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8 Heartwarming Stories From Our People That Have Made Our Week

All the feels 🤗

flightcentre.com.au Recent weeks have been tough on so many local people and businesses here in Australia, ourselves at Flight Centre included. Our Australian community is the heart and soul of what we do. Recently we've seen those we love grounded, but we won't let our people, our community or our customers lose hope.


Let's Get Quizzical - Lounge Room Travel Trivia

Turn up the tunes, crack open a smar-tinny, whip up a schnitty, Facetime your nerd herd and bring out your alter ego O' Trivia Newton-John. It's time for Tuesday pub trivia - the lounge room edition!

flightcentre.com.au Fancy yourself as a worldy, well-travelled lad or lass? Let’s get quizzical! Turn up the tunes, crack open a smar-tinny, put an AFL rerun on the tele, whip up a schnitty, Facetime your nerd herd and bring out your alter ego O Trivia Newton John. Welcome to Tuesday night pub trivia - the lounge roo...


5 Ways To Learn A Language At Home (In Preparation For Your Next Trip)

#4 - speak to your pet in Spanish 💃 🐕

flightcentre.com.au Have you always wanted to be that traveller who can converse effortlessly in the local language? Order a coffee, ask for the bill, buy a bus ticket, get directions? Well, all of this isolation time you’ve suddenly been given is the ideal opportunity to transform yourself into that person. Here are...


Take To The Skies (Of Your Lounge Room) With Paper Plane Origami

Turn your hallway into a tarmac, your kitchen into the control tower, and your couch into the first class lounge...it's time for take off! 🛫

flightcentre.com.au Best in the air, and everywhere… Even if it’s your lounge room, at least for now. Because in times like these; tough times, challenging times, house-bound/isolation/ how-am-I-going-to-fill-my-day times, we need to look at life's simple pleasures, take inspiration and let our imagination run wild...


Isolation Masterchef: A Culinary Tour of the World from Your Kitchen (with Recipes)

Has isolation turned you into a master baker? Next up: culinary tour de la globe! 🍪 🥐 🍱 🍝

flightcentre.com.au Just because your body is in quarantine doesn’t mean your palate can’t travel around the world. Try these recipes from around the globe and go on a self-isolation culinary journey – a ‘tour de taste buds’ – one delicious morsel at a time. ItalyThe ultimate comfort food, if you have past...


28 Films That Will Transport You From Your Couch Far Away

A moment of escapism. 🛋️ + 📺 = 🌎 Stay strong, fellow traveller.

flightcentre.com.au Need some escapism while stuck at home? Here’s a short list of curated films to take you over the seas and far away. Amelie - to ParisThe ultimate, am I right? This charming French film follows a waitress in Paris who tries to spread joy to everyone she meets.

Please bear with us. For more information during this challenging time, please see our updates here: https://tinyurl.com/yxy33wg6

[03/17/20]   Dear valued customers,

We know that you are experiencing extremely long wait times when trying to call us. Due to official advice and regulations implemented for Coronavirus – and for the health and safety of our employees – we have staff who are unable to come into the call centre, therefore we have a smaller workforce during this time. We understand how frustrating this is when you are urgently looking for answers, however due to the number of calls we are asking customers to please only call if you are travelling within the next 48 hours.

For all information and contact details please click here: http://travl.to/6183Td6wb

Thanks for your patience and understanding during this challenging time.

[03/16/20]   Dear Customers,

Due to the high volume of calls we are receiving and delayed response times, we are prioritising our customers who are departing in the next 5 days.

If you are departing after 5 days, please fill out the form on our website or contact your Travel Agent.
All info and links can be found here: https://www.flightcentre.com.au/travel-alert/coronavirus

We sincerely apologise to all of our customers for the delays due to the current circumstances and we thank you for your patience.

[03/14/20]   Dear Customers,

Due to disruptions caused by COVID-19, we are currently experiencing high call volumes. Due to the delayed response time, we are serving travellers departing in the next 5 hours in order of time and date of departure.

If you're travelling within the next 5 hours, we will assist you as soon as possible. If your travel is not within 5 hours, please consider calling us back at a later time, contact your Travel Agent, or email us at [email protected].

Should you choose to call us, we will be with you as soon as possible.

We sincerely apologise to all of our customers for the delays due to the current circumstances and we thank you for your patience.

Just look at this beauty! Flight Centre Travel Expert Sarah Blackley had to stand still in order to get a peek of this guy while walking through Kyambura Gorge in Uganda, Africa 🍃


Hawaii’s Top Outdoor Activities, No Matter Which Island You’re Holidaying On

Hiking, kayaking and snorkelling, Hawaii has all of the adventure activities! 🤸‍♀️

flightcentre.com.au Hawaii is the epitome of the great outdoors. It’s a land made up of exotic island beaches, majestic landscapes, prehistoric volcanoes, world-class surf breaks, and therefore, boasts some epic activities. For the adventurous soul, Hawaii is a true paradise, there is hardly a worthwhile reason to st...

