Ilulissat Guesthouse

Ilulissat Guesthouse have 4 small friendly guesthouses overlooking the Diskobay. You have the best view and only few minutes walk to UNESCO area and icefiord.

Our guesthouse consist of 3 lovely colorful houses all with the best view to the Discobay and icebergs drifting by. You can spend endless hours looking at the scenery change. We offer a cozy base for your stay in Greenland, we don´t have any TV, but there are plenty of Greenland nature to look at, an the adventure is right outside our doorstep!

Åben som sædvanlig

When having been out kayaking for 11 days in the fjords and Diskobay, it’s rather nice to get back to your home away from home and have a cold beer, and a shower 😉 #homeawayfromhome #airbnb #airbnbwithaview #guesthouseview #kayakingadventures #kayakingreenland #ilulissatadventure #arcticfriend #nobaddays

The colors right now are beautiful, we have amazing sunsets and northern light! We just got the first snow, and the first mushers are out training their dogs!

The past week we had the last kayak expedition this season, a group doing teambuilding, seminar and tours, working artist, people for sauna sessions and we got a chance to take our new SUP´s for a test tour, and we can´t wait to offer this new activity for 2021.

If you need an arctic getaway, let us know and we will look forward to welcome you at the guesthouse!

Another of our kayak expedition groups just returned at our guesthouse after 11 days kayaking in the Discobay. We have heated up our panorama sauna, and a well earned beer is waiting for them :)

We are doing kayak day tours till end September, so come join us for a great day in the outdoor!

We are now planning for kayak tours 2021, and we will be offering kayak tours from 3 hours to 2 weeks kayak expeditions.

Magisk solnedgang fra det gule hus❤️🇬🇱❤️

Yin Yoga weekend special 15.-19. Oct. 2020
We are happy to announce we have set up an extra yoga weekend in October with teacher Kristine Marie Rost!

Our special Yin Yoga retreat cost DKK 7.900,- and includes:
4 nights in double room incl. breakfast
4 yoga sessions with Kristine Marie Rost
2 nice dinners
1 boat tour and visit incl. Oqaatsut incl. lunch
1 icefiord boat tour
1 wellness sauna experience

Coming from Nuuk, you can book also book the package incl. flights from dkk 11.495,- through our local partner Travel By Heart phone 00299-590905

For more information call or write us - looking forward to welcome you for this special event!

We have 24 hours of sun these days, and spend the days kayaking, hiking, sailing to the Icefiord hanging out with the humpback whales. Sometimes we go for a (very short) swim 😜 and we always end the days just taking in the view at the guesthouse ❤️

Another great day at the guesthouse has come to an end. Beautiful light here past midnight, we said goodbye to our kayak expedition, had locals on icefiord cruise, and dropped off hikers in the nearby settlement Oqqatsut ❤️

Sommerhus i Grønland?
Har du ikke fået booket dit sommerhus denne sommer, så er Grønland en mulighed. Vi har flere muligheder, men eksempelvis kan du booke vores hytte med udsigt til isbjerge og hvaler, inkl. båd transport fra Ilulissat til dkk 2.900,- for 5 nætter (pris v/min. 4 personer)

Naturoplevelser i verdensklasse, masse af vandremuligheder, fiskeri eller bare nyde udsigten fra terrassen.

Vi har flere overnatningsmuligheder i Ilulissat, så send os en mail på [email protected] eller ring på 76100070 for at høre om mulighederne.

Restriktioner i Grønland
De første 5 dage er du på egen hånd (karantæne), hvor du må handle ind, gå i fjeldet. På 5 dagen får du taget en corona test i Ilulissat, og er den negativ, så kan du booke alle de udflugter du vil. Du skal også fremvise en negativ corona test ved check-in. Flybilletter bookes hos Air Greenland der flyver tirsdag, torsdag og fredag.

With 75 bottles of hand disinfection, we are now waiting for hands to disinfect :) As you can see in the background, the icefiord is going crazy these days, and ice constantly flows by the guesthouse!


Yin Yoga retreat in Greenland!
Together with our friend Kristine Marie Rost and Yin Power we have set up this special Yin Yoga retreat at the guesthouse 6.-13. October 2020. Limited seat available! Beside loads of Yin Yoga, we will go to the ice sheet, sail among icebergs and whale, go northern light hunting and much more!

