Leominster Tourist Information Centre

Leominster Tourist Information Centre


Lockdown Exercise 2020
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FREE INCLUSIVE UNDER 5'S PUPPET SHOW! 8TH JANUARY 2020 "Thank you for an amazing Little Bo Peep show today. Our daughter was absolutely over the moon, and I'm sure will remember her 5th birthday forever!" - Mark Schottlander, Parent, London. "It was a joy to watch my son and his friend enthralled by your show, Little Bo Peep! - We're looking forward to coming to see your next one." - Rachel Collins, Audience Member, Winchester Discovery Centre.
The Christmas Shop Window Dressing competition judges will be out and about over the next two days. They are going to be busy! Some wonderful windows to be judged.
Leominster by Night - Christmas Lights Switch on 30th Nov 2019
Come and join us for some Christmas comedy 🎄 We’re performing an Our Star version of ‘Blackadder’s Christmas Carol’.... what plan could be more cunning!! Wednesday 4 December Holy Trinity Church Bosbury Thursday 5 December St Mary’s Church Bishops Frome Friday 6 December Ledbury Bowls Club 🔹🔷🔹SOLD OUT🔹🔷🔹 Saturday 7 December Leominster Bowls Club Join us for some seasonal fun, with some of Our Star’s favourite faces 🌟

Leominster TIC is situated in the heart of the town. Leaflets cover Leominster, Herefordshire & the UK. We offer a range of services to visitors & locals.

We provide leaflets and information on: local and regional visitor attractions, accommodation, places to eat, local & national holiday brochures. We are agents for: Leominster Festival, Playhouse Cinema, Yeomans Day Trips, Courtyard Theatre, outdoor theatre performances, Nozstock.

Mission: To provide a service to both locals and tourists alike.

Three Counties

Tomorrow at 9am we’ll be opening the virtual gates to the FREE Virtual Royal Three Counties Show in association with JCB. We just can’t wait to welcome you!

Tell your #friends, tell your #family and join us as we showcase the very best of #gloucestershire, #herefordshire and #worcestershire to the world!

Please like, comment and share our posts over the weekend and use the hashtag #virtualroyal3counties in your posts.

A huge thank you to our sponsors. Your support during these difficult times is greatly appreciated: JCB, The Elms School, Happerley Transparent, Ludlow Dry Gin - Shropshire Hills Distillery Ltd, Brewin Dolphin, The Royal Agricultural University, Westons Cider, Ballards LLP Chartered Accountants, Harrison Clark Rickerbys, Lister Shearing and the Rare Breeds Survival Trust


The White Lion

Ladies and Gent's, we at the White Lion would like to inform you that from Sunday the 14th of june we will be doing SUNDAY ROAST as Takeaway only, the meats we'll be BEEF-PORK-TURKEY with all the usual trimming. Collection service only start from 12pm until 3pm, all the right procedures we'll be put in place for everyone's safety. We would asking you kindly to place a preorder before Sunday so we can prepare for everyone's needs. Please call us on the folowing number 07802848417 . Thank you!!!

Martin's Models & Crafts

Last challenge for Today’s steps to reopening .......... Playmobil All now restocked ......

Leominster Independent Shops

Lots of businesses getting ready to reopen soon: Shabagh showing their certificate, Flying Dutchman redesigning their whole ground floor to allow one way takeaways.... Stand by to support our town centre and local businesses! Nationwide in the High St have a great collection of lockdown poems from the Primary School- which is reopening gently this week with staggered start and finish times. Videos on their website show how they have redesigned their site.

The TIC's A-Z of Leominster - K


The Leominster Knot also referred to as The Corporation Knot, is a symbol much seen and recognised in Leominster.

The Knot comprises of 3 colours: blue, red and yellow and was formerly used on official town documents. Unfortunately, not much is known about the origins of the knot although we know it has been used for centuries. When it was first designed and by who remains a mystery.