Have you climbed these stairs at the Batu Caves? Flight Centre's Stijn Van Vugt captured this stunning pic while in Malaysia! 🇲🇾


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Update – As At 10 March 2020

The latest information for Australian travellers.

flightcentre.com.au We understand that this is a stressful time for our customers. Our first priority is to ensure that customers travelling to areas with advice in place are aware of the situation and we are looking at ways to reaccommodate customers to alternative destinations. We are working closely with our supplie...


Connecting With The Red Centre's Spiritual Side | Flight Centre

The physical and spiritual heart of Australia. 😍

flightcentre.com.au I’m being taken back to a time of giant serpents and ancient waterways during the Dreamtime creation of Australia’s greatest giant, a far cry from my usual big-city surrounds. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d have the privilege of experiencing Australia’s spiritual heart in my 20...


5 Reasons To Travel In Australia This Year

Homemade tomato relish from the farm shop is just the start. 😍

flightcentre.com.au From hidden bush retreats to the best fresh seafood you’ve ever had, Australia’s country communities really do have so much to offer. And with Tourism Australia’s campaign to Holiday Here This Year, there’s no better time than to hit the road, or jump on a flight across the country, to disco...

It's International Women's Day today! Tag the women in your life who are always up for adventure! Flight Centre travel expert @paula.explorer on a snowball adventure in Japan! ❄️👯


Why Run When You Can Walk? Marathons That Make Better Wine and Food Tours

Marathons but not as you know them 🍷 🍇

flightcentre.com.au We all travel for different reasons. Just as one person’s trash is another’s treasure, one traveller’s dream holiday, is the other’s idea of punishment. Case in point: some travellers consider slogging it out over 42 km (aka running a marathon) in a foreign country to be the epitome of #tr...


Did You Know There Is More To Do In Anaheim Than Visiting Disneyland?

California, here we come! 🎶 🇺🇸

flightcentre.com.au Anaheim is home to Disneyland Resort, Knott’s Berry Farm, major league sports teams and is close to great beaches. Here are our Flight Centre tips for things to do in Anaheim, how to get to there, where to stay and more.


The Top 6 Reasons We Claim On Travel Insurance

Did you guess them all? 🤔

flightcentre.com.au We buy travel insurance hoping we won’t need it and thankfully most times, we don’t. Sometimes, we end up relying on our travel insurance when we least expect it. We turn to our Travel Experts for help when we fall ill two days before a flight or have a bingle in the rental car.


6 Journeys To Reignite Your Sense Of Adventure

If you’d like a refund on 2020 and need a break

flightcentre.com.au It’s beeeen awhile since our last public holiday (Australia Day was what a month ago?) and the Christmas holidays feel like a long lost memory. A time when ice blocks for brekkie were not only acceptable but encouraged, and afternoon naps were complimented with a post-nap afternoon bevvie.


The Perks Of Flying First Class You Never Knew About

All of the perks 😍 👨‍✈️

flightcentre.com.au Flying in First Class offers a huge range of exclusive and special perks that are previously only know to industry insiders and first class passengers. Find out the perks of flying first class in our guide and book today.


The One Reason You Should Book Your Europe Holiday Right Now

If ever you needed a reason to travel to Europe... here it is 😉

flightcentre.com.au Find out why now is the best time for Australian travellers to book your Europe 2020 summer holiday. Book now to nab great deals on flights, cruises and tours!


The Coolest New Hotels To Hit North Queensland

Heading to Queensland just got a whole lot more fun. 😍 ☀️ 🍹

flightcentre.com.au What’s the most covetable thing you can find in a hotel? How about personality? The Crystalbrook Collection, which has five properties around Australia, three in Far North Queensland, certainly has this in spades. There are no dull, dated hotel rooms, dingy gyms, or boring restaurant menus in sigh...

Travel Guide: Things To Do in Anaheim

⭐ Heading to Anaheim? There's Disneyland and so much more... ➡️ http://travl.to/6183TbgbD


Why Your Next Holiday Should Be A Europe River Cruise

Stay in a luxury hotel while it glides through beautiful European landscapes - yes please!

flightcentre.com.au If the idea of staying in a luxury hotel for your whole holiday, all the while travelling through beautifully changing landscapes and exploring new European destinations appeals to you, we may have found your ideal holiday. Yes, we’re talking about river cruising.Big Cruise Ships Not For You? No P...

Is this place even real? ❄️🏔📸 by Flight Centre travel expert @melissamay18


A Local’s Top Tips For 6 European Cities | Flight Centre

Where to find the best coffee in Vienna? Read on...

flightcentre.com.au Getting insider information when visiting a new place is the definition of hitting the travel jackpot. It’s like being let in on a secret that no one else knows - even if they do. If a local recommends it, it has to be worth it, right? APT River Cruise Director Daniela Obermaier, is a Vienna local...

This is our travel expert Ed (@edthecavoodle_). His most recent trips have been to The Dalmatian Coast, Labrador, Nova Scotia and Chihuahua, Mexico. 📸 by Flight Centre travel expert Taylor (@taylordonpon_) at Flight Centre Helensvale!


