The Polar Circle Marathon

Welcome to a tough, unique marathon in truly magnificent scenery. The Polar Circle Marathon - often referred to as “the coolest marathon on earth”

Mission: Here at Albatros Adventure Marathons we're all about taking running to another level. Our philosophy is to offer challenges in locations of exceptional beauty, historical significance and challenging terrain. The focus is on great experiences, pushing limits and achieving something extraordinary while exploring a unique destination.

Check out the newest event to join our Albatros Adventure Marathons family! 😎

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We are excited to finally unveil the details about our newest race, the World’s Fastest Marathon!

This 42k race puts the clock at the forefront:
- Almost 100% downhill route
- Altitude drop of 1938 meters (6358 feet)
- Average descent of 4.6%
In other words, this race course will get your feet moving! It’s fast. Unbelievably fast. Perhaps, the World’s Fastest?

The marathon takes place 22 September in Granada, Spain.
Race entry is part of a tour package offering accommodation, transportation and sightseeing in and around the historic and culturally-rich city of Granada.
What’s more, through our cooperation with Mikkeller Beer, the after party is set to keep your feet moving on the dance floor...

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DID YOU KNOW... The Polar Circle Marathon started in 2001 as one of several events organized by Albatros Adventure Marathons - and that we'll celebrate 20 years of adventure running on Race Day at our sister event, The Great Wall Marathon?

No doubt about it, this 20-year journey has epic! See it here:

PS Limited space is still available for The Great Wall Marathon - join the party!

Albatros Adventure Marathons is celebrating two decades of running adventures throughout 2019, with our special anniversary falling on 18 May – Race Day at the 20th edition of The Great Wall Marathon

Have a look back:

Together with you, we've blazed through amazing terrain and reached insane altitudes – including that of Mount Kilimanjaro!

Every step of the way has been an epic adventure and we want more!

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Polar Circle Marathon 5-day package - Polar Circle Marathon

Last call to join Polar Circle Marathon 2019!

Accommodations at Old Camp and Polar Lodge are already sold out – BUT rooms are still available at Hotel Kangerlussuaq.

Do not hesitate, if you want to take on our Arctic adventure!

You can book your 5-day travel package and race entry here: The Polar Circle Marathon takes place in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland where the endless ice and arctic tundra of this vast country make up the backdrop of this unusual race. Runners pass glacier tongues, moraine landscapes and the soundless, arctic desert. This is a rare opportunity to combine your visi...

Sign up - Polar Circle Marathon

The registration for The Polar Circle Marathon 2019 is officially open!

There are only 200 spots available for this unique experience, so don't hesitate to book!

We start the week with this picture from Polar Circle Marathon 2015❄️🏃‍♂️❄️🏃‍♀️❄️

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Flashback to The Polar Circle Marathon 2018.

Running in the arctic desert is something you will never forget. The wild raw nature is just stunning.

Did you know we have three medals at The Polar Circle Marathon? And yes, you can earn them all!

One🏅for running the marathon 26 October 2019 in the arctic desert.

One 🏅 for running the half marathon 27 October 2019.

One Polar Bear Challenge 🏅 for being hardcore and completing both races in just one weekend!

The Polar Circle Marathon


We will open the registration for The Polar Circle Marathon 2019 already in December!

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This year's Polar Circle Marathon video is now available! Enjoy!

And the winners of the Polar Bear Challenge are…Louise Petersen and Frederik Petersen both from Greenland.

Louise Petersen finished her marathon in 4:14:51 and the half marathon in 2:02:05. Frederik Petersen finished his marathon in 3:40:33 and the half marathon in 1:38:25.

In total, 79 runners finished the Polar Bear Challenge. CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!

We are so impressed by your achievements! Running both a half-marathon and a marathon in just one weekend is no easy feat, especially when both races take place in the artic desert. Wow!

See results here:

The Polar Circle Marathon 2018 is officially over!

Congratulations to all you brave runners, who challenged yourself in the artic desert.

Also, thanks for your understanding and cooperation when we had to modify the race due to bad weather conditions. Up here in the artic north, we are in Mother Nature’s hands.


Results can be found here:

Top three women in The Polar Circle Marathon 2018:

1. Louise Petersen from Greenland (middle), 4.14.51.
2. Deborah Anna-May Barber from Australia (right), 4.21.05.
3. Barbara Fux from Germany (left) 4.22.14.

The winner of the female race of The Polar Circle Marathon is Louise Petersen from Greenland. She ran the marathon in the incredible time of 4.14.51.