Let us know if you want us to reserve your spot :)
Yin Yoga - Et Komplement til dit liv Efterårsferie i Ilulissat - Familiehygge, nordlys, isbjerge og indlandsisen. Efterårets farver i Grønland er smukke og varme, og måske er vi endda så heldige at den første sne er faldet. Under alle omstændigheder er der mulighed for at udforske den smukke natur og med stor sandsynlighed se hv...

Private events, conference, workshop?
If you are looking for a place to hold your next event, we offer conference facilities for up to 20 people and can accommodate 34 guests. You have the place private, and can enjoy flowting icebergs while working.

Why not combine work with pleasure? We offer tours around the Diskobay, arctic teambuilding and much more.

We have been hosting climate conferences, film groups, photo groups, school groups, yoga retreats, company groups, family groups and many more...

Drop us a message at [email protected] or call +00299 278980 to hear more about the options :)

Or read more at:

We look forward to welcome you at the guesthouse!

While you are at home you might as well enjoy these beautiful photos from our friend and photographer Carsten Egevang. Carsten has been traveling in Greenland with his camera for over 15 years, and her you can see some of his own favorites!

Also you can enjoy his photos at our guesthouse which are hanging in all the rooms.

Have a nice weekend!
Ilulissat Guesthouse Staff

@ Carsten Egevang Photography

Spring is in the air!
While waiting for Greenland to reopen, you can enjoy some photos from the past week. The temperatures some days hit + degrees, and the icefiord is on the move again. All rooms have got fresh paint, the panorama sauna is ready.

Our team is enjoying the last snow skiing in the back country, before everything turns green again.

Take care of yourself, friends & family!

We look forward to see you all back at the guesthouse ❤️

How do you get by these days!? We enjoy some quiet time in Ilulissat Guesthouse wilderness hut just outside Ilulissat 😍#wilderness #wildernesshut #wildernesscabin #airbnb #airbnbexperience #explorenorth #opdagverden #ilulissatadventure #arcticfriend #diskobay #winteringreenland #hunterscabin #greenland #visitgreenland #besøggrønland

Everybody is affected by Covid-19, even people who just want to get married at a special place - hopefully we will be able to write a better endnu next year 🙏🏽 #covıd19 #covid #covidstories #zionchurch #marriage #wedding #cancelledwedding #postponedwedding #forbetterorworse #cancelledhoneymoon #weddingingreenland #weddingplanner #opdagverden #politikkenrejser #visitgreenland @ Ilulissat Guesthouse

If you are visiting Ilulissat, then stop by Ilulissat Guesthouse and book our Arctic Wellness sauna - with or without a guide - getting the heat back in your body 😍 #arcticsauna #arcticsauna #iloveilulissat #ilovegreenland #visitgreenland #denpermanente #helgoland #mentalhealth #saunawithaview #diskobay #ilulissatguesthouse #ilulissatadventure #explorenorth #vinterbadning @ Ilulissat Guesthouse

Arctic Friend | Arktisk Rejsebureau med speciale i Grønland. | Travel Agency specialized in Greenland

The sauna is on!
Join our open sauna sessions or book it all for yourself and your friends :)

What a Winter view from Ilulissat Guesthouse 😍 #arcticsunset #winterinilulissat #greenland #visitgreenland #airbnb #amazingviewguesthouse

We are so so so much looking forward for the sun to shine upon us again - only a few days ahead 😍#arcticsunrise #arcticsunset #ilulissaticefjord #ilulissat #ilulissatadventure #arcticfriend #icebergs #guidetogreenland #visitgreenland #winterseason #darkartsmonth #guesthouseview #airbnb #airbnbsunset #guesthouseilulissat


New in 2020
We love to put on our runners and explore the backcountry of Ilulissat. We have teamed up with our friends at Go Running Tours, and now offer guidet running tours with our local guides. We offer 7-23 km tours, and promise trails you will not find anywhere else! Running tours in Greenland are a unique way to explore a country unlike any you have seen before. With its arctic climate and vast expanses of wilderness, running in Greenland is a true once in a lifetime experience. Our guided runs take in Greenlandic history, culture, wildlife and nature. See the....

Happy New Year!
On 13th. January we greet the sun back on the horizon in Ilulissat and we can´t wait to start the new season. We have loads of snow, northen lights and our local sledgedogs are ready to take you on tours. When you come back you can enjoy our nice panoramic sauna!

Looking forward to see you all at the guesthouse this season, and show you our beautiful Greenland winter!

