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Utila Island Quest



We moved from Kansas City, USA to create a boutique bed and breakfast and all inclusive dive vacation for you to make memories with us!

Operating as usual


We are full up for June and July, but starting in August, we have slots open for reservations. You could be here folks! Check out UtilaIslandQuest.com for all the details and just let us know if you have any questions. Make some memories!


Utila's underwater beauty

More underwater beauty from our home for you to view. Relax and enjoy.......


Teds Point

What our island reef is like.......
This was taken yesterday with some dive friends.

Utila Island Quest updated their address. 04/06/2022

Utila Island Quest updated their address.

Utila Island Quest updated their address.

Photos from Utila Island Quest's post 03/31/2022

One of the extra's we offer is use of our DPV's! I can take you on an adventure dive, or you can take the PADI DPV Certification course! Experience diving like never before! Pictures of me using them are credited to Nicole Webster.



A couple of Orange Spotted Filefish from a dive on the north side of our island. Enjoy!


A cool video to share some of the underwater beauty here on our island with you. Enjoy!


Sharp tailed eel

A sharp tail eel from one of our dives today. Enjoy. UtilaIslandQuest.com to see how YOU can be here folks!

Photos from Utila Island Quest's post 03/14/2022

Our guests Dan and his son Wyatt just completed their first day on our island. Getting their PADI Openwater AND their Advanced while they are with us. 110 foot viz today with 81 degree water. Lot's more diving to come the rest of their visit!
UtilaIslandQuest.com for details of how YOU could be here for the best vacation of your life!

Photos from Utila Island Quest's post 03/08/2022

We were at Iron Shore doing a video, so snapped a couple of pics of the beauty as well. Also, we just started a dedicated Youtube channel that we will be adding underwater videos as well as topside beauty to as we go. On Youtube, search Utila Island Quest. Enjoy the beauty!


A new video of our underwater world - check it out!
UtilaIslandQuest.com for how you could be here folks!


Just another gorgeous sunset in Paradise.......😎🏝


Just more underwater beauty from around our island for those of you suffering from an acute case of "winter". You could be here! UtilaIslandQuest.com for details!

Photos from Utila Island Quest's post 02/07/2022

Showing our guest and new friend Al Zimmerman around our beautiful island. Diving in the morning, island exploration in the afternoon!
Utila for the win!
UtilaIslandQuest.com for how YOU could be here!



Another gorgeous day in paradise!

Photos from Utila Island Quest's post 01/27/2022

Did another PADI DPV Instructor course yesterday. Here are a few pics from the dives. Enjoy!

Photos from Utila Island Quest's post 01/22/2022

Pics from a dive a couple of days ago. 82 degree water folks! Feb, March and April are filling up, but there are a couple of weeks available. You could be here making memories of a lifetime! UtilaIslandQuest.com for details!

Photos from Utila Island Quest's post 01/16/2022

One of our Queen Angelfish is looking for YOU. Why are you cold and dealing with snow, when it is so easy to be in Utila with us in 84 degree weather and 82 degree water?! UtilaIslandQuest.com for the details folks. Life is short, live while you can!

Photos from Utila Island Quest's post 01/11/2022

Comducted a DPV course today for a new Instructor. Saw a 6 foot Grouper hiding in a small space under a ledge. Biggest grouper I have seen here! Also, Stumpy the Eagle Ray made an appearance for me. He is getting bigger! 82 degrees above the water, 81 in the water - you could be here folks! UtilaIslandQuest.com for the details!

Photos from Utila Island Quest's post 01/03/2022

Another shamelessly perfect day on our island paradise home of Utila. 83 degrees with a breeze above the water, 82 degrees and 100ft + viz under the water. Easy and best decision ever to move here full time.

Photos from Utila Island Quest's post 12/30/2021

Holidays on our island just mean more diving. 🤙 Here are some reef squid I found the other day while at a local dive site. Always cool stuff to see here! You could be here making lifetime memories instead of shivering and cussing the cold.......... UtilaIslandQuest.com to check it out. Enjoy!

Photos from Utila Island Quest's post 12/25/2021

82 and gorgeous on Christmas Day!
UtilaIslandQuest.com folks - you could be here!
Just a few pics I took this morning when I was out and about. Enjoy!


The Christmas Kraken awaits in his hidey hole for all the bad island children to come close.......... :D :D
We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!! I'll be diving tomorrow while you're shivering under a blanket. You could be here you know...... :D

Photos from Utila Island Quest's post 12/18/2021

You never know who will be visiting when you come home on a Caribbean island. I pulled in and this burro was just hanging out downstairs. He was friendly and was happy for a couple of carrots, then moved on. Lovin' life on our island!


We have openings in February and March. Perfect months on our island. Why sit in the cold wishing, when you could be HERE, warm, making memories and diving? Your decision..... 🤔🏝


Just another gorgeous day on our island! Working with IDC Candidates today.

Photos from Utila Island Quest's post 12/02/2021

Why are you putting up with cold and dry, when you could be warm and underwater? Utilaislandquest.com to see how easy it is to have the most memorable week of your life here on Utila, with us!


This mornings dive brought us not one, but TWO Octopus' (Octopi?). All of about 2 feet apart.
Enjoy the pics and vid!
You could be here finding these things with us! Utilaislandquest.com for details!

Photos from Utila Island Quest's post 11/23/2021

Sunday dive pics. Life is so hard.......

Photos from Utila Island Quest's post 11/15/2021

A few pics from our dive yesterday afternoon. Didn't get a good one of the Spotted Eagle Rays, but they were there, along with Morays, Queen Triggers, Spadefish and a hundred others.
Enjoy the pics!


A shot as we were loading the dive boat to head out today. Morays, Spotted Eagle Rays, Queen Triggers, too many others to count. We love our island!

Photos from Utila Island Quest's post 11/09/2021

Want to experience or get PADI certified on DPV's while you're here? We have 'em!
📷: Ashley Kirkham

Photos from Utila Island Quest's post 11/08/2021

January through April are some of the best months to visit our island, which just happens to coincide with the time that YOU will be shivering under blankets. Come visit! Utilaislandquest.com for details.


This is what having guests for the last 7 days looks like. Warm water diving, great food, friendly folks who becone new family members. You could be here! Utilaislandquest.com for the details! Take a deserved break from stress and the cold - come on down!

Photos from Utila Island Quest's post 10/24/2021

A few pics taken tonight on our ride out to Iron Shore on our beautiful island. If you blow up the first one, you can see Roatan to the left side on the horizon. Enjoy!

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Utila's underwater beauty
Teds Point
Sharp tailed eel
Raggedy Cay
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