Outback Adventures Punta Cana

Outback Adventures Punta Cana


Thanks for a nice adventure. Mvh Sweden
Mary this is the excursion I was telling you about.
We did the private tour with Susi today. It was amazing. She told us everything about the DR with passion! Our 5 year old daughter absolutely loved her! She will remember tjis trip for a very long time. Vielen, vielen Dank Susi! DU BIST ERSTAUNLICH!
Me, my husband and two couples who are vacationing with us did this excursion yesterday. We learned so much about the DR culture as well as all natural healing methods via coffee, cocoa and plants. We opted for a private tour in an SUV that allowed us to move at our own pace vs. the group excursion on a bus with others. Our driver/tour guide, Baldomar, was uh-may-zing!!! He has lived in the DR his entire life which was a great advantage. He was a wealth of knowledge on the culture and natural healing (as mentioned earlier). He started us off with our choice of ice cold Sprite, Presidente or water and kept it going throughout the excursion. He was also very friendly and accommodating and kept the refreshments coming. We saw how coffee and cocoa were made at one stop; how cigars were made at another stop; drank coconut water from a coconut at another stop and played dominos at a table in a body of water at another stop. One of my favorite parts of the excursion was lunch on the second story of our lunch stop that had a beautiful view! All in all, it was a great adventure!
4 years on. Still using our thermal mug. Filled with coffee rather than rum
We just got back to or hotel and we had an amazing time with Angel as our tour guide and Cesar as our driver. They were knowledgeable and amazing. We had so much fun and learned a lot about the Dominican culture. Thank you again for a great day and great experience!
Thank you angel and Cecil for a great tour!!! We learned a lot!!
How can I get some more of the vanilla we bought at Chappy's?
We went on safari outback on Friday with angel and nico , great trip , learnt lots about the Dominican, saw towns, school and every day living, heard the history, learnt about how coconuts grow how to make chocolate coffee and process of it, then we went to the only beach the locals can use to boogie board , fantastic trip , definitely recommend, lovely dinner, lots of local rum or just juice if u don’t drink , they can’t do enough for you , they can answer any questions u have about the Dominican, they tell u about the history, the connections with Spain etc
Angel and hector took us on our tour today. They were absolutely fabulous! Extremely knowledgeable and very personable. Walter and I had a blast!

We are immensely proud of our country and we want to show as many people as possible the unique beauty of this beautiful tropical paradise.

Our aim is to show everyone what beautiful countryside. We fitted our trucks for safety & comfort, we hired the best guides in the business to ensure that all our guests would get the very best from their day with us.

Stay Safe...Stay Home

Here at Outback Adventures we miss you and would love to welcome you again, and together enjoy the magnificent rhythms, the beautiful colors, the amazing nature and all the magic of our rich culture; with adventures full of laughter, adrenaline, music and delicious flavors.
But for now the only place you should be is at home, with your loved ones.
We will go through all this together, and when it happens, we will be here at Outback Adventures waiting for you... where the fun never ends.
#staysafe #stayhome #covid19 #outbackadventures #puntacana #dominicanrepublic

We will get over this together !! The DR's wounders will be waiting for you 🇩🇴 and We are looking forward to welcoming you. 🙂 #dominicanrepublichasitall

Dear Friends,

Due to the current situation with Covid 19 virus, we have taken the decision to pause our operations throughout the Dominican Republic.
We have not taken this decision lightly but consider the safety of our customers, employees and the communities we visit as our primary concern.
We hope to be back up and operational as soon as it is safe to do so.
Thank you for your kind attention and understanding regarding the above.
Please keep safe and take care of yourself and your loved ones….
From all at Outback Adventures.

Here you can find the best things to bring home from the Dominican Republic.

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It’s always the little things what makes the big differences... ¡Weekend is here and we're ready to enjoy it with you the best of our Country! 🇩🇴

Every day is a new opportunity to discover new experiences and have a good time with friends 💥


There's nothing like playing dominoes by the river 🇩🇴

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👱 March 8th is the #InternationalWomen's Day and commemorates the role of women and the pursuit of equality of their rights 💪🏼

📜 On March 8, 1908, a transcendental event marked the history of work when some 130 women died in a fire caused by a factory owner, who refused to respond to their strike workers, who demanded equal pay to men and decrease in working hours to just 10 hours.

In honor of these deceased Protestants and the cause they were pursuing, we celebrate today 💐

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Welcome! Make Yourself at Home!🏡

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On February 27 we celebrate the 176th anniversary of Dominican independence, The birth of the country as a free nation. Congratulations to the Dominican people.
#DominicanRepublic #Independenceday #DomincanRepublichasitall

[02/22/20]   Congratulations to all our wonderful Guides.😊🤗 Today, February 21, is celebrated the International Tourism Guide's Day, commemorating the anniversary of the World Federation of Professional Tourism Guides, created on February 21, 1985.

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National Geographic Travel


Join us LIVE with The Trip Sisters in Dominican Republic as they explore the process of traditional coffee making.

Pure Adrenaline

Looking for an amazing Adventure while visiting the beautiful North Coast, join our thrilling Outback TerraCross buggy tour!!!😄 Pure adrenaline.

Our Lady of Altagracia Day (Día de la Altagracia) is celebrated in Dominican Republic on January the 21st each year.
Also known as Our Lady of Grace or Our Lady of High Grace, is the patron saint and protector of the Dominican Republic.
Our Lady of Altagracia is a portrait of the Virgin Mary in a Nativity scene.
The portrait was brought to the island of Hispanola by Antonio and Alfonso Trejo, two Spanish brothers who were the first Europeans to settle in Santo Domingo.
Eventually they donated it to the church in the city of Higüey. In 1971, the image was moved to the present Basílica Catedral Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia in Salvaleón de Higüey. Thousands of Dominicans across the country visit The Basilica on this day.

