South Greenland Flyfishing

Flyfishing trips to the magnificent country of Greenland, where you are all by yourself in nature, fishing beautiful rivers.

South Greenland Flyfishing is all about bringing flyfishers to the magnificent country of Greenland where they enjoy fishing in untouched landscape far away from civilisation in full respect to the land you are visiting. We visit the rivers in the morning and in the evening we leave nothing behind but our footsteps and go back to our hotel and enjoy a good meal. We offer a wide range of trips so everyone can find their trip of liking. You can go on a fishing trip that has 2 fishing days and up to a week. The trips can the tailored to your liking, from self catering guesthouses to an all included hotel stay.

10 shots from our happy guests, hooked into a solid sea run char, somewhere in the South of Greenland. Happy faces, stunning scenery and sore arm muscles - thats the way we like it :) If you want to know more, don't hesitate and just leave a comment.

When guests want to go flyfishing in the really remote area's, far away from any civilization we cannot sail from the hotel up and down in one day. So we go camping! Here are some pictures from camping in South Greenland. We have no electricity or any facilities. So camping out here is not glamping :) We always use a huge tipi to store food and things, so the guests only need their tents to sleep. For safety reasons we always carry a satellite phone (and a first aid kit).

The good thing about South Greenland Flyfishing is the fact that : "We visit a new river everyday".... this means that guests stay in hotel Narsaq and every morning, after breakfast buffet, we walk for 5 minutes to the harbor, meet our captain, who is already waiting for us, sail (1 - 1,5 hour) to a rivermouth, fish the whole day and sail back to the hotel for a shower and a lovely dinner. Breafing by the guide for the next day and ..... REPEAT - but of course to a different river :)
This is the hotel in Narsaq, from where we operate!

Some valleys and rivers, however, are too remote and too far away for a daytrip. For guests who want to visit these valleys too, we offer camping.
In the next post we will zoom into combining flyfishing South Greenland with camping!

[04/01/20]   Dear visitor of the SGF page,

Because of the situation with the Corona virus we would like to make clear that you can contact us if you want to visit South Greenland this summer. There are still some dates available in july and august.

If your trip eventually needs to be cancelled due to Corona related issues, we will refund any deposits paid and no extra costs will be charged.


Since there are no roads between villages, flyfishing in South Greenland means either sailing to the fishing spots or using the helikopter. Both is a lot of fun!!

We have started booking 2020! The 2019 season was amazing! #southgreenlandflyfishing #visitgreenland #greenland #southgreenland #arcticchar #airicelandconnect #offthebeatentrack #hookedonflyfishing #flyfishing #catchandrelease #mynorthadventure #keepemwet

We had an amazing time today fishing the Ilua river! #southgreenland #southgreenlandflyfishing #greenland #visitgreenland #catchandrelease #greenland #keepemwet #visioninflyfishing #arcticchar #airicelandconnect #offthebeatentrack #hookedonflyfishing #mynorthadventure #ww2planes @ South Greenland Flyfishing

Feeling happy!

Of course it is always very rewarding to get nice reviews from guests that you have been guiding :) This one is from Roy Brisbois. Roy visited South Greenland with his son and his grandson, this summer and I was lucky to be their guide.

Vliegvisschool HOFF

Photo impression of a camping trip somewhere in South Greenland with an English couple, being my guests.

Some amazing fish are being caught this summer in Greenland! Happy fisherman! #southgreenland #southgreenlandflyfishing #greenland #visitgreenland #catchandrelease #keepemwet #visioninflyfishing #arcticchar #airicelandconnect

Second day exploring


Visiting a possible new location

Visiting a new lodge too....

There is fish around....

In the afternoon I will sail to explore some new waters. (somebody has to do the dirty work) I will stay overnight and also fish the place tomorrow. Let's hope it's worthwhile 👀 For now, it's some administration in the office...... 😜

Exited to see some new waters...

In the afternoon I will sail to explore some new waters. (somebody has to do the dirty work) I will stay overnight and also fish the place tomorrow. Let's hope it's worthwhile 👀 For now, it's some administration in the office...... 😜

So nice to fish these beautiful places with flyfishing addicts and total newbies 👀

New group today. Six people with a guide from Iceland to help me. So I toke care of 3 flyfishermen, where 1 never ever touched a fly rod. Within 1 hour he was capable of catching a char 100% by his self. Many smiling faces again.

