Dominican tour and transfer

Dominican Tour And transfer somos una compañía operadora de turismo Re

Dominican Tour And transfer somos una compañía operadora de turismo

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Dominican tour and transfer

Dominican Tour And transfer
somos una compañía operadora de turismo Re

Welcome Paradise Punta Cana


Dominican tour and transfer

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Dominican Tour And transfer
somos una compañía operadora de turismo Re


El Aeropuerto Internacional de La Romana (código IATA: LRM, código OACI: MDLR) es un aeropuerto comercial privado en el este de la República Dominicana, que sirve a la ciudad turística de La Romana y al resort de Casa de Campo.
Fue construido en un estilo dominicano tradicional, con las terminales al aire libre y sus azoteas cubiertas de árboles de palma.
Existe un importante número de líneas y vuelos chárter con destino a La Romana; este aeropuerto registró una gran afluencia de visitantes en 2002, haciéndolo uno de los aeropuertos más visitados de la República Dominicana.
Actualmente ocupa el quinto lugar en tráfico aéreo, detrás de Punta Cana, Las Américas, Puerto Plata y Santiago. Recibe un vuelo diario de American Airlines desde Miami, operado por un B737-800 y dos vuelos diarios de American Eagle desde San Juan en ATR-72. El aeropuerto tiene 7 posiciones en la terminal internacional y una espaciosa terminal de aviación privada dónde pueden estacionarse hasta 12 reactores privados.

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Punta Cana and Bavaro are considered among the best 10 beaches in the world ! . The white sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters of Punta Cana and Bavaro are so beautiful that seem unreal .

The Dominican Republic is the little corner of our planet that boasts two real earthly paradises : Bavaro Beach, Punta Cana is where dreams merge with reality, a reality of fine white sand, crystal clear waters and majestic mangrove forests and coconut . Seductive landscapes always remain engraved among your most fabulous memories. Are you willing to become Adam and Eve in this Eden? . Adelante ! , Open your eyes and take a walk through paradise .

In Playa Bavaro and Punta Cana was , "Where it all started " foam turquoise waters resting on the sandy beach, as white sand is hard to believe that is true . And the palm with a bright green color these idyllic landscapes. The hotels , in perfect harmony with the natural environment, is responsible for organizing many sporting activities, adventurers will also find place among these beaches . What more could you want?

Located in the east of the Dominican Republic , Punta Cana and Bavaro is the place where the most famous beaches of our island , wide and endless , white sandy beaches and have millions of coconut palms there , and a coral reef that runs along the coast , calm, clear water . on your tour you can find several typical villages or places of Dominican fishermen . This area has optimal hotel infrastructure and has so far been the most visited by tourists from all over the world . The Punta Cana International Airport is far from the hotels and resorts within 20 kilometers . Punta Cana is considered one of the major tourism attractions of the Dominican Republic , offers over 50 km of beaches, excellent hotel infrastructure , international airport, facilities for all sports , from sailing trips to the benefits of some of the best golf courses in the Caribbean and the pleasure of savoring delicious seafood seashore. It is at the eastern end of the island, exactly the point between the Atlantic and the Caribbean. Adopted for years by tourism from Europe, home to some of the most renowned resorts in the Caribbean. A UNESCO report acknowledges the beaches of Bavaro as the best in the world.

Brief History of Punta Cana and Bavaro

Punta Cana is the name of a place located east of the Dominican Republic , in the province of La Altagracia , its name comes from the palm of " channels " whose leaves are used to make roofs , shelters or palapas. These palms are abundant in this area. It has a total surface area is about 420,000 square meters. Name the Punta Cana International Airport ( PUJ ) , located about 30 km inland, on the road that leads from Higuey to La Romana, and is sometimes even more flights to the International Airport Las Americas itself, located in Santo Domingo and about 3 hours drive from Punta Cana

Punta Cana area begins north of the Playa Arena Gorda, after following the famous Playa Bavaro , Playa Ubero Alto, Playa Macao, Playa El Cortecito . When around the tip starts are the beaches of Cabeza de Toro, Cabo Deceit , Punta Cana and Juanillo . The beaches are white sand , and the sea of soft blue color, without reaching the turquoise Caribbean beaches located further south. The sea usually has waves and the beach very quickly sinks into the sea. The water is always clear and abundant algae in some areas, and the weather is constant, with average temperatures of 26 º C , with the temperature range of about twelve degrees, from 20 º C in winter to 32 º C maximum between April and November.

