Ilulissat Guesthouse

Ilulissat Guesthouse have 4 small friendly guesthouses overlooking the Diskobay. You have the best view and only few minutes walk to UNESCO National Park.

Our guesthouse consist of 3 lovely colorful houses all with the best view to the Discobay and icebergs drifting by. You can spend endless hours looking at the scenery change. We offer a cozy base for your stay in Greenland, we don´t have any TV, but there are plenty of Greenland nature to look at, an the adventure is right outside our doorstep!

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When staying in Ilulissat Guesthouse, we will be happy to to help you out and book what we think are the best to dos in the Disko Bay region! This picture is from one of those rough days in the back country of Ilulissat - here the hard core fishermen fish for giant Halibuts using longlines and dogsleds! #unesco #unescoworldheritage #unescoheritage #halibut #longlines #icefjord #roughjob #arcticscenery #explorethenorth #arcticadventure #arcticfriend #ilulissatguesthouse #visitgreenland #ilulissat #ilulissaticefjord #whiteout #udpåturaldrigsur #opdagverden #oplevverden

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Can icebergs dance?

We have the best guests at the guesthouse!
Last summer we had Nestoras and Athanasia from Greece staying and on tour. They just send us their drone film "ice ballet" which were shot from our guesthouse and at the Ilulissat Icefiord. We are happy to invite you for the premier. If you want to see the ice dance we would be happy to have you staying at Ilulissat Guesthouse : )

Porch view from Blue House #ilulilissatguesthouse. Not bad at all. Do you want to join us?
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We like the cold at Ilulissat Guesthouse😍 #helgoland #denpermanente #detkoldegys #arcticfriend #ilulissatadventure #visitgreenland #explorenorth #diskobay #saunagus #wellness

Hot news from The Guesthouse!
We are finally done building out new panorama sauna and we are happy :) Treat yourself with steaming hot sauna after a nice day on tour. You can book open sauna or private sauna at or give us a call at the guesthouse to book. See you!

View to Ilulissat Icefiord from the Green Guesthouse late afternoon 4th February 2019

Group or family traveling together? why not book one of our guesthouse for private use! All our guesthouses has amazing sea view over the Diskobay, full kitchen facilities, livingrooms, terrace where you can enjoy the northern light in the winter or midnight sun in the summer. See more at

Our guests just can't get enogh of the beautiful view from the Guesthouse 😍

Snow in Ilulissat
We still have a lot of guests and they get a touch of fall, winter, beautiful sunsets and northern lights during their stay 😊

Nice September sunset at the guesthouse ❤️

Our guestbook is full of happy greetings🤓🤗📔🇬🇱

We are proud to present another house to our guesthouse. From July 8th our Yellow house will open its doors to this amazing view. We are so excited, and we hope you'll enjoy as much as us!
Please find more info at

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Panorama sauna is on the way to Greenland!
The sea ice has now left the Diskobay and soon the final stuff for our panorama sauna will arrive by ship. We are looking forward to heat up the sauna, so you can enjoy icebergs and whales drifting by our newest feature : )

Adventure Awake

We love to greet people from all over the world at our guesthouse! We just had 5 women from Adventure Awake staying this February, and they just send us this video of their tour. Thanks for sharing, and hope to see you back in Ilulissat again!

For when you can't hear your own voice.
For when you doubt your impact.
For when you wonder what this is all about.
For you you feel like you have no clue what you're doing.
For when you're overwhelmed and want to throw in the towel.
For when you think no one cares.

We are here.
We are HERE.
We ARE here.
WE are here.

Adventure Awake.
Greenland - February 2018.

12. til 20. september - Unik fotorejse med prisvindende fotograf og biolog Carsten Egevang!

Til september har du en enestående mulighed for at komme med på denne special tur, hvor vi har skruet op for alle oplevelser, og hvor du deltager i foto workshop med Carsten Egevang, der også er guide på turen.

