paint Transform Ocean Stones Into Beautiful Mandalas

Come and relax in Mauritius using dead sea-urchins shells for Mandalas and observe the Fibonacci sequence...

Venez à Maurice vous détendre en transformant les coquilles d'oursins en mandalas et relever les suites de Fibonacci... Art is everywhere. Art is almost in everything! Take a look at these multicolored canvases. I’m sure they require a lot of patience and detail. I’m sure a lot of us have been exposed to art in various ways whether it be performed art, written or oral art. In this case, we will admire Elspeth...Read…

5 Tips for a Great Meditation Posture Sitting in a good meditation posture seems to be a predominant obstacle for people to start a meditation practice or to keep going. These tips are to inspire people to find their own great meditation posture. The importance of a good posture is vital and even though meditation can be done anywhere a…

How to Totally Relax in Meditation - The Way of Meditation Key meditation instruction on how to totally relax in meditation.

La science prouve qu'étreindre des arbres est bon pour la santé

C'est pour cette raison que nous prérérons que nos séances de remise en forme et d'initiation à la méditation soient tenues dans la réserve de Bras d'Eau. La science prouve qu'étreindre des arbres est bon pour la santé La science a récemment confirmé qu’étreindre des arbres peut avoir un effet bénéfique sur la

Eloigner les jeunes enfants des tablettes, « un enjeu de santé publique » Dans une longue tribune signée par plusieurs médecins et pédiatres, la psychologue pour enfants Sabine Duflo met les parents en garde: les tablettes nuisent au développement cognitif des enfants, « de la naissance à la fin de la maternelle ». Elle était l’invitée de 8h10 de Jean-Jacques Bourdin, ce…

How To Completely Detox From Sugar In 10 Days

So true; and there is no need to go as far as recommended in the article. Try it, just for 10 days. Sugar is incredibly addictive. Recent research has determined that sugar is actually as addictive as heroin to the human brain, not to mention the fact that added sugars are very harmful to our health. When you look at diabetes and obesity rates for, you see very quickly our sugar problem has gone o…

Maybe This is What We Really Are.

It is crazy how exciting silence can be... Next to silence, a great practice is to hum a repetitive melody of your own. To hum consciously uncovers that silent part of the moment; of you... It is crazy how exciting silence can be.

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“Power, time, gravity, love. The forces that really kick ass are all invisible.” ~ David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

Yoga Journal

The "Anjali Mudra" salutation seal after a meditation especially brings a feeling of collection of self.

L'Anjali Mudra après une méditation apporte une sensation de recueil, de rassemblement de toutes le parties du soi.

Breathe through it...

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