Best of Punta Cana

Best of Punta Cana


Saludos ! I remarked to a comment you made on another post, and someone responded from you that they'd like to get a hold of us. [email protected] . My name is Ron. Our website is Hope to hear from you.
Hi! We are a new dance studio just opened in Punta Cana. We have classes for children and adults in ballroom, salsa, bachata, afro dance, commercial, zumba etc. Have a look at our website or our page: and check our timetable below. ¡Hola! Somos un nuevo estudio de baile recién inaugurado en Punta Cana. Tenemos clases para niños y adultos en salón de baile, salsa, bachata, baile afro, comercial, zumba, etc. Eche un vistazo a nuestro sitio web o nuestra página de Facebook: y revisa nuestro horario a continuación

A FRESH TAKE ON THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC! Best of Punta Cana is your one-stop shop for all things awesome in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! Along with our interesting and informative blog, you can book the best tours and experiences as recommended !

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When will flights to Punta Cana Resume? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic millions of vacations to Punta Cana were cancelled. Tourism is one of the most important sources of income for locals in the area. Everyone is eagerly waiting to find out when flights will resume, so they can reschedule their vacation!…

A Healthy and Healing Recipe from Punta Cana! The people are what make Punta Cana special! Today we have an interview with a member of the community who has introduced a taste of the exotic to the destination. Krishna Duddukuri is well known for offering not only delicious Indian food, but also incredible…

BOP Needs You! One of our main goals is to create an interactive community of travel lovers! We love sharing our adventures of living and working in Punta Cana, and we’d like you to get involved! We’re looking for people who are currently in Punta Cana during the…

Good Morning Punta Cana ! #sunrise #newday #positivevibes #puntacana #bop #bestofpuntacana

How BOP is Preparing for Future Tourism after COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world, and stopped tourism globally in an instant. No one could have prepared for travel to be restricted completely as it has been with this crisis. Airlines have grounded their fleets, hotels have closed, and excursions are no longer…

You can pack your virtual bag go to our website and let our articles take or bring you back to Punta Cana. Make your self a Coco Loco , Piña Colada or the famous Cuba Libre with it. Have a nice read . #bop #bestofplaces

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Welcome to our ‘Taste of’ blog series! In this series, we’ll be speaking with people from all over the world to get some inspiration for your home kitchen! Our first recipe comes from a famous Mexican restaurant in Punta Cana! We’re already starting to feel hungry at the thought of some tasty Mexican food. Let’s see what we’ll be cooking today:
Hernan Huicochea, Owner/Chef
Restaurant Name:
Pastrata Mexican Restaurant
Location of restaurant:
Av Alemania Hotel Green Coast RD68
Contact Telephone:
+1 (829) 637 36 23
+1 (809) 552 98 63
Style of Food:
Gluten Free
Home Country:
Dominican Republic link in bio #mexicanfood #dominicanrepublic #puntacana @pastratamexicanrestaurant

BOP Cares – Helping the Punta Cana Community During the COVID-19 Pandemic

BOP Cares is a foundation based in Holland which is dedicated to helping the most vulnerable communities in the Punta Cana area. These communities often need regular support for basic necessities such as food, clothing, medication, and more. Under ‘normal’ circumstances, these families are struggling to survive, and they certainly aren’t equipped to deal with a global crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit these communities extremely hard. Strict quarantine measures have been implemented, meaning that families have lost any possibility to earn and provide for their children. Government help during the pandemic is available to some, but this is not enough to cover all basic expenses. Link in bio #BOP #bestofpuntacana

Happy Earth Day! BOP celebrate this with this amazing video of a mother and baby whale 😍 we just can’t enough of f this video ! And remember nature can live without humans , humans can’t live without nature . #earthday #bestofpuntacana #bop

Five Things to Do During Lockdown to Bring Punta Cana to Your Home! All over the world, travel plans are cancelled and people are in lockdown staying safe in their homes. At the moment it’s impossible to say when the COVID-19 pandemic will end. All we can do is look forward to the day that we will be…

Punta Cana is on Vacation! Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, borders across the world have been closed, flights grounded and travel plans cancelled. As people have been put on lockdown, streets are empty of visitors and locals. The beating heart of Punta Cana has seemingly stopped. Despite the heavy impact…

Punta Cana is on Vacation!

a close up of a tree
Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, borders across the world have been closed, flights grounded and travel plans cancelled. As people have been put on lockdown, streets are empty of visitors and locals. The beating heart of Punta Cana has seemingly stopped.
Despite the heavy impact felt by humans, there is a positive impact on the destination:
Punta Cana is Taking a Vacation!
The landscape is enjoying a well-deserved rest from its vital role as a source of income for the thousands of families who rely on tourism. The ocean, once slick with gasoline from hundreds of boats is cleaning itself. The beaches, once littered with the remains of parties are being tidied. The air is becoming cleaner as traffic has come to a halt. Nature is slowly regenerating while everyone is indoors. Read full article on #bop #bestofpuntacana #futuretravel #puntacana #dominicanrepublic

The beautiful untouched nature of the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 #bop #bestofpuntacana

Find your secret beach spot on #bop #bestofpuntacana



We wish you were here with us too. But right now, there is only one place in the world you should be: home. Safety is all that matters. We will overcome this, together. In the meantime, keep dreaming about your next escape.

Who else is dreaming about the Dominican Republic? #bop #bestofpuntacana

Beginning today, Thursday, March 19, 2020 at 6:00a.m., and for the following 15 days effective through April 3, 2020, the country's borders will be closed by land, sea and air, so all flights to and from Dominican Republic will be suspended along with the arrival and departure of all cruises in all ports in the country. If you or your family members have been directly effected by this, we are encouraging travelers to contact the airlines, ferries or travel agents directly to coordinate logistics. We understand these unprecedented times have caused many challenges, but the well-being and safety of our citizens and visitors remains our top priority. We will continue to work in coordination with the other relevant global and local authorities to further strengthen the country's preventive measures against Covid-19.

