Aventuras Dominican Excursions

Aventuras Dominican excursions offers the most fun filled Dominican Republic tours available, including Punta Cana excursions and much more.

Ever wanted to snorkel with exotic fish, zip line hundreds of feet in the air, take a tropical safari tour, swim with dolphins or just get lost in a paradise island? Well, Aventuras Dominican excursions offers the most fun filled Dominican Republic tours available, including Punta Cana excursions and much more. Aventuras operates in most cities and tourist destinations within the Dominican Republic. No matter which hotel you are residing in, Aventuras will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel.

The nature and history that beholds Los Haitises paradise will leave you amazed 🍃

The "Monumento a los Héroes de la Restauración" was built during the dictatorship of Rafael Leónidas Trujillo in 1944 for the centennial of the Dominican War of Independence.
Visit this and more historic places during our #santiago - #jarabacoa tour in #dominicanrepublic and learn the full history behind this beatiful city!

This is not a dream, It's Jeep safari Samana! The Adventure through rural roads and the majestic Dominican countryside that is one of those “must do excursions” while on vacation. Visit www.mydominicanadventure.com to learn more!

If you're looking to explore the Dominican countryside, this tour is for you! Learn more about the Laguna Limon tour with Aventuras, your Dominican excursion provider 🌱☀🍃

Limon Waterfall: an impressive 165 foot drop of fresh water, right in the middle of the Dominican jungle! Take a tour with us at www.mydominicanadventure.com

Natures gift a couple of clicks away! Book a tour to Rincon beach: one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean, with www.mydominicanadventure.com

This ecological reserve is the habitat of countless endemic birds and its’ three wetlands ecosystems make this place the perfect location for wildlife photo shooting. Learn more of Los Haitises National Park at www.mydominicanadventure.com

Come and enjoy this half day adventure that will take you to discover Miches. Here you will see a great variety of birds that are native to the area while we take you across the Limon lagoon to a secret beach! Book now with Aventuras Dominican excursions!

With the Samana Discovery tour you also get to experience local products like coffee, cacao, tobacco and many tropical fruits locally farmed in the Dominican countryside. This tour is not only filled with amazing places, but is really tasty too! 😃🌴

We invite you to take the Laguna Limon tour and see the world from above! We will take you to La Montaña Redonda to admire the coastline and much more! visit www.mydominicanadventure.com

Discover the wonders of the Blue Lagoon: a natural pond of spring water in the middle of the tropical jungle! Learn more at www.mydominicanadventure.com

Take a city tour and learn about the classic city of Santiago de los Caballeros on this puerto plata tour and stroll through the historical center learning about the architecture and history of the country. All with Aventuras Dominican excursions!

Samana Discovery is where nature and adventure meet. Learn how you can book a trip to this amazing place with Aventuras Dominican excursions at www.mydominicanadventure.com

Cheers to this beautiful island, the Dominican Republic! B| 🌴 Book your Dominican tours at www.mydominicanadventure.com

Jump in one of our dune buggies and explore magnificent tropical landscapes and beaches! Learn more at www.mydominicanadventure.com

Have a picture perfect holiday filled with fun and excitement with Aventuras! Your Dominican excursion provider 🌴

There are some places in this world that should be on your bucket list, and Rincon beach is one of them. Book a trip at www.mydominicanadventure.com

We can take you back in time with Los Haitises National Park tour! 😉🌱🌴 Learn about the aboriginal inhabitants of the island and see amazing landscapes with Aventuras!

Miches Discovery includes in your adventure a fascinating tasting of local fruits, chocolate and coffee produced by local farmers. Book this amazing experience at www.mydominicanadventure.com

Unlimited local drinks, sun and turquoise waters: That's how we party in the Caribbean B| 🌴 Learn more at www.mydominicanadventure.com

Explore the hidden treasures of the Dominican Republic with Aventuras!

One of those just-leave-me-here type of moments.. Miches discovery will take your breath away! Book a trip at www.mydominicanadventure.com

The romantic side of adventure: Samana explorer! Experience amazing landscapes and a waterfall in the middle of the tropical jungle! 🌴🌈

Just a friendly reminder that whale watching season begins in January ..Don't miss this incredible experience!

Make your visit to the Dominican Republic a lot more interesting with us! Learn more at www.mydominicanadventure.com

Relax, the weekend is officially here. Cheers! 🍸🌴☀

You like adrenaline?! say no more. Let's make your holiday AWESOME with www.mydominicanadventure.com B| ✨

Snorkeling in the Caribbean and learning about the marine life is what you should be doing right now 😉 🐠 🌴 Learn more at www.mydominicanadventure.com

Beauty in every corner 🌱🍃🌈 There are many surprises waiting for you at Los Haitises National Park excursion. Learn more at www.mydominicanadventure.com

Every day is a new beginning, and it's never too late for wondering the world. Your journey starts with Aventuras!

Looking for adventure? Why not Zip-Line?! Fun and adrenaline through Caribbean jungle and more! find out at www.mydominicanadventure.com

This is what we call little heaven on earth, The Dominican Republic! Learn more about Rincon beach at www.mydominicanadventure.com

Imagine yourself spending your holiday on one of the most beautufil places in the caribbean 🌴☀ It can all come true with Aventuras! visit us at www.mydominicanadventure.com

This is a typical rural road in the Dominican Republic. Here nature coexist without much disturbance. To learn more about traditional Dominican life, take a tour with us at www.mydominicanadventure.com

This is the typical "Muñeca sin rostro" (faceless doll), a Dominican tradition among local artisans. The origins of this dolls is not very clear, but many say that it reflects the simple beauty that country girls used to have 30 years ago. The tradition continues and is one of the main income in small communities dedicated to pottery. Take a tour to Santiago - Jarabacoa to learn more at www.mydominicanadventure.com

Delicious grilled lobster prepared by our local hands! Yum! take a tour with us and enjoy the good things in life at www.mydominicanadventure.com

The whole family can enjoy a tour hiking through amazing landscapes within Dominican jungle. Learn more at www.mydominicanadventure.com

Start your week sunbathing and relaxing on the natural pools of Paraíso Caño Hondo. Learn more about This place and Los Haitises National Park at www.mydominicanadventure.com

This is not a dream, is Dominican Republic! Happy Friday from paradise ;)

The Dominican Republic has some of the world's best growing regions for premium Tobacco cigar. You can learn everything about the manufacturing process at our Santiago-Jarabacoa from Puerto Plata tour

The cheese fruit or "Noni" as locals know it, is a tree in the coffee family used in traditional medicine to treat abdominal pain, acne reduction, and as moisturizer. Learn everything about local fruits and more on our Samana Discovery tour!

This is the gorgeous "El Valle" beach located in Samana. Here the almost virgin beach meets the mountain to create a mesmerizing view. Learn more at www.mydominicanadventure.com


6 reasons why you should go to the Caribbean

This kind of destination don't need much convincing because who wouldn't want to spend the summer under a palm tree on a gorgeous beach?

mydominicanadventure.com If you are yet deciding where you want to spend your vacation days, here are some reasons why you should go to the Caribbean:

You share your smile and we provide the adventure :) Come with us and have an unforgettable experience!

Enjoying the end of the tour "Los Haitises National Park" at Paraíso Caño Hondo, amazing place! :D

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