Throughout the area there are dozens of comfortable hotels to include those of Spanish investment as Riu, Iberostar , Ocean Hotels, Sirenis , Secrets Excellence , Sol Melia, Barcelo , Catalonia Bavaro Resort , Bahia Principe, Princess Hotels , etc, Blau , Breezes , LTI , Occidental, Grand Oasis , Alta Bella , etc. .

Night Fun in Punta Cana and Bavaro

The area also has several nightclubs free entry as Imagine , Mangu or Pacha Areíto cheering party nights tourists although all hotels in Punta Cana and Bavaro have their respective clubs. We have installed numerous tourist attractions , some of a certain size as the Manati Park, The Marinarum the Delfinarium a water park with dolphin shows .

Punta Cana night outside hotels

A night of fun featuring all resorts in Punta Cana, outside the hotels you will have access to lots of nightlife. Punta Cana and Bavaro offer a variety of seafood restaurants where you can savor the delicious shrimp and giant lobsters from the coast, and tasty Creole fish like snapper , bonito, kingfish and grouper in places like Captain Cook Restaurant , Restaurant El Pirata, Caribbean Lobster Restaurant , Restaurant Palma Real, and many of Creole and international cuisine .

You will quickly learn to dance merengue , bachata , salsa in one of these famous discotheques Mangu Arteito , Pacha , Hurricane Café.

Tours from Punta Cana

According to statistics, in most cases tourists acquire at least one trip in Punta Cana on vacation, clearly spend a complete holiday in a hotel without knowing the folklore , customs , locals , dishes and drinks or not Dominican purchasing a gift or conversation with a native of the area would be a bit boring , for this reason , Colonial Tour and Travel offers a broad and hilarious excursion you and your family can carry out directly from the hotels in Punta Cana complement an unforgettable vacation. Most tours are in comfortable buses include Transportation , Lunch or Dinner , accompanied by a multilingual expert guide , taxes, etc.


Catalina Island , also called Ikiita Island (also called by local Indians as Toeya ) , is an island located in the Caribbean Sea just a few miles southeast of the island near the Spanish province of La Romana and La Altagracia ( to which it belongs ) which is part of the Dominican Republic . From La Romana takes half an hour to get to Catalina Island. It has an area of approximately 9.6 square kilometers and is uninhabited . The island trio integrates adjacent islands in the southeast along the Saone and Catalinita.1 has various natural beauties , such paradisiacal beaches with white sands and clear waters that surround different species of birds and fish live . The island was so named by Christopher Columbus on his journey through the area in May 1494.Es a popular tourist destination and place to attend some Caribbean cruise .
Recommended in Catalina Island Activities: snorkeling and diving , given the nature of its translucent waters and is surrounded by live coral they inhabit colorful fish.
Catalina Island is a great option for a tour if you are going on holiday to La Romana, or excursions from Punta Cana

Dominican tour and transfer

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Dominican Tour And transfer
somos una compañía operadora de turismo Re

Dominican tour and transfer

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Dominican Tour And transfer
somos una compañía operadora de turismo Re

Boca Chica is a municipality in the province of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. The municipality has a municipal district of La Caleta. Has locked a beach that bears his name, located about 30 kilometers east of Santo Domingo in the Bay of Andrew, on the southern coast of the island of Spanish.

Boca Chica was originally developed by Juan Bautista Vicini Burgos, who established sugar plantations in the early twentieth century. Vicini was very fond of the place, but the golden era of Boca Chica was in the 1950s, when dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo ordered the construction of a modern hotel called Hotel Hamaca, which later became the emblem of the place. The hotel became more important because it was there that Trujillo granted asylum to Fulgencio Batista after the Cuban Revolution.

The Hotel Hamaca was closed almost immediately after Trujillo was killed in May 1961, and remained closed and abandoned for over thirty years. Then reopened in the 1990s. Besides the appeal of Boca Chica was threatened in the 70s due to the emergence of new tourist resorts such as Playa Dorada (Puerto Plata) and Sosua.
During the 1950s and 1960s, the prominent families of the Dominican Republic built several holiday houses along the beach, which is only accessible by private transport.
After the 1970s, the beach became more and more popular, which helped to make Boca Chica a very populated beach. This ceased to be isolated and quiet as it was in the decades of the 50s and 60s.
Tourism and economic development


The Dominican Independence War gave the Dominican Republic its separation from Haiti in 1844. Before the war, the entire island had been under Spanish rule for Haiti 22 when Haiti occupied in 1822 the new independent state of Spanish Haiti (1821), although independence was called Dominican people in their Declaration of Independence 1st 18211 December. After efforts by Dominican patriots to wean the country from Haitian rule ensued a series of battles that served to strengthen it (1844-1856). Haitians were relentless to re-master the newly created Republic, but with attacks failed results.