New Zealand’s Best Winter Activities, Bars & Restaurants For Your Next Ski Holiday

Find out which town has the best après-ski 🍹

flightcentre.com.au Are you keen for some winter fun? Just across the ditch, New Zealand is the ultimate destination for snow sports, whether you’re a first-time-seeing-snow kind of person, or a seasoned snowboarder keen to hit the half pipe! With four resorts spread across the North and South Islands, some seriously...


All The Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Dubai | Flight Centre

Break up the 24-hour flight in style.

flightcentre.com.au Find out all the latest and surprising things to do in Dubai that you never knew about. Go beyond the main attractions and highlights to discover new things to do in Dubai in this dedicated travel guide.


Beyond Barcelona: Day Trips From The Catalan Capital

Featuring a favourite getaway of Salvador Dali

flightcentre.com.au Vibrant, cosmopolitan and jammed with things to see and do, Barcelona is a famously popular tourist destination. But if you're looking for respite from the big-city crowds, and fancy widening your Catalonian horizons, delve deeper into the rest of the region, where a wealth of rewarding day trips (o...


Flight Centre Australia

Heading to London and looking for a side of beautiful British countryside? 🇬🇧
➡️ Read this: http://travl.to/6184TwfaC


New Zealand: This Is How We Winter

Winter never looked so good! ☃http://travl.to/6188TwFP4


7 Queensland Islands To Add To Your Bucket List

Excuse to buy new swimmers sorted 👙

flightcentre.com.au Queensland is fortunate to boast around 2,000 islands, stretching all the way from Mabuiag Island in the north, to Stradbroke Island in the south. With so many beautiful and unique islands, how will you ever choose which ones to visit? No worries! We've come up with 7 Queensland Islands to add to yo...

London for beginners: 17 things to know before you go

With a constant rotation of cool new pubs, museum exhibits and shopping to see and do in this ye olde London town, here's what you ought to know before you go. See the full story here: http://travl.to/6184TwZCE


The 15 Airports Around The World Australians Use The Most

How many of the top 15 have you been to?

flightcentre.com.au Australians are a well travelled bunch. Holidays, business travel, big life adventures; there are all sorts of reasons we hop on planes and travel through airports. But where are we travelling to most? In the name of interesting facts, we’ve crunched the numbers and discovered the 15 top airports ...


7 Romantic Destinations That Aren’t Just For Couples

This Valentine's Day avoid the cliches ❤️

flightcentre.com.au Looking to celebrate love a little differently? We asked our Travel Experts and Flight Centre customers about destinations that spell romance – and the answers might surprise you! Here are seven romantic destinations that aren’t cliches (or just for couples).1. Tasmania, AustraliaFly south to Ta...


Lock, Stock & Canals- Boating Through Britain

"Life is slow by boat – very slow – and that was fine by us as our busy brains began to succumb to the peaceful putter of the engine and the gentle lap of the water against the bow."

flightcentre.com.au It was supposed to be the summer of 1975 all over again, a blisteringly hot June through to August to wither us Brits who spend the rest of the year complaining about the cold, and pack us off to the seaside to line like sardines on pebble beaches. And for a while this year, it was. But as the rain ...


Flight Centre Australia

How to hack NYC: first timer tips from our in house travel experts! 🗽 What are your top tips?
Get more tips here ➡️ http://travl.to/6181TwTxb



Visit The Real-Life Cornish Village From The Doc Martin TV Series

Stroll through the 14th-century fishing village and you might just recognise a few Doc Martin filming locations...

flightcentre.com.au I haven't been a die-hard fan of Doc Martin from the beginning, but it's pretty easy to fall in love with the characters of the popular British TV series. The comedy drama series follows Doc Martin (Martin Clunes) as he leaves a surgical job in London to become the general practitioner in the fictio...

We ❤️ Australia.
Flight Centre marketing art director Emma (@exploraaustralis) loves finding hidden gems on Aussie road trips like this artwork in NSW of a farmer water divining (a process of seeking out water beneath the ground). Who else has an Aussie road trip to visit our much-needed communities this year? #openmyworld #fortravellersbytravellers #australia


How To Avoid Getting Sick While On Holiday

While there’s no magic pill to help you stay healthy while travelling, there are things you can do to lower your exposure.

flightcentre.com.au The antibacterial hand sanitiser is packed, the wipes are within reach and you’ve stowed as many vitamins and supplements as your luggage allowance will allow. And yet, getting sick while travelling seems inevitable. While there’s no magic pill to help you stay healthy while travelling, there ar...

7 Things To See & Do In Tropical North QLD

Taking a holiday close to home is a no-brainer, no jet lag, no need for a passport and only a couple hours travel time. Is QLD your perfect next tropical holiday? Learn more: http://travl.to/6182TwDAO


8 Of New York City's Best Speakeasies

Do you know the code? 🍸

flightcentre.com.au From 1919 to 1933, was a period in American history when the production, distribution, sale, and consumption of alcohol was illegal throughout the U.S., referred to as the Prohibition-era. This period gave rise to illicit drinking houses called ‘Speakeasies’ which largely disappeared after Prohi...

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