We do know that the knot features on a 1615 manuscript, made of vellum, which details a translation of the town's Charter. Underneath the knot is the following poem, descriptive of the towns Corporation:

Thus as this knot is knyt: so should your harts,
Which neither force nor blustring tempest parts.
As you are brothers of one corporation,
So be as one in love and detestation.
You are one body corporate, by Royall Done,
One God, one faith, you all confesse; and should for common good: one oth receave, and hould.
Ech yourself try: and be as you should be.
As of one house, so of one mynde; then ye,
Living like brothers, flourish shall and stand,
Fyrme as Mount Syon; God will you defend.
Let him that swear for forme, and breakes at pleasure,
Fear a searching God that doth all actions measure:
He the recklesse will confounde, and bring to noughte;
High hypocrite, he shall to hell be broughte.

The Leominster Knot has been used more recently as a badge for sports teams, schools, clubs and associations. It also features on souvenirs (as seen on a bag given to HRH the Duchess of Cornwall below), used as a logo for local events, charities and more. Grange Court features a wonderful Knot Garden at the front of the building in the design of the Leominster Knot.

Small Breeds Farm Park and Owl Centre


We do not want to rush our reopening.Your safety and that of our staff is our priority.We will make a decision by Wednesday 17th.


The TIC's A-Z of Leominster - J

Jenny Pipes

We have already delved into the history of the Ducking Stool, but today we will tell you the story of the last recorded successful use of the contraption as a form of legal punishment in England, in 1809.

Jenny Pipes, known also as Jane Corran, was a resident of Leominster in the early 19th century and married to a Mr John Corran. They lived in John's brothers house in the poor area of the town. Jenny's life was tough, but she just about managed to get by without the assistance of the local workhouse.

Jenny was known not to be shy when it came to sharing her opinions. Many a time she would make accusations against her husband which cast him in a bad light and also spoke against the household as a whole. These accusations were probably true, but her Brother in Law had enough and reported her to the local magistrates.

The magistrate on the day, seemingly annoyed at having to deal with such an offence, charged Jenny Pipes as being a "Common Scold" and decided to make an example out of her. The charge of Common Scold usually resulted in a fine, but on this occasion the magistrate sentenced her to the humiliation of the Ducking Stool. Leominster's Ducking Stool had not been used for a number of years.

Jenny was secured in the seat of the Ducking Stool and wheeled through the town, past her own home and down to the banks of the Kenwater. Crowds had gathered along the route to mock her and shout jeers. To the cries of "Duck the Scold!" she was submerged into the icy cold water.

Jenny continued to hurl abuse at the magistrate during her ducking. The idea of the punishment was to continue ducking the offender until they calmed down, became exhausted or fell unconscious. After 2 ducks, the punishment was stopped. The crowds began to disperse as they had had their fill of entertainment for the day.

So that is the story of the last woman to be ducked in England. Jenny Pipes name remains in Leominster history but in recent years has been used in tribute by the Jenny Pipes Morris side.

The TIC' A-Z of Leominster - I

Iron Cross

The Iron Cross is the name given to the junction of High Street, West Street and Corn Street. A busy junction throughout the decades but with a gruesome history.

The site was where criminals were executed after being sentenced to death and held at the Forbury Prison. A few notable people were executed at the Iron Cross.

After the decisive Battle of Mortimers Cross, during the War of the Roses in 1461, Edward IV sent high profile Lancaster aligned noblemen, David Floyde and Morgan ap Reuther amongst others to the Forbury Prison. It was from here they were executed without trial at the Iron Cross. There are records that indicate Owen Tudor, Henry VIII"s great grandfather, was also executed here, but other accounts state he was executed in Hereford.

In 1610, Father Roger Cadwallader was put to trial in Leominster for "being a priest ordained abroad" continuing with the Catholic faith. He was guilty and condemned as a traitor. His sentence was to be hung, drawn and quartered.

Upon arrival at the Iron Cross, he refused to take the oath which may have reprieved him.
Upon the ladder to the noose, he addressed the onlookers. He told them he was "to die a priest who had returned to his country to communicate the sacraments to God's children and to draw those who were seduced, into the way of salvation". He begged any Catholics present to say a Paster Noster with him, even privately. Cadwallader then accepted the Halter from the Hangman, forgave his executioners and was turned loose from ladder. The story continues, but is too gruesome to explain in detail here. However, the Forbury Chapel website has a great article on Father Roger Cadwallader if you wish to know more: https://www.theforburychapel.com/fascinating-facts

It is with no surprise that the Talbot Hotel, situated on the site of the former Iron Cross, is said to be haunted.