Louise Petersen also won the half marathon this Friday. This makes her the winner of the Polar Bear Challenge.


Winners, men, The Polar Circle Marathon 2018

WOW! New course record in The Polar Circle Marathon!

Martin Møller from Greenland won the marathon in the impressive time 2.53.45.

The weather today is -3 degrees Celsius at the start and finish line. On the ice cap it is even colder!


Polar Circle Marathon 2018 has officially started!

Today, it is race day (again!) in Greenland!

The marathon race start is scheduled for 8:30 am local time.

126 runners will be on the start line for The Polar Circle Marathon’s marathon event. 84 of these runners completed the half-marathon on Friday, which means they make up this year’s group of Polar Bear Challenge participants!

Best of luck to all runners!

And now, it’s time to announce the half-marathon winners…

Congratulations to Louise Petersen from Greenland for winning the female race in the impressive time of 2:02:06. The first man over the finish line on the Greenlandic Ice Sheet was Frederik Petersen also from Greenland. He ran the half-marathon in 1:38:26.

Today, 115 runners finished the coolest half-marathon on Earth. Congratulations to all of you!

84 of the half-marathon runners will continue in the Polar Bear Challenge by running the marathon distance on Sunday. Stay tuned for more updates!

Results - Polar Circle Marathon

The results from The Polar Circle Marathon 2018’s half-marathon race is now available: Congratulations to all finishers! You've completed one of the world's most challenging marathons! Results from previous races can be found here. Click on the year you are interested in.

Check out these pictures from the 2018 half-marathon distance in Greenland. Cold and beautiful as always. What a race!

The Polar Circle Marathon 2018’s half-marathon race

Results - Polar Circle Marathon

The Polar Circle Marathon half-marathon race has officially started! The race takes runners through the arctic desert and finishes on the Greenlandic Ice Sheet.

The weather is -11 degrees Celsius (12 degrees Fahrenheit). 120 runners will run the half-marathon today. 84 of them will also run the marathon on Sunday, and in doing so take part in the Polar Bear Challenge.

After the race you can see results here:

Please be patient - we have no internet connection at the half-marathon finish line, so it will take a while before you can see the results. Congratulations to all finishers! You've completed one of the world's most challenging marathons! Results from previous races can be found here. Click on the year you are interested in.

We are happy to share this year’s finisher medals for The Polar Circle Marathon!

And why do we have three cool medals? Coz we have a half-marathon, a marathon AND the Polar Bear Challenge!

The Polar Bear Challenge is for those running enthusiasts who want to test their limits by participating in both the half-marathon and marathon during the weekend of events at The Polar Circle Marathon. Talk about challenging!

When we say “adventure marathon” – we mean it!

Due to the extreme weather conditions forecasted on the Greenland Ice Sheet for Saturday, the race day for the half-marathon distance in The Polar Circle Marathon is now changed.

The half-marathon race will start TODAY at 12:30pm local time in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland.

Please note – The half-marathon finish is located in the middle of the arctic desert near the ice sheet. This means no internet connection! Therefore, you will only be able to see results after the race:

The marathon distance has now been moved from Saturday to Sunday with an expected start at 8:30am local time. The finish line for the marathon is in the town of Kangerlussuaq, so live results will be available from the finish line at the same link.

We wish all half-marathon runners “good luck” today! Hopefully the forecast will hold true and the rainy, windy winter storm will pass through before the marathon on Sunday. Fingers crossed!

Stay tuned here for updates - The Polar Circle Marathon is truly the adventure of a lifetime!

Photo: Taken during Thursday's Route Inspection.

Greenland here we come!

Today, all participants of Polar Circle Marathon meet in Copenhagen airport and fly to Kangerlussuaq in West Greenland. The city is located only 35 km from the Inland Ice and is a great place to go see the famous Russell Glacier.

Only 3 days to the coolest marathon on Earth – Polar Circle Marathon.

Scheduled starting time for the marathon is on Saturday at 8:30AM local time (WGST, GMT-2).

Check out the course map here:

4 days until runners from all around the world will meet at the starting line for this year’s Polar Circle Marathon - the cold challenge in arctic Greenland.

Only 5 days until Polar Circle Marathon 2018 - a challenging race through the arctic desert and Greenland Ice Sheet.

Distances: half marathon and marathon

6 days until an international crowd of runners will finish Polar Circle Marathon with support from the local community of Kangerlussuaq, Greenland.