Untitled Album

Untitled Album

Flasback to the Summer of 2019 in our wilderness cabin 😍 Book at Sailing up through the Paakitsoq fjord and hiking up to drink a cup of coffee while gazing at the ice cap - that was one of many highlights in the Diskobay Summer 2019 😍 #explorenorth #visitgreenland #diskobay #opdagverden #welovegreenland #arcticfriend #ilulissatguesthouse #helgoland #vinterbadning @ Ilulissat

Are you having your next conference in Ilulissat? And do you need a meeting room, accommodation and food? Then please contact us and we will arrange everything for you #ilulissat #ilulissatgreenland #ilulissatadventure #arcticfriend #conference #conferenceroom #iloveilulissat #coldtub #incentive #incentives #greenland #visitgreenland @ Ilulissat

Winter is coming (!) but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a bbq on the porch looking at icebergs and whales. ❤️🇬🇱🐳🌭🇬🇱 #ilovegreenland #ilulissat #ilulissatadventure #arcticfriend #ilulissaticefjord

What can be better than to enjoy Greenland from our Ilulissat Guesthouse wilderness cabin where icebergs and whales are passing by? Maybe to stay the night - that’s actually possible 😍 #wildernesscabin #wilderness #fortwildernesscabins #greenlandicfood #greenlandicfoodlover #picnic #summeringreenland #enjoyfood #diskobay #ilulissat #oqaatsut #rodebay #happyguests #lunchwithaview #visitgreenland #explorenorth #opdagverden #cabinlove #cabinlovers #guestbook #guestbooks #guestbookcomments @ Rodebay

What can be better than to enjoy Greenlandic specialities on the terrasse in front of our Ilulissat Guesthouse wilderness cabin where icebergs and whales are passing by? Maybe to stay the night - that’s actually possible 😍 / #wildernesscabin #wilderness #fortwildernesscabins #greenlandicfood #greenlandicfoodlover #picnic #summeringreenland #enjoyfood #diskobay #ilulissat #oqaatsut #rodebay #happyguests #lunchwithaview #visitgreenland #explorenorth #opdagverden #cabinlove #cabinlovers @ Rodebay

We just gave our Wilderness cabin some fresh paint - now it’s even easier to find, when you are out hiking and want to stay the night 😃💪💪🏿💪🏽 book at or #wildernesscabin #diskobay #hiking #vandrelaug #vandretur #simpleliving #visitgreenland #oqaatsut #ilulissat #hikingingreenland #explorenorth #opdagverden #udpåruraldrigsur @ Disko Bay

The Earth seen from Space - feat. Ilulissat
We have all kind of guests staying at the guesthouse, and last winter we had the BBC staying while shooting for their new amazing series "The Earth seen from Space". Here a screen shot from their drone shot taken from our terrace. You can watch the series right now on Danish television!/03:10,autoplay=true

Please com and visit us at #ilulissatguesthouse - we’ll promise #icebergs and whales. #ilulissatadventure #arcticfriend #ilovegreenland

In Ilulissat Guesthouse, we have our own sauna and cold tub. A perfect way to relax after a day with whales and icebergs book at #ilulissatguesthouse #arcticfriend #coldtub #coldtubs #icetub #sauna #saunagus #saunas #saunalife #saunalove #saunalife #ilulissat #visitgreenland #diskobay #opdagverden #detkoldegys #denpermanente #denpermanentebadeanstalt #koldtvandsbassin #

We are happy to announce that you now can buy INUA CARE´s skin products at the guesthouse. They are made in Grenland and 100% ecological based on Greenland plants and herbs. Try them out and treat yourself or friends with a bit of Greenland Nature!

Cheapest Summer Travel: 24 Best Places To Go Now

We have the best guests! and thanks to Forbes for putting us on one of the best places to go right now 🙏 Travel experts share the cheapest places to travel this summer.

Jealousy is such an ugly thing - that’s why we are renting out our Wilderness Hut 😉 #wildernesscabin #wildernesshut #wilderness #wildernes #airbnb #airbnbexperience #airbnbgreenland #arcticfriend #ilulissatadventure #diskobay #visitgreenland #ilulissat #oqaatsut #simpleliving #simplelife #simplelifestyle #hikinghut #hikingcabin #explorearctic #explorenorth

Our Story

Our guesthouse consist of 4 lovely colorful houses all with the best view to the Discobay and icebergs drifting by. You can spend endless hours looking at the scenery change. We offer a cozy base for your stay in Greenland, we don´t have any TV, but there are plenty of Greenland nature to look at, an the adventure is right outside our doorstep!

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Can icebergs dance?




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