We have been out to Croft Castle this morning. They have a great set up to enable you to enjoy the gardens and grounds whilst adhering to social distancing.

Firstly, you must book an arrival slot. They are limiting arrivals by doing this. Berrington Hall is the same, as is Brockhampton which reopens next Monday. You can stay as long as you wish once you have arrived. Tickets are available from the National Trust website every Friday for the following week.

They are currently doing improvement works on their car park, follow signage to their temporary car park. A volunteer or member of staff will ask your name and check you off the list. Present any tickets and membership cards if asked.

Once inside you will notice a one way system around the castle grounds and gardens. It's very easy to follow and naturally we have always gone around ourselves this way. The Castle is shut, as is the cafe, shop, play areas and stables. The toilets are open.

Take your own hand sanitiser and refreshments.

We had a really enjoyable couple of hours. It was peaceful, hardly saw another person and if we did it was easy to pass with much more than 2 metre space. The gardens really are spectacular at this time of year.

The Retro Station

We plan to reopen on Wednesday 17th June at 10am.
Opening days/hours will be Wednesday-Saturday, 10am-4pm UFN with social distancing in place following government guidelines.

Herefordshire Council

Parking | In line with changes in restrictions, car parking charges will come back into force from Mon 15 June. If you have a residents parking permit that has expired or is due to, you will need to submit an application for a replacement, details here: http://orlo.uk/yJmkY

Eat Sleep Live Herefordshire


Situated at the northern tip of the Black Mountains and overlooking the middle Wye Valley lies Hay Bluff. With spectacular views as far as the eye can see it never ceases to impress us. There's nothing better than heading outside, trekking high up on a hill and looking down across our beautiful county. It's just divine!

Photo: Nicholas Keeble

#eatsleepliveherefordshire #herefordshire #haybluff

NT Croft Castle & Parkland

We can't wait to have you back. We're starting to gradually reopen our places in Herefordshire. Croft Castle and Berrington Hall reopened today (8 June) and Brockhampton reopens on Monday 15 June. Tickets are released every Friday. To help you have a safe visit, we're asking everyone to book in advance by booking online: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/features/how-to-book-your-visit-and-what-to-expect

We really appreciate our members' support during this difficult time and helping us stay open safely.

Swan Brewery

NEWS!! Shop reopening!!
We'll be doing home deliveries on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th as usual, plus we are opening our shop on Friday from 1-5pm. Naturally the layout will be changed and the process will be different, but it will be the same warm welcome.
Draught beer for the week ahead is shown here - available in 4, 9, 18 and 36 pint take out packs; we have 3 bottled ales: Swan Gold, Bewick's Best and Arm Breaker; we also offer drinks from our Drink HEREfordshire co-operative and last but not least this week is a NIZI Bakery week, when we will have 7 Seeds Sourdough to add to your order.

Central Bakery

**** EXCITING NEWS *****
We are launching some more products which we hope you will enjoy.
We are taking orders for Friday 12th and Saturday 13th June for our new afternoon tea boxes....these will be order for collection only to begin with. But we may start delivering them at a later date.
They are £12 per person.
They comprise of 4 sandwiches per person, various fillings, such as; beef with mustard mayo, ham, egg and cress and cream cheese and cucumber. Vegetation option available too.
One small quiche and 2 small sausage rolls per person.
Our delicious scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam.
A selection of 3 cakes per person.

The photos below are a sample of a box for 2 people.

If you wish to place an order for Friday or Saturday please phone 01568 612274 by 1pm the day before you require collection. Card payment required on order. You can visit the shop to place orders also.
Many thanks 😊

The Buttercup Coffee Shop

The Arcade is looking really pretty. Thanks Leominster in Bloom and Phil Prothero for putting up the bunting!!!