In 1801 , Toussaint Louverture arrives at Santo Domingo and proclaimed the abolition of slavery in the name of the French Republic. Shortly after Napoleon sent an army subjected the whole island and ruled for a few months. Blacks and mulattos again rose against the French in October 1802 and finally defeated in November 1803. The January 1, 1804 , the winners declared Saint- Domingue as the independent Republic of Haiti. After the defeat at the hands of Haitians, a small French garrison remained in Santo Domingo. Slavery was restored and many of the Spanish settlers returned emigrants . In 1805 , after being crowned emperor, Jean -Jacques Dessalines invaded the eastern part , reaching Santo Domingo, but had to withdraw before a French naval squadron. In their retreat through the Cibao , the Haitians looted the cities of Santiago and Moca, killing most of its residents and initiating two centuries of animosity between the two countries.
The French ruled in the eastern part of the island until they were defeated by the Spanish settlers in the Battle of Palo Hincado on November 7, 1808 and were forced to narrow the final surrender of Santo Domingo on July 9, 1809 , under pressure from the British Royal Navy .


Bavaro is a section of the borough of Veron , under the municipality in the province Higuey La Altagracia , in the Dominican Republic . Originally conceived as a dormitory town for workers in the resort of Punta Cana , has been transformed into a tourist resort due to the hotel expansion north from Punta Cana , around Playa Bavaro , thus becoming a major tourist area of the Dominican Republic .
Throughout the area there are dozens of comfortable hotels, among which include the investment of Spanish as Riu, Iberostar, Be Live Grand Punta Cana, Melia, Barcelo , Palladium, Catalonia or Bahia Principe. The area also has several clubs such as : GOLD at Hard Rock Hotel, Imagine , Mangu or Pacha, cheering party nights of tourists.
We have installed numerous tourist attractions , some of a certain size as the Manati Park Bavaro , a waterpark with manatees , dolphins and other kinds of animals. For tourists , it is more popular beaches near Punta Cana to be more affordable to international prices . However, Bavarian maintains exclusivity and elegance that give the title of best Caribbean beach. [Citation needed] According to statistics from the Ministry of Tourism, [citation needed] in the Dominican Republic there was an investment exceeding 1 tourist area $ 500 million , [citation needed] equivalent to about 50.985 million Dominican pesos , [citation needed] representing a remarkable growth in this branch and consolidate tourism in the Dominican Republic as one of the best in the world . [citation needed] Only from the Punta Cana international Airport ( PUJ ) enter the year more than two million tourists

Dune Buggy Tour Adventure
Start your engines. Prepare yourself as you zip through the countryside on a manual transmission dune buggy at Punta Cana buggy Tours adventures for two people.


The Obelisk of Santo Domingo , also known as male Obelisk is located on Avenida George Washington and has 40 meters high.

This was designed in 1936 by Alfredo González Sánchez and built by the engineer Rafael García Bonnelly . The work was officially inaugurated and January 11, 1937 . Its construction cost RD $ 9, 841.87 .

What celebrated its construction was the renaming of the city, which happened to be Santo Domingo to Ciudad Trujillo.

This monument has remained over time , although many busts , statues and buildings that worshiped the Trujillo dictatorship were
removed after the end of tyranny.

This is even one of the icons of the city of Santo Domingo. Since 1995 it has been used for various reasons. The first thing we did was turn it into a giant Christmas tree. Later serve as a canvas for artists plasmaran important works related to historical figures like the Mirabal sisters.

As artistic mural has remained to this day, a decision applauded by many , criticized by others.


Cayo Arena, whose real name is Cayo Paraiso
It is a coral island located northwest of the Dominican Republic off the coast of Puerto Plata in Punta Rucia. Incredibly beautiful, this little island is plunged into a beautiful landscape that people think being in a dream. Imagine sunbathing on a small island in the sea surrounded by white sands and crystalline waters that can visualize the bottom with incredible sharpness, their colors ranging from turquoise blue to acqua, good green ... literally it is precisely this island called Cayo Arena WWW.DOMINICANTOURANDTRANSFER.COM

27 Pools of Damajagua -. The city of Puerto Plata in the north of the Dominican Republic is one of the areas most complete or available to this Caribbean island destinations.

Among the varied and exciting attractions with which the city of Puerto Plata are called 27 Pools of Damajagua, which are considered as one of the major tourist adventures which can have someone in this beautiful north of the Dominican Republic area.

Now we in the capital (Santo Domingo), when it rains I think he took advantage to Puerto Plata, on the number of Puddles, here is a sample: WWW.DOMINICANTOURANDTRANSFER.COM

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