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Good day, everyone!
We are not going to stop sharing with you amazing apartments!
Today's one is a beachfront, 2BR apartment with fully equipped kitchen, patio, 2 steps from the beach with the reserved area with chaise lounges and umbrellas.
Situated close to various touristic spots, such as bars, restaurants, shops, grocery stores, drug stores, and some water attractions.
At your disposal, there is a communal pool. All included in the price, plus cleaning services.
See you in Punta Cana!😜
Check it out here ===> https://everythingpuntacana.com/product/superior-suite-breathtaking-ocean-view-right-on-los-corales-beach/

👉No reason to stay just a couple of nights! Absolutely NO reason.👈
🏫First, look, here we have 3 bedrooms apartment in a just minute walk from Los Corales beach. Situated in a beautiful and neat garden area, close to restaurants, bars, supermarkets, etc (by "close" we mean that some of them can be seen from the apartment balcony).🏖🏖
❗Second, a week's reservation will give you an additional 15% discount!❗
☎For more details, follow the link https://everythingpuntacana.com/product/punta-cana-family-vacation-apartment/ or ===> PM.
👋See you in Punta Cana!

We assume that you might find an idea of spending a day on one beach while living directly on the other beach kind of not appealing.... Unless it's Saona beach in the Dominican Republic! And that's why ===>
When you are going on the excursion there you:
are picked up at the closest point to your place of stay
are going to visit Blue Lagoon and see Sea Stars as clear as you see this post
are getting authentic Dominican lunch and nice drinks included
are going to swim and snorkel on the amazing Saona beach with crystal water and white sand
Fun and safety are guaranteed!
We have the best price and work only with licensed providers. 24/7 customer support. Big groups discounts. Check full info by the link https://everythingpuntacana.com/product/saona-island-excursion/

👋Hello there! Great deal for those who are looking for their beach retreat RIGHT NOW!🌴🌴🌴
Three-bedroom apartment 2-minutes walk to the beach. Fully furnished, equipped and located in the best and most centric area in Punta Cana/Bavaro!
⏱Be the one to book it before December craziness comes and get the best prices!
114USD per night
545USD per whole week
PS. Two-nights minimum stay, electricity is extra.
have some questions? Reach us direct. Link to book https://everythingpuntacana.com/product/punta-cana-family-vacation-apartment/

Why is Los Corales the BEST place to stay?

> 1-3 mins walk and you get to:
- the beach with chaise lounges and umbrellas
- beach giftshops
- Huracan or Soles bar
- communal pool
- pizzeria
- steak house
- mexican food
- breakfast cafe

>5-10 mins walk:
- 2 supermarkets
- local shops "colmados"
- restaurants with different menus
- bars
- fruit stands
- local food ("comedores")
- drug stores
- bakery
- taxis, mototaxis
- rent cars
- food trucks with more cuisine options and etc.

>5-10 mins drive:
- 3 big supermarkets
- bus station for Santo Domingo
- night clubs and bars
- tennis fields, golf courses
- cigar and coffee factories
- seafood restaurants

>15-30 mins drive and you can reach any point of the city, including:
- big shopping mall
- airport
- any excursion and activity in the area (check our site)

Have doubts or questions? DM us, we are here for you!

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@ Punta Cana, República Dominicana

😍Planning a romantic escape? Punta Cana, RD has it all! And we have something special to offer you!
First, let me introduce this sweet cozy beach studio absolutely perfect for couples. It is
♥situated in the most centric Los Corales area
♥ provided with direct access to the beach area with chaise lounges and umbrellas
♥close to the numerous bars, restaurants and other lovely places
♥fully equipped and has everything for a comfortable stay
♥ a very good deal if you are looking to book after January 2020!
🔥3+ nights 5% off
🔥7+ nights 15% off
🔥14+ nights 25% off
🔥30+ nights 40% off
Because we all know what February is bringing us!
For more information go ===> https://everythingpuntacana.com/product/safe-secure-studio-bavaro-beach/

⛱Don't believe you can be surprised by the crazy price falling anymore? Watch us!⛱
🌴Two-bedroom beach apartment in the heart of Punta Cana, perfectly located, with 24/7 security service, WiFi, furnished and equipped.
Your home on the Los Corales beach can be booked RIGHT now by someone else, because look:

🔥6+ months for $1698/month
🔥12+ months for $998/month

🌊Direct beach access, pool access. Don't miss the chance!
Electricity is not included.

📍For details reach us on +18099156584 (calls, Whatsapp), email us [email protected], [email protected]📍

🧨🧨🧨Hurry, the best deals are not going to stay long! Book villa-suites right on the beach for the best prices! Follow the link ====> https://www.booking.com/hotel/do/everything-punta-cana-unique-resort.html?lang=xu

🏖Live Reporting From Los Corales Beach, Bavaro, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic: "We are doing super good!"🏖

The sand is white, the water is clean and sparkling, the weather is wonderful.

