Så kom moskusoksen på væggen. Skudt i omkring 1 september 2018
reminds me of my sister-in-law

We are a trophy hunting Company, arranging huntingtrip in Greenland near Kangerlussuaq

Winterhunt 2020

Covid-19 happend, but we still had a few hunts before Greenland got closed down

Covid-19 happend, but we still had a few hunts before Greenland got closed down

Caribou/Reindeer - Greenland Institute of Natural Resources

Tjek out the Greenland Nature Institute to read about our Caribou, Musk-ox and other species. and Akia-Maniitsoq – mother with bull calf, late summer. Photo: C. Cuyler Kangerlussuaq-Sisimiut- three cows, late winter. Photo: C. Cuyler Ivittuut- released tame reindeer, tyre group, month of June. Photo: C. Cuyler   Biology Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus spp.) are herbivore (plant eaters) and are fo...

Its been minus 38 outside, just minus 25 now. But im staying indoor building more cabins and storage boxes. Hope it will get warmer in a few days so i can get it all outside and assemble the cabins.

Greenland hunting Winter

From last winter.

Musk ox, snow hare and arctic fox hunting in Greenland Chasse du boeuf musqué, lièvres et renard arctique au Groenland

Trophy Hunting Greenland - HELICOPTERHUNTS

In 2020 we offer helicopterhunts, tjek it out at the website trofæjagt fra Kangerlussuaq Grønland, billig jagter for den aktive jæger, fra jagtlejr ude i fjeldet

Season is over, and here is pictures from the last two hunts.

Setting up october camp, and first october hunt

August and September hunts

A few animals in the wild

Camp for Octoberhunt in our area 11 near the inland ice is ready.

Congratulations to Scot with finishing his North American Superslam.

We had a few days without hunters, so we have been out shooting this nice bull for display. Just 2 inch short of silver.

The new kitchentent in area 9 for autumn are ready (tour 3-7)

Better late than never, so here is some pictures from winterhunt 2019


Just have to link the fantastic video from our French partner, autumn hunt is soon.

Hunting Expedition in Greenland - Autumn hunt With SABLE SAFARI / JKO

Sable Safari / JKO - Safaris & Hunting Expeditions

From our autumnhunt 2018

Autumn hunts in Greenland with SABLE SAFARI / JKO
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Trofæjagt guide elever søges

Autumnhunt 2018 is over, and here is some pictures from the hunts.

Nyt grønlandsk område optaget på UNESCOs verdensarvsliste

Now its official. My autumn huntingarea where i also have conscession on from 2019, is now part of a World Heritage Site, so my hunts are in a unique huntingarea where traditional hunt started 4000 years ago. Lørdag meddeler Departementet for Uddannelse, Kultur og Kirke, at det er lykkedes at få optaget området på UNESCOs liste over verdensarv. Det sker efter flere års arbejde fra Naalakkersuisut, Qeqqa


So im in Dortmund for the huntingshow, im here with Blaser Safris. Meeting people.



Trophy-Hunting-Greenland's cover photo

Trophy-Hunting-Greenland's cover photo

Autumn hunt 2017 is over, and see all the nice pictures here. Part 2, See other post for the rest of the pictures.

Autumn hunt 2017 is over, and see all the nice pitures here. Part 1, See other post for the rest of the pictures.

Winterhunt 2017, 100 % succes

Pictures from our autumn hunts 2016

From our last hunts here in september.

My newest rifle. Tikka T3 Tactical .308
3 words, precision, precision, precision
Mostly for winterhunt, because its a bit heavy.

Test Two-way text messaging anywhere in the world with the inReach satellite communicator.

Winterhunt 2016, not so much snow, but perfect hunt driving over frozen ocean and rivers to huntingarea.
Foto: Aske Rif Torbensen.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR A volunteer FOR AUTUMN HUNT. From approximately August 25 to around 15 October as a hunting guide. Free board and shooting of a musk ox and reindeer. Write on mail for more info. [email protected]

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