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Canadian Owned Dive School and Snorkeling Company Offering Private Dive and Snorkeling Excursions in Punta Cana and Bayahibe in The Dominican Republic

El Tour Caribe was created with one goal in mind – to provide exceptional travel experiences to those visiting Punta Cana. Our owners are a unique combination of local and international knowledge that leverage their considerable experience to deliver memories of a lifetime. We understand that in today’s fast paced world, vacations have become an increasingly important way to relax, reconnect with family and friends, and experience new and interesting places. With this in mind, we provide the highest quality tours by performing extensive research and site inspections. While other companies also offer excursions, we strongly believe our expertise and approach set us apart. The large tour operators sell excursions – typically in very large groups visiting high traffic sites. We focus on smaller groups visiting more interesting and authentic locations using local operators. Our Approach We believe quality service is not only highly valued by customers, but ultimately leads to better experiences and higher satisfaction. Our People In our experience, exceptional travel experiences are almost always delivered by exceptional people. This is why we are very careful when selecting and employing our tour guides and tour providers. El Tour Caribe is owned by two individuals who have come from very different backgrounds to form this joint venture. Edwar Rodriguez – Mr. Rodriguez is Dominican and has been involved in the tourism sector of Punta Cana for 7 years. Prior to forming El Tour Caribe, Mr. Rodriguez held a variety of positions including that of tour guide. He brings a firsthand vision of what is needed to make your excursion experience a memorable one. Lise Ménard – Ms. Ménard is Canadian and has travelled to many places around the world before deciding to settle in the beautiful Dominican Republic. She owned her own financial planning practice in Canada for many years and knows what it takes to make for exceptional client services. Ms. Ménard also understands the level of trust that is needed for travelers to set out on an excursion with peace of mind, knowing they are in good hands. Lise also speaks fluent French, English and Spanish.

Happy world turtle day! We love our resident green sea turtles 💚

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[05/18/20]   139 bottles in 2 days, in one spot. Imagine how much more is out there! Make ocean-friendly decisions: use a reusable water bottle and bring your own bags to grocery shop.

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[05/18/20]   139 bottles in 2 days, in one spot. Imagine how much more is out there! Make ocean-friendly decisions: use a reusable water bottle and bring your own bags to grocery shop.

#oceancleanup #beachcleanup #zerowaste #plasticfreeoceans #protectourplanet #choosetorefuse #projectaware #cleanoceans #bavarobeach #puntacana #plasticpollution #refusesingleuse

[05/12/20]   Did you know about 4 billion pounds of trash go into the ocean per year? We are doing our part right now to remove some of it. You can help too: opt out of single use containers and dispose of garbage responsibly!

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[05/11/20]   Happy Mother’s Day! We send our virtual hugs and best wishes. Enjoy your day and treat your moms to something special.

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Just keep swimming...and social distancing. We’ll be back underwater with this school of blue tangs (AND YOU) soon!
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Quarantine Diving Adventure

Ok Karli you are officially nominated for the most addicted scuba diver!! Unbeleivble! That is way cool! You rocked it!🤘🐠🐡🐙🐢👌

I can't go diving in the ocean, so I decided to transform my living room.

Way to go mother nature!

All COVID-19 related news isn't bad! Late in March, restrictions due to the pandemic in Brazil provided a clear path for more than 200 hawksbill turtle hatchlings to make their first trip into the ocean. These endangered turtles typically face a treacherous trek into the waves, with curious humans and hungry birds as threats along the way. Hawskbill turtles are an endangered species found mostly in tropical waters from South Florida all the way down to Brazil.

Someday soon, we'll make our way back to world's shorelines to witness such spectacular events in person, but in the meantime, virtually visit Santa Rosa National Park in Costa Rica with Filipe DeAndrade to see this hatching phenomenon!

El Tour Caribe

The world is at your fingertips. While we wait for you to join us again on the open seas, let's keep inspiring our passion for travel and dream of the extraordinary places the Dominican Republic has to offer. We can't wait for you to come back and fall in love with the Dominican Republic.
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What does Travel mean to you?

Travel means everything to us. What does it mean to you?
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togetherintravel.com Watch this - Let's share our love for travel and keep wanderlust alive. #TogetherInTravel

PADI Travel

We celebrate Earth Day every day, but today is an especially important occasion for us to appreciate the underwater environments we explore as scuba divers and to remember it's our duty to love and protect all the humans, plants and animals that depend on those waters! 🌏💙🌎💙 #EarthDay2020


We miss all of you! Stay safe! Keep Dreaming and know that we will be here when this is all done. Your team at El Tour Caribe.
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We wish you were here with us too. But right now, there is only one place in the world you should be: home. Safety is all that matters. We will overcome this, together. In the meantime, keep dreaming about your next escape.

