Ilulissat Water Safari

Ilulissat Water Safari


You want the true historic stories? Wanna catch some fish? Maybe shoot seals? And watch wales blow the surface of the greenlandic seas? This is the best crew you can get💪🏻🇬🇱
Piitaq Samuelsen una innersuuppara
Ingerlalluarisi 👍😊
Ingerlalluarinatoq, siunissamik pitsaanerpaamik kissaappakkit
Kammalaat torrak ;)

Ilulissat Water Safari is local owned tourist company. We offering fast and effective sailtours. Local knowledge guaranteed! Check our exiting products here.

Ice fishing today🤩

Aqqalu Jerimiassen Qujanarsuaq suleqatigisimanernut👍 Ulapeqatigiittarnerput maqaasinassooq. Suliarnik ingerlalluarnissarnik kissaappakkit🤩

Ajugaasoq tassaavoq billetsinik Mette Therkelsen pilluarit🤩

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Cutest passanger we've had today⭐️

Whale safari, Sunday early morning 18th August.

Beautiful evening🤩

Eqi trip🤩 Amazing trip with the best boat in Ilulissat. Preben Jensen thank you so much!🤩 Taaliunitaavutit⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Private trip today🤩

Church visit ⛪️




Waiting for the guests🤩

Ilulissat Water Safari

Ilulissat Water Safari


Crash Course in Greenlandic

Our new product🤩 (The picture is from the internet) We've designed this Greenlandic Crash Course udemy for beginners to ensure you can hit the ground running with Greenlandic. It's simple, short, practical and super easy. And best of all you will learn the best way, the natural way, the way you learnt English. We'll explain more about this in the Int...

Thank you very much for your time with us in summer 2018.
We are looking forward to welcoming you soon again to our beautiful town Ilulissat.

From the Dream Team😉
Bo Filskov René Ostermann Jeremiassen Otto Sandgreen Alfred Lindenhann David David A. J. Kristiansen Karl Aakattak Sandgreen.

Some of our guests🤩

Almost midnight in Ilulissat🌞

Ullaaq uani inuttat aalisariartikkatsigit Ilulissani kanajunik oquuttanillu mamarisallit imallaat pissaqalerput😉

MIO-minngaanniik angallassangut ullumi😊👍🏽

Ilulissat - almost summer

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Iceberg trip

3rd of April. Foggy but beautiful day on the ice

UNESCO hiking and Ice fishing. Thank you so much to all of you😊

UNESCO tour & Ice fishing

24/03-18 vandretur til Sermermiut.
Unesco hiking trip to Sermermiut.
Sermermiunut pisuttuaassineq.

Ilulissat Water Safari's cover photo

Ilulissat Water Safari's cover photo

Untitled Album

Untitled Album

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Ilulissat Water Safari's cover photo

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We organise excursions all year around " Summer and Winter " you are welcome to contact us for information!! :-) Our email is [email protected]

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Tourist office in Ilulissat - Greenland Boat trips around the Disko bay region and the Ilulissat ice-fjord. Short and long hikes. Helicopter and fixed-winged scenic flights. We also provide logistics service and transportation of materials.