✈️Take a break from everyday working routine and spend your weekends on the beach. Best condos in Los Corales here ===> https://everythingpuntacana.com/product-category/apartments/

Special prices for weekends!

Don't forget to follow us for more great deals! see you in Punta Cana!


FAQ: Lodging in Punta Cana. Top 12 Questions 2019


everythingpuntacana.com Get answers on the most frequently asked questions about lodging in Punta Cana. Late check-out, early check-in, security deposit, electricity price and more


Punta Cana Apartment Nearby to The Bavaro Beach - Everything Punta Cana Beach Apartment.

Having a tight budget but looking for a comfortable and modest apartment right on the beach? Here it is: a cozy fully-equipped studio on Los Corales beach. It is an ideal destination for up to 4 guests. It has a TV, a bathroom (shower+toilet), a small functional kitchen area (with a small fridge, a stove, and a microwave oven). The apartment has Internet from the best provider in the area. Check the video to get a vivid impression of this lovely apartment!

Punta Cana Apartment - The Beach Apartment Nearby to The Bavaro Beach. One of the best beach apartment located in Bavaro Punta Cana. Very comfortable apartme...

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino invites you to a special event again✌️ – this time it is the concert of Marc Anthony who will present his new album😎. “Opus” will make you enjoy the unique and fantastic atmosphere of music and salsa party. The concert will be celebrated on September 28th, at Hard Rock Golf Club Cana Bay. Make sure you buy your tickets in advance, since this event is long-awaited!😉

We are excited to invite you to Everything Punta Cana Facebook Shop!😎 There you can find all you need for an amazing stay in Punta Cana! Lodging (from economy studios to exclusive luxurious villas and penthouses), excursions (group and individual ones), transportation and other services!😉 Book your unique Dominican vacation with one click! Contact us for more details and assistance!👍

Ahoy, maties! Ahoy, me hearties! That is how all who celebrate the International Talk Like a Pirate Day will greet their friends on September 19th! Today this parodic holiday is celebrated in the US and some other countries. It was created in 1995 by John Baur and Mark Summers who decided that on September 19th everyone in the world should talk like a pirate👩‍🏫. This funny holiday arises from the views of the Golden Age of Piracy.
This holiday is an ideal reason for going on an excursion aboard a pirate ship! ⚓️This excursion is organized daily in Bavaro for everyone who wants to feel an adventurous atmosphere of the pirate ship😃, with rum and Cola🥴, pirate fights and contests😉.
Join us for this thematic excursion or share your photos if you already went on it before. To book the pirate ship adventure, contact us in direct messages or leave a comment under this post. Ahoy!😎


Vlog#2 We Became Surfers for A Day & It is EASY | Macao Beach | Dominican Republic Activities

Do you like surfing? If yes, you just must visit the best surfing destination in Punta Cana – Macao Beach. If you have never tried this extreme adventure, Macao Beach is an ideal place for beginners and advanced surfers. Welcome to Macao Beach!
Macao Surf Camp offers group and private classes. The classes include:
>>> Theory
>>> Practice
>>> Access to an amazing chill-out area
>>> Professional photo shoots and video
>>> Exclusive coconut and other drinks
And much more! Just look at our experience in Macao Surf Camp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLhzxfOqcEM
We are sure you will become a surf-lover from the first class!

Everything Punta Cana squad tried on surfing swimsuits and stood on the boards. And we caught our first waves! That was AMAZING. Don't be afraid, no matter h...

Great news! On September 21st, Carlos Vives gives his concert with a new Vives Tour program at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana!
Carlos Vives is a Colombian singer and musician dedicated to traditional vallenato and cumbia music since the beginning of his career in 1986. His songs with Marc Anthony (Cuando nos volvamos a encontrar), Shakira (La Bicicleta) y Sebastian Yarta (Robarte un beso) became number-one hits in the world top charts.
On August 7 Vives turned 58, but judging by his energy, style and charm, he never ages! If you happen to stay in Punta Cana this weekend, don’t miss a chance to go to his concert! Looking for lodging? Check our website for the best weekend offers: https://everythingpuntacana.com/


Unique and Luxury Punta Cana Ocean View Penthouse for you and your group! Enjoy your stay by the ocean with a huge pool.

