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East Greenland. Ammassalik District. Tasiilaq. Guesthouse. Accommodation. Dogsled Tours. Kayak Tours. Hiking. Iceberg Cruising. Whale Watching. Expedition.

The principal owner, Dines Mikaelsen, founded Mikaelsen Tours in 2001. Dines has 11 years experience in polar tourism in and around the Ammassalik District on Greenland’s east coast and has completed several crossings of the Greenland Ice Cap. He is also the owner of two guesthouses which he purchased in 2010.

Still snowing in May near Tasiiilaq🇬🇱❄️🤩

Tasiilaq to Qernertivartivit. Five days trip with 24 dog incl. puppy “Piska”💝

Piska - the puppy

Seal hunting near Qernertivartivit and caught one seal on fiord ice with gun and skies. Five days trip with 24 dog incl. puppy “Piska”💝

First day half way to Qernertivartivit. Five days trip with 24 dog incl. puppy “Piska”💝

Icefishing w/ Dines Tours🎣💝🤩

Five days trip with Dog sled trip and it is organized by snowmobiles😊

Daily tour on the gletcher near Tasiilaq🐕💝😉

The dog sledding season has started in Tasiilaq. Nice conditions!

[01/12/18]   👍🏻

Dines Mikaelsen😉

Nuuk - Northern light reached this evening💫

Two days seminar in International Airport of Kangerlussuaq👍🏻

Sun rising💝

Two different color heallands(with steep cliff) near Tasiilaq fiord👍🏻

Between GRL and IS relieve the tension for me. Because of the two guys from Iceland🇬🇱🇮🇸They help me a lot for my work👍🏼Jon Gretar Magnusson and Valdimar Halldórsson😉

In the Tasiilaq visit in December. Dines & Gert together with Valdi and Jón Grétar from Iceland

Merry christmas and a happy new year to all of you!

Downtown Tasiilaq on the day before Christmas!

Jon Gretar Magnusson family sailing in Dines Tours's boat "Saamik" - which means "left".

Nice summer night near Tasiilaq!

Dines wears his Icelandic wool sweater.

It's summertime in Tasiilaq!

So nice weather today!

Dines in action with his strong dogs!

The yearly dog sled race tournament is an important event in East-Greenland...

Dines won a gold medal in the East-Greenland dog sled race today! :). #DinesTours #Greenland

Tasiilaq today!

Drusilla with her private sled.

Dines and Jon Gretar taming the dogs.

Dines training his dogs!

Dines in action with his beautiful dogs!

Tasiilaq today!

Our dogs on a sailing tour!

Yet another tour on the ice!

From our yesterday's dog slep trip near Tasiilaq.

A dog sled training.

A winter morning in Tasiilaq

Tasiilaq's orange sky!

Tasiilaq harbor.

A bright and sunny winterday in Tasiilaq!

We are looking forward to the coming dog sled season in the big Tasiilaq area! This picture was taken in April 2013.

The Nuuk afternoon traffic. It's already wintertime in the capital town.

Dines is now in Nuuk participating in a sailing workshop!

We are excited for the next season - sailing with our customers on this very fine boat, "Saamik"!

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Training the dogs
Morning in Tasiilaq


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