Ferry flights will be authorized only to return foreign citizens to their countries of origin, as well as the departure and arrival of planes, cargo ships and fuels to guarantee supplies for the country’s population. Activities in bars and clubs are suspended for the next 15 days, while restaurants will only be allowed to operate for take out and delivery orders. Likewise, national and international events and public, cultural, artistic and sports shows are suspended for the same period.

Members of the Association of Hotels and Tourism of Dominican Republic (ASONAHORES) have implemented a pre-epidemic protocol to reinforce the sanitation of their facilities, following the recommendations of the Ministry of Public Health. They have implemented measures such as:
- Ensuring that employees, contractors, and customers have access to the necessary hygiene services to prevent a spread of the virus.
- Alcohol-based gel dispensers have been made available in easily accessible places for workers and tourists, while notices have been put up with information on hand washing.
- Areas have been designated for isolating people who are sick until the public health authorities arrive, among other measures.

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Síndico de Verón Punta Cana indica medidas para evitar propagar el coronavirus en la zona - El Director Municipal del Distrito Turístico Verón Punta Cana realizó una rueda de prensa donde informó a la comunidad y medios de comunicación las medidas de prevención que se adoptaran para evitar seguir propagando el COVID-19 o coronavirus. Locales / Bávaro Digital Verón, La Altagracia.- ...

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This Sunday, March 15, an extraordinary vote will be held to decide all local government officials. The General elections for the president, vice president, senators and deputies will be held on May 17 of this year. Link in bio #bop #bestofpuntacana

Dutch researchers find antibody which may lead to anti-corona medicine -

Finally some good news! Happy Saturday. Researchers from the University of Utrecht and the Erasmus medical centre have developed a human antibody which, they say ‘offers potential for prevention and treatment of COVID-19’. It is important not to give false hope but the discovery is promising, research leader Berend-Jan Bosch says on t...

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Morning view 🤩 #capcana #dominicanrepublic

[03/04/20]   A melting pot of Culture and Geography, the Dominican Republic:

Sway to the tropical sounds of bachata surrounded by powder white beaches, turquoise oceans, and lazy palm trees. Welcome to the Dominican Republic! The hospitality here from the local people is second to none, and you'll find a thriving expat community of people from all over the world. Home to the highest peak and the lowest elevation in the Caribbean, there is so much to explore. The people are as colorful as their flag, and full of happiness and energy. Escape to this tropical paradise once, and you'll be sure to fall in love!

Isla saona is by far one the popular experience inter Dominican Republic! our #BOP guides have handpicked the best tours to this must do experience. Check our website for more.

Who knows where this magical place is? In the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 #bestofpuntacana #bop #boptravelservice

Should I Be Worried About Coronavirus in Punta Cana?

Coronavirus, officially named COVID-19 is one of the most talked about crises so far in in 2020. Originating from Wuhan, China, it has spread to over 50 countries causing panic worldwide. Its symptoms are very similar to typical winter colds and flu. It is easily spread via microscopic droplets which are dispersed when an infected person coughs or sneezes. There are tens of thousands affected so far, and many deaths as a result of the virus. It is certainly a cause for concern. If you already have your vacation to Punta Cana booked for the coming weeks, should you be worried about traveling? Link in bio #coronavirus #travel #puntacana

Should I Be Worried About Coronavirus in Punta Cana? - The Best of Punta Cana

Should you be worried ?! Should I be worried about coronavirus in punta cana dominican republic. Traveling during the coronavirus outbreak is it safe?

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Let’s discuss your fresh take about Punta Cana🌴

We just had to repost this image of @anandayogapuntacana Life does not get better than this. See yourself waking up in Punta Cana with the beach as your backyard. Get inspiration on!
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Open your eyes when you are in Punta Cana and discover all the beauty that surrounds you! .
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Happy Independence Day
History of Dominican Republic Independence Day
Following the arrival of Christopher Columbus on Hispaniola on 5 December 1492, the island became the site of the first permanent European settlement in the new world.

The Spanish went on to rule the region known as Spanish Haiti for over 300 years until the Dominican Republic gained independence in 1821. This independence was short-lived as shortly afterwards a military invasion by Haiti unified the island of Hispaniola.

In 1844 Juan Pablo Duarte, along with other leaders, Francisco del Rosario Sánchez and Matías Ramón Mella created a secret society named 'La Trinitaria' to revolt against the Haitian regime. On February 27, 1844, the Trinitaria declared independence from Haiti. #bop #bophistory #bestofpuntacana

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BLUE Lagoon Trekking, PUNTA CANA BLUE Lagoon Trekking, PUNTA CANA

Blue Lagoon Trekking is dedicated to showing visitors of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic the beauty of ( Hoyo Azul ) Blue Lagoon.

Nations Tours RD Nations Tours RD
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Tours en punta cana tales isla saona,buggies,cultural,snorkel,y todo lo que puedas imaginar en destino.reserva a traves de

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Excursions from Punta Cana, Dominican Republic -Tours are offered only in English -Payment taken at time of pick up -Easy cancellation anytime -Book early

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We provide ground services such as: transportation, activities, excursions, conference venues, themed events, gala and logistics, as well as helping with overcoming language barriers.

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Tropikalne wakacje to nasza specjalność. Najlepsze w Polsce wyjazdy na Dominikanę, Mauritius, Meksyk i Seszele. Wszystkie wymagane licencje i gwarancje.

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Dominican Riders: Harley Davidson Authorized Tours Your trusted name in Motorbike Tours & Rentals in the Dominican Republic since 2005.

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