Only one week to the chilly, cold and cool Polar Circle Marathon.

A challenging adventure race in Greenland on uneven gravel and ice.


In 8 days, a global gathering of runners will cross the finish line of Polar Circle Marathon – the popular adventure race in Greenland.

What do you dream to achieve?

9 days until Polar Circle Marathon in Greenland!

In this adventure race, runners have the option to run a half marathon (on 27 October) or marathon (on 28 October).

Alternatively, do like these two brave fellows – run both!

If you finish the half marathon and the marathon, you will receive a third medal: the Polar Bear Challenge finisher medal. Wow - that is an achievement to be proud of!

Read more about the challenge here:

Only 10 days until runners from all around the world will dress up in their warmest running gear to challenge themselves on the Greenlandic Ice Sheet.

Tag yourselves if you feel ready for Polar Circle Marathon!

Polar Circle Marathon 2017 - race recap

The 27-28 of October of this year, our renown Polar Circle Marathon and Half Marathon will take place in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, and for those looking for an even stronger challenge, we’ll also be hosting the Polar Challenge. Are you one of the participants joining us? If so, how are you preparing for this adventure?

This is a rare opportunity to visit one of the most remote corners of the world, while daring to take part of an extremely challenging running event.

Check out last year’s video recap to see all this event has to offer.

The Polar Circle Marathon took place in October 2017 in Greenland. Read more about the marathon and see results, race information and photos: http://polar-ci...

Polar Circle Marathon

If you’re into seeing the world in all its splendor, we’ve got the right marathon for you. Visiting remote regions of the planet as part of a marathon program is an experience you’ll be sharing with your friends and loved ones for a long time after your return home.

Learn more about our Polar Circle marathon here, and sign up for the newsletter to learn of sign ups for the coming years as well as offers for upcoming events: Combine your visit to remote Greenland with a unique Arctic race. Run on the vast ice sheet and experience breathtaking polar landscapes in this challenging running event.

Albatros Adventure Marathons

Have you participated in the Polar Circle Marathon in previous years? How did you prepare? What are your recommendations for those preparing for this coming marathon?

Share your stories with us! Or visit our main site to choose your next adventure.

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Polar Circle Marathon

Combine your visit to remote Greenland with a unique Arctic race. Run on the vast ice sheet and experience breathtaking polar landscapes in this challenging running event.

#runningislife #athleteslife #thisishowwerun #polarcirclerun Combine your visit to remote Greenland with a unique Arctic race. Run on the vast ice sheet and experience breathtaking polar landscapes in this challenging running event.

Polar Circle Marathon

The small and charming township of Kangerlussuaq, just north of the Polar Circle, is the place where our Polar Circle Marathon begins and ends, passing through the ice sheet, for a difficult, yet incredibly charming adventure marathon.

This year, the marathon will take place on the 27 and 28 of October.
There’s still a few spots left. Are you ready to join us?
#pushingyourlimits #albatrosadventuremarathons Combine your visit to remote Greenland with a unique Arctic race. Run on the vast ice sheet and experience breathtaking polar landscapes in this challenging running event.

Spots are selling fast, don’t miss out on this unique adventure. Book now! ❄️❄️❄️

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Follow @albatrosadventuremarathons to see more from our 5 races in places of exceptional beauty, historical significance and challenging terrain, and don't forget to share your pictures with us and your friends by using #albatrosadventuremarathons 🌏🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

Polar Circle Marathon

Registration is now open for Polar Circle Marathon - the coolest marathon on earth!
Join the marathon on Saturday 27 October or the half marathon on Sunday 28 October - or how about doing both and complete the Polar Bear Challenge? 😁❄️
See the details and sign up here: Combine your visit to remote Greenland with a unique Arctic race. Run on the vast ice sheet and experience breathtaking polar landscapes in this challenging running event.

2017 Polar Circle Marathon

The 2017 Polar Circle Marathon once again proved that the weather in Greenland is totally unpredictable - an so hard to prepare for. With rain and no snow it made the ice cape section a slippery and technically demanding challenge for our runners from 26 different countries - who all kept their balance to finish in style.

Marathon runners on the ice cap today. Congratulations again to all participants.

Polar Circle Marathon @ UltimateLIVE

Thanks to all runners for a great marathon day.
Felix Allen from Great Britain won the mens marathon and Inez-Anne Haagen from The Netherlands won the womens marathon. Congratulations to all participants.
We look forward to the half marathon tomorrow.
Results can be found via this link.

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