El Rancho Delfín

Beach house across from dolphin pen. Includes private beach, dock, snorkeling gear and kayaks! Spacious house with ample deck space overlooking ocean.

This is a very comfortable and cozy beach house with second and third floor decks, located in an authentic island neighborhood, complete with private beach & dock. It is surrounded by coral reef and a dolphin enclosure! Included with your stay are use of snorkel gear and kayaks! Snorkeling right off the dock is superb. You can swim up to the dolphin enclosure. They will usually come up to the fence netting to say hello. It's tempting to pet them, but please do not as it makes the dolphin staff unhappy. Swim/snorkel to either side of the dolphin pen for great snorkeling featuring abundant coral, all kinds of fish, turtles, rays, eels, flamingo tongues, and much more! The property manager lives in a separate apartment on the first floor. The property caretaker also lives on-site in a separate building. The house is located in a real Honduran neighborhood. Although a large resort and other beach rentals surround the house, this is not a resort/vacation community. Outside the property's fence you will see the local people, children, dogs, and day-to-day activities that make up this great little neighborhood.

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Support Roatan

While you were away, something has been missing...
Roatan has been missing you, but we are preparing for your return.
The beach is ready, the reef is rested, the island waits for you.
When the time comes to travel again, Roatan will be here to welcome you. Roatan Awaits!
Learn more about Support Roatan at: www.supportroatan.com
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Thanks to:
Sundowner's Beach Bar - West End, Roatan, Honduras
Duna Divers
Mangiamo Market & Delicatessen

We drove our neighbors' and two of their dogs to the vet today. Animal Kingdom and their non-profit, R.A.W., treated them for free. We will be bringing at least two animals per week from our neighborhood over the next several weeks to receive free treatment. Thank Roatan Animal Welfare!

Nuestras primeras mascotas del día de hoy; Colita y Pantera serán esterilizadas, y desparasitados. Gracias a RAW, esto se está haciendo totalmente gratis.

Nuestra misión es ayudar a las personas dueñas de mascotas de escasos recursos.

¡Ayúdanos a ayudarles con tu donativo!

¡Todos somos RAW!

#RoatanAnimalWelfare #Roatan


No hay nada como las playas de Honduras 🇭🇳♥️ Foto: @juanmigueldiban

Roatan Vacation Rentals

Amazing video of Roatan. Want to come? When the times right we will be here.

We’re really excited for our friends at the new Scuba Shop! This brand new dive outfit is located on the south side of the island and is an awesome resource for our guests who want to dive more than just west end of Roatán.

Meet our team: knowledgeable, professional, and always courteous. Consider the Scuba Shop on your next scuba dive.

El Rancho Delfín's cover photo

House Photos - 2019

Various House Photos - Interior & Exterior

Various House Photos - Interior & Exterior

[09/02/19]   We have cheap nightly rates right now!

Roatan Marine Park


These gorgeous tokens, carved with our logo and a reminder to #eatmorelionfish, are made out of red cedar sourced from a sustainably grown forest.

You can get yours today at one of our Ecostores, located in West End and West Bay.

Keep Roatan Beautiful

This one thing makes a fisherman cry.

Do your part and only bring reef safe sunscreen. It’s important!

¡Se acercan las vacaciones! Y con ellas las ganas de ir a la playa y tomar el sol. ¿Sabes qué tan tóxico es tu bloqueador solar?
Algunos componentes químicos en los bloqueadores son especialmente tóxicos para los corales juveniles, ya que aumentan su vulnerabilidad al blanqueamiento, afectan su ADN y alteran su proceso de desarrollo.
Fuente: (Downs et al., 2015)

Do you know how toxic your sunscreen is?
Sunscreen chemicals are especially toxic to juvenile corals, as they increase their vulnerability to bleaching, affect their DNA and hurting their development process.


I guess we're pretty good!

National Geographic UK

New Year’s Resolution

If you give up one thing this year, make it plastic. Please take our plastic pledge and pass it on. https://bit.ly/2EE4FUr

Nas Daily

This video took almost 1,000 days to make.

It was filmed in more than 10 countries. And it's all about one topic.
I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed making it.

GROUP: Nas Daily Global

Roatan Divers

With the guidance of Go Blue Bay Islands, we have put together some tips to practice responsible tourism while you are visiting Roatan. We will be sending these tips out in our confirmation e-mails so that all of our divers have the opportunity to learn more about the Roatan Marine Park, reef-safe sun and bug protection, responsible dining and shopping options, and the importance of reusable items on Roatan before they get here. We hope to see you soon on our beautiful island!

Don’t worry, it’s positive!

ALERT! New Travel Warning just issued for Honduras by D&D Brewery. Considering traveling to Honduras? Read this first:


Company Meetings

The Voyager with Josh Garcia

SOL is the non profit across the street from El Rancho Delfin. They love volunteers or donations of school supplies and arts and crafts supplies. Consider them if doing some “feel good” work is in your agenda while visiting Roatán. They help a lot of kids and have made a big difference in our neighborhood!

The first stop on Josh Garcia's voyage is the island of Roatán! While ashore, Josh and his shipmates build a playground for the local children. #TheVoyager

A little rainy! Clearing up tomorrow. We’ll have some yard work to do Sunday!

The Roatan Marine Park store in West End is one of the best places on the island to buy authentic gifts and souvenirs.

The 2019 RMP calendar is here! Stop by our store in Half Moon Bay to pick up a calendar for you and a friend.