Indlandsis, moskusokser, hvaler, nordlys, bygder, isbjerge, Diskoøen og meget mere, kan du opleve på denne tur.

Læs det fulde program her, og skynd dig at sikre plads på denne enestående foto rejse:

The next 10 days we have the BBC staying at our guesthouse filming their new serie "EARTH FROM SPACE", they will film northern light, local culture and life in Greenland.

Together with our local football club they have set up a match between 2 local teams which they will film. They are hoping for a big crowd, so you are invited for the match 12th. Feb. at our outdoor football field at 20.00. Should be good fun, and you can be part of their new documentry!

The Qajaq Club is closed today, but we are open. Always☃️🇬🇱

We just got this message from guests staying with us this week! We look forward to greet you and show our backyard 😄
#ilulissatadventure, #Ilulissatguesthouse #GreenlandPioneer

Ilulissat Adventure

Snowshoe hike to the Kangia, leaving only footprints behind👣

#ilulissatadventure #GreenlandPioneer #ilulissat #UNESCO #Kangia #ilulissatguesthouse #arcticfriend

8 dage - Grupperejse: Under huden på Grønland

Specialtur med Nils Jensen som turleder!
Igen I år har vi en afgang d. 17/8-24/8 hvor vores fantastiske guide Nils Jensen leder turen. Nils er arkæolog, direktør for danske museer, tidligere højskolelærer og har et smittende humør! Vi bor selvfølgelig på Ilulissat Guesthouse m/udsigt til isbjerge, vi kommer til indlandsisen, bygder, kælvende gletsjere og meget mere. Vi har kun 10 pladser, så skynd dig at sikre din plads på turen. Læs det fulde program her: For fjerde år i træk laver vi vores specialtur til Grønland, der ledes af fantastiske turleder Nils Jensen. På denne tur får I Grønland ind under huden, oplever

Happy new year everyone.
We just received these two amazing pictures from one of our sweet guests; Alessandro Rovelli.
Pictures are from October, and I hope, you enjoy it as much as we do. Thanks
Greating from all of us at Ilulissat Guesthouse.
Photo by Alessandro Rovelli

Goodbye sun!
We have now said goodbye to the sun and won´t see it again before January 13th. Where the town will gather on the hill of Holmsbakke to greet the sun back. Our last guests have checked out and the guesthouse is now quit, waiting for new and old guests to stay here in 2018.

Vi søger guider til Ilulissat - verdens smukkeste arbejdsplads!
Drømmer du om guide i Grønland og give vores gæster fantastiske oplevelser sammen med vores Grønlands team, så se om vores jobopslag passer på dig. Del gerne hvis du kender en som passer på beskrivelsen.

The season is coming to an end. October were still busy with lots of guests at the guesthouse. The days are getting shorter, but we have amazing sunsets and northern light. Here some photo´s from last week with family and guests having a good time : ) Now we are waiting for snow, and soon it will be real winter, and we look forward going on dogsledge tours, winter hikes, skiing...

[10/24/17]   Together with our Arctic Friends in Denmark we have put up an Arctic Festival in the heart of Copenhagen. Hope to see you!

Thanks to Zoom Resor photo group and Carsten Egevang Photography for sharing photo´s from our iceberg and whale tour this week. Looking forward to see you back in Ilulissat!

Summer is coming to an end. We love the fall, with amazing colors and lots of whales at the icefiord. The northern light has arrived and soon the first snow will fall over Ilulissat

Ilulissat Adventure - our new tour site!
We are happy to launch our new tour site for online bookings in Ilulissat. We are looking forward to take you hiking, fishing, kayaking and exploring the Disko Bay in our new RIB boat. See all adventures at

Timelapse from the balcony last night. What's not to like!