The image of Our Lady of Altagracia was crowned by Pope twice, in 1922 by Pius XI and in 1979 by John Paul II.😀

Would you like to know more about our religious beliefs, a very important part of the Dominican Culture and visit this amazing monument, join our Higuey City Cultural Tour.



Buckle up and enjoy personalized VIP treatment in our Jungle Rally VIP Adventure. The Dominican Republic is much more than beautiful beaches and luxurious resorts. ☀️🌴
In the heart 💖of our countryside uncover sights, sounds and flavors like never before. ✨
Could you think in a better way to know the real Dominican Republic?😀

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Planning your next well deserve holidays? Looking for the right family friendly activity? Join us!!!

Outback Adventures Punta Cana

Outback Adventures Christmas Greetings 2019

The Outback Adventures Family wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2020!

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Outback Adventures Punta Cana

Outback Adventures Punta Cana

We are proud to collaborate with PackforaPurpose.org- a global initiative that encourages travelers to use the available space on their suitcases to pack supplies needed by the communities they visit. December the 3rd 2019 marked the global day of giving( #GivingTuesday), choose to help communities (Including ours) all over the world. Support Pack for a Purpose.


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Would you like to visit one of the most iconic places in the eastern region during your visit to Punta Cana? Join us in air conditioned comfort and visit Round Mountain @ Miches one of the most breathtaking vistas in the whole eastern region of the Dominican Republic (An Amazing Picture spot)
#Roundmountain #ThingsToDoPuntaCana #OutbackAdventures #montañaredonda

Mountain biking has never been so easy, join us on an incredible and entertaining ride through the countryside of Punta Cana, which ends at the beautiful beach of Macao, on our Macao EBike tour.

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A trapiche is a mill made of wooden rollers used to extract juice from fruits, originally olives, and since the Middle Ages, sugar cane as well.
Would you like to know more about the Sugar Cane and the all process from the little plant to become raw sugar or unrefined sugar?
Would you like to taste Sugar Cane?
Do not miss the opportunity, Join us!!!
#outbackAdventures #Outbackadventurespuntacana #sugarcane #DominicanRepublic #ThingsToDoPuntaCana

The rhinoceros iguana (Cyclura cornuta) is a threatened species of lizard in the family Iguanidae that is primarily found on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola.

Their name derives from the bony-plated pseudo-horn or outgrowth which resembles the horn of a rhinoceros on the iguana's snout.
Do you want to know more about these incredible creatures and see them up close? Join us!!!
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Did you know that Dominican Republic is one of the biggest organic Cacao producers on the World? And Anamuya Cacao is used to manufacture well known chocolate Brands such us Green & Black?
Would you like to taste it directly from the tree?
If you are a chocolate lover this is a must do, Join us !!!🙃
#DominicanRepublic #ThingsToDoPuntaCana #Cacao #organic #Chocolatelovers

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Travelling with children? Wishing to have a day 💯 full of fun and learn about Dominican culture and customs. Take advantage of our family promo!😊 Book your adventure Today!!!



Outback Adventures Puerto Plata

The Dominican Republic is much more than beautiful beaches and luxurious resorts. ☀️🌴

At the foot of the mountain, lies small villages full of magic, colour and tradition. In the heart of our countryside uncover sights, sounds and flavors like never before. ✨

Because we love what we do, sharing our beautiful country is our passion. Wishing to see the Real Dominican Republic?
Join us on what could be the most memorable day of your vacation.

The Dominican Republic is much more than beautiful beaches and luxurios resorts. ☀️🌴

At the foot of the mountain, lies small villages full of magic, colour and tradition. In the heart of our countryside uncover sights, sounds and flavors like never before. ✨

Join us on what could be the most memorable day of your vacation. 🇩🇴

Together we can make a difference!!
The "Peace Day" is observed around the world each year on September the 21st. Established in 1981 by United Nations, declaring it a day to “commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples.” It provides a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to Peace above all differences and to contribute building a Culture of Peace.
This year's theme is focus on the importance of combating climate change as a way to protect and promote peace throughout the world.

#PeaceDay #ClimateAction #gogreen #Peaceculture

Meet our wonderful guides!! Angel, Eddy, Jorge, Leandro, Juan, Jesus, Daniel, Alex, Baldomar & Susi. Let us know which one of them is your favourite!!
Had you join the Adventure? or
Are you ready to Join? www.outbackadventuresdr.com
Comment or share with the hashtag #OutbackAdventures and the name.
Thank you for joining the Adventure!!!

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Today, September 8th, is International Literacy Day!!!

We would like to take the opportunity to thanks every and each one of our guest for helping us support the rural schools just by joining the adventure and others thru very welcome school supply donations. From the bottom of our hearts Thank YOU all!!!!
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Our Story

Outback Adventures creating amazing tours that will take you through the scenic countryside of the Dominican Republic. We are a well recognized tour company on the island with over 20 years of experience. We were recently recognized by TripAdvisor with the Traveler’s Choice 2019 as Best tour of the Caribbean. We take you to fantastic locations offering a wide range of amazing tour experiences, from our world famous Outback Safari, Jungle Rally personalized tours and Mountain Bike adventures accompanied by the most educated and friendliest tour experts.

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