Your shopping makes a difference! All your purchases at RMP stores go towards conservation on Roatan.
The calendar showcases the winners of the RMP photo competition (All of which were chosen by independent judges).

We now have a house copy of the third edition of Caribbean Reef Life!

Thanks, Mickey!

Utila Dream Ferry

Roatan Marine Park

Last night around 9.30pm, an extremely large adult female loggerhead nested on West Bay beach near Grand Roatan. After laying approx. 100 eggs, she made her way safely back into the water and the nest has now been fenced off for hatching. Loggerheads nest at intervals of 2 to 4 years and can lay 3 to 6 nests per season, approximately 12 to 14 days apart. They lay an average of between 100 to 126 eggs in each nest which then take about 60 days to incubate. Hopefully she will return to west bay in the next few weeks and lay additional nests.

David Wolfe

And this is exactly how our two stands of mangroves protect El Rancho Delfin!

This Is How Mangrove Forests Protect The Coast


Bay Islands Responsible Seafood Guide | Go Blue Bay Islands Geotourism MapGuide

Please don’t order or eat conch and lobster.


UN Environment Programme

Happy Valentines Day, Everyone!

Break up for Valentine's Day.
It's time to end your toxic relationship with single-use plastic and find a new love ❤️ for #CleanSeas! http://bit.ly/cleanseasbreakup


RARE DEAL: Fly To Beautiful Roatán Island, Honduras From $376 Round Trip—Save 30%

travelpirates.com Hola pirates! It's time to roll out to Roatán, Honduras for an incredible price! Relax on the beautiful beaches or hit the water for snorkeling, scuba diving, or a ride on a catamaran. Take to the skies for a zip-line adventure or enjoy a wellness spa treatment before filling up on delicious local ...

Sport Diver Magazine

We've rounded up the complete list of don’t-miss Honduras dive sites.

Gets yours before they sell out!

Now shipping!
The new expanded 3rd edition of Caribbean Reef Life
is now shipping from the US, with buyer protection and tracking numbers from mybookorders.com
416 pages and over 1500 reef inhabitants, including color varieties, growth patterns and different life stages for many species. The perfect gift for the diver in your life!

Surfers Against Sewage

‪Love this infographic from our friends & ambassadors at @LessPlasticUK


Take action at: www.plasticfree.org.uk‬

Hot off the presses!

It's been a long time coming, but I'm happy to announce that the latest expanded edition of Caribbean Reef Life is finally complete and eBook versions are already available on the new website!

Think about it while you're here (and after).

Next time you order food and are given a Styrofoam plate or container, when you are handed a plastic bag from the pulperia for your one or two items, or forget to tell the bartender or server that you don't need a straw with your drink, think about where this all goes? You don't need to use single use plastics or styrofoam so please make an effort in reducing your waste and inform others of how they can change their ways as well.

ABC Science

What exactly is coral? The answer might surprise you.

¿Quieres que tu empresa sea el Agencia De Viajes mas cotizado en Roatán?

Haga clic aquí para reclamar su Entrada Patrocinada.




West Sandy Bay Road
Otros agencias de viajes en Roatán (mostrar todas)
Caribbean Adventures Roatan Caribbean Adventures Roatan
West End
Roatán, 34101

Roatan Caribbean Adventures is a tour operator that is based on showing the most beautiful and attractive areas of the island, offering the best local and cultural excursions.

M/V Capt. Bambino M/V Capt. Bambino
French Harbour
Roatán, 34102

Mame Tree Bungalows Mame Tree Bungalows
West End
Roatán, 504

Welcome to Paradise “Mame Trees”

Little French Key Little French Key
French Harbor
Roatán, 34101

Little French Key is a private Island Resort with various fun activities for day visitors only. we now have rooms available 24/7

Roatan Beach Break Excursion at Club Natale - Exclusive Roatan Beach Break Excursion at Club Natale - Exclusive
Av. Roatan
Roatán, 88696

No crowds, just a gorgeous white beach, blue calm water and a relaxing pool! Exclusive Private Club Natale Beach Resort!

Roatan, Honduras Roatan, Honduras
Roatan, Islas De La Bahia

We're moving to: https://www.facebook.com/Roatansightsandattractions

Roatan, Honduras Roatan, Honduras
Roatán, 33176

Roatan Bay, Honduras. Pristine Island 32.8 miles off the coast of Honduras. Roatan Bay Island is safe, fun for the entire family. Roatan Bay Isla Beach

Czech Village 35
Roatán, 66434

Budujeme českou vesnici v Karibiku www.roatan.cz ROATAN.cz jsou: Andrea Sasínová Karel Sasín Jiří Černý Igor Vejchoda a mnoho dalších přátel na ostrově...

The Tropical Garden Villa The Tropical Garden Villa
The Resort At Palmetto Bay
Roatán, 12345

Rent this 3 bedroom, 2 bath vacation home with private pool, at Palmetto Bay, Roatan. It is steps from the ocean, community pool, restaurant/bar and dock.

BIG A -Adventures BIG A -Adventures
Havana Beach

Freego Tours at Havana Beach in Roatan, Honduras

Spooky Channel Villa Spooky Channel Villa
Sandy Bay

Spooky Channel Villa Vacation home rental on the beach with king size beds with a/c in the bedrooms. Fully equipped gourmet kitchen. Veranda with Bar-B-Q and private soaking pool.

Roatanet.com - Visitors Guide to Roatan Roatanet.com - Visitors Guide to Roatan
Sandy Bay,lawson Rock Business Center
Roatán, 504

Roatanet.com - Visitors Guide to Roatan