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Hugo did an outstanding job in educating us and being patient with my decrepitness. We had a very enjoyable and educational experience with him. The only thing I can't remember is what he recommended for Guatemalan coffee

We are a family owned tour company.

Rabinal Achi a Prehispanic Drama Dance. #gotravelgolocal #rabinal #rabinalachi #guatemala

Visit Yaxha and hire their amazing local guides.

¿Que tal un día de observación de aves en Yaxha?

¿Has visitado Yaxha antes, pero quieres hacer algo diferente?

Yaxha/Topoxté 2 dias 1 noche
🔴Visita Yaxha para observar el atardecer desde el templo de "las manos rojas".
🔴Acampa dentro del Parque
🔴Despierta muy temprano para iniciar la observación de aves con un guía especialista.
🔴Visita Topoxte

Contáctanos para una visita diferente👇
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Sunsets in Flores are expectacular. #gotravelgolocal

The most beautiful lake of this world, Lake Atitlan Guatemala.


The Belize Zoo mourns the passing of “Junior Buddy”

Very sad news.

breakingbelizenews.com The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center (TBZ) sadly announced today the passing of its 12-year-old Jaguar, Junior Buddy.

Amazing Tikal

Bellas imágenes compartidas desde la cuenta de @natgeo. El Gran Jaguar con un cielo estrellado de fondo, resaltando el cúmulo abierto de Las Pléyades.

Imágenes📸: @babaktafreshi

Visit Tikal. An amazing place to see maya temples, Flora and Fauna. #golocal #gotravel

Book a Tour with us. We take you to remote maya sites in Guatemala. Enjoy the visit of the maya sites with almost no tourists. #Sanclemente

Tikal is an archaeological site that should be in your bucket list. #golocal #visitguatemala #gotravel

Come and enjoy the sunset at Yaxha Archaeological Site. #golocal #visitguatemala #visityaxha #gotravel #ugotours

Chicken Bus, Macadamia farm and Coffee Tour. One of the best tours in the Highland of Guatemala.
#golocal #gotravel #guatemalatours #coffetour #macadamiatour #chickenbus

Island of Flores.

Mayan Textiles

Lake Atitlan is a most see site in Guatemala. This lake is surround by 3 amazing Volcanoes and by interesting mayan groups.

Come and enjoy a wonderful visit to Rio Dulce. Where you are going to enjoy nature to the max. There so many things to do such as Hotsprings, Sunrise Monkey Kayak, Livingston and Nature Hikes.

For our local tour company is more than a pleasure to work together with Ko'ox Tours from Mexico. Today we concluded the second group of the year and all went very smooth. We visited some of the most amazing sites of the Petén Region. We started with Naranjo, Topoxte, Yaxha we then continue with Uaxactun, Tikal and La Blanca and of course some birding along the way.
Go travel, Go Local.
#naturetours #archaeologytours #birdingtours #visitguatemala #gotravelgolocal

Thanks to WilliamFrej, Dan Griffin and Anne for trusting us for the second expedition in Guatemala. This time we spent 6 days visiting amazing mayan archaeological sites. We started visiting San Clemente, then Ixkun and Ixtonton, Quirigua, Copan Honduras, El Chal and finished with the wonderful site of Nakum. Nakum was the most challenging since the road was in bad conditions. We made our way to Nakum but on the way back the pick up truck didn't made it so we walk 12 KM. At the end was a memorable trip. We will be more than ready for the next expedition.

Today we had a couple of travellers , who booked a Tikal tour since 4 months ago with us. I told them the road to Tikal was blocked due to a manifest. They told me they only had today to visit Tikal and they were really into it. So the option was to hire a 4WD pick up vehicle to take a off road for 2 hours to be able to avoid the blockade on the highway. They voted to do it and we did it. They made their way to the magestic Tikal Ruins. Mariela Mayen thank you for guiding them even with all that driving.
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Nakum adventure tour is an amazing experience in the northern Guatemala. Just to get to the site is adventure plus the temples and the many palaces are great to see.
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Our birders of Today requested to see a Ocellated Turkey and we had the chance to see 6 of them.
#tikalnationalpark #gobirding #guatemalabirdwatching
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When travel go local the best way to go.

The best music of Guatemala. This is a group of musician of San Juan La Laguna, Solola Guatemala. All their instruments are from Natural resources. The best of it is that they play their music with lots of passion and love. The group is name as Tz'utuj Q'ajom you can find them on Facebook and You tube.
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Same Family company and same great service, just different Logo. We are improving the logo and the webpage.
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Tikal Sunrise



U-go tikal tours

Here it comes our latest tour. Where we will go local by sponsoring the local economy.
Go travel!!
Go local!!
The luxury camping is ready at the National Park Yaxha-Nakum-Naranjo. We have 2 tents with 2 beds each one. The luxury camping is set up on the lakeshore of Yaxha.
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TripAdvisor: https://www.tripadvisor.es/10021273?m=19905

u-gotikaltours.com Welcome to Guatemala where you are going to experience great tours with us. U-Go Tikal Tours will ensure an unforgettable visit to Guatemala with comfortable transportation and great experience tour guides.

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