Marley Resort and Spa

Marley Resort and Spa


Blessed Earthstrong Terrance. May your day be filled with much love, joy, laughter, peace and goodness. I thank you for your graciousness, hospitality, friendship, encouragement and inspiration. All Glory and Praises to The Most High for bringing us together.
BOB MARLEY RESORT AND SPA In Cable Beach Bahamas is a hidden gem for which I am so very Grateful that I found. The Bob Marley Resort and Spa is the perfect atmosphere if you are seeking tranquility, peacefulness and serenity. This beautiful property is a secluded hidden treasure away from the busy and hectic city of Nassau. As you enter the Lion and Lioness gates, your eyes are Blessed with beautiful lush green trees, plants and brightly colored flowers with such a pleasing aroma. The entrance to the dining area/bar and courtyard is one of complete tranquility, serenity and peacefulness. There is a pillar on each side of the entrance and stepping stones in the stream that you walk upon to reach the outdoor dining area. A beautiful waterfall greets you with the soothing sounds of water flowing into the stream. On the side of the entrance there is a beautiful stream of water that flows through the garden area with a beautiful water fountain that is so soothing. Across from the gently flowing water fountain are lights that illuminate the water of the stream. On each side of the narrow entrance are lush green trees and plants with strings of lights to guide your steps in the evening. The dining tables are located in the courtyard area in the middle of buildings which include guest rooms, the Stir it Up lounge, the lobby to the Bob Marley music room and a sheltered area where the DJ sets up the equipment for entertainment. As I walked through the outdoor dining/courtyard area towards the oceanfront area; I was captivated by such an amazing view. When you enter the oceanfront area, the view is spectacular. Lagoon pools with crystal clear water; still waters fill you with peace as you listen to the soothing sounds of the waterfalls that flow into the lagoon pools. The view from the pool area is one of absolute tranquility and serenity that overlooks the beautiful beach and ocean waters. As you relax and be still in such a beautiful moment, the sounds of water from the waterfall and waves gently rolling upon the shore make a soothing melody. Lounge chairs and tables are set up in the oceanfront pool area to relax in and the oceanfront rooms each have a balcony overlooking the lagoon pools and ocean. The lagoon pool with the waterfall was so clear and inviting that I couldn’t help but place my hand in the water and gently stir the waters. So refreshing was the water at a perfect temperature. During my first visit, I was welcomed with such hospitality and graciousness by a very kind man named Terrance who is an employee of the resort. He invited me to sit with him and explained the history of the Bob Marley Resort. We had a beautiful conversation for hours and I am so very Grateful for the kindness, friendship and comfort that Terrance offered. He invited me to return the next evening to sit in the Bob Marley Music Room and sit at the table in the formal dining room. The next evening, I returned and once again was filled with peace upon entering the property. Terrance was sitting in the courtyard area with the Manager and I was again offered such gracious hospitality by being invited to sit with them. This evening was another Blessing as they advised that I go sit in the Bob Marley Music Room for as long as I wanted. In this music room with so much history and Bob Marley music quietly playing, I sat comfortably on the love seat and looked at the variety of photographs of Bob Marley and his family. There were so many photographs along with two guitars of Bobs. The many photographs captured my attention for quite some time as I studied Bobs expressions. In some photos his beautiful smile lit up the photograph; the other photos showed so many moods and expressions ranging from pure joy to serenity, melancholy moods and serious contemplation. One photo in particular caught my attention because he looked so deep in thought and sad as he held his guitar. As I studied each photograph and the guitars, his music continued to play softly through the speakers. This room is filled with so much family and musical history and holds some of the most beautiful photographs of Bob Marley and his family. I did not take any pictures while in the music room because it is not allowed and I wanted to extend respect and honor the families wishes. After being in the music room, the Manager invited me into the formal dining room to sit at the table where the Marley family had many meals together. The table was hand carved and absolutely beautiful as it has been so cared for over the years. There were more photos of Bob Marley in the dining room along with displays of his records. The Manager suggested that she take some photos for me of sitting at the table and alongside some of Bobs photographs. I was so very Grateful for the hospitality and kindness she offered me. The Stir it Up lounger has a balcony area with tables and chairs that overlook the lush trees and plants, waterfall and soothing stream of water. Each of the guest rooms is named after a Bob Marley song with the interior theme to match the song. There are garden rooms and garden suites which overlook the beautiful tranquility of the gardens and suits with balconies that overlook the beautiful lagoon pool area and the serene ocean. While I was visiting, I noticed the Manager bring a bottle of champagne and a nice platter of fruit, cheese and crackers to one of the oceanfront rooms. I asked her what the occasion was and she explained it was the guest’s anniversary so she wanted to surprise them. Once again, my heart was touched by the kindness and hospitality displayed by the staff. The Bob Marley Resort and Spa is a gem hidden away from the busy city life and I highly suggest you visit. If you desire to experience tranquility, peacefulness, calmness, comfort and serenity then this is just the place to visit. Relax in the tranquil moments of pure peace as you listen to the gently soothing sounds of the waterfalls and breath in the pleasing aromas from the flowers. May you be Blessed with loving kindness, comfort, joy, tranquility and serenity as I was when you visit.
Praying everyone at Marley Resort is safe 🙏🏻 Please update the page when possible and best of luck to our Bahamian friends!!!
Thinking of you all. Hope you’re safe!
Can't wait to hang out at your beach !!
Is the hotel open now?

Welcome to our home away from home. Marley Resort & Spa is a luxury boutique resort and spa located on Cable Beach, Nassau, Bahamas.