Looking for the best fall vacation deals? We have them RIGHT here! Book this amazing place in Punta Cana for 5+ nights you go on an Extreme Offroad Buggy Adventure for FREE!
Want more pleasant extras? We have them for you! Book this apartment for 3 or more nights and get a FREE professional PHOTO SHOOT!
We invite you to a gorgeous 4-BR PENTHOUSE in a popular, private gated community with a swimming pool, equipped with chaise lounges, located just 1 minute from the world-famous Playa Turquesa Beach.
>>> Wi-Fi, hot water, cable TV
>>> Private roof terrace and BBQ
>>> Security 24/7
>>> Large swimming pool
>>> 1 minute from the beach
Contact us in direct messages or via the support chat on the website for more details! https://everythingpuntacana.com/product/punta-cana-ocean-view-penthouse/


Are you ready to laugh? No, we are not promoting a new comedy, but inviting you to learn about the achievements that indeed make people laugh and only then think. The 29th First Annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony is celebrated today, on September 12th, 2019, at Sanders Theatre, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Since 1991, this annual ceremony honors the unusual and imaginative way of thinking in the areas of science, medicine, and technology. Although the Dominicans are not laureates of the prize this year, here are some facts proving that they certainly deserve it:
>>> Dominican women strongly believe that after giving birth, they must not go out in evening hours because of dew that will make them ill. They just refuse to believe that in other countries women go out in rain and snow and do not get ill. A good idea to investigate it and get the Ig Nobel prize, is not it?
>>>Some Dominican country people believe that bathing in warm water will make you ill. They do bathe only in cold water. Lucky they are because the Dominican weather is always hot and sunny).
>>>Dominican local drink “Morir Soñando” (literally from Spanish – “Die Dreaming”) is a surprising combination of orange or lemon juice with milk! How can they make it with the milk not curdling? Dominican home science and experience gives the answer: the milk and the juice should be ice-cold! The best drink for hot weather! Try it!
For more interesting facts about the Dominican Republic, check our articles:

Unique Beach Apartment – Stunning Ocean View in Punta Cana

Relish your stay in this unique penthouse with a wonderful ocean view, 4 bedrooms, a spacious terrace and a fully equipped kitchen. This apartment is ideal for up to 10 guests. It is the best place on Bavaro beach for a great time with family or friends.

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On September 11, 1961, the first office of the World Wild Fund was opened in Morges, Switzerland. It is the world's largest conservation organization with over five million supporters worldwide.
The Island of Hispaniola consisting of the Dominican Republic and the Republic of Haiti is one of the WWF ecoregions. That means that the organization contributes to and controls the wild life conservation campaigns on the island. For example, the WWF worked with the government of the Dominican Republic to launch a massive turtle protection plan. It helped reduce illegal sale of endangered hawksbill turtles in the Dominican Republic.
It is important to remember that conservation of nature is a responsibility of each of us. It is easy to protect it if we cooperate and make one step at a time for the sake of the environment. Think about it and make your contribution with an easy daily routine:
>>> Reduce: consumption of plastic, including plastic bags. Take your own bag to the supermarket to avoid using plastic ones.
>>> Reuse: do not throw away plastic and other items that can be reused. Think twice before throwing something away. Share it with your neighbor or people in need.
>>> Recycle: learn where the closest recycling center is and take everything that can be recycled there.
It is easy as you see it, but it is important for the wild life and for the world population. If you have any questions about how to contribute to the wildlife conservation, contact us for more details. Share this post so that more people learn about the importance of pro-nature actions.

What do you like more: eating or watching TV? Why do I have to choose, you’ll ask. And you will be right cause both things can be done together. Today is the National TV Dinner Day in the US – a good reason to enjoy eating in front of the TV. By the way, you can do it at home or at your favorite bar/café/restaurant that has a TV. Here is our list of the spots you must visit in Bavaro for a delicious dinner:
>>> Citrus: Features exquisite international cuisine and located right in the center of Bavaro, close to Los Corales gated community where the best apartments in the area are located (just check our site for the best vacation rental deals – https://everythingpuntacana.com/).
>>> Bruja Chupadora: Offers tasty international and local food, located in the very center of Bavaro, just like Citrus.
>>> Jelly Fish: The restaurant right on the beach featuring fresh seafood and international cuisine. Quite expensive, but the ocean view and the atmosphere are worth it.
For more places where to eat in Bavaro and Punta Cana, check our website: https://everythingpuntacana.com/.
Enjoy your meal.

Power Dive

Power Dive 🏊🏽‍♂️ is an activity for the whole family offering safety and comfort underwater 🌊, without the need of previous experience👌🏽

Our experienced instructors will guide you all time you need.
Book you underwater experience in DM 📲
Everything Punta Cana


Punta Cana Beachfront Villa А8-11 - enjoy your unique vacation at this gorgeous villa set right on the beach

Have you ever thought of spending a week on one of the best Caribbean beaches, enjoying your morning coffee on a spacious balcony with an ocean-view? How about having the turquoise ocean literally two steps from your luxurious spacious two-level apartment? Here it is… A special offer on the best ocean-view getaway in Bavaro-Punta Cana! Don’t miss it!
This big apartment features three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen and living room, hot water, Wi-Fi, cable TV, BBQ and 24/7 support by Super Host! It is a perfect place for vacation with your family or friends. The apartment hosts up to 8 people. It is located on the first line – two steps away from the famous Los Corales beach.
Only in September, you can book this ideal beach getaway and get a professional photoshoot or an Extreme Buggy Ride for FREE! Send us a direct message in Fb or contact us via our website for more details:
watch the video of the apartment:


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