Vliegvisschool HOFF

Last day of the 3 generation group. Only smiles again with pretty good char 👀

Vliegvisschool HOFF

Another great day with the family. Several double and triple hookups. Makes a guide feel good 😎

Vliegvisschool HOFF

Lots of fish and lots of smiles again today. 3 generations catching char.

Vliegvisschool HOFF

New group arrived today. Too bad the flight had a delay. But we managed to do some fishing in the afternoon. If you finally find a pool like this..... Yeah, well the guests did not have to look much further 😂😂😎😎

Vliegvisschool HOFF

The sun burnt the fog slowly, this morning.

Vliegvisschool HOFF

Last day of fishing with the family group. We caught a good bunch of char, but 3 monsters were not landed. 1 broke of after a straight run of approximately 40 meter into the heavy current. 2 went of during the fight. Those 2 were 10 - 12 pound fish. Just too eager to get them in, when they finally came close 😭 we ended the day with a photoshoot on an iceberg 😱

Vliegvisschool HOFF

Another day with the group. The son and daughter had only flyfished 3 days in their life before comming to Greenland. Now they already look like real profs.

A visit to the icecap today....

Visiting the icecap, when being in Greenland, was a wish of the guests. So icecap it was, today👀👀

This day the char were very aggressive on gurglers. I have never seen so many takes on gurglers before.

Everyday a new valley. That is how we guide at South Greenland Flyfishing. This day I brought the family to very rough terrain. With tons of char, of course!

Vliegvisschool HOFF

First day flyfishing with this group. Father, daughter and son. Only happy faces. That's what we go for, at South Greenland Flyfishing.

Vliegvisschool HOFF

Today I welcomed the first guests at the Narsarsuaq Airport. On our sail to Narsaq we passed some amazing icebergs. Before dinner we spent 1,5 hour fine-tuning their casting, since two of the group are relatively new in flyfishing. Several times char attacked the orange egg jarn at the end of the leader, when they fished it back 😂🌞

Summer season is around the corner! We are getting very excited to meet our guests and do some serious fly fishing! #southgreenlandflyfishing #visitgreenland #greenland #southgreenland #flyfishing #fishing #arcticchar #visioninflyfishing #sage #sageflyfish #patagonia #airicelandconnect #offthebeatentrack #hookedonflyfishing #catchandrelease @hooked_on_flyfishing

Flyfishing Greenland means: rivers with less then 20 fishing days per year, no beaten paths, wild sea-run arctic char, pure nature, crystal clear water, lovely weather and if you travel with us - highly experienced guides. Our guides know the rivers very well, know how to behave in the wild, always carry a satellite phone, first aid kit and a rifle for safety reasons and will do everything to make your trip an unforgettable experience. The season in Greenland is rather short and bookings for the 2019 season have started. So if you want your dreamtrip come true: sent us a mail and lets make it happen :)

Of course size does not matter. Things like the overall nature experience, the lack of fishing pressure and the crystal clear rivers are more important on a trip to South Greenland. But sometimes people do ask us if there is a chance to catch bigger fish too. are a few shots from some good sized char, made during our last summers trips. All pics made by our guide Hans Bock.

Reposted from @maxflyfisher - August this year, I'm back. South Greenland Flyfishing get ready. #arcticchar #flyfishing #flyfishingphotography #fishing #paradisevalley #camping #nanortalik #greenland #southgreenland - #regrann @ South Greenland Flyfishing

After a great day fishing, there is always a good time at the campfire: sharing stories, having a drink together and enjoying the simple life!

Here are 10 shots, where one of our guests has got "FISH ON!!" Imagen it was you in this beautiful place, hooking into a nice sea run char :) All shots made by our guide Hans Bock.

When camping with guests in the outdoors we prepare freshly caught sea run char every day. Very often these lovely fish comes with fresh mushrooms too! Of course we only keep some small ones.

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We are looking forward to our big expedition to the Scoresby sound in 2019! #southgreenlandflyfishing
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Regrann from @heimirhardarson - Scoresby sound never fails to impress. #northsailing #northsailingiceland #greenland #schoonerhildur #schooneropal #arcticexpeditions #adventures #spectacular #iceberg - #regrann

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