Ready for summer 2017

8 days – Trail Run north of the Arctic Circle

Greenland Trail Run Camp 2017
This summer you can join our trail run camp in Greenland! Run on the ice cap, through wild arctic tundra, boat drop off in small settlements, Disko Island and much more. We have base at our guesthouse where you can relax after running the trail of the day! Sign up now and get an experience of a lifetime! Tighten your running shoes, and join us on this unique tour for August, where we will show you the best of Greenland; run among icebergs, musk oxen, the ice cap

We are so happy and proud! The French guidebook Petit Futé has Ilulissat Guesthouse as their favorite place to stay in Ilulissat for 2017. We are looking forward to welcome guests this season and make things even better!

8 dage - Grupperejse: Under huden på Grønland

Meget mere end bare et ophold!
Vi laver løbende special ture i Grønland. Den 30/7-6/8 2017 tilbyder vi igen denne specialtur med Nils Jensen, der til dagligt er direktør i Organisationen Danske Museer, arkæolog, højskolelærer og deltager i feltarbejde på den grønlandske vestkyst, siden 1988. Turen er inkl. fly, fuldt turprogram, 2 nætter i Kangerlussuaq, og 5 nætter på vores dejlige guesthouse. For tredje år i træk laver vi vores specialtur til Grønland, der ledes af fantastiske turleder Nils Jensen. På denne tur får I Grønland ind under huden, oplever

We are looking for new staff in Greenland (English and Danish skills are required for guiding tours)

Northern Light Winter Adventure

New from Ilulissat Guesthouse! You now have the chance to join our new winter package including 4 nights and lots of unique experiences! You will go dogsledding with local hunters, sail among gigant icebergs, go snowshoeing along the icefiord, join our northern light tour and dine with a local family.

Price per person DKK 6.980,-/EUR 950,-


New from Ilulissat Guesthouse! You now have the chance to join our new winter package including 4 nights and lots of unique experiences! You will go dogsledding with local hunters, sail among gigant icebergs, go snowshoeing along the icefiord, join our northern light tour and dine with a local family.

Price per person DKK 6.980,-/EUR 950,-


Ilulissat Guesthouse

Dear friends of Ilulissat Guesthouse.
Those of you, who have already stayed at our wonderfull place, we would like to ask you a favour; Please fill in the questionnaire here - It is only 16 questions, and shouldn't take more than 5 min. - we would really appreciate it. Many thanks Built with Typeform, the FREE online form builder that lets you create beautiful, mobile-friendly online forms, surveys & much more. Try it out now!

Expedició a l'àrtic Groenlàndia 2016

Our Catalan friends stayed with us this summer going on their kayak expedition from Ilulissat and made this amazing film of their trip - enjoy! Looking forward to see you again next summer :) "Aquesta es la història de 5 persones que es pensàvem que anàvem a fer una expedició amb caiac i que només de posar els peus a Groenlàndia es van adonar que ...

Arktisk dag i København imorgen 12/11
Er du i København i morgen, så kig forbi det Arktiske Hus, hvor vi inviterer til masser af spændende foredrag, byvandring og hvor du kan se modeshow, brugskunst m.m. i Tranhuse. Del gerne

Husk Arktisk dag imorgen!!
I morgen blæser vinde fra det højde nord ind over Nordatlantens brygge, hvor vi glæder os til at slå dørene op til en inspirerende dag.

Start dagen kl. 11.00 og ta´med på arktisk byvandring når vores historiker Stig Søndergaard fortæller om København og Nordatlantens betydning for byen.

Herefter kan du læne dig tilbage i sædet i vores foredrags lokale og høre masser af foredrag om Grønland, med forskellige vinkler på det skønne land.

Ta´i Tranhuset, se det nyeste brugskunst fra Norden og modeshow fra Great Greenland. Når du bliver sulten kan du købe sandwich og god kaffe/te.

Læs program her:

Vi glæder os til at se jer - del gerne opslaget

Vil du plassere din virksomhed på toppen av Rejsebureau-listen i Ilulissat?

Klik her for at gøre krav på din sponsorerede liste.

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Can icebergs dance?




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