Come and have a look for yourselves this weekend!!


This week has been Volunteers Week. A week to celebrate and encourage people to think about Volunteering.

We have the most amazing team of volunteers at Leominster Tourist Information Centre. They help us by serving customers, giving out advice and information, helping out with events, booking tickets, sorting and cleaning and so much more. Most importantly they give us a huge smile on our faces and we really do love them to pieces. Without them we would struggle to offer the service we do. Our team are just not volunteers, they are our colleagues and friends.

So a huge thank you goes out to every single one of our volunteers. We miss you and we hope we can all be together again soon.

Great job everyone!

Central Car Park looking good, weeding today but more still to do.
Next clean up next Monday 8th meeting in Central Car Park at 6pm
Join us if you can, equipment provided

The TIC's A-Z of Leominster - H


Our current hospital, Leominster Community Hospital located on South Street, began its life as a Cottage Hospital in 1899. But Leominster has had a number of hospitals throughout its history.

Leominster had a hospital in medieval times and it appears to have been a religious foundation related to the Priory. Known as "Maison Dieu" and dedicated to St. Mary the Virgin, this hospital stood on the site of Nordan Hall, approximately 2km north of Leominster. Records show the hospital existed before 1382 and restored in 1481. After the dissolution of the monastry in 1538/39, there is little information regarding a hospital in Leominster until the 19th Century.

Leominster Poor Law Union was formed on 15th June 1836. The Union Workhouse was built in 1836-8 to the north of the Priory Church. The Workhouse provided some medical care for the poor.

The workhouse followed the general cruciform pattern and incorporated a large 15th century block, which had originally belonged to the Priory. The entrance block was to the west and contained the Board Room and Clerk’s Office with a waiting room in the centre. Behind the entrance block were the yards for men and boys, but they were separated from each other by a block down the middle. The chapel and dining hall were housed in the block that ran parallel to the entrance block, with female accommodation to the rear.

To the north of the workhouse are the remains of a monastic structure that suffered during the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1538. This block was originally used as an infirmary before being re-used as day-rooms and dormitories.

The workhouse would later become the Old Priory Hospital.

Late in the 19th century, huge efforts were made to fund the building of a small cottage hospital for Leominster. Cottage Hospitals were charitable foundations who relied on donations, fundraising and subscriptions to enable them to offer free or affordable hospital care.

Leominster Cottage Hospital was built on South Street in 1898/99 at a cost of £1500 and was designed by E G Davies of Hereford and built by John Watkins. The first patient was admitted to the 10 bed, 1 cot hospital on the 10th September 1899. Leominster was the last Market Town in Herefordshire to have a Cottage Hospital Built. The first operations under anaesthesia at Leominster Cottage Hospital were undertaken in 1910. 25 operations happened that year. The hospital comprised of a nurses home at the front (still standing), a mortuary, operating theatre and x-ray facilities.

Scarlet Fever became a prevalent illness in the first quarter of the 20th century. It was usual to isolate patients, therefore an isolation hospital was erected near Cursneh Hill in 1903. It could accommodate 6 patients and cost £178.

With the passing of the National Assistance Act in 1948 and the establishment of the NHS, the old poor law was abolished and the previously mentioned workhouse disappeared. The Old Priory had already become an infirmary, a home for elderly people no longer capable of working. It was now to become the Priory Hospital and was enlarged.

In the 1980s, the Cottage Hospital on South Street was to see an extensive rebuild. With previous buildings at the rear demolished and a modern extension added, Leominster Community Hospital opened in 1991. The Old Priory at this point ceased to be a hospital.

There isn't much history available online or in available literature regarding the Cottage and Old Priory hospitals during the 1940s to the 1980s. It would be great if anyone has any stories or recollections from this period, so please share them with us.


Eaton Barn Community Garden

communityfund.calor.co.uk #CalorRuralCommunityFund We love learning and working here in the summer, but in the winter our building is very cold. We’d love a new heating system!

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The Servants' Quarters. An Edwardian gem in the heart of Leominster.




11 Corn Square
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