Ilulissat Guesthouse, Ilulissat Video February 7, 2018, 9:00pm

Videos by Ilulissat Guesthouse in Ilulissat. Ilulissat Guesthouse have 4 small friendly guesthouses overlooking the Diskobay. You have the best view and only few minutes walk to UNESCO National Park.

The Qajaq Club is closed today, but we are open. Always☃️🇬🇱

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Combining your skiing trip with a night in our wilderness hut not too far from Ilulissat, is not the worst worst you can do 😉 #guesthouse #guesthouses #wilderness #wildernesscabin #diskobay #visitgreenland #explorenorth #ilulissat #ilulissatadventure #arcticfriend #skiing #crosscountryskiing #opdagverden #udpåturaldrigsur #grønland

Can icebergs dance?
We have the best guests at the guesthouse! Last summer we had Nestoras and Athanasia from Greece staying and on tour. They just send us their drone film "ice ballet" which were shot from our guesthouse and at the Ilulissat Icefiord. We are happy to invite you for the premier. If you want to see the ice dance we would be happy to have you staying at Ilulissat Guesthouse : )

We like the cold at Ilulissat Guesthouse😍 #helgoland #denpermanente #detkoldegys #arcticfriend #ilulissatadventure #visitgreenland #explorenorth #diskobay #saunagus #wellness

Group or family traveling together? why not book one of our guesthouse for private use! All our guesthouses has amazing sea view over the Diskobay, full kitchen facilities, livingrooms, terrace where you can enjoy the northern light in the winter or midnight sun in the summer. See more at

Nice September sunset at the guesthouse ❤️

Our guestbook is full of happy greetings🤓🤗📔🇬🇱

The Qajaq Club is closed today, but we are open. Always☃️🇬🇱

We just got this message from guests staying with us this week! We look forward to greet you and show our backyard 😄 #ilulissatadventure, #Ilulissatguesthouse #GreenlandPioneer

Timelapse from the balcony last night. What's not to like!

Nice food, nice music and lovely people at our Greenland food night.

This is what you can experience while relaxing for the evening on our terrace check out the iceberg traffic behind the big one in front!

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