Ilulissat Tourist Nature

Ilulissat Tourist Nature


Manque de professionalisme. Balade proposée avec sur barque hyper rustique de pêcheurs malgré une météo déplorable 😈😈
Hi, do you have shipment this summer from Ilulissat to Uummannaq?
Hi Christian, I hope you and family are well and the business is doing well too. My husband and I were in Ilulissat 7 years ago (July 2011) and we had a wonderful time with Ilulissat Tourist Nature services. Warm regards to you, your fun father, Silver and lovely mom from us in Jakarta, Indonesia. Gaby & Budi
Hey, I'm Aurelien Decressat. I would like rent a double kayak from 9 to 23 june 2018 to Ilulissat. We are two good kayaker. Is it possible ?
Hi, We have 4 people, and will stay in Ilulissat from Jul 30- Aug 1, 2017. We would like to have some outdoors activities such as dog sledding, Guided Sightseeing etc. Can I have your help?

We organise excursions all year around " Summer and Winter " you are welcome to contact us for information!! :-) Our email is [email protected]

[03/16/20]   Abbiamo deciso di chiudere l’ufficio e cancellare tutti i tour finché il virus (corona) non sia sotto controllo 🙏🏼 intanto speriamo che tutti i nostri seguaci stiano al sicuro e prendete cura a vicenda 🙏🏼

[03/16/20]   We have decided to cloose the office and cancel all the tours for now until the corona virus is under control 🙏🏼 in the meantime we wish all of our followers to be safe and take good care of each other 🙏🏼

[03/16/20]   Vi har fra i dag af besluttet os for at lukke for butikken samt aflyse alle ture pga. corona virus, vi åbner igen når der er styr på virusset 🙏🏼 indtil da håber vi at alle der følger sidet undgår at blive smittet, og pas godt på jer selv 🙏🏼

[03/16/20]   Pisiniarfik ullumikkumiit matugallarparput sillimaniarneq peqqutigalugu
angallassinissat aamma qaammatip sinnera unitsikkallarpagut. Pissutsit naliginnaaleqqippata ammaqqikkumaarpugut 🙏🏼 tungaanut tamassi ajunnginnerpaamik kissaappatsigit 🙏🏼

Juulliaqqami tamassi pilluaritsi 🎄🎇 Glædelig Jul alle sammen 🎄🎇 Merry Christmas 🎄🎇 Buon Natale 🎄🎇

Ukioq manna angallassineq kingulleq 😊
31. December 19-21
Arfineq pingasunut qummoroortarneq Ilulissat saavaniit isiginnaarneqarsinnaapput 🎆
Angallammi kaffe, te kaagiaqqallu sassaalliutigineqassapput 😊
Attavissat: 24 22 80
Årets sidste sejltur 😊
Kom med ud og se fyrværkeri udenfor Ilulissat med båd 🎆
Vi serverer kaffe, te og småkager ombord 😊
Kontakt: 24 22 80
Last boat trip of the year 😊
31. December 19-21
Come and watch fireworks from outside of Ilulissat 🎆
We will serve coffee, the and bisquits onboard 😊
Book by calling +299 24 22 80

[11/24/19]   Aqagu ataasinngorneq 25/11-19 pisiniarfik matoqqassaaq 🇬🇱 taamaakkaluartoq ukununnga 260562 imalt. 290194 sianerlusi pissarsiarisinnaavatsigut 😊 butikken holder lukket i morgen Mandag d. 25/11-19 🇬🇱 men I kan ringe til enten 260562 eller 290194 eller 😊 the shop will be closed tomorrow 25th November 🇬🇱 but you can still reach us at +299 260562 or +299 290104 😊 Domani Lunedí il 25/11-19 il negozio rimarrá chiuso 🇬🇱 però potrete sempre chiamarci ai numeri +299 260562 o +299 290104 😊

Forside - Ilulissat Tourist Nature

Vores hjemmeside er under opdatering i øjeblikket, så I er også velkomne til at skrive på vores e-mail [email protected] eller [email protected] hvis I vil booke eller har spørgsmål ang. Ture vi sælger ☺️
Our website Is opdating at the moment, so you are also welcome to write an e-mail for booking or informations to: [email protected] or [email protected] ☺️

In our iceberg tour Ilulissat Boat Tours

Evening cruise near off icebergs Ilulissat

6 useful tools and tips for travelling in Greenland Maps. me free mobile appA free app, with maps of Greenland that work offline, including hiking trails. We, Team Guide to Greenland, cannot praise Maps. me enough. In a vast country like Greenland where internet is either scarce or pretty expensive, having a precise, free and fully functional offline...

[04/12/19]   We from Ilulissat Tourist Nature and Ilulissat Boat Tours. We have now evening icefiord sailing open pr. Person 600DKK tour is 2Hour.
For booking call os +299 944420 or email os [email protected]

Sailing tours on winter is best. Our prices are best in Ilulissat 500DKK pr person

[01/18/19]   Hej med jer, vi har isfjord sejlads på Søndag kl.11-13 😊 hvis I er interesseret skriv eller ring 👍🏼 Hello there, we have boat tour to the icefiord Sunday at 11 am- 1 pm 😊 if you’re interested write or call 👍🏼

Hi out there, winter price for icefjord sailing 500 DKK pr. person. Remember we're the only ones that sail in the winter.

[01/12/19]   We from Ilulissat Tourist Nature we have new prices winter priced icefiord sailing pr person 500DKK

[12/31/18]   Ukiumut 2018 qaangiuttumut qujalluta ajunnginnerpaamik kissaassilluta Ilulissat Tourist Naturimiik nunarsuarmioqatingut tamaavimmik ajunnginnerpaamik kissaallungit 2019 angusaqarfingilluassangaat

Ilulissat Tourist Natureminngaanniit malinnaasugut tamannguassi juullisiorluarnissassinnik kissaallusi pilluaqquatsigit 🎄🎅🏼🤶🏼 vi vil gerne ønske alle vores følgere en rigtig glædelig jul 🎄🎅🏼🤶🏼 we wish all our followers a very Merry Christmas 🎄🎅🏼🤶🏼 vogliamo augurare un Buon Natale di cuore a tutti voi 🎄🎅🏼🤶🏼

[11/23/18]   Please do not take the post of that Ilulissat Tourist Nature beeing closed seriously, because it’s not true, it is open and will be for a long time 😉

Ilulissat greenland boat tours by Ilulissat Boat Tours

Icefiord sailing 11/11-2018 13:00-15:00

Icefiord sailing 7/11-2018.

Køb julegaver i god tid og billigt 😉 eller kom og høre hvilke muligheder af ture vi har de kommende dage 😉 vi har åbent kl. 10-14 i dag og i morgen 😉 come and buy some Christmas presents and cheep 😉 or come and hear what we have with tour possibilities for the next few days 😉 we are open 10:00-14:00 today and tomorrow 😉

[10/29/18]   Piffissap qanittup ingerlanerani akinik allanngoraallutalu periarfissanik ilasillattaassaagut 😊 i løbet af dagene kommer vi med opdatering af pris liste samt flere ture muligheder 😊 we will come with updated price list and other tour opportunities 😊 faremo aggiornamenti dei prezzi e altre opportunitá di tour 😊

Forside - Ilulissat Tourist Nature

Finally after a long process our tours are available in our website ! Few tours have been added more on the way !
Visit Add to basket Guided Sermermiut Hike 325,00 DKK Sermermiut tour 2½ hours learn about the old settlement Sermermiut while enjoying the view of icebergs with a English talking guide

Our office. In summer we are open every day.

Another picture from last night tour.

Ice in the harbour in Ilulissat

Ilulissat Tourist Nature

Boat tour to Icebergs day and evening, always one of the best experiences ever. 👍

Another picture taken yesterday night during the tour Isfiord tour with midnight sun with one of our boats " Esle" Greenland is AMAZING 👍

Our Fjord is totally full of Ice. This picture is from Sermermiut.

Some small Icebergs in our bay.

Another really spectacular sunset in Ilulissat

We are now in May but still lot of snow and Ice.

Greenland is and will always be for me one of the most beautiful places in the world.
This is in Spring, summer soon will be arriving.

Another amazin Iceberg now out from our fiord and ready for the long travel in the open sea.

Amazing Ilulissat

One of our clients ready for the 3 days tour with the dogsled
Morgane Tarall

Now we have many tourist going out with dog sledge, For some hours also many for some days. It's a wonderful experience :)

A small fox in Atá our summer camp :)

Halskæder af sølv kan købes nu
Ujammit sølviusut pisiassanngorput
Pris pr DKK 395,-

La Groenlandia

La Groenlandia

La Groenlandia

I have take this picture without tripod; I apologize if it is not very good :-(
Ho fatto questa foto senza trepiede; mi scuso se é un pochino mossa :-(

Vil du plassere din virksomhed på toppen av Rejsebureau-listen i Ilulissat?

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Tourist office in Ilulissat - Greenland Boat trips around the Disko bay region and the Ilulissat ice-fjord. Short and long hikes. Helicopter and fixed-winged scenic flights. We also provide logistics service and transportation of materials.

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