Marley Resort & Spa was formerly a private vacation home for the Marley family. Bob and Rita Marley discovered this former governor’s mansion on a visit to Nassau, while they were recovering from an assassination attempt in Jamaica (1976). The property’s lush gardens and oceanfront location provided a respite for the Marley children to balance with life in the mountains of Jamaica. When Rita first inquired about the property, a staff member of the previous owner warned that the house would never be sold to a Black person. Staying true to her strong character, this warning did not sway her. In 1982, Rita purchased the home, and for 16 years Rita and their children spent holidays and summer vacations together in Nassau. In 2004, they planned to renovate the home for the growing family, but once the process started, Rita decided that this retreat should be a home away from home for everyone. Rita Marley played a pivotal role in remodeling the home into a resort for all to enjoy. Her passion for mind, body and soul preservation gave birth to the Natural Mystic Spa and its focus on holistic renewal. Mrs. Marley’s Afro-Caribbean aesthetic helped shape the room designs and adherence to feng shui. Daughters Stephanie and Cedella sourced the hand-carved furnishings, exotic fabrics, art, and dramatic carpets from Africa and the Caribbean, recreating the style of the original home. The rooms in the main house were occupied by the Marley children: Sharon, Ziggy and Cedella stayed in the annex of rooms (Misty Morning and Mellow Mood) above what is now the Natural Mystic Spa, while the younger ones bunked in the main house overlooking the interior terrace (Positive Vibration and Lively Up Yourself). Rita’s room, now the Royal Rita suite, remains most like the original: comfortable and elegant. Easy Skankin’ (a Jamaican phrase used to describe the dancing associated with reggae music) was the room for specially invited guests. The historic music gallery was once the dining room that connected to the kitchen, then manned by “Mama Lur” (Lurline Pile), who whipped up Jamaican favorites like Ackee and Salt Fish breakfast for the family. She is now the signature Jamaican cook at Simmer Down, the restaurant at Marley Resort & Spa. “We always ate together,” says Stephanie Marley, an owner and director of the resort. “The kids would all gather on the terrace. There was always music and laughter in this house, and we do everything to ensure that carries on.” A haven for relaxation and renewal, the Natural Mystic Spa occupies a cozy nook in the west wing of the main house with signature service rooms and herbal baths. Sister Iyata, who provided spiritual and physical care for Bob’s mother (Cedella Marley-Booker) for more than a decade, comes from time to time to ensures the philosophy of holistic wellness and Jamaican warmth are fused into every visit. We provide a warm greeting along with signature massages, and provides a respectful return to traditional healing and care. In 2007, the Marley’s built an extension to house the garden rooms and suites, as well as the Marley Boutique. Before renovation, that area was a plant nursery and garden tended to by "Nana" Rita herself. Marley Resort & Spa’s lion logo relates to many facets of Marley life. The lion is an important symbol used in the Rastafari religion, relating to Emperor Haile Selassie and the Lion of Judah, and has carried over to reggae music and culture. Throughout the Legend's career, the lion was referenced frequently in album art and lyrics. "Nana" Rita, the matriarch of the family and an astrological Leo, is also honored by the presence of the lioness sculpture that adorns the property. The music, the history and the way of life celebrated by the Marley family is woven into every aspect of the Marley Resort & Spa, and their influence continues in the mystical energy of the resort today. They often visit the resort for a little R&R of their own. Guests can find themselves sitting down for dinner with Rita at the next table or waking up to Ziggy strumming a song on his guitar. After all, it’s still their home, and the legend lives at Marley Resort & Spa. OUR LUXURIOUS 16 THEMED SUITES AND LUXURY ACCOMMODATIONS BLEND THE WARMTH OF MARLEY HISTORY WITH ULTIMATE COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE. SERVICE IS UNPARALLELED. AMID NASSAU'S ATMOSPHERE OF RELAXED AND ARTFUL LIVING, MARLEY RESORT & SPA IS A TRUE HAVEN FOR TRAVELERS. SPANNING PAST AND PRESENT, ITS ACCOMMODATIONS AND AMENITIES ARE AS BEAUTIFUL AND UNUSUAL AS ITS SETTING. WE ARE HAPPY TO SAY, THE LEGEND LIVES AT THE MARLEY RESORT & SPA. WE INVITE YOU TO COME AND EXPERIENCE THIS NOSTALGIC, MYSTICAL PIECE OF PARADISE WE ONCE CALLED HOME. COME EMBRACE THE FEELING OF ONE LOVE AND ONE HEART IN ONLY ONE PLACE. -THE MARLEY FAMILY

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Marley Resort and Spa's cover photo

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Some beautiful pics of our pool at night taken by our sweet guest Tina-Marie! :)
Marley Resort and Spa

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Marley Resort and Spa ❤️💛💚
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Marley Resort and Spa

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Walkthrough and amazing views at the Marley Resort and Spa located in the beautiful island of Nassau, Bahamas. I must definitely recommend the ocean view roo...

Marley Resort Pool and Ocean Views


A Room with a View: One Love

Breathtaking view of Cable Beach from this gorgeous suite, One Love

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A beautiful Day in Nassau

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The Best Small Hotels in Nassau Bahamas

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Marley Resort Pool and Ocean Views
A Room with a View: One Love
A beautiful Day in Nassau
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Marley Resort & Spa
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lease join our email list and offer feedback on your recent visit. We want you to always remember your stay at Marley Resort & Spa. Once you stay with us, you're part of our extended family. We are located just 10 minutes from the Nassau International Airport and 20 minutes from the seaport marinas. Transportation to/from the resort can be arranged in advance. Limousine and taxi services are readily available upon your request.
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