The Independent

Amazing!! They know!!

Giant manta ray ‘begs snorkeler to help save her life in incredible encounter’


Cressi Ambassadors Take to Social Media to Entertain Divers Around the World

Check this out if you are looking for something to get your mind off the virus and everything about it.

scubadiving.com Tune in to Facebook and Instagram Live to learn from Cressi ambassadors while you are quarantined at home.


Help the El Tour Caribe Team through this crisis! organized by Lise Menard

Today our industry like so many, is suffering greatly. Due to travel restrictions, entire cities shutting down worldwide, and the temporary closing of the Dominican border, we have felt the brunt of this horrific economical impact.
This is why we are launching this campaign to help our beloved employees through this struggle.
Please share this campaign in order to help us, donate if you can or simply leave us a review if you used our services!
Thank you to all of you who will us make a terrible thing a little easier for those in need!

gofundme.com Help our Guide Team in Dominican Republic Survive the Covid -19 Crisis M… Lise Menard needs your support for Help the El Tour Caribe Team through this crisis!

The joys of diving will still be here when this is over. For now, stay safe.

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Smile and remember that great day of snorkelling. We will still be here to welcome you when this is over.

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Nurture your love of the sea. Remember the bright side - the oceans are healing and will be there for you to enjoy when this is over.

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Remember that feeling of jumping in. Smile. That's why we dive. We look forward to welcoming you back.

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The greatness of the sea will still be here when this is all done. For now, stay home, stay safe and take care of those you love.

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This is how we feel...but we know it's for everyone's best that you #stayhome and #staysafe! Just know we are thinking about you!

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Wishing everyone strength during these difficult times. Just remember great things await you when this is all over!

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Yup...that sums it up...

When you're going through scuba withdrawals… 🙃

But, more seriously, how are you coping with the restrictions in your area? #weareinthistogether

Punta Cana will be waiting for you when this is all over!

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The Dominican Republic will be waiting for you when this is all over!

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Smile, remember the good times and remember that we will be waiting for you when this is all over!

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El Tour Caribe

'Till then, STAY SAFE!

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Happy International Women's Day! I love it that there are so many mermaids diving. The days that diving was just a guy thing are long over. It's great diving with you ladies! ❤️

Things that make you go hummm...

Congratulations. You will be a smarter human being after reading this post!


For a creature that has no brain and no blood, they are pretty talented!


¿Tienes un minuto para ayudar a Lise Menard?

change.org Evitar la construcción de Hotel en el Area Protegida Cotubanamá

Cool shark fact!

Did you know that hammerheads are one of the few animals, along with pigs and human beings, that can suntan as their skin becomes darker with increased exposure to harmful rays when swimming close to the water's surface?

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Congratulations TAYLOR SANTO on completing your PADI OPEN WATER Diver certification with us! Well Done! We are proud to have helped you overcome your fears and join the world of Divers!!! Many hours of fabulous dives await! We look forward to your return visit! #openwaterdive #padiopenwater #scubadiving #puntacanadiving #bayahibediving #privatediving #dominicanreoublic Taylor Santo Laurie Santo #SCUBA #SCUBADIVING #padi

Congratulations AARON DAViS-ROTMAN on completing your PADI OPEN WATER Diver certification with us! Well Done! We are proud to have helped you overcome your fears and join the world of Divers!!! Many hours of fabulous dives await! We look forward to your return visit! #openwaterdive #padiopenwater #scubadiving #puntacanadiving #bayahibediving #privatediving #dominicanreoublic Aaron Davis-Rotman

We dive not to escape life, but for life not to escape us!

You find here a fine selection of Private Scuba and Snorkel adventures on both the Caribbean and Atlantic sides of the Dominican Republic. Launch near Punta Cana or Bayahibe and explore the depths of the tropical sea.

As avid divers with a passion for aquatic life, we’ve honed our dive experiences to highlight the very best locations off the beautiful DR coast. Reefs, shipwrecks, aquariums, and more at your fingertips.

Our goal is to offer you truly unforgettable experiences that are worth your precious vacation hours. From simple dive tours to full day adventures and Private Boat Charters let us personally show you the “WOW” of the beautiful Dominican Republic!

We are Lise Menard and Edwar Rodriguez, founders of El Tour Caribe. We hold important above all else your VIP experience as our guest. We would like you know that your experience matters to us and that we understand that your vacation time is precious. Please book with us in total confidence as we promise that you will receive the best service this industry has to offer.

We have put together a team of fabulous individuals who are ready to offer you the highest level of service throughout your experience with us. Our team members share our passion for the sea and are dedicated to making your experience one you will remember for a long time.

We make it simple to get in touch with us when you need to. You can find more info and make your reservations directly on our website http://www.puntacanascubadiving.com and should you have any questions about the